It can be said that Li Ji has guessed from the beginning to the end of the woman's questioning. Smart is on the one hand, and on the other hand, because the villagers speak this way, Li Ji knows what they want to say when raising his hand.

"I also thought about it, and I asked Er Gouzi specifically, guess how he answered it?"

The woman hurriedly asked: "How did you answer?"

As soon as Li Ji was about to speak, he saw Er Gouzi driving over, waved at Er Gouzi, and said to the woman: "You can ask yourself."

The woman saw Er Gouzi, and she was embarrassed: "Don't sell it, you also know that Er Gouzi ignores people."

Regardless of the woman, Li Ji asked to help: "Er Gouzi! Tell me why you don't marry girl Qiaoer?"

Li Ji taught Er Gouzi how to answer in advance. He looked at Li Ji with a brilliant smile and said: "I can't marry my mother, nor can I look like him."

Er Gouzi's voice is not small, almost everyone has heard it.

This sound caused an uproar. After finishing talking, Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji and asked Li Ji whether he was satisfied with his eyes. Li Ji nodded to Er Gouzi, and disappeared into everyone's sight with Er Gouzi after getting into the car.

The group of people behind them exploded as soon as they left, and groups of three or five gathered to discuss this matter. Er Gouzi is recognized as not speaking, so he can't lie as he should.

He said that Li Qiao'er looks like Li Yan, so this can't be wrong. When Er Gouzi first came down the mountain, he didn't know anything, and he was flustered, so he could find a woman who looked like his mother to make him feel at ease.

As for why I didn't repay Li Qiao'er for marrying Li Qiao'er, Er Gouzi's reason is also very good. Since Li Qiao'er looks like Li Yan, it's not good for Er Gouzi to marry her. What's the difference between this and incest and relationship.

Li Shuisheng's wife was the one who was the most astonished. Listening to the faint conversations of the crowd, she approached and eavesdropped without leaving a trace. After she understood, she was stunned. She couldn't take care of her immediately, and she walked home quickly. Run away.

After today, Li Qiao'er's reputation will improve, so I can't wrong Li Qiao'er, a big girl, to fill the house.

The mother must be more distressed to the child than the father, because it is the meat that fell from the body. It's just that Li Shuisheng is the head of the family, and Li Shuisheng's wife can't say anything else even if she doesn't want to.

The rest is just as Li Ji expected. This Li Qiaoer was rectified, and she didn't catch up with the rumors of being disgusted, which made her overall reputation improved a lot. Even because the people in the village were a little bit guilty because they didn't say bad things about her before, Li Qiao'er kept saying good things after being rectified, as if they weren't the ones who told the lie before.

So how could Li Shuisheng let Li Qiao'er fill the house for someone else? Although the betrothal gift is very attractive, Li Shuisheng is a face-saving person. He was busy looking for a husband for Li Qiaoer to marry Li Qiaoer for fear of being embarrassed. Now if he is forced to marry Li Qiaoer again, he will be insulting himself. It's not that I don't really care for the girl, even Li Shuisheng must regret the marriage.

Later, I heard that the widower had come to make trouble twice. The marriage was halfway through. If he said that he didn't marry, he wouldn't marry. Isn't this a joke?

Li Shuisheng also smiled welcomingly and made a sigh of relief. In the end, he lost a gift of silver, so he gave up.

So if the daughter didn't marry, she still paid out a penny. It would take more than a week for this money to be earned by going out to do heavy physical work, and it would take half a month for normal and easy work. Li Shuisheng, who has always been savvy, has suffered a lot this time.

Li Qiaoer only figured it out two days later. In her opinion, it was just a matter of rushing, and it was really clever that Li Ji could come up with such a good idea to directly solve her current predicament.

In fact, Li Qiaoer's mother can guess that this is a play that Li Ji deliberately helped Li Qiao'er deliberately make, otherwise, when Li Ji meets someone who talks very little or hides far away, this time she suddenly said so much for sure. There is a purpose.

Regardless of whether it is intentional or unintentional, Li Qiaoerniang thanked Li Ji sincerely.

