Er Gouzi shook his head: "No, if you cannibals, you won't let go of things."

Er Gouzi just doesn't understand common sense, it doesn't mean that he is really stupid. And hunting also depends on the brain. Er Gouzi made sense. Li Ji was sleepy and began to talk to Er Gouzi about other distractions. At this time, Er Gouzi suddenly reached out and blocked Li Ji's mouth.

Before Li Ji could react, he heard Er Gouzi whispered: "Here."

Then Er Gouzi put on his shoes softly and stood at the door of the outbuilding, listening to the door with his ears close to the door.

The little tail seemed to hum twice, but he dared not scream out, and his voice was very low. No wonder even the alert Er Gouzi couldn't wake up with such a sound.

Er Gouzi judged, suddenly opened the door and rushed out.

Li Ji hurriedly dig out the fire and light up the fuel lamp and followed out.

When Li Ji reached the gate, Er Gouzi had already pushed the hapless egg on the ground.

When Li Ji came closer, he was stunned. The Li Ji who was struggling on the ground knew it was the mountain wolf who was bound by two sides.

And there was a dead yellow leather next to the wolf, which was obviously today's "gift".

"Er Gouzi, be lighter, it should not be healed, don't break it again." Li Ji couldn't laugh or cry. Er Gouzi let go of his hand when he heard Li Ji's words, and the wolf broke free and ran away for a long time. .

After running a few feet away, it looked back. Li Ji couldn't see his expression at too far away. He could only see the shadow. The wolf eyes reflected the light of the oil lamp and looked scary.

Li Ji knelt down to pick up the dead yellow leather and smiled at the wolf: "Thank you, but don't send it here in the future. If you are seen by the villagers, you will definitely be killed."

Of course the wolf didn't understand this. Seeing Li Ji picked up the yellow leather, it turned and jumped and disappeared.

Li Ji turned to look at Er Gouzi and smiled helplessly: "It is said that this animal is human. I gave him some medicine a few days ago and he started to deliver things to our family."

This is at least better than some people. The medicine was also given. The wolf didn't know the value of the medicine. He only knew that he was saved and sent prey every night. On the other side, Gao Lihu's family hadn't heard a word of thanks now. Of course, the possibility of his family's shamelessness cannot be ruled out.

"The leather has been bitten." Er Gouzi said only.

Li Ji likes leather and complete leather, so Er Gouzi will try his best to satisfy this every time he hunts. When I first met Li Ji, Li Ji lost his temper over a yellow leather. Er Gouzi remembered clearly that this leather was broken, and he was afraid that Li Ji would be unhappy.

Where does Li Ji know the twists and turns in Er Gouzi's belly? I just thought Er Gouzi really cares about Pizi.

"It's okay. It's good for us to keep it for ourselves, but we can't always take other people's things for nothing, just leave the skins behind. Let's stew the meat and send it to the mountains. If he comes here every day, he will definitely be able to eat it."

Although Li Ji was afraid, the wolf repaying his favor gave Li Ji a different experience. He suddenly looked forward to getting along with the wolf. In fact, it would be nice to make friends with wolves in this way.

At the beginning, the wolf saved his life, and then he saved the wolf again. This fate is not among many people.

What Li Ji said, Er Gouzi would never have any other thoughts. First, he plucked the yellow skin and put it in a cool place. The two of them lay on the kang and slept. The next morning they got up and cooked the pig food. Brush the pot and stew the yellow skin. When the food is ready for the two of you, it is almost ready to be simmered here.

Find a small pot that you don't usually need to put the meat on, walk up the mountain, and after two quarters of an hour, see a stone in the bushes on the side of the road, and put the meat pot on it.

The two went home and waited tomorrow to see if they had eaten the meat. If they did, they would do the same if they were brought over in the future.

It's not too much trouble, after all, the Pi Li Ji sent here is kept.

The weather is getting colder and this year is dry. At this time, all the food is harvested. People in the village have a rare leisure time. At this time, people in the village found that the stream was getting smaller and smaller with water.

Every family is holding water tightly, and seeing the stream getting smaller and smaller, they feel more and more disturbed.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi are carrying water upstream, and they have also noticed this. Li Ji went back to the village to inquire, and some people asked the old man of the Li family.

The words from the old lady of the Li family are that this stream has never been cut off from generation to generation.

Small villages in the village have been the source for a few lifetimes. Back then, it was to flee from drought and famine to reach this barren land. Because the surrounding area was dry, only one stream continued to flow through the years, so they all settled down by the stream. For hundreds of years, there has been no severe drought. It can be said that the village is counting on this stream to survive.

If the stream really ceases to flow one day, the people in the village may have to leave their homes to find a place where they can dig wells.

This stream is getting smaller and smaller. Now it's like a basin splashing. It takes half a day to fetch water, half scoop and half scoop, and put it in a bucket. In the past, you used to throw the bucket in and bring up a bucket of water. Now the village can't wait to block the water source without any drop of water flowing out.

