Li Ji has no other great abilities, but facing this mess in the village, Li Ji has a lot of cleverness.

"Are you unwilling to listen to your dad's filling in the house?" Li Ji asked.

Li Qiao'er nodded choked, which big girl would marry a widower who can be her father? And still don't know it.

"Then think about it, you don't want to marry your father to force you, you think you can't be forced to die, but what about Er Gouzi? You said you want to marry Er Gouzi, are you doing it with your father? Is it the same thing?"

Li Qiao'er was taken aback for a moment, with more embarrassment on his face. There really is no reason for the big girl to come and force her to marry. How could Li Qiao'er not know this, but if she didn't do this, he would marry the widower with a daughter in a few days. I heard that his daughter is just thirteen this year, and it will take another two years for her to get married.

She would definitely be particularly afraid of Li Qiaoer giving him a younger brother. She herself is only three years older than her, and she doesn't know how bad it will be after marrying.

"I…I really can't help it." After that, Li Qiao'er was about to cry again, and Li Ji hurriedly stopped.

"Don't be too busy crying, listen to me to finish." Li Ji took a cup of tea and took a sip to moisturize his throat, "You are really desperate, your father doesn't care about your fame and doesn't hurt you and pushes you, Fourth Uncle I love you. You really listen. Mine, I'll let you settle this matter. I agreed that you would come to my house often. As far as it is concerned, I will have a share of your reputation, and I can't ruin you in vain."

Li Qiaoer hurriedly said: "I listen, I listen to everything! To tell the truth, my uncle, I haven't looked for other people in the village, but I have found everyone who says that marriage is important and the parents are the masters. If I disagree, I am not filial. I also know that I am not filial. Yes, but can't you tolerate me once in this lifetime?"

Li Ji narrowed his eyes slightly, and his heart shook his mind.

"Listen to me. After a while you wipe away your tears and go directly to my eldest nephew Li Jin's house to find his wife Erying. Just say that I said, let her tell me about you from the whole village tomorrow. It looks like my sister Li Yan, ah, you should be called Li Yangu."

Li Qiao'er didn't understand, and asked suspiciously: "Why?"

Li Ji looked like an old god: "Don't ask, you'll know when the time comes. After talking to Erying, you will go home and wait. How does your father arrange for you to nod your head? When the time comes, even if you go out and sit. Your father can pull you back on the sedan chair."

Li Ji's promise was so daring that Li Qiao'er would believe it if she didn't believe it at this time, because she couldn't find anyone else besides Li Ji.

"Okay, I listen to the fourth uncle, I'll go to Erying's sister-in-law now."

At this time, Li Ji was undoubtedly the last straw for Li Qiaoer, no matter how bad he was, he had to hold on tightly.

Li Qiaoer wiped away the tears and felt relieved. If Li Ji couldn't comment on this, then it would be useless for Li Qiaoer to cry too much.

Li Qiaoer went out, and Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief. If Li Qiaoer is really good enough to marry Er Gouzi, and the whole village knows it, then not only will Li Qiaoer's reputation be unpleasant, but the reputations of Li Ji and Er Gouzi will be completely stinky.

The girl came to the door and turned it away. She watched the girl marry a widower who was twice her age and stood idly by. This reputation spread, and the two would definitely be spitting and scolding.

The fact is like this. Others don't care whether you want to marry someone or not, as long as they fall into the fire pit because you "if" you fail to do it, then it's yours. It's good to be forced to marry a relative, but someone who is a relative has the right to decide the marriage of their children, so the responsibility will only fall on those who don't want to marry.

This is a fallacy, there is no logic and reason, but it is like this in life.

Li Ji helped Li Qiao'er, and also helped himself and Er Gouzi.

Li Qiaoer was forced to fill a house at the same age, but in the final analysis, it was the rumor that Li Qiaoer was dismissed in the village. As long as this rumor is broken, the rest will be solved.

Li Qiao'er is gone, and Er Gouzi is back.

Er Gouzi didn't ask, but stared at Li Ji with a pair of eyes, waiting for Li Ji to give him an answer.

Noting Er Gouzi's gaze, Li Ji smiled and said: "Come to Er Gouzi, I will teach you two nice things."

Li Ji didn't find the wrong person, and within two days of kung fu, Li Qiao'er looked like Li Yan and spread all over the village. It has been thirteen years since Li Yan died. Those who were familiar with Li Yan are almost dead, and the rest of the people's memories of Li Yan are also blurred.

Both the left and the right are surnamed Li. Although the blood relationship is far away, it is nothing new to look alike.

But with this argument, the trend of the previous rumors about Li Qiaoer's inverted post slowly changed.

Er Gouzi left his mother at the age of five, and it is normal for her to have an impression of her appearance since the age of five. If it is because Li Qiaoer looks like Li Yan, in order to comfort Er Gouzi to adapt faster, it is normal for Li Qiaoer to go to the spot.

