Li Ji calculated the days, the cooler the weather, the closer the days.

When I got up this morning, Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji, busy inside and out. Er Gouzi didn't know, so he asked directly: "What's the matter?"

Li Ji's face was still filled with joy: "I can't remember, right? You happened to come to my house today last year, and it's been exactly a year now. Let's have a good meal, it's a celebration."

Unknowingly, a year passed, and Li Ji was seventeen years old. In the past year, the two have been inseparable day and night, so that their original uncle and nephew can develop into the current taboo relationship, which has experienced a lot of things.

Er Gouzi didn't know what to celebrate in this kind of thing, but when Li Ji said so, he followed suit.

The vegetables planted on the balcony grew two knuckles high, and it was still a bit early to eat. Li Ji was not willing, so he only used kimchi bought from the village. This year, I have sauerkraut at home. I hired a good woman from the village to pickle it. Now it is ready to eat.

The pig was only a hundred catties at this time, but it was a pity that he killed a chicken and a rabbit, and found some dried venison that was dried in the past, plus the stewed fish, the meat and vegetables were quite a lot.

Recently, Li Ji proudly stir-fried pork with kimchi, especially with diced cowpea and fried with diced meat. If there is no other meat, Li Ji can eat two bowls of bibimbap with it.

At noon, there were four dishes on the table at home, and the two had a full meal. In the evening, there were eight dishes on the table, stacked on a small table, which looked like a New Year's Eve dinner. .

Looking at the food on the table and Li Ji's smile on his face, Er Gouzi couldn't tell.

In the past, when there were more food on the table, wine was indispensable, so Er Gouzi asked very understandingly: "Drinking?"

Li Ji hesitated, because he didn't lose ugliness less when he was drinking, but no matter how ugly he was, he was in front of Er Gouzi and there were no outsiders.

I've done all the embarrassing things, so what can I be afraid of?

Li Ji nodded: "Then you wait for me to buy a pound."

"Don't we have wine in our house?" Er Gouzi said, "Is there a jar."

The corners of Li Ji's lips twitched, and there was indeed a jar of wine made with the whip of a male deer that Er Gouzi hunted back last time. After the wine was soaked, it hadn't been touched. The reason was that they didn't need it at all.

Li Ji's face was hot, and he pretended to be surprised: "If you don't tell me, I have forgotten it. I am glad today that we should drink two cups."

Li Ji took out the small jar he had bought before, and went to the warehouse to pick up a jar from the big jar for soaking deer whip wine. Such a small jar is only about half a catty, not too much, and the two will not be too drunk after drinking, and can enjoy themselves.

Back to the house, Er Gouzi was already sitting in the kang, looking at Li Ji cross-legged, smiling with teeth ridged, not to mention more brilliant.

Er Gouzi's iconic smile will feel silly at first, but after seeing it too much, he feels that this smile can warm people's hearts. Anyway, Li Ji felt that something was missing if he couldn't see it all day.

Pour the wine on the kang, Li Ji first put a chopsticks bahao into the bowl, wrapped a mouthful of rice and stuffed it in his mouth. No matter how many times he eats the bahao stewed fish, Li Ji can arouse enough appetite.

Then Li Ji picked up the softest and fattest piece of meat on the fish's belly and put it in Er Gouzi's bowl: "Look at how we are living here, I've got a lot of fish and meat. I thought about it a year ago. OK."

At least in Li Ji's mind at the time, such a life can only be lived by the official.

"I don't dare to think about it." Er Gouzi smiled. This is telling the truth. In the past, I caught something in the mountains and roasted it on fire and ate it. After I met Li Ji, I realized that the food can make so many tricks.

"Then let's think about the days that I can't even think about now, maybe I will have a chance to live in the future." Li Ji raised his wine bowl and looked at Er Gouzi, with a pair of eyes narrowed, and the bright in the eyes instantly hit Er Gouzi's heart softest. The place.

Er Gouzi also picked up the wine glass, and the two looked at each other and drank it all.

The wine was drunk heroically, but Er Gouzi was not a drinker after all, he coughed twice and choked a little.

Li Ji stretched out his hand to give Er Gouzi Shunfeng.

"The day I want most now… is to never interfere with the two of us." Li Ji gave himself a piece of meat and put it in his mouth, suddenly felt uncomfortable, "Our life is like a fairy, but If it is known by outsiders…"

The two have a relationship between an uncle and a nephew, even if they are two years old, the uncle and nephew are the uncle and nephew. Together, the two are not only against the way of heaven, but also against the human relationship.

Although what these two words mean, Li Ji is just a vague impression.

Er Gouzi knows a little bit about it, thinking that Li Ji is afraid that others will steal it if they know it: "I know, let's close the door to eat good things, and close the door to make money if we make a fortune. Let's keep our little tail strong, just I'm not afraid that someone will come."

With good prey on the mountain, there will be other beasts to snatch it.

Li Ji didn't explain, and said to himself: "In fact, our place is very good. We can hear the movement first when people from the village come over. No one knows how we live here."

