I can't talk about this in a village. Li Ji nodded, turned around and shouted into the room: "Er Gouzi? Come out."

When Er Gouzi came out, his hands were not dry, and he looked at Li Ji blankly.

"There is a second-rate man in the village. Let's go and see. If it's really difficult, you can punch him. You don't have to be polite." Li Ji finished finishing his body and wanted to follow along.

Er Gouzi wiped his hands and came over and said, "I'll go, you feel uncomfortable and rest more."

The village head looked at Li Ji after hearing what Er Gouzi said: "What's wrong? Did Dr. Xue ever see it?"

Li Ji grinned stiffly and said, "It's okay, it's Er Gouzi he is not at ease. You can go to Er Gouzi."

Li Ji went back to the house to take over Er Gouzi's unfinished work, and whispered a warning: "Don't talk nonsense when you go out."

Er Gouzi nodded.

Li Ji watched Er Gouzi go with the village head, and went back to the house to continue working.

It had been half an hour and no one came back. Li Ji was worried that he would go out to have a look. However, as soon as he left the door, he saw someone coming from a short distance and shouted Fourth Uncle from a distance.

"My uncle, go over and take a look!"

Li Ji's heart jumped, and he didn't understand what would happen if he tried to push someone out: "Are you killed?"

"That won't be enough." The man gasped, "I'm going to chase people out today. The man doesn't know who stole a hoe from someone but won't leave. A girl went over to see him and said something disgusting. People's words were originally cursed at him. It's horrible to say that Poppi didn't know where he came from. The old Zhang's family used to accept the house in the past, and they said that they would either leave the house or leave the house with two or two pennies. Give it to him."

There is nothing wrong with this, but if Poppi can do something to grab the house, he must have no money in his pocket. The Zhang family said this to make it sound. It's not that it doesn't give people a way to survive.

"Then what?" Li Ji asked.

"No one thought that Poppi suddenly got into trouble. He lifted his hoe and hit the Zhang family on him. Fortunately, Er Gouzi was restraining him and beat him up. He was thinking about whether to report to the official, but it turned out that The B*stard (B*stard) suddenly yelled that he must report to the official. He also said that his relatives worked for the county elder, and that the report prevented us from eating and walking. The village was discussing how to get it. Er Gouzi was Your person, you are an elder, and you can't be without you when this matter is resolved or decided."

Li Ji's elders are not for nothing, and it's not for nothing that no one provokes in the village. There is a big event in the village, even if the elders need to show up, Li Ji has to be taken out, regardless of whether it is used. With. This time Li Ji can be regarded as the protagonist of the matter, after all, he let Er Gouzi go.

"You really believe it? If there are relatives around the county elders, they will run into our gully? Our village has trouble drinking water, and he is wronged. If you have that ability, it is impossible to be driven out by the original villagers."

Li Ji's young age doesn't mean that people are stupid, just thinking about such simple things will understand.

"In fact, the village head thinks so too, but you are not afraid of ten thousand, just in case. This matter can be solved regardless of whether you are there."

The two of them reached the west end of the village. There were not many people in the village. There were two or three empty houses, and they didn't know how they were attracted by this gangster.

From afar, you can still hear the screaming voice of the rogue: "You have the ability to kill me! I tell you, I really waited in the county to see how I clean up you! I asked my second uncle to arrest you all and go to jail. Don't believe me, look at it!"

Li Ji glanced across the crowd, Er Gouzi was tall and strong, and he could see it at a glance. At this time, Er Gouzi was stopped by two people, with impatient anger on his face. I have lived with Er Gouzi for a year or two, and I saw Er Gouzi with this expression for the first time.

Li Ji came over and someone shouted that the fourth uncle came, and people automatically let Li Ji walk directly in the middle.

The elders in the village were all there, frowning what they were saying when they saw Li Ji's face a joy: "Xiao Ji is here?"

"Don't think I'm young and don't know how to talk nonsense. I'm not used to this kind of thing. Doesn't he dare to do it just to get the right thing? Pee on." Li Ji walked over and said.

Everyone knows what Li Ji said, but hesitate to make a decision. Don't be afraid of ten thousand and be afraid in case, what kind of background does this grandson really have? Maybe it was that relative who didn't look down on him, so he didn't care, but if he was in the government, he would have to take care of it.

Otherwise, why didn't he get arrested in the village before and went to see an official?

Li Ji knew what they thought in their hearts, but they could hesitate about it, and Li Ji couldn't make it. If this matter were to be fooled, this Poppi would definitely have to rely on Er Gouzi, and then it would not be over, so now it must be resolved as soon as possible.

"Why don't you just leave it to me? It's my business how to solve it. I won't be short of money at home if I'm going to fight a lawsuit or do something. You don't have to stop Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi, listen. Okay, if he dares to say something awkward, you go up and punch me in the mouth, and I will go to jail if I die."