On Li Qiaoer's side, after listening to Li Ji's words, he stopped persuading his dad when he returned home. His dad nodded whenever he said.

Li Shuisheng looked at Li Qiao'er's performance and guessed what Li Ji said that made Li Qiao'er give up. Although I was reluctant in my heart, I couldn't help it. He was just such a daughter. He thought he would not have to worry after climbing Er Gouzi, the golden turtle son-in-law, but he didn't want to lose Li Qiao'er's reputation.

The more this happened, the more anxious Li Shuisheng was to marry Li Qiaoer out. Because Li Qiaoer is still at home for a day, he will be poked in the backbone for a day.

So since Li Qiao'er was destined to marry him, Li Shuisheng had to set a date with the widower to marry Li Qiao'er.

He admitted that he was cruel. His first five children are good for marrying and marrying, and they can't be destroyed by Li Qiaoer alone. If Li Qiao'er stayed at home for a long time, the girl he married before would have no face in her husband's house.

Li Shuisheng and his wife were afraid to go out because of the recent rumors, so they were not clear about the recent rumors in the village. They just contacted the widower diligently, thinking that they had time to go for a birthday, so they really settled down.

The couple really knew it was time to fetch water. It was Li Shuisheng's wife who came to carry water. Recently, I was afraid of talking about his daughters in the village, so I usually hide far away.

Eight of the ten who came to carry water were wives. When winter comes, a man who is more diligent can chop firewood and pour swill or something, but in the lazy house, all the big and small tasks are done as wives.

Some women went to pick up water and saw someone else's husband came out to be envious. She went back and told her husband to push her husband over to pick up water. That was three days of fishing and two days of drying the net. There are always more women than men who come to carry water.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi use water separately from the people in the village, but when the water is together, it is reasonable to say that Li Ji should go to buy water this time, but today there is a plan and let Er Gouzi go.

Li Ji leaned against the crooked neck tree. The women in the village gathered together at this time, and of course they couldn't help but talk.

Recently, the hot topic in the village is Li Qiao'er. Recently, there have been rumors that Li Qiao'er is like Li Yan, and I want to make things clear. They talked to each other for a while, then turned their eyes on Li Ji.

They looked at each other, discussing who would come to ask, and the last woman who was a little bit older came over, casually chatting with Li Ji first.

"In fact, your life is not easy for your fourth uncle. The animals in your family have not grown up yet. Unfortunately, those who raise waste water are killed. You can't use the water tightly. You can only buy water every day and stick to it."

Li Ji sighed with a sad face: "How can I fix this? Everyone has to bear this matter. Anyway, it was me and Er Gouzi who helped each other and passed."

Anyone who heard Li Ji's words would say that he pretended to be a big head of garlic, because everyone knew that the situation in Li Ji's family in the whole village was the best. Saying this would make others' lives worse?

The woman didn't think too much about it, and when Li Ji finished speaking, she said, "Then you didn't think about finding a woman to help at home? Fourth Uncle, you and Er Gouzi are both of marriageable age. No one got married first. What's the relationship, you haven't thought about it?"

Li Ji smiled and shook his head: "Forget it, now I have a lot of work at home, and it's not a good idea to marry a daughter-in-law and let people follow the hardships. I will not be wronged if I wait for another two years to stabilize, and save more money. Er Gouzi I can't help it here, but as long as he can look at women more, he won't be close to 20 and have no daughter-in-law."

The woman waited for these words, and hurriedly said, "Isn't Uncle Shuisheng's Qiao'er often going there some time ago? We were all waiting for a wedding drink at that time, why there is no afterword?"

Li Ji glanced at her strangely, and said amusedly: "Which people like wine or not, they were brothers and sisters at that time. This joke can't be ridiculed. Er Gouzi is nothing to be a big man, but a clever girl is an innocent girl. ."

The woman whispered with a mysterious face: "You don't know the fourth uncle, the village has been flying, so Qiao'er came to the door and posted that Er Gouzi couldn't look down on it."

"Tsk." Li Ji frowned, and also whispered in a low voice, "Which bad-mouthed gossip is spreading. Qiao'er was clearly called by me, so why did you post it upside-down?"

As soon as the woman heard that there was a door, she followed Li Ji's words: "Isn't it, because of this, I still have two tempers. A villager can't see me and see it when I look down. What a coincidence, how can our own people in our village still do? You know? Fourth Uncle, you said Qiao'er was called by you, why? Are you trying to match the two of them?"

"I have this idea." Li Ji sighed, "Isn't that the case, Er Gouzi knew me, and everyone else ignored me. I saw her say a few more words to Qiao'er that day, and it happened that Qiao'er's father had That meant, so I asked Qiao'er to come over and sit in two days to see if I could make Er Gouzi resuscitate and say a few more words. As a result, after a long time, Er Gouzi didn't even pay much attention to Qiao'er, so I didn't do it anymore. Call her over."

The woman continued, "Isn't it that Er Gouzi can say a few more words to other girls?" 

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