After a meal, the wine is almost drunk.

Li Ji was full and got off the table in no hurry. He held his chin and looked at Er Gouzi's wind and the remnant clouds, with a silly smile on his face.

On weekdays, they support each other and take care of each other. At night, there is a dim light from a small lamp, and the two sit together to enjoy the delicious food.

Li Ji only felt that living a life like this would make him willing to go without him in the next second.

Of course Er Gouzi noticed Li Ji's gaze, and was used to it. Li Ji likes to watch Er Gouzi eating, so Er Gouzi let him see enough.

"Do you know what I'm thinking?" Li Ji asked suddenly.

"I don't know." Er Gouzi shook his head.

"You are so good-looking, heroic, and good-physical. It's no wonder that I almost can't hold back when you talk about so many relatives." Li Ji smiled.

Er Gouzi became stiff, and shook his head heavily and said, "I'm not getting married, I'll only be with you."

"I didn't mean that." Li Ji knew that he had misunderstood and smiled: "I mean, what kind of person would you be if you can give birth to you with Sister Yan."

Li Ji's impression of Li Yan is very vague, but when I was young, the villagers said that Li Yan was a good-looking person in the village. Although she can't be said to be a flower, she is also a rare girl.

That year, her father told him about his family, she didn't look at him, kicked twenty copper plates in her pocket and ran into the city. It's always been a man's house going around everywhere, so Li Yan has been told by the village just because of this.

Later, Li Yan came back with a big belly, not to mention whether she was pregnant before she was unmarried. Even if she was married, it would be a great sin not to tell her parents. Marriage is the words of a matchmaker at the order of his parents. Li Yan married without telling him, which is the heaviest of the three unfilial piety, the crime of no success.

It's unclear what happened back then. The village occasionally mentioned two sentences, which are also used to educate the girls at home to take her as a precept to pay attention to fame.

But what Li Ji is thinking now is what kind of man it will be that a girl's family would rather bear a lot of infamy and have a secret knot with him. After returning to the village, it is clearly embarrassed on all sides. If you can have a place at home when you lose your baby, why do you stubbornly prefer to dig a hole in the mountain and have a child to raise it.

Motherhood occupies one of them, and the remaining part must be related to the man who made her love each other.

Er Gouzi doesn't have the concept of a father. When he was a child, he had only a mother.

So what Li Ji said, Er Gouzi didn't know how to answer.

Li Ji thought about it so wildly for a while, and suddenly he had an absurd idea.

"Er Gouzi, what if your father is still alive and he finds you and wants to take you away?"

Asking Er Gouzi for this is no different from Baiwen, because Er Gouzi received different education, and most people emphasize filial piety. Even if they have never met their biological parents since birth, if they want to meet one day, they should be a hundred elders. Obedience, filial piety is a plus.

But the Er Gouzi are different, he thought about it, and only said: "I don't know him."

"But he is your father, the person who gave you life. He and your mother have you."

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji and said, "But I don't know him, I only know you."

This is simple and profound.

So Li Ji stopped asking. In fact, Li Ji himself felt that he was hypocritical. This kind of thing is still unpredictable. Let's not say whether his father is really willing to find him. Otherwise, if he hasn't even believed in him for 18 years, he's really looking for him. Li Ji can let others easily find him. Take it away?

"Look at what I asked, I won't ask again." Li Ji drank the last sip of the wine, and Jiu Jin began to take it up, "The more I have a good life, the more I like random thinking. In fact, I am Li Ji Hode. How can you be with you. You are so good, you can hunt, you are strong, bold, careful and not bad-hearted. You are worthy of all kinds of people."

So Li Ji thought about it more than once. If the relationship between the two were discovered one day, Li Ji would never let Er Gouzi be criticized by others.

On that day, Li Ji carried everything down alone, and left and right Er Gouzi was immature. Li Ji said that when he was greedy for Er Gouzi, he could make money, so if he abducted Er Gouzi by himself, others would believe it.

At that time, Li Ji took everything down, and Er Gouzi was still the treasure of everyone in the village.

Every day he gets along with Er Gouzi is satisfied. I have enjoyed the good days of my life, and I have married a perfect "daughter-in-law" like Er Gouzi, and I will have no regrets in this life.

"You are better than me." Er Gouzi put down his chopsticks and reached out to hug Li Ji, "You are better than anyone else."

Er Gouzi is innocent, and the love words spoken out are more touching.

Li Ji knew that he had fallen on Er Gouzi in his life.

"I'm really good at being obedient." Li Ji smiled with moist eyes, "Okay, after eating, we picked up the table and we slept in the shop. I haven't drunk for a long time, so it's ridiculous to drink it all at once."

The moist corners of his eyes added a touch of charm to such a smile, and Er Gouzi just took a look and couldn't bear to move it away.

Er Gouzi: "I'm full. Can I not pick up the table?"

Li Ji: "Why?"

Er Gouzi: "I want it now."

Therefore, a pure child speaks more straightforwardly. 

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