After waiting for a few days, the rumors in the village ceased, so Li Qiaoer's mother asked Li Qiao'er to go to Li Ji's house and bring some rice to give gifts. If Li Ji's house has anything to do, she will help. It's my uncle, my brother, and my brother.

In fact, Li Ji seems to be really uncomfortable with people coming to work at home in a polite manner, especially since this girl was also interested in Er Gouzi, but Li Qiaoer came here as a junior. At this time, Li Ji is not good at going out. Rush people.

There are indeed a lot of work at home, and there are many animals. When the house goes to store water, the work at home is usually done by one person, which is very hard. Li Qiao'er came to help and did a lot of work.

It's easy to talk a day or two, and Li Ji feels embarrassed after a long time. That afternoon, it was almost time for Li Qiao'er to leave. Li Ji found ten copper plates for her, and Li Qiaoer hurriedly backed away.

"Fourth Uncle, what are you doing, take it back quickly."

Li Ji stuffed the copper plate into her hand: "There is a lot of work at home, I can't let you work in vain. The money is for you to buy snacks and powder for you, at least it is a little bit less, and when you come over, you will treat you as a helper. I'll give you money once a day. Don't make money with me. Your father, I know, you can't squeeze half of the money out of your teeth. You will marry soon after your age. You always have to hold your hand after you marry. Those with some money, keep it."

Li Ji's words were poked into Li Qiao'er's heart. Li Shuisheng has treated her well these years, and anyhow she has not been wronged. There is a lot of work done at home, as long as there is nothing wrong with eating and wearing.

It's just that Li Shuisheng was afraid of being poor in his early years. He had money and gave it to his son. The daughter was half an outsider. Sooner or later, he was going to marry. So the copper plate for Li Qiaoer can be counted from childhood to big finger. If she really wanted to eat something, her mother would probably find two copper plates to buy for her, and when she grew up, Li Qiao'er would not want it.

Li Qiao'er looks pretty in the village. Other pretty girls will soon be married when they grow up. In order to find a good husband, they will buy more copper plates to buy some lipstick paper and other things for the children to dress up.

But Li Qiao'er didn't have anything. Seeing the girl in the village went out, her lips and face were pretty red. She could only look greedy.

Li Qiao'er held the copper plate in his hand, and his eyes were hot and said: "Sixth Uncle… Qiao'er really don't know how to thank the fourth uncle. You helped me restore my reputation, and now you are still giving me the copper plate. I don't know how to thank you. From now on, whenever you have any use for me, I will never say a word!"

Li Ji nodded and smiled: "Don't say it's so serious, it's not a big deal. My family is heavy, and let your little girl work for nothing. Isn't that a bully? Don't worry, I won't tell your father about the money. It's your own."

Li Qiaoer accepted the copper plate with enthusiasm.

The turmoil of Li Qiao'er is now over. No one is living by referring to the rumors of other people's homes. Once this matter has passed, no one will mention it again.

A little bit of time passed, and time passed by more than a month, and it was low in the new year. God just doesn't snow, the villagers buy water from once every two days to once every three days. It's not that he is reluctant to buy copper plates for water, but the weather is really too cold.

Li Ji also went to the city to buy a few more buckets, buy more water at a time, and use it for a while.

Although there is no snow in other villages, there is always enough water. Go to other villages to inquire about it. Only one place in this village has no water at all.

The water supply for hundreds of years was suddenly cut off. For ordinary people, this is an extremely unclear omen.

The closer the New Year passes, the more restless the people in the village are, and they have begun to secretly contact relatives outside, thinking that if there is no water in the coming year, they can leave.

Although I am reluctant to live in this place for generations, if there is really no water vein, then it will not be able to multiply here. The offspring will still be alive, and it is impossible to buy water from other villages forever.

Someone came to Li Ji and asked him what he planned. Li Ji shook his head and didn't think about it. He looked around in the coming year. If they all moved out, he would also find a place to move. But his family's water tank is quite big. For livestock, buying water once every ten days and a half can survive.

The people in the village have their own thoughts, and the same thing is that they are not in a good mood. If it is not a dead end, who would be willing to leave their homes?

There are people in the village who are married again. They belong to their own family. The elders like Li Ji will attend, and Er Gouzi will also bring them.

