Li Ji tried to remove Er Gouzi from this matter, and put aside some harsh words, and the village chief arranged for the rest.

People sent to the government, and talked about it all. Er Gouzi's beating was also lightly said by a "strong young man".

Frightened by Er Gouzi and Li Ji, the second-rate son really became more honest, and the whole thing has nothing to do with Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi had their own little life here again. The rabbits reproduced fast and there were more and more eggs. It will be hard to sell the frozen eggs in a few days, so I eat more chickens at home recently. It is enough to eat more and lay fewer eggs at home in the winter. It is good to hatch the chickens in the coming year.

In the county seat of the county seat, the county magistrate has just sentenced the second-rate son to three years in prison. When I returned to the back hall and was drinking tea, I heard that the county prime minister asked for a meeting, so I asked them to come in.

Xian Cheng looked a bit older than the county magistrate, dressed in official uniforms, and very rich.

"My lord, are you doing your best for the country and the people? The lack of adults in this county is really a great loss for the people of the county."

Everyone loves to listen to nice words, and the county magistrate is no exception. The county magistrate is in his thirties, and the well-maintained man looks at the spirit.

"You have learned to put it in a nice way. To find a job in his position, the official, as the parent of the people, is naturally to be the master of the people in the county. Today, I dealt with a spoiler, and even said that he had a foundation. The relatives of people around the official are really hateful. From this, it can be seen that the common people still don't believe in the yamen." The county magistrate sighed.

The county Cheng said with some doubts: "Then how dare those people send us people here?"

The county magistrate was also puzzled: "May I not believe it, or believe that the official will enforce the law impartially. But no matter what, their behavior is admirable."

After hearing this, the county prince turned his gaze, he hehe laughed: "You tell me, there is a maid in the Xiafu, who is in the same village as those people. Adults, if you want to know this, you can ask her to go back to the village to inquire. ."

The county magistrate thought for a while, and shook his head: "This matter is not troublesome. This is a good thing. A small remote village can trust the official. If you want to come to the whole county, you can trust the official, and you need to trust the official. It's not clear, it's not good to be known."

The county prince said this to serve his own favor, and the county magistrate didn't respond, so it was fine.

At this time, someone came in. It was the butler who bought the house. He went into the house and saw the county magistrate. He shook his head first, and the county magistrate's eyes darkened.

The county Cheng knew about this and hurriedly comforted: "This matter originally depends on fate, but now I know that the son is still there, there is no need to worry about the rest."

"There is no one who is not anxious to be a father." The county magistrate sighed, "I don't know how much hardship I have had with his mother over the years."

"Since I can take out the white fox skin, I would like to be someone with great abilities, even if… even if I suffered hardship when I was young, I am now enjoying the blessing."

This evoked the thoughts of the county magistrate, and he sighed heavily: "Unfortunately, he hasn't even figured out whether the fox skin seller is right now. So much effort has been wasted so much, maybe it's really a blessing for me. I am. I really hope that it is him who has the ability to go hunting in the mountains, and has the ability to feed himself. It will not endure the mother and the child."

"If a person is still in the county, there must be one day to find it. Even if the son wants to go out and wander around, the wife will definitely not want to go far…" After the county prime minister's words, suddenly his head flashed, as if he remembered who said the village. Some people hunt for a living, but this light flashes by, and the county prime minister can't catch anything.

"I hope so."

"Er Gouzi, go to the warehouse and grab a handful of peppers. There are no hot peppers here." Li Ji, who was washing vegetables, shouted to Er Gouzi in the yard.

To stew rabbits with peppers is enough to taste, so I planted a lot of peppers this year, and they are all dried and put in the barn at the moment.

Some of the vegetables grown on the balcony are edible, and Li Ji washes these.

When the rabbits are stewed and served on the table, fresh vegetables are placed on a larger plate. The cold wind is blowing outside, and the room is warm as spring. Eating a bite of lettuce dipping sauce, nibbling on a piece of spicy rabbit meat, and pouring a chopsticks of white rice, this life is more enjoyable.

"In two days we have to hire someone to make sauce for our family. Our sauce is almost gone." Li Ji dipped in the sauce and ate a bite of shallots.

What I ate this year was the sauce I bought, and now there is only the bottom of the tank, which is also the saltiest part.

"Yeah." Er Gouzi responded all his life and clipped a rabbit leg to Li Ji.

Li Ji took a bite of rabbit meat: "You said that there hasn't been a single drop of rain. It's getting colder day by day and it's not snowing anymore. Our stream has never been watered anymore. We still have to buy water. I don't know this. How long will it last?"

Er Gouzi chopsticks a meal: "Shall I go to see in the mountains?"

