Just such a sentence almost made Li Ji cry.

My throat seemed to be choking, and I couldn't say a word.

Seeing Li Ji's performance, Er Gouzi felt that his guess was not wrong. He reached out and patted Li Ji's head and said softly: "Let's go home."

He was taken by Er Gouzi and went back to the yard, back to the room. Feeling the temperature of Er Gouzi's hands along the way, Li Ji's heart is full of flavours.

"Is it uncomfortable again? I'll make a mattress, so you can sleep more." This is the way to take care of people learned from Li Ji, and Er Gouzi can only think of this at this time.

The more this happened, the more Li Ji felt that he was guilty.

Er Gouzi turned around, and Li Ji took two steps forward, resting his head on Er Gouzi's back. Er Gouzi stopped, Li Ji's heart was tangled, and Er Gouzi's mood was equally complicated.

He is not a fool, even if he felt that Li Ji was unwell at the beginning, he could feel that Li Ji was about to say something terrible at this time.

"Er Gouzi." Li Ji's voice was very low, and he didn't know whether he said it to Er Gouzi or to himself, "You are not a wild child. You have parents. If your father wants to find you back," I shouldn't stop it because of reason. I can't take the place of Dad."

The atmosphere was silent, Li Ji choked a little, waiting for Er Gouzi's answer.

After waiting for a while, he heard Er Gouzi's voice calmly.

"I only have a mother, and I don't know what father is. Listening to you, it seems like father is very important, but I haven't had it for so many years, and I won't need it in the future. You say you can't replace the position of father. But the position of father cannot be replaced. You. You are more important."

Li Ji couldn't describe how he felt when he heard these words, as if an aura shone from the sky, making him come alive.

Er Gouzi turned his head and hugged Li Ji in his arms: "So don't mention it again, okay? You don't like it, and I don't like it either."

Li Ji's lips trembled, and he finally spit out the word "OK".

There was more joy on Er Gouzi's face, and Li Ji's lips were found on his lips. Er Gouzi doesn't know what kissing is, but in his heart, the complexity at this time can only be compensated by a comfortable movement like kissing.

Li Ji abandoned the last bit of shame in his heart, and embraced his eldest nephew's affection.

Let him do everything, anyway, the two of them are still happy at this time. No matter what will happen in the future, the two people at this time only have to live with each other, which is enough.

Zhao Ruyue didn't even stay at home for one night. Although she's just a maid in the same room, she doesn't even have an identity, but the man is already the master's person. Before the master doesn't like abandoning, then he must be like the girl who gets married.

Zhao Ruyue went back, and Li Ji's mental arithmetic was let go.

It seems that Zhao Ruyue believed his nonsense, so for a while, it was impossible to find out that he was here.

Li Ji deceived himself and thought.

Two more days later, Li Ji stood at the entrance of the village and waited for Er Gouzi to return from buying water. There were also many villagers waiting for the water at the entrance of the village.

Li Jichao leaned against a tree with a crooked neck, and the rumors in the village could be passed through without listening carefully.

"Have you heard? Then Zhao Zhenzhu came back and brought back five taels of silver. If she thinks she will be a maidservant for a month, the monthly money will be only four or five dollars. In normal days, the rouge gouache is indispensable, so that she will not be embarrassed by the young lady. How did you think this money was saved?"

"Looking at her combing her hair, it's inseparable. This is a promise. Tut, let alone our ignorance, don't you always say that the girls around Miss Qianjin have to wait for the young lady to get married before she is married? What if the lady's husband's family sees it? If you are in the concubine's room, if you don't like it, you can point it to the next person. How can a young lady go out before marrying her maid?"

"Where do we know where to go, but what's even more strange is that Uncle Zhao Qian returned all the money to Zhao Zhenzhu. You said it was coming out from the west side of the sun. Zhao Qian bought a girl to eat a roast duck. I like the one who takes advantage the most. Why is it so generous this time?"

"I want to say that Zhao Zhenzhu must have some good tricks. It's almost the same after coming out of the house after a few years. To me, Zhao Zhenzhu still hates her father and mother in his heart."

After listening for a long time, I finally saw the shadow of a car coming from a distance. When I saw Er Gouzi from a close distance, I suddenly heard a disappointed voice.

Only Li Ji's eyes lit up, "Let's go home."

Sitting in the bullock cart and walking home in the bullock cart, Er Gouzi said, "It's cold, please wait at home next time."

"I'm just idle and bored. I can't stand it anymore. I can suffocate to death every day in this cold weather." Li Ji leaned against the wooden bucket filled with water and listened to the sound of the water shaking inside.

Behind him is the envied voice of the village.

"Look at how filial the other Er Gouzi are. The elders are two years younger than him. You all know how to honor your uncle and don't let him come out in winter. Look at my family's sorrows, and always complain about this or that."

Both of these uncles and nephews are about to become the standard equipment of filial piety in the village, and who would know that these two little B*stards are so good that they are humming haha ​​at night.

After some more time, Li Ji watched someone come to the door with a gift, and then he remembered that the holiday had come again.