This year the village held two banquets in total, and this was the first time for the Li family. In fact, there are young men of the right age in the village, but because of the miscarriage of the pregnant daughter-in-law by Erchanzi's family on the first day of the new year, even though Erchanzi's family character is not good, the village surnamed Li is somewhat involved. A bit.

Although the relatives did not explicitly refuse, their attitudes were all ambiguous. They didn't say yes or no. It seemed that they had to wait and see first, and it would take some time before they agreed.

As the first Li family to get married this year, the family that got married can be said to be a family with their heads up and their faces all smiles.

The daughter-in-law always goes to the village next door where he sells water. The young man often buys water there, and he gets acquainted with the people over there. This is a matter of course for marrying a daughter-in-law.

My mother's family also sent a few carts of water here. The daughter-in-law's family has a water well. If there is a shortage of water, I can use it at any time. Just take the girl home and see what I can do.

This is not just about marrying a daughter-in-law, but the problem of water use has been solved. Other people in the village don't know what envy is like.

When Li Ji and Er Gouzi arrived, there were already a lot of people sitting in the yard. Although it was cold in winter, they could still stand it with cotton-padded jackets and trousers. This year's drought, no one has many copper plates, and they usually eat For those with clear soup and watery children, just wait to eat the table to make up the oil and water.

Li Ji took his seat. Today is not as cold as the previous few days. It would be nice to have a wedding banquet.

Someone came over to talk to Li Ji. He just said a few words and heard a movement at the door. Everyone turned their heads and looked at the Er Chanzi, mother and son.

With the people over there, Li Ji heard Li Shuisheng frowning and muttering with disgust at the same table: "What happened to them!"

Li Ji didn't know what hatred they had, so he asked the young man next to him.

"You don't know the fourth uncle. Some time ago, didn't the village say that the girl of Uncle Shuisheng's house is not good? Er Chanziniang tried to marry her, and she looked like she was at a loss. Who is in his family? The person who aborted the daughter-in-law, Uncle Shui Sheng could push the girl into the fire pit? He didn't agree. I heard that it was even worse because she was provoking everywhere."

Because of Er Chanzi's trouble, there have been fewer happy events in the village in the past year. Everyone who has a son has some resentment towards their mother and daughter.

And their home will not come. The daughter-in-law had a miscarriage at the beginning, and the daughter-in-law seemed to have a soft temper. If she said soft things and begged her, her family would not be able to pick him up on the same day. After that, if I go to other people's natal homes a few times and give more gifts to let people see their sincerity, they will not really hope that their daughters will get married again.

But they went to pick it up two times and didn't pick it back, and they started clamoring that they had divorced their unborn daughter-in-law, and that they could marry a yellow-flowered girl in the future.

As a result, it has been almost a year, and their mother and daughter have wiped out the last bit of affection in the village, and no one is willing to come forward when they meet, let alone introduce their daughter-in-law to his family.

Er Chanzi Niang was really anxious. Originally Er Chanzi got married late. He didn't get a wife until he was nineteen. After three years of not giving birth, he has survived for another year. Everyone is twenty-three.

The children of other people's families will go to the ground to help with work, and even the daughter-in-law is gone here. How can Er Chanzi Niang not be anxious?

She couldn't look down and begged the daughter-in-law who was miscarried by her to come back, and heard rumors that she was looking for a good family to marry the second time, and going again would only be self-defeating.

This wedding banquet was the time when the villagers gathered the most, and it was the family of Li's family. They came to have a meal to find someone with a good relationship to say a few good things, and at any rate they would ask for a daughter-in-law for Er Shao.

As soon as the mother and son arrived, the atmosphere froze, and then it became lively, still no one looked at them, they were chatting on their own.

Over the past year, the Er Chanzi mothers and sons have become accustomed to this atmosphere, and they have never looked up since the daughter-in-law was picked up by her natal family.

I feel that the biggest difference is Er Shozi himself. He was spoiled since he was a child, and Er Shan Zi Niang has been reluctant to beat and scold him since he was a child, and she didn't do much hard work at home. Marrying a daughter-in-law can do anything about it. Most of the time at home, he is a young master who takes care of himself. He stretches out his hands for food to open his mouth. No matter how self-willed, he is unconditionally forgiven.

