When Li Ji got up in the morning, he decided to take back what he said last night. Er Gouzi is a simple temper, obviously a bad tone!

Especially after the discomfort somewhere in the back climbed up the tail vertebrae, I recalled that Er Gouzi suggested drinking to encourage him to fetch deer whip wine and everything was calculated.

Climbing up from the bed, his body was awkwardly stiff, and Li Ji looked around, there was no one.

The kang is hot, covered with a quilt, and a mattress underneath. I picked up all the food from last night. The vegetable sprouts on the window sill still have drops of water, and they have just been watered.

Where did this B*stard go. Li Ji thought of getting up and it hurt so badly, so he simply climbed back to the bed, and he couldn't bear to get up because the bed was warm on the left and right.

After lying down for a while, Er Gouzi came in, carrying Li Ji's favorite Braised Fish Stew, which Er Gouzi liked to eat.

Smelling the scent of meat, I spent most of the night last night, Li Ji's stomach was empty early, and now he started to play drums.

Li Ji poked his head out of the bed. Er Gouzi's face is still Li Ji's familiar smile. If yesterday he said that Li Ji was uncomfortable all day long, he would really gritted his teeth now.

"Wake up, let's eat."

Li Ji turned his gaze away, he could clearly feel the pain in the awkward position, thinking in his mind, it seemed that he had heard someone say that he should eat light things when pulling blood, and he should be in the same situation now.

"I can't eat meat." Li Ji said this through gritted teeth.

"Why?" Er Gouzi looked ignorant.

"Ask yourself." He said in a bad tone, turned his head away, and Li Ji added in a low voice, "Just get some porridge and cold vegetables, lighter."

Listening to this, Er Gouzi was stunned, and hurriedly put down the fish and came over to touch Li Ji's head: "Has the wind been cold?"

Last time Li Ji had to eat this way when he was sick. Otherwise, even if he ate something in the morning, he would eat meat. Why would you say you can't eat it today?

"No." Li Ji's face was flustered, and he didn't want Er Gouzi to see it. He buried his face for a while and squeezed out, "The first time it hurts and it hurts, it will be fine to eat some light for two days."

God knows that Li Ji's face is really going to burn now.

Er Gouzi heard the words clearly, and reached out to lift Li Ji's quilt: "Let me see."

Li Ji hurriedly grabbed Er Gouzi's hand, and said angrily: "I don't think I'm ashamed enough!"

Er Gouzi didn't understand what he was angry with: "Why is it ashamed, I have touched it, I have touched it, why can't I watch it?"

"Why for your sister." Li Ji whispered and tightened the quilt. "How do you listen to me, don't tell me what I don't have. Bring porridge and pickles, I'm hungry. ."

Seeing that Li Jizhen was getting angry, Er Gouzi stopped talking and hurriedly prepared.

Li Ji didn't even get up, so he lay down and ate breakfast. This frightened Er Gouzi. He wanted to go to Xue Langzhong, but Li Ji almost didn't frighten Li Ji when he said this idea.

"You give me a stop!" In order to prevent him from having trouble with Er Gouzi, Li Ji completely dispelled Er Gouzi's idea of ​​looking for a doctor with a serious expression. "If you really dare to find me for a month, don't touch me. I'm so anxious, I'll go to Westinghouse to sleep or not to sleep with you!"

This was obviously the most deterrent, and Er Gouzi was honest in an instant.

Is there any benefit after being eaten and wiped? Yes, Li Ji lay on the kang upright this day and didn't do anything. When he remembered something, he told Er Gouzi. He felt comfortable being served by Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi is busy working inside and outside the house. There are many animals in the house, and he needs to get feed. There was another prey sent by the wolf at the door, and he had to peel the skin and stew the meat back to the mountain.

Usually two people do it, so they don't feel tired. Now Er Gouzi does it alone. Er Gouzi has good physical strength and will not be tired after a day's work, but he is not tired, Li Ji looks tired.

Although it is a bit retaliatory, Li Ji feels really distressed when he sees the busy work in and out of Er Gouzi's house.

Li Ji himself is not really angry with him, and the entanglement between the two people on the kang is what you want. Li Ji just didn't want to admit that he was ashamed. In his eyes, a broken man should be something to show off. But this break is not the same as normal…

Li Ji was tangled up and down on the kang himself, and sometimes pulled the wound behind and sucked in cold air.

Li Ji didn't know how Er Gouzi knew how the two men went to the kang. He only knew that maybe the reason for not letting the man together was this. Which man was willing to be tossed on the kang and couldn't get off the kang?

In the evening, Er Gouzi finished feeding the pigs and added water to the animals to drink at night, and then asked Li Ji what he would like to eat at night.

What can Li Ji want to eat? What can he eat now?

"Also follow those." Li Ji said reluctantly.

"There is no strength if you don't eat meat." Er Gouzi persuaded.

Li Ji murmured: "I couldn't eat two meat meals a year ago, won't I be able to survive?"

This makes sense. Er Gouzi's voice became quieter, and the weaker asked, "When can I eat meat?"

This Li Ji was not sure, and said ambiguously: "In two or three days."

Then both of them were silent. Li Ji waited for a long time without waiting for Er Gouzi's movements, when he looked up and saw the stupid boy's eyes were red.

