When he arrived home to unload the food, the family puppy ran over to greet him, Li Ji hid behind, and Er Gouzi went straight to pick up the puppy, and looked at Li Ji's appearance and said with a smile: "It doesn't bite. people."

"I know." Li Ji instructed the guys to stack up all the things planned in advance according to the plan. After the guys were sent away, they followed Er Gouzi to feed the family animals.

There are only two people in the family, and they have to go together to enter the city. I used to be so poor that I didn't have anything, so I'm not in a hurry, but now it's unrealistic to walk around for a day, even if the people in the village are not eager, if someone from outside comes over. It is inevitable to have a bad heart.

But the dog raised at home is too young. It's okay to hear him call twice when people are at home. It's not enough to be a bite of meat for people to prevent thieves.

"Er Gouzi, can you remember where to buy everything in the city?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi nodded: "I can remember clearly, what's the matter?"

"You said that there are so many things in our house that we can't leave people. Next time, let's keep a personal housekeeper. Go alone. Let's discuss what to buy in advance. Every time we go, we will let the grain and oil store send us back. I'm not afraid that I won't be able to get back many things."

The expression on Er Gouzi's face seemed reluctant, and he reluctantly nodded, agreeing with Li Ji's statement.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and rubbed Er Gouzi's head: "Some things have to be guarded against. When you are on the mountain, if you have a lot of meat and other beasts, will you snatch it? For the same reason, we have so many things in the house, and it hurts to lose anything. Either you can raise a few more wolfhounds in the future, or you can hire someone to help you with more money."

The balcony in the room where the two of them slept was deliberately made big. At this time, the vegetables in the garden are all down, and they can't grow anything. So I just get soil and plant them on the balcony. The window paper is specially selected for light transmission. Now the seeds have just been planted. Hasn't grown out yet.

Er Gouzi still does the work of sprinkling water. Er Gouzi has been able to grow vegetables proficiently this year. The vegetables grown in the yard this year are thicker than those of others. It can be seen that Er Gouzi Zi is talented in farming.

"What do you want to eat tonight?" Li Ji asked Er Gouzi without looking back, filling the rice.

Er Gouzi, who is interacting with the puppy, think about it: "Eat fish."

"You stew?" Stewed fish Er Gouzi is even better.

Er Gouzi: "Yeah."

"I'm a bit craving for tofu mixed with shallots, remind me to order tomorrow morning, get up early to change tofu." Li Ji put firewood into the stove and watched the flames raging, with a smile on his face unknowingly.

Er Gouzi remembered very clearly: "Yeah." Regarding Li Ji, Er Gouzi can remember everything very clearly.

The stewed fish added a lot of basil, and this year I specially collected more basil, all of which were dried and installed.

The next morning, Er Gouzi didn't want to call Li Ji when he got up. He took a few copper plates to the village to buy tofu from someone who bought tofu. As a result, I was taken aback at the door, and there were two dead mice at the door.

Er Gouzi was unknown, so he picked it up and threw it away.

When Li Ji woke up, Er Gouzi had already returned, cooked porridge and mixed side dishes, just waiting for Li Ji to get up and make tofu mixed with shallots.

When Li Ji woke up, the Kang was warm, the air was filled with the aroma of rice porridge, and his heart was full at that moment.

Putting on his clothes and heading to the outhouse, Er Gouzi was adding fire to the stove. After adding the fire, he sat on the scrambled spoon and heated up the tea eggs that had been simmered for half the night. At this time, the tea eggs were full of flavor and the taste was just right.

Li Ji washed his face and mixed tofu with shallots. The puppy came over and rubbed his legs. Li Ji became stiff and did not refuse.

"Let's give him a name, what do you say?"

Where will Er Gouzi be named? Shaking his head: "I don't know."

Li Ji lowered his head, the puppy felt his gaze, and looked at it expectantly with his tail wagging.

"A crooked name is easy to feed, so it's called Little Tail."

When the porridge is cooked, mix a little bit of the broth prepared before and feed it to Little Tail, who is not picky at all. I heard that in his original house, the owner only gave him boiled bran, which was something to be eaten with some corn for pigs. Little Tail had never eaten any good things before, so he would eat his belly every time. Bulging.

This characteristic reminded Li Ji of the Er Gouzi he had just met. The Er Gouzi at that time were also like this. After a good meal, he was afraid that he would not be able to eat it later, so he would try to eliminate all visible food as much as possible.

Therefore, the little tail's eating is also controlled. According to people, the dog's appetite is the heaviest. If there is no restriction on eating, it can eat to death.

The coal in the coal kiln was almost burnt before, so we can open the kiln and let it go, and we can get the charcoal early in the morning.

When the coal kiln was opened, a family of five was busy, and it was from the Li family.

"Counting out, our village now counts the fourth uncle's good life." The daughter-in-law smiled at Li Ji.