So even if it is a 23-year-old adult, Ersho is still like a seven or eight-year-old bear child in character.

When nothing happened before, Er Chanzi could still show off everywhere. His wife so educated made him verbal and scold if he could not fight back. Some half-old boys will always have a few days of pretentiousness, and they will surround him and learn from him, and imagine how they will show off after they get married.

Of course, the results are painful lessons. Because not everyone marries a bun-like daughter-in-law like Er Chanzi.

Er Shao Zi Niang asked Er Shao Zi to find a table to sit on. She glanced over the women's table she was doing, and she just found a popular table in the past. When the table was full, she pulled over a stool and let them squeeze each other. Squeeze out a place.

People's wedding banquet, it is not easy to make other things, she forced to squeeze over and no one could say anything to him.

Er Chanzi Niang went up to talk to them with an enthusiastic expression. She rushed to talk about everything they talked about. The people at this table were embarrassed, and in the end no one spoke.

There are a lot of melon seeds on each table, and I am bored waiting for the bride to eat some melon seeds and wedding candy. This family is in good condition. The peanuts and melon seeds given are enough to eat, and they can pass the time without talking and eating.

Er Chanzi was the most embarrassed. The others at the table didn't mean to him at all. He failed to participate in the topic more than a dozen times. The good-faced he simply didn't take the humiliation, and ate melon seeds for himself.

Li Ji looked at it coldly, and then turned away from paying attention. At the beginning, Li Jican got his feet together, although he didn't know how to participate, the incident of going to the government in the end was indeed the head that he provoked.

If he hadn't said that Er Chanzi would hurt the people in the village, and the people in the village would not go directly to the officials regardless of the matter. Even though he met the officials, the young men in the village were still tired by him, but the impact was not as great as seeing the officials.

One year has passed, and if the Er Chanzi mother and daughter really want to investigate this matter, they will be able to find him. Li Ji wasn't afraid that they would bear hatred, but he really didn't look down on the mother and son.

The two of them are indeed mothers, kindness and filial piety, but they don't treat others as human beings.

The helping women come over from time to time to bring freshly boiled hot water, and some put ginger slices. It all depends on whether people can bear the ginger taste. Drinking it will quench the cold. After waiting for half an hour, the welcoming kiss finally come back.

The sound of blows and beatings spread so far. Several children clamored around the sedan chair to see the bride. The groom's official face was smeared with rouge powder, and his smile was a little silly. At first glance, he looked like an honest person.

The matchmaker said this auspicious remark, the bridegroom kicked the sedan chair, and the bride walked down, causing the children to cry.

The bride has a round face and a very plump body. At first glance, she is a good hand for life. People do not look very beautiful, but they are pleasing.

In the words of the elderly, they are good-looking and good-natured. Such a daughter-in-law is put in the house, and the house is lively.

The people eating the banquet in the yard were all watching with their gazes. Those young men who have not yet married a daughter-in-law are not too envious. Seeing the bridegroom's smirk is both envious and jealous.

Looking at the way the two people walked in, Er Shao suddenly remembered the day he got married. That day, he was also surrounded by a group of children, envied by a group of young men, and led the shy and timid daughter-in-law through the gate to kowtow to the mother.

At that time, he heard a lot of instructions, saying that he married a good daughter-in-law, and it is not easy for his mother to raise him, and he will serve her mother with her.

Later, for three years in a row, Er Shanzi went from being served by his mother to his wife serving him and her mother, and now the daughter-in-law is gone, and the mother serving him alone, as if everything had been beaten back to its original form.

If he were married, how good he would be.

Thinking of this, Er Chan looked at his new wife.

Er Gouzi raised his eyes and glanced thoughtfully. The young man sitting at the same table teased: "What? Want to marry a wife?"

Er Gouzi didn't even think about it, and replied: "I have a daughter-in-law."

As soon as this remark came out, it immediately attracted a lot of attention, and Li Ji's heartstrings beat. The more guilty he is, the more he cares, but the words to stop Er Gouzi are stuck in his throat.

But Li Shuisheng laughed: "I said Xiao Ji, you are not suitable for teaching children, and you still treat you as a daughter-in-law, how are you teaching?"