Although there is this idea, no one is wicked enough. There must be someone in the downstream who is pointing to this stream to survive. This is the case in the villages where the water enters from the mountain. The downstream people must be more short of water.

If you can't break the way downstream, you can only look for it upstream. If you look up in the upper reaches, you must go deep into the mountains. The ancestors are in danger of not going into the mountains because of the legacy of the legacy. Can you not figure out the situation and draught?

Li Ji just went to the village to inquire, and was held by the village chief to see if he could persuade Er Gouzi to take two people up the mountain for a look. If it is too burdensome, Er Gouzi will go alone, just because he is afraid of Er Gouzi. Can't understand what's going on.

There are two sturdy men in the village, but they are definitely not as easy as Er Gouzi in the mountains. It would be hard to say in case of any accident.

Li Ji was not easy to make a decision, so he went home and asked Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi shook his head as soon as he heard it.

"The prey likes to drink by the water, and the powerful beasts hunt by the water. Walking by the water will encounter many and it is very dangerous."

It is Er Gouzi, who dare not stay by the water for a long time in the deep mountains, because there is no guarantee that the beast will take advantage of the skill of the gods to come up and kill you.

If the mountains are not deep enough, you can only take a look at the nearby mountains. But no matter how you look at the nearby mountains, all the water flows on the mountains are almost the same.

To say that the water problem is still at the source, but no one except Er Gouzi can enter the mountain, and Er Gouzi dare not go in.

What to do has become a big problem.

Since we can't figure out the reason, we can only store as much water as possible right now. Li Ji's first three large tanks, one and two, were all full, and carrying buckets to fill up all the containers that could be used at home, Li Ji also felt the tense atmosphere in the village.

I heard the old lady say that such a situation had never happened in previous years, what could be the matter?

Confused all night, got up the next morning and looked at the door. There were two more rabbits. Li Ji thought to himself that wolves are very powerful, and they can catch prey every day.

Li Ji went straight up the mountain to take a look. The meat in the place where the food was placed yesterday was gone, and the small pot was still intact.

It seems that when the wolves descended the mountain, they were all eaten.

Unspeakable satisfaction, Li Ji went home and stewed the two rabbits before sending them to the mountain.

If you have a small amount of damaged leather at home, if you sell it, the price is only half the price of the whole leather. It is not as good as keeping it at home. I made a few pairs of insoles and put together the rest to make a cushion or something.

Taking prey at the door in the morning, stewing it, and sending it to the mountain, it lasted for a few days.

Only a few days later, the stream completely stopped flowing.

Although the weather is getting colder, there is no autumn rain now. This winter seems to be a few days away, how can people live without water?

Now that every family is not short of water, they are already worried, and some sentimental ones begin to wipe their tears, thinking about what to do when the water is finished and it's snowing, whether to go to relatives or just move out of here. .

Li Ji's family is temporarily the one who is not short of water. If the water in the house is only used for daily cooking and drinking, one or two months will be no problem, and it will be able to survive if you save a little in three months. It must be winter at that time.

It's just that there is no autumn rain now, can it really snow in winter?

Li Ji, who was thinking about the long-term, also began to worry about it.

It is the village chief who is most worried about this kind of thing. You can't let the people in the village die of thirst. The remote villages are a bit remote and far away from other villages.

Even so, the dumb method should be used.

Don't you dare to go up the mountain, or go to other villages with wells to borrow water? Not to mention borrowing water, just buying water as long as the problem of draft is solved.

Finally, I talked to a village ten miles away. I would go there to fetch water in two or three days, and only charge three cents for a car.

Wooden carts cannot be equipped with water tanks, and the water tanks are too heavy. You can only use buckets. However, if the buckets are staggered and stacked together, they can also hold a lot of water. The three cents are not much. You can buy a penny from house to house for a long time. water.

It's okay to transport the water back to a family with half a bucket and use it tightly for two or three days.

Li Ji's family is also included, and he also paid for the water every day.

The original stream water in the village was spring water from the mountains. It tasted sweet. It tasted good when drinking snow melted water in winter. Some people had never drunk well water since they were young, and they were not used to drinking it when they first drank it.

But I'm not used to drinking it and I don't have any other water to use.

Li Ji's family raises a lot of open-mouth beasts. Cows and pigs consume water. Three and a half buckets of water are definitely not enough. In the end, Li Ji's family simply staggered with others and didn't use the water bought together in the village. Time to buy it once. Because there are only five or six barrels in total, people only charge one copper plate when they buy water, so that counts what Li Ji can afford.

There is one household in the village who is not short of water. It is the owner of the Chai pond who opened a fish pond. However, there are fish in the fish pond, so the water is tight, and the water needs to be changed when raising fish. For this he was also worried.

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