Zhao Ruyue enjoyed Li Ji's scrutiny very much, and she called out the fourth uncle. People didn't stand up, and looked at them without being polite.

Let alone the juniors to the elders, even the average generations can hardly be polite. Zhao Ruyue's attitude is hard to make people feel good.

Zhao Feicui found a mat and put it on the kang, let Li Ji sit down, and then went to pour boiling water.

Li Ji crouched down and looked at Zhao Ruyue, then asked, "Is this married?"

Hearing this, Zhao Ruyue's shy veil covered her lips, and she didn't know who learned it from, but it was pretty good-looking.

"Master's grace, accept me as a maidservant, if you can have a son and a half in the future, you will all have the opportunity to become an aunt." Zhao Ruyue has a bit of pride and ostentation between her eyebrows, "Although she is still a maid. The maid, that's also the master's person, and I won't be able to come back often from now on."

In fact, the maidservant is basically a maid, and she still has to do the work that should be done. At the same time, she has to wait for the master to accompany the house. Or the maid is not the master, the aunt is the concubine's room, and only half the master.

Officials generally have a lot of maidservants in the house, and there are many who will point them to the slaves if they don't like it. It is an honor for the master to reward the slaves, even if it is not a perfect body, it is also an honor to the slaves. Therefore, rewarding the maidservant in the room to the minion nowadays has become a symbol of reusing the minion.

Of course, there are also things that cannot be dismissed casually by the mother's heart, but it's just a sentence.

Zhao Ruyue is the maidservant serving by the county's daughter, and she became his general maidservant by the county's admiration… It doesn't sound very good, but the maid whose brother looked at the sister is not good.

I can only say that this county is quite romantic.

Although she was a maidservant for the master official, she was a woman who didn't even have the status of a concubine. Maybe Zhao Ruyue thought it was honor, but Li Ji felt very pitiful when she heard it.

"Hey, that's Grandma Cheng." Li Ji finished smiling. Zhao Ruyue's words were flattering, but only Li Ji knew what it meant.

"Look at what Fourth Uncle said, it's so embarrassing." Zhao Ruyue's eyes were even more smug. She was sold by Zhao Qian for only roast duck, how desperate and helpless then, how happy this time.

It is not in vain that she sacrificed time to sleep for a long time to learn the behavior of the lady she was serving, making her look more prominent than other maids, so she had the opportunity to get close to the master and climb the bed.

She is now in a slave status, and the best result is only to give a certain slave. The children born in the future will be slaves for generations. It's impossible, the only way is to become the master's concubine.

Even if it is a concubine, it is also a scholar, and the child born in the future, even if it is a concubine, is also a child of the official family.

One person has one idea, and some people prefer to be poor rather than concubine of the rich. Some people prefer to go to higher places to enjoy more.

Li Ji looked at her and didn't say much, just asked: "Since I can't come back often in the future, I must stay with my parents for a while. Why do you think of me?"

This is what Li Ji cares about.

Zhao Ruyue then remembered what the master had explained before leaving, and asked with a smile: "It's not a big deal. It's just that I heard my mother say that Brother Ergou by your side is a great skill, and I was curious, so I asked my uncle to come over and have a chat."

Li Ji's heart jumped, and he raised his eyes to see Zhao Feicui carrying hot water over, thinking that she wouldn't be looking at Er Gouzi and want to betroth Zhao Feicui to him.

It is possible to think about it this way. Now Zhao Ruyue is a person who wants to be an official's aunt, who can call her elders around. It is not impossible to use her identity to suppress people's mandarin ducks.

Li Ji's waist straightened and said nothing, waiting for Zhao Ruyue to speak.

Zhao Ruyue looked at Li Ji and did not answer the conversation, her veil nodded her lips, brewed a little, and said: "It's not a big deal, just come and chat. I heard the mother said that Brother Ergou can lay a piece of fox skin from the mountain. It's worth a lot of money. In the end, it's a good fate, no matter where I am, I'm very tight with money."

This Zhao Ruyue stayed in the house for a few years, and her words were all those crooked words, and Li Ji became more confused as she talked about it.

Zhao Ruyue spared a large circle, and then she said, "Everyone says Brother Ergou is my Aunt Yan's brother. I can't see this. Brother Ergou is next to you, Brother Ergou's. You should be clear about those things. Did Brother Gou ever talk about Aunt Yan? Did he say a few words about Dad?"

Finally figured it out, Zhao Ruyue is here to inquire about Er Gouzi's details. Although Li Ji didn't understand the twists and turns in the house, other people's brains were active. Before Zhao Ruyue had finished saying this, Li Ji was already thinking about replying.

After listening, Li Ji smiled and said: "This grandma, you can hardly hold me up. Er Gouzi was lost when he was five years old. I don't remember anything in the mountains, and I have the impression of a mother for Sister Yan. But her generation. I have the advantage. The villagers rarely avoid me when talking about Sister Yan. A few years ago, I heard that Sister Yan was cheated by a man when she went to the city and was cheated by a man. That man must have been miserable to Sister Yan. Otherwise, let's not talk about the concubine room, even if she is a sister Yan from the outside room, she won't be able to run into her natal village with her stomach upright and get stuck in her spine."