Li Jishen smiled and said, "People have recognized what I have in mind."

The other person at the same table joked: "If you don't listen, don't listen. It's good. Taking you as a daughter-in-law means that you are not regarded as an outsider."

Li Jixin let go and gave Er Gouzi a look.

Er Gouzi was so familiar with Li Ji, he immediately lowered his head and stopped talking.

The two newlyweds walked to the door of the room. Two chairs were already placed at the door. The two old men who had been promoted to in-laws sat down and looked at his son and daughter-in-law with a satisfied smile on his lips. They were extremely happy.

The futon was set, and the two newlyweds were about to kneel down when they heard a sentence coming from the dinner table: "This wife is really good-looking, and she looks like Wang Fu at the first glance."

This sentence caught everyone's eyes, and when the mother-in-law turned her gaze, her face suddenly became unwell.

This is the time to worship the in-laws. When is it right to say something at this time? Moreover, the person who spoke was also an offensive person, who was the mother of Er Chanzi.

The eyes of the two newcomers turned away, and Er Chanziniang's words came again: "The bride is from a neighboring village? I have never seen it. If I had seen you early and went to ask for it, I would not have this blessing. He is a good family, no matter how little Nan is a child, I will look comfortable after you have a good life."

Someone at the same table went to pull the corner of Er Chanzi Niang's clothes. This time should be when the family was serving tea and changing their mouths. Outsiders would not be able to interfere, but Er Chanzi Niang didn't hear her, and said:

"Can you take me to see when you go back? We are a family when you pass the door. You are a good girl. The girls around you are sure to be good, and I am also here. I'm in a hurry to ask Uncle Er Chanzi for a wife to come back."

If this is said after the tea is over after a while, it can be regarded as a joke and laughter. After all, people who get married and eat a table always have to change the way to praise the newcomer and add joy. At that time, they said this. I really boast that my daughter-in-law wants something the same, but Er Chanzi's wife said it was a bit threatening at this time.

They still have to offer tea to their in-laws. She moved her generations to the top, as if she wouldn't be a good wife if she didn't agree. What else could the daughter-in-law say at this time? Can only respond.

The atmosphere was a little frozen, and the wife was obviously not a stupid. Just after the words of Er Chanzi Niang, she was a little embarrassed and didn't know how to answer, but when she looked up, she saw her mother-in-law and smiled:

"I'm from the old Li family, and I listen to everything."

He didn't say yes or refused. A daughter-in-law can only be a relative when she marries her natal family. What is it like to go home except for a husband with a husband? Er Chanzi Niang's words are hard for a strong man.

Er Chanzi was still talking, and Li Shuisheng suddenly raised his voice and laughed: "Don't pay attention to her. She is thinking about her daughter-in-law day and night. She wants to beg her son. Fortunately, you are married. My new wife, as long as you don't wear this red dress, she can take you to her son and take a look. Don't take it to your heart, you will always get used to it from now on."

Li Shuisheng's words are really poisonous, but any change of person is purely a joke, but it's too ironic to be a mother and son with Er Chanzi.

Usually mothers, when their sons are older and anxious to marry a daughter-in-law, it's normal to go up and inquire about the girl when they see the girl. But Ersho was married, and a wife was beaten away by them, and now she ran away at other people's wedding banquets. It's too ironic to make the bride take him to a neighboring village to find a girl to marry Er Chanzi.

The new daughter-in-law didn't know what happened to Er Chanzi, but his parents knew, otherwise the new daughter-in-law would be able to marry at least half a year earlier.

She just smiled and said nothing, the mother-in-law finally spoke.

As I get older and richer in experience, I naturally have more ideas. The mother-in-law glanced at the Er Chanzi mothers, and smiled: "Okay, I will give you a good cheer. In a cold day, I sit for a long time and wait to drink tea from my wife. I always say that the next generation will feel sorry for others. You are Busy to praise your niece and daughter-in-law, my niece and daughter-in-law are out of your eyes."

All those present laughed off, and the two newcomers finally knelt down on the futon.