Just like last year, there was a lot of people coming and going, and tea was almost out of supply.

This year Li Ji moved into a big house. Although the money came from Er Gouzi, there is also Er Gouzi adopted by Li Ji, who is the parent of Er Gouzi.

Therefore, more people came to give gifts this year than last year, and they stayed longer.

Zhang Ying, the child's daughter-in-law raised by his nephew Li Jin's family, looked a little fatter than last year. It seemed that she had a good time at his house. The Xiao Tudou, which had grown a lot taller, was also pulled over to the Fourth Grandpa and knocked her head. Calculating that Li Ji is not ten years older than him, this ceremony is also acceptable for generations.

What Li Ji cared about most was Li Qiao'er, a girl from Li Shuisheng's family, who came over and brought two catties of peanuts. Seeing Li Qiao'er's eyes were a little swollen, she seemed to have cried.

Li Qiao'er came in the afternoon, when there were not many people, Li Qiao'er seemed to come here on time.

Li Ji didn't think she was right when she looked at her, and she looked worried. Counting it down, Li Qiao'er hadn't come here for half a year, and Xu was Li Shuisheng who knew Er Gouzi's disposition, knowing that it was impossible, and didn't let him come again because of the girl's reputation.

Seriously, Li Qiao'er couldn't come, and Li Ji was relieved.

Li Qiao'er watched the last person who came over talking for a long time and left, waiting for the person to leave the yard and walk far, then walked to the middle of the room, looked up at Li Ji, and suddenly knelt down without warning.

"Fourth Uncle, let Brother Ergou marry me, I beg you." With this, Li Qiao'er's tears couldn't stop falling, and her red and swollen eyes were watery and pitiful.

Li Ji's heart was stunned, his own person was being spied on, and no one could guarantee a normal state of mind. Taking a deep breath, seeing Li Qiao'er doesn't seem to be a forcing person, there must be a reason for this.

Li Ji stood up and helped Li Qiao'er up: "What are you doing? Isn't this stupid? You have something to say, and if you are wronged, your fourth uncle will be the master. The marriage of your daughter's family is a major event. How can I say a word or two? Will it be resolved?"

Li Ji's words made sense, and Li Qiao'er heard people cry even harder.

"Qiao'er is wronged." Li Qiao'er burst into tears. Li Ji watched as a big girl cried at his house and was so aggrieved that it didn't sound good to go out. He raised his head and asked Er Gouzi to guard the door.

Li Qiao'er's cry was not loud, but tears flowed. When she was crying happily, she wiped away her tears and then choked out her grievances.

It turned out that Li Qiao'er had frequently visited Li Ji's house before, but the matter with Er Gouzi hadn't made any progress at all. After a long time, gossip in the village spread.

The gossip in the neighbourhood is nothing if it is malicious, it is pure idleness. But the unintentional act can be regarded as ruining Li Qiao'er's good reputation.

Li Shuisheng saw that he hadn't seen Li Ji come to say kiss for so long, and there was gossip in the village, so he simply stopped thinking about Er Gouzi, the golden turtle son-in-law, and asked a matchmaker to talk to Li Qiaoer about kisses. As a result, they came to the village and asked about them. I heard that Li Qiao'er came to the door and posted the rumors that she didn't want her, and half of her marriage was gone.

Li Ji lives outside the village, and he rarely enters the village to listen to the chats of people in the village because of the busy things at home, so he doesn't know anything about it.

Li Shuisheng went back to Li Qiaoer's husband's house several times, but they didn't succeed. I became more and more anxious about Li Qiao'er. Recently I finally found a home for a 30-year-old widower in the village. His wife who died in his early years has been single for all these years. He doesn't dislike Li Qiaoer's bad reputation.

In this world, those who have lived more than 40 years old can jump out five or six in a village that has lived more than 50 years. Li Qiao'er will be widowed in a few years after marrying. Can Li Qiao'er be willing?

But Li Shuisheng still thinks this family is pretty good, because they only have one girl and no son, so he doesn't dislike Li Qiaoer and even give a full one or two silver gifts.

Normal marriages in the village generally don't use money, and they use crops and grains. The money given is usually one or two dollars. One or two dollars has not been seen in the past ten years.

So even if Li Qiaoer was unwilling, Li Shuisheng decided.

Li Qiao'er had nothing to do. It just happened that there was an excuse to give gifts to the elders during the festival. She told his parents, and now for her, the best destination is Er Gouzi.

How smart is Li Ji? The eyelashes are empty when they are plucked, and they are fine. He could guess what Li Qiaoer said. If Li Qiao'er, a girl who is about to get married, can go to another bachelor's house, it is probably the calculation of Li Qiao'er to persuade Li Ji.

Li Qiao'er is really desperate, but Li Shuisheng is very good at calculating.

He just forced Li Qiao'er to the absolute road and asked her to come and beg to marry Er Gouzi. Li Ji agreed that Li Qiao'er married and everyone was happy, but he did not agree that Li Qiao'er married a widower as a house-filling house is also the best home.

Li Ji looked at Li Qiao'er with a desperate face, his eyes turned and he had a calculation.

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