"What's wrong?"

"Did I do something wrong again? I made you cold last time, and this time you can't eat meat." Er Gouzi's voice was suppressed very low, and the tone was not right. I guess Li Ji nodded and he could cry.

Li Ji didn't cry this F***ing man, this F***ing man was about to cry.

What's more cheating is that Li Ji still has to comfort him.

"Don't make trouble, this kind of thing is normal for the first time for the two of us. It will be fine after two days." Li Ji wanted to sit up, but he was really uncomfortable, so he just raised his hand and touched Er Gouzi's mess. Up the hair.

Li Ji usually combs Er Gouzi's hair, so it is quite satisfactory, but without Li Ji, Er Gouzi's hair combing is always messy.

"Will it be like this the first time?" Er Gouzi repeatedly confirmed.

"You don't want to think about what size you are." After saying that Li Ji's face was flushed, and he continued cheeky, "It's all normal, it will be fine in two days. You should eat and drink, and eat more. Do you know if you order meat at home?"

Er Gouzi nodded vigorously.

The fierceness of last night kept him aftertaste, but if this enjoyment was exchanged for Li Ji's pain, if he knew in advance, Er Gouzi would never do it.

But now it's too late to say anything, and now Li Ji can't get up anymore.

After dinner, the two lay on the kang, and Er Gouzi reached out to hug Li Ji. Li Ji pulled his back and became stiff, making Er Gouzi's face dark.

"Is it particularly painful." It can be felt from Li Ji's performance.

Fearing that Er Gouzi would blame himself too much, Li Ji went to comfort him and said: "It doesn't hurt that much, it's just awkward. Sleeping well will be a lot better tomorrow morning."

When the two of them were hugged to sleep after turning off the lights, Li Ji was still wondering who was the one who was caught.

When Li Ji fell asleep, Er Gouzi suddenly opened his eyes, turned on the fuel lamp, and gently lifted the quilt and took off Li Ji's fur trousers. He opened his buttocks and took a look.

Redness and no bleeding. Er Gouzi breathed a sigh of relief and put the oil lamp back to blow it out to sleep.

Er Gouzi thought he knew nothing about it.

Yesterday, I barely worked and went to bed early. Li Ji woke up early. When he moved his body, Er Gouzi's eyes opened. The first thing to do when you open your eyes is to ask: "Does it still hurt?"

Li Ji was originally moved, until he moved around and felt the little brother rubbing against the quilt.

Touching his hand down, the fur trousers were faded to the knees, and Er Gouzi forgot to put them back on him last night.

"Did you take off my pants last night?" Li Ji said in embarrassment.

Er Gouzi didn't know how to lie, and nodded: "I'm afraid you are bleeding, and you won't let me see it."

Li Ji took a deep breath and told himself that he was a second fool, and he wouldn't be able to breathe with him.

"Go cooking." Li Ji turned over and wrapped himself in a quilt, but let alone, it did not hurt as much as yesterday.

Er Gouzi hurriedly got up and put on clothes to cook.

Li Ji kept his body in this way for three days, until the back pain no longer, Li Ji almost got used to the days when he stretched out his hands for food and opened his mouth. Lie on the kang without doing anything, Er Gouzi will be able to do everything at will.

Where can I find such a good thing?

Li Jiren is a bit degenerate, but his only remaining conscience tells him that he can't bully Er Gouzi like this. Originally, that thing was what you wanted, and you did everything. Now that you are well raised, don't be hypocritical.

Li Ji finally ate the first meal with meat in the past four days, kimchi fried diced pork, not a lot of meat, but even this made Li Ji's index finger move and he was extremely satisfied.

Seeing Li Ji's eating habits, the Er Gouzi are all sad and picking meat for him: "Eat more. I haven't eaten meat for a few days."

Li Ji said with a meal: "You can't eat more, it will be fine in two days."

I have been eating lightly for the past two days, and suddenly eating too much greasy Li Ji is afraid that his stomach will not be able to stand it. After the meal was over, Li Ji walked out of the house and followed Er Gouzi to work in the yard.

Near noon, Li Ji picked one out of the rabbits and wanted to kill the noon stew and drink it. He heard footsteps outside the door and looked up at the village chief.

"Xiao Ji! Are Er Gouzi here?" the village chief asked at the door.

"What's wrong?" Li Ji called Er Gouzi out in no hurry, fearing that the village chief would come to talk to him, so he had to ask first.

"You don't know if you moved out, there is a second-hand (hooligan) in the village! Isn't Zhang Laosi in Xitou gone? The house was vacant after a girl got married, and it was occupied by a man a few days ago. Lai Don't leave. You said that if you live in a good place, you will live there. Our village is not so xenophobic. It happens that others are not serious, and it is not clean to talk to the big girl and the little wife in the village." The village chief said with anger. .

"Then what do you call Er Gouzi?" Li Ji asked.

"Isn't this trying to let Er Gouzi help chase away the gangster. The letter I just heard yesterday said that this person is from a village far away from our township, because he almost made his wife's wife stronger in that village. He was driven out of a village because it was not easy to send to the government. We can't wait for something to happen and then report to the government. The second-rate guy looked pretty strong, so I wondered if I could let Er Gouzi go over and help." 

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