Er Chanzi Niang's face is obviously not very good, and now it's a time to whitewash her. In fact, everyone who speaks is trying to talk to her. She finally waited for such a good opportunity to ask her new daughter-in-law to say something if she wanted to rush back. When she came back, she would follow her to the new daughter-in-law's village.

This year Er Chanzi Niang can be said to have invited all the matchmakers from Shili Ba Village. Er Chanzi was married, and the first daughter-in-law was beaten away. It is hard to say that she was a daughter-in-law.

It would be easy to marry a second-married widow or reunion, but I just want a yellow girl. If the family has money to give a lot of gifts, look for people who are always poor and want to push girls into the fire pit, but Er Chanzi family has no room, no land, and the amount of gifts is about the same as that of ordinary young men who hire wives. Who is silly and willing to marry a girl?

The point is that Er Shan Zi has been married, and there is a prerequisite for beating his wife and treating his wife harshly. Therefore, given the general conditions, the matchmaker has no room to talk when she turns her head.

That's why Er Chanzi Niang made such an idea. There was no matchmaker who said that she would go to her son personally. She would rather go to other villages to believe that this new wife is a ready-made candidate.

The new daughter-in-law treats her well in her in-laws' husband's family. She must have said that when she goes home, her natal village must have a good impression of her village. When they do not find out that their son is the family who beats the daughter-in-law, hurry up. I have hired someone and signed the marriage certificate. Even if they know it and want to go back, it won't work if they have the marriage certificate.

Er Chanzi Niang didn't think about how to return to the village if it really became a new wife. She was just anxious to find Er Chanzi another wife, as long as she could find it, she didn't care about the others.

It's just that the good idea she came up with after holding back for a year was almost completely nailed up, because of Li Shuisheng's words, she turned around. Er Chanzi girl stabbed Li Shuisheng with a knife, and Li Shuisheng didn't even look at her. Keep talking to others.

Li Shuisheng is selfish, but he also protects his shortcomings. There were some reasons why he married Li Qiao'er to an old man. First, the man had only a girl and no in-laws. If a girl married, it was someone else's family. After Li Qiaoer married, regardless of whether he had a son or not, he stayed behind when the man left. Everything belongs to Li Qiao'er. If you marry someone with a lot of things, you can find a good man again.

But Er Chanzi's house is different. This family abuses his daughter-in-law, and is still incapable of seeing things. Even if Li Qiao'er's reputation is bad, Li Shuisheng will not let Li Qiao'er go to such a family.

How bad Li Qiaoer's reputation was at the time. After the incident, Li Shuisheng's daughter-in-law went to the village to inquire about it, and she would know that she was inseparable. The Er Chanzi mothers did not participate in it. Li Shuisheng spoke with the Er Chanzi mothers today, just torn completely. With shameless thoughts, the left and right are of equal age, and the trouble is just the widow of Er Shozi Niang. There are many disputes in front of the house. The one who has no face is that she is not Li Shuisheng.

Er Chanzi Niang couldn't get a response, and she became even more panicked. She cursed something in a low voice and turned to see her new wife offering tea.

After a while, the new daughter-in-law's tea service was over, and the wedding banquet began. Hot water was always provided, but the dish could not be hot at any time. It became cold after a while, but no one picked this one at this time. You can drink. People who drink hot wine, drink some boiling water if they can't drink, all rush to stuff the meat into their mouths, talking and chatting, it's fun.

The village says that Ansheng is Ansheng, but there are also a lot of disturbances. Every household has its own way of thinking, and it is indispensable to friction with others. It's just that few people make things big, and the left and right are in the same village, and it's embarrassing to be too old and dead.

Er Chanzi mother didn't pay attention to him when she was eating, watching the women at the same table chat happily with each other and isolate her, so angry that she threw off the chopsticks and picked the meat into the bowl. The sitting others would let her take advantage? Er Shao Zi Niang's chopsticks can't be robbed of a few people no matter how quickly, not only the meat, but also the delicious dishes are gone. Other women's bowls have sharp points, but Er Shao Niang has a few pieces in the bowl. Poor meat.

Er Chanzi Niang really wanted to throw her chopsticks and leave, but she was offended to death if she shook her face at the wedding banquet, and it made sense for others in the village to want to isolate her.