Although Li Yan is an example of the village's education of women's virginity, I still feel that Li Yan's life is hard when I think about it. Daxiao Li Yan's education is the same as that of the villagers. How could he be involved if he weren't someone who loved it?

In the end, I don't know what the man did, so that Li Yan had nowhere to settle down and return to her natal family. After all, such a woman who was unmarried and conceived would not be humiliated by running back to her natal family if she had a way to survive.

As a result, a Jiaojiao daughter's family raised her child alone in the mountains, and the child was lost, and she ended up tragically dying of illness.

This is reasonable. Zhao Ruyue also sighed for Li Yan after hearing this. She and Li Yan had similarities. They both worked hard in the county town, but Li Yan went by herself. She was sold by her parents.

Zhao Ruyue has stepped on a high position because of the organs. If she does not come back to ask for help, I am afraid that the treatment is similar to that of Li Yan.

Her father and mother treated her well, but it was based on her body that had been favored by the official, and had nothing to do with her flesh-and-blood daughter.

"The things of the previous generation, I am a junior in theory, it is impossible to say, but this Aunt Yan is a little bit pitiful. She has lost her knowledge and lost herself." Zhao Ruyue sighed and said something.

Li Ji said: "That's what I'm talking about."

In this way, Zhao Ruyue stopped asking her thoughts. It was impossible to influence this matter. She came back once to please Xian Cheng.

"For such a man, even if Brother Ergou remembers, Aunt Yan won't mention it to him." Zhao Ruyue said with a smile, "I'm just asking casually. Don't remember Fourth Uncle, you are not outsiders. I'll just chat with you just then."

The words are polite, but in fact they are just warning Li Ji not to spread the word, Li Ji understands it.

Li Ji smiled on her face, said a few words casually with Zhao Ruyue, and went back.

On the way back, Li Ji's cold sweat came down.

He is not a fool, and Zhao Ruyue did not hide it. Suddenly asked about Er Gouzi's life experience, and also asked Er Gouzi's father. This can't really be a casual question, but because something associates someone with Er Gouzi's father.

Zhao Ruyue has such a special status, she can ask her heart, whether it is an official business.

Did you really find Er Gouzi for no reason?

A few days ago, Li Ji also told Er Gouzi about his father. How long did it take for this to happen? Could it be that Li Yan arranged for Er Gouzi to find his roots? ?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was possible, the cold wind was bleak, and Li Ji only felt cold in his bones.

To be reasonable, Er Gouzi's father had a look, and Li Ji should have rushed to help, but when Li Ji had this conjecture, he subconsciously ignored it.

Yes, when Zhao Ruyue asked, Li Jiming could speak more clearly, allowing Zhao Ruyue to open up more thoughts. But Li Ji didn't.

Standing at the entrance of the village and looking at the newly built yard, Li Ji did not raise his leg to enter for a long time. He didn't know how to face Er Gouzi.

The thing has been done, Li Ji only feels that he is despicable. But he was just reluctant to give up Er Gouzi and nothing more.

Er Gouzi had only been with him for a year, and they had just confirmed the relationship.

Their days have just started, so are they separated?

If Er Gouzi finds his father and leaves with him, is it possible for them to be together? Obviously impossible, anyone who is a father can not allow his son to go with a man.

The four characters of inheritance are not simply talked about. The higher the status, the more persistent it is.

Li Ji's face was pale, and his lips were whiter than his face, and he stood there in a daze.

Er Gouzi waited at home for a long time and didn't see Li Ji coming back. When he was anxious, he went out to look for it. As soon as he went out, he saw Li Ji standing there with a terrible expression, and Er Gouzi was startled.

"Fourth Uncle?" Er Gouzi shouted worriedly when facing Li Ji.

Li Ji, who was trembling at Er Gouzi's call, looked at Er Gouzi, and the guilt in his heart was hard to attach.

He is Er Gouzi's fourth uncle, and since Er Gouzi entered his life, Li Ji gave this title to Er Gouzi. Perhaps, in Er Gouzi's heart, he didn't know that the word "four uncle" was a respectable name for generations, but thought it was Li Ji's name.

In fact, Er Gouzi didn't know anything. Maybe Er Gouzi's feelings for him were true, but he didn't know everything else.

Er Gouzi's knowledge of this world stays at the age of five, but their feelings have to force Er Gouzi to mature. How cruel and selfish this is.

"Er Gouzi, you… seem to have found Daddy." The words came out with a vibrato.

Er Gouzi didn't pay attention to what Li Ji said, but listened to Li Ji's voice trembling, and stretched out his hand to touch Li Ji's forehead: "Is the wind cold?" 

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