I'm used to these words, and I don't have the joy at the beginning. Li Ji continued to busy with his work and said: "The blessed one is Er Gouzi, I just touched the light."

"That's not necessarily true. In the past, Er Gouzi had the same ability on the mountain, didn't he still endure hardship? Now the enjoyment is also because you met your fourth uncle." The wife went to the barrel she brought and drank with a scoop, "Zhao Qian Have you heard that Uncle Pearl is back again?"

Li Ji shook his head. Since living outside the village, Li Ji knows less about the village.

The daughter-in-law handed water to the men at home, and she said nonchalantly: "This time I still got the favor of the lady she was serving on to come back and have a look. This time I didn't get a silver, so I got back four roast ducks and half a piece of fabric. I also took a look. The fabric color is fresh. It was used by the little girl. The pearl said she was not willing to use it and took it back. Everyone knew it was for her sister jade."

Li Ji nodded, quite understandable. On the face of it, I didn't forget that I was sold and returned to my filial piety. In fact, he came back to retaliate and satirized her father with roast duck. Her sister was not favored at home, so she returned with fabrics to make good clothes for her.

Seeing her talking for a long time, Li Ji took a sentence to the face: "Then you said that half of the cloth would turn around and be sold by her father?"

The daughter-in-law thought about it, shook her head and said, "Not necessarily, Jade is not too young this year, and it will be time to find her husband's house in the next year or two. That half of the horse won't make her two larger clothes until she says kiss. Dressed just right, with two decent clothes, you can find a good person. I have heard that after the pearl has come out, Uncle Zhao Qian doesn't want to recruit extras. He wants to find a good person after the pearl follows the lady, or be After some noble person takes the house, he will find a good house for Jade. At that time Jade gave birth to a son and brought him back to support him."

"That's also their own calculation." Just to see if Pearl can calculate for them. Pearls have been sold for many years, and I don't know where they have been all these years. If they can become a maid beside Qian Jin, they are half of them, at least they are more calculable than Zhao Qian.

"That's right."

The temperature in the coal kiln is still very high, so we still have to let it go.

The next morning, Li Ji thought about Coal. He woke up earlier. As soon as he sat up, the Er Gouzi next to him sat up with him.

"I'll feed the animals and you will cook the food." Li Ji put on his clothes and went out. First, he opened the iron chain tied to the door. Through the door, he saw a rabbit lying outside that was bitten to death.

Li Ji opened the door and saw that the rabbit had obviously been bitten to death. It was already hard. It seemed that it had died last night.

Li Ji thought that his own rabbit was killed, and hurriedly went to the livestock pen to check the rabbits, but there was no shortage of them.

And last night I didn't hear the little tail exchange, this little dog is very in charge, usually outsiders call him when they approach him.

Strangely, a rabbit that was bitten to death was placed at the door, not knowing how it came.

"Er Gouzi? Er Gouzi! Come out and have a look."

Er Gouzi put down the half-washed rice in his hand and came out, walked to Li Ji and followed Li Ji's gaze to see the dead rabbit.

"Yesterday, it was a dead mouse, the same wound."

Er Gouzi is an expert in identifying bite marks, and he is basically right to say it.

"Hey, this is strange." Li Ji reached out and picked up the dead rabbit.

"The leather is torn. Let's put it together to make insoles. The meat will be simmered in a cattle pot and fed to the dog."

I don't know what it was killed by it, but it was obviously not killed by a snake. It should be non-venomous. Feeding the dog is no problem.

I went to collect all the coal that day. Today, the coal was burnt in two kilns. The warehouse could not fit in a space in the backyard to pile up. A layer of corn rods was covered on it to prevent the coal from being wetted by the rain.

This year's drought, there hasn't been much rain in total, but fortunately, the food harvest is not bad, and it will not be hungry. Maybe it was because it snowed a lot last year, otherwise, there will be a lot of production cuts this year.

Now I can only pray that the situation will be better in the coming year. If we do it again, the food produced will really only be enough for the family to barely feed, let alone earn extra copper.

The coal was piled up, and I went to the door early the next morning when I went to bed at night, and there was an extra dead yellow leather.

This is too evil, and Li Ji discussed with Er Gouzi and decided not to sleep that night to figure out what it was.

I've heard a lot of stories about demons and ghosts since I was a child, but Li Ji really didn't think it was going to be a ghostly thing.

And why did all these things come to his house? If something goes wrong, there must be a demon, and Li Ji must find out the truth.

The two of them did not sleep that night. They lay on the kang and chatted to relieve their boredom. Er Gouzi's five senses were very good, but he was a little worse when he fell asleep. When he was awake, he could feel any movement outside.

"What can you say? Why doesn't our little tail call Huan? Normally, Huan Huan is quite happy."

"Be afraid, don't dare to speak out when you are scared." Er Gouzi guessed.

"It's possible." Li Ji paused before saying, "Then you go and put on leather armor, maybe it's something coming down from the mountain."

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