Er Chanzi Niang held her temper and squeezed the rice in the bowl, thinking about soaking some hot water to drink, but as soon as she stretched out her hand, she was preempted by the next person. She went into the bowl by herself and disappeared quickly, and those who helped wait for it. The women didn't come over to continue boiling water as if they hadn't seen it.

The bride and bridegroom toasted at the table, and first came to Li Ji's elders' table, letting the new daughter-in-law meet one by one. The bridegroom's name is Li Nan. In terms of seniority, he should be called Li Ji. Grandpa Four. In fact, he is a few months older than Li Ji.

The new daughter-in-law saw Li Ji's young face, and her grandpa flushed with shame. She didn't expect that her husband still had such a small grandfather at home.

After drinking and giving a red envelope, Li Ji became the object of a group of people to ridicule.

"Look, when your grandson's are all married, it's because of you that you have grown up two generations, so you can get someone to ask for the first."

Li Ji smiled and said: "According to you, I should have been married decades before I was born. The matter of marriage depends on seniority."

The man joked: "You are right, but the marriage always depends on the age. You have been married to a daughter-in-law in a few months at Xiao Nan University. You are eighteen in the coming year. Are you looking for someone else?"

Another person said again: "I mean, Er Gouzi is the temper of the mountain. I don't understand what is a wife. Let's not say. You are a good young man who doesn't marry a wife. It's impossible. Do you feel embarrassed if you don't have a wife? Say it yourself? Isn't there an old lady? If you look at which girl you go to find an old lady?"

Li Ji remembers the old man's ability to mess with mandarin ducks, and when he heard that he moved out of God, he immediately said: "You can let me live for two days. The blood of my elder brother is very good. There is no lineage on my side. Why don't you allow me to be wild for two more years? I don't have my parents to take care of my life, and a woman who has her hands and feet is better than stabbing me with a knife."

With a joking tone, Li Ji held the newly poured wine glass in his hand, and drank the hot wine in the glass as soon as he raised his head.

Li Shuisheng joked: "Hey, where can you go to the big village? Or do you want to go to the kilns in the city when you have money? A woman called home, or you were kidnapped by a second dog Go, really be his wife?"

Li Ji's heart jumped when he said this. Of course he knew that Li Shuisheng was trying to run him with that, joking, but he cared about it, even if he knew that he just said it casually, his heart was still very nervous.

Li Qiao'er came over to continue boiling water, feeling that Li Ji's face was not right, and said to Li Shuisheng: "Father, you are really true. As long as you are able to bear your son, you have married a daughter-in-law. It can be seen that your son is not enough for you to be busy. I know. I'm going to urge my nephew to grow up soon, so that you will be busy with your grandson and let go of your uncle."

There was another burst of laughter, and Li Shuisheng smiled and replied: "The girl's family doesn't know how to be shy, do your job, and be careful that no one introduces you to her husband's family."

These two sentences were all over as a joke. Li Ji looked up at Er Gouzi with a sigh of relief. Er Gouzi was smiling at him. Li Ji felt more comfortable and continued to eat with her head down.

People should go back to their homes when they are full of wine and food. Er Shozi Niang is not to be seen. This meal is frustrated. After eating, Li Ji and Er Gouzi are about to go back together. Li Ji talks together. The dog responded with one bite but not a bite, and looked very harmonious.

The more Er Chanzi Niang looked at her, her heart became more and more congested. Her son wanted to marry a daughter-in-law, and Li Ji, who had no father or mother, was a bargain for nothing. With Er Gouzi and silver in his hands, not to mention marrying a wife, it is enough to ask two more wives.

If it hadn't been for the words that Li Ji had said so much that the villagers would not help their mother and child, they would not have lost their daughter-in-law and would be treated by the villagers. It would be impossible not to hate Li Ji.

You can't ask Li Ji to marry the left and right Er Chanzi, and the Er Chanzi mother can't have conflicts with others, and can't deal with Li Ji's little egg? The two are of the same age, and Li Ji also bullied her as a widow.

Er Chanzi mother walked over in the heart of picking things up, the smile on her face was so ill-intentioned, and her mouth was a heavy hammer.