Saying that, Li Ji didn't want Er Gouzi's hands to be stained with blood. However, if it does cause death, it may not be true that someone is going to go to jail. As long as they find these second-rate villagers and find two relatives to accompany them for two ounces of silver, they will justify themselves and find an excuse to equalize the death. If the people don't sue the officials, no one will know if the emperor is far away from the sky as long as no one tells the government.

Throughout the year, I don't know how many people died so unclearly, and how many people are at large because of this.

As soon as Li Ji spoke, the people who stopped Er Gouzi did not dare to stop. Er Gouzi was let go and his wrists were loosened. After seeing the posture, he waited for the person to speak and go up and beat him up.

The man stared at Er Gouzi, swallowing his mouth, he didn't dare to say what he said.

Who is Er Gouzi? I grew up in the mountains and lived with the beasts. When he entered the mountain, he was on the verge of death every day. Every time he encountered a beast, his life might end.

In this case, Er Gouzi stayed for 13 years, with a bloody aura like a beast. This feeling is not something that can be pretended to be pretended, but an aura deep in his bones, just like the soldier who has been on the battlefield. It is someone who has really seen a bloody death.

Seeing that he was honest, Li Ji said this time: "Your official master has relatives over there, right? You don't need to hide it. I will send you to see the officer and give you time to find the relatives! But I need to tell you. I have silver, let's see if it's the words of your county master's side, or the silver in my pocket!"

The gangster looked at Li Ji's clothes neatly and neatly, and no patch was new clothes, he knew that what Li Ji said was 80% true. At this time, those who are not willing to wear new clothes during the new year and festival are all rich people.

"I just came to live for two nights, and then left. You beat me and disabled me. Go and see who goes to jail!" He didn't dare to be presumptuous with Er Gouzi, but he still treats a half-year-old child like Li Ji. Dare to speak.

Before Li Ji could speak, Er Gouzi had already kicked him in the stomach. Er Gouzi's kick is not comparable to ordinary people. The man was kicked out and rolled three feet to the ground and howled.

Only then did Li Ji smile, but that smile made people get goosebumps.

"You are right. You are living for two nights and molesting other good women. If you don't admit it, you can fool with a relative or something. But guess who I use to beat people? Guess how many pennies do you need for your life? Just say that if you use one penny a year, I can lock you for ten or twenty years first. If you don't believe me, let's try!"

Money can make ghosts grind, this is the truth that everyone believes. Even if the new county magistrate has been upholding his duties for the past two or two years, no one in this poor mountain gully believes that he is really incorruptible, or even suspects that the new appointment is not easy to earn money. It is only convenient to wait for a long time.

Therefore, Li Ji's rhetoric scared the hooligan very well.

After saying these words, Li Ji said: "Send him to see the officials. You don't need to say anything. If he doesn't admit anything, just come and tell me that I can use as much money as possible. Er Gouzi, let's go back!"

Er Gouzi came to help. Li Ji didn't want him to participate too much, so he wanted to pick him out first. He said all the threats. The gangster dared to talk about the mess when he saw the official, and Li Ji was not afraid to follow him. He is in a lawsuit.

The other thing about Li Ji is good, that is, the evil spirit of protecting shortcomings, especially on Er Gouzi. Today Er Gouzi came to help, but instead caused a commotion. But this is something in the village, and Er Gouzi, as a villager, has to come forward.

Er Gouzi came forward with the village affairs, and Li Ji came forward with the Er Gouzi affairs.

Er Gouzi protects the villagers from being bullied, and Li Ji protects Er Gouzi from being disgusting!

Li Ji took Er Gouzi and left without saying much. The only words that made the gangster shook so much that they couldn't speak, and the villagers who were watching were also taken aback.

After being embarrassed at the scene for a while, the village head first said: "Is there a big money after all, and the words are different from ours."

The people in the village looked at each other, and they all surrounded the gangsters, tied up and tossed them off to an official.

Things in the village are resolved by themselves behind closed doors. If this outsider comes to make trouble in private, it is difficult to guarantee that other people will come to make trouble. Therefore, it is safe to send people to see the officials. The officials judge and deal with them. It's ok.

Li Ji walked back with Er Gouzi, and the indomitable aura just faded away cleanly, directly complaining in indignation.

"You said it's really bullying. There are few people in our village, right? It's a remote place and you really thought you hadn't seen the market? There are people around the county magistrate? I have even seen the officials under my hands!"

Er Gouzi followed without saying a word, watching Li Ji now compare his performance just now, with an undisguised smile on his face.

Maybe Li Ji didn't even know that he looked like a wolf protecting a calf, so he went up and took a bite when he was really anxious. 

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