Li Ji shook his head: "Didn't you mention that there are many beasts on the side of the stream? If there is no water at the source, it will be useless for you to go. Hearing the old man said that it seems that the spring water from the mountain is dripping down, maybe the spring water is running dry. There will be no water. There will be a drought this year, and maybe it will be better in the coming year. There is no shortage of money for our family and we can afford to buy water."

People don't want much money, just a penny and two pens. You can't get a piece of bread in the county. The original intention is not to make money, but to tell them that the water is not for nothing, and you can't be greedy and let the villagers not get it. Water to drink. Li Ji is not a fool, can understand this.

Er Gouzi stopped talking, and Li Ji made the decision both inside and outside the house. He would do whatever Li Ji said.

At this time eggs are the best selling time, because the weather is cold, most of the chickens do not lay eggs. At this time, if there are old people and children who are greedy for eggs, or if there are pregnant women in the family who want to eat more nutritious things, they will come to Li Ji to buy them.

But just for a while, when it's winter, it's cold and the ground won't move around. Except for the necessary people to buy some, the rest can be eaten or pickled at home.

There are only a few households in the village, and they can't sell them for a few dollars. They will be frozen later. The eggs cannot be carried out to sell in the village, and they will freeze. Therefore, there are not so many hens in the family, and they must be eaten as soon as possible.

But rabbits reproduce fast. Although Er Gouzi can eat meat, they can't consume both.

So Li Ji thought in his heart to kill a few rabbits and chickens in the county to see if they could sell them. It's best to contact a restaurant and supply them for a long time, so that they can breed unscrupulously and sell them. Up.

Just when to go to the city is a problem. A rascal came to the village a few days ago, which made Li Ji's sense of prevention even stronger. He didn't want to leave the family at all, but the two of them were not at ease when they entered the city alone, and the matter was put on hold.

After a few more days, it started to freeze, but no drop of water came down, let alone snow.

It's a crime to pull the water after it's frozen, and the village has been more careful in terms of draught.

Li Ji felt distressed when he watched the cow's head buried in the bucket to drink water, especially the few drops of water lying down from the corner of his mouth after the cow raised his head after drinking the water. Li Ji felt bad.

Now I have to pull the water back in two days at home. I can't bear to wash my clothes. I just wiped it with a wet towel when I got sweaty and sticky. It's a far cry from last year.

Here are the animals drinking water, Er Gouzi came over and called him, saying that someone was looking for him.

Er Gouzi is smart, but the smartness to people is gone. At least he basically doesn't recognize the people in the village, and he never takes the initiative to talk to people. He is very uncommon.

At first Li Ji was anxious to get angry for this, but now that it has been a long time, Li Ji really likes Er Gouzi's solitary appearance, one does not touch the flowers and the grass, and the other saves a lot of trouble.

I went out and saw a little girl in the 13th and 4th standing at the door. The girl in floral clothes deserves to be exquisite and charming. She is very charming.

"Four uncle, are you free? My sister came back and said that she wanted to see you." The girl opened her voice in a sweet voice.

Li Ji remembered, this is Zhao Feicui, the second girl of the Zhao Qian family, and his sister is Zhao Zhenzhu who is the maidservant for the old man and the girl.

"Look for me? What can happen." Li Ji smiled, turned around and told Er Gouzi the housekeeper, and then followed Zhao Feicui.

Speaking further, Li Ji is the elder, and Zhao Zhenzhu is the junior. No junior wants to see the elders and ask someone to call in, so they should bring something to meet.

But Li Ji didn't have much rules about this, and who made Zhao Zhenzhu a servant for the official family, and was a "big man".

It was not far away, but it was a short walk after entering the village. Seeing that it was almost here, Zhao Feicui looked back, embarrassed, and told Li Ji:

"Fourth Uncle wants to tell you something, don't be surprised. My sister has given her name to the maidservant, and she said that her previous name is not easy to call. Now she is called Zhao Ruyue, she is not happy to be called Sister Pearl . Take care of it."

Li Ji nodded.

Zhao Zhenzhu was sitting in the room at this time, listening to his dad talking. If you have a chance to see if you can give him a quick job as a father in the county's residence, she must have connections in those days in the other's residence. Anyone who knows rich, help find a family for his sister.

Zhao Zhenzhu, or Zhao Ruyue should be called now, holding the kerchief in his hand with an appropriate smile on his face, but the sarcasm flashed occasionally in his eyes, apparently he didn't even listen.

Li Ji copied his hands and entered the house, raised his eyes to look at Zhao Ruyue, and was a little surprised to find that Zhao Ruyue had combed the woman's head.

I don't know when the rules were in place. Maybe it's to distinguish unmarried girls from married women, so as to avoid the embarrassment of getting married or not, so girls can only comb half of their hair before getting married, and loose some hair. Married women will have their hair all up.

Although unmarried girls also comb all their hair up, there is still a difference from a woman's head. Li Ji could recognize it.

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