"Xiao Ji saw the red light on his face today, is something good is approaching? I didn't worry at all when I saw you talking and smiling. Is there a suitable girl in my heart?" Er Chanzi Niang smiled, "I can see it recently, Shui Sheng Brother Qiao girl goes to your house every day. I used to think that Er Gouzi was in a misunderstanding. Did you look at Qiao girl, or why should you guys feel embarrassed to make girls always look ugly in the past."

Li Ji just felt baffled. The two of them have had no intersection today. Why did they come up for trouble after the meal was over?

These Er Chanzi mothers didn't plan to show Li Ji good-looking when they came up, and deliberately took advantage of the crowd to make Li Ji faceless.

Li Ji is really bad at this kind of thing, but it doesn't mean that he is really the loser. I raised my eyes and saw Li Qiao'er looking over in a daze, Er Chanzi's words were indeed ugly to Li Ji, but it was also a joke in the village for two days at most, but Li Qiao'er was different, which was tantamount to the reputation of other girls. Splash dirty water.

Li Jigang was about to fight back and felt wrong again. This is a day when people are overjoyed. If they really make trouble, they don't have a face on both sides of the station. Isn't this looking for bad luck for people?

After turning his eyes and having an idea, Li Ji smiled and said: "It's your eyes that understand that there are good things in my family, but it's a bit different from what you think. This is a good day for others, so let's not talk about ourselves. Family happy event, don't make people think we're looking for ugly, come back and buy you a copy, you have to come over."

After all, Li Ji took Er Gouzi and left, leaving Er Sho Zi Niang dazed.

Er Chanzi Niang didn't expect that Li Ji would admit it that way. She only reacted when she was gone, and said, "This is dying! Uncle is going to marry a niece! I don't know what it is. Ethical!"

The people present were also taken aback, and the most shocked was Li Shuisheng. At first Li Shuisheng thought that was the case, but it was impossible to think about it again.

Li Ji is not close to Li Qiao'er, and I haven't heard Li Qiao'er say that Li Ji thinks about her differently, and after careful consideration of Li Ji's words, there are loopholes to be found. Li Ji did not really admit to marrying. Li Qiao'er, that was just a matter of ambiguity.

Thinking about it this way, this is digging a hole for Er Chanzi mother. When I figured it out, Li Shuisheng also admired Li Ji's active mind. Someone leaned over and asked him if this was the case. Li Shuisheng smiled and said, "Look, I'll sell it here. But you all have long lessons. Don't tell it to me, what if it's not like that for a long time?"

Before, the village was rumoring that Li Qiao'er posted it to Er Gouzi. It was awkward and it turned out that it was not the case, and it was quite embarrassing. This time, there was a sentence from Li Shuisheng, and everyone had some calculations in their hearts. There is no hurry to talk about it.

But Er Chanzi mother is different. She is anxious to grab the braid and step on it to death. This year, she hates Li Ji as much as Er Chanzi has been poked in the backbone, because in her eyes, if it weren't for Li Ji to talk too much. If the village does not help, she will not lose her daughter-in-law.

When the time comes, as long as the village is willing to help and the daughter-in-law stays behind, then as long as the daughter-in-law will go away within two days of some rumors, it will not allow his son to be bachelor until now, the daughter-in-law is gone, let alone the child.

The next few days did not come to Li Ji's expectation at all. Er Chanzi Niang almost cursed the street. The owner went to the west and spread Li Ji's bad things about him, saying that he was messy, and he actually fell in love with his niece, ruining other people's well-being. Little girl.

What's more, Li Ji looked at people like a dog, and secretly pointed out how dirty he was. He told Li Qiao'er to go so many times, maybe he got out of the bed early, and suddenly said that he was going to have a happy event, that is, Li Qiao'er had picked up his seed, and he had to do it ashamed, otherwise it would be over if he got a big belly.

Er Chanzi Niang said that there are noses and eyes, as if she had seen them. The people in the village listened to the excitement, and discussing these words with each other can be somewhat credible. Er Chanzi Niang has a bad reputation, but her gossip is wonderful. The village chief didn't worry about coming to the door to ask for clarity. Li Ji didn't say clearly, so he asked him to bring the village elders over to the table when he was ready. 

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