Listening to the shopkeeper's open eyes and talking nonsense, Li Ji didn't break it either.

"You little business, I don't intend to embarrass you. You can make a price. If it is reasonable, I won't be embarrassed."

This is really embarrassing, the shopkeeper frowned and beat the drum, how much is the price appropriate? It's too high to make money, and there is no reason to make money at a loss, but it's less. Li Ji turned around and went to sell to the county magistrate. If he talks too much…

So it's better than Li Ji's offer for a happy one.

The shopkeeper couldn't tell, and Li Ji was about to pack his things. The shopkeeper hurriedly reached out and stopped Li Ji: "Master, what anxious, I am purely assessing the price, so be it, rabbit skin, I will give you five silver. What's up? It's too high. I can't afford it. Would you consider it?"

Gao Liehu gave four silver coins, which was already very high. Li Ji is not difficult for others, and immediately nodded: "The shopkeeper is a refreshing person, and I will send it here if I have leather. But it is rabbit leather, and you will not be able to accept valuable leather in the future. I just go to the county magistrate."

The shopkeeper once again realized the feeling of lifting a rock and hitting himself in the foot. What is the value of these rabbit skins, but it is also worth a small amount of money, the white fox skin on that skin is as big as twenty taels of silver?

What's wrong with this mouth? If you can speak well, how can you give away the big business in vain?

The skins were counted in person, the roe deer skins and deer skins were also given the price, and Li Ji's pockets were bulging again, all of which were heavy silver.

Twenty rabbit skins are ten taels of silver. The rabbits in the family are still breeding, and within a year, the family's silver will flow in like flowing water.

Even if Li Ji wanted to conceal it, he couldn't conceal his full face of joy. He used to let Gao Liehu buy rabbit skins and give Gao Liehu 20%. The two achievements are a penny. Quoting four coins is only three coins, and now there are two more coins!

How much more money has this earned!

Bulging out of the leather goods store, if it weren't for someone on the street, Li Ji really wanted to kiss Er Gouzi hard.

Although the rabbits were raised by two people, the rabbits were also caught by Er Gouzi.

"Go eat beef noodles?" Er Gouzi said with bright eyes.

"Look, if there is a better restaurant, let's eat better. Let's eat everything we haven't eaten before, so that we have money and eat more!"

Er Gouzi nodded vigorously, and the two of them went to another street with brilliant smiles. They bought some dim sum on the road and just saw a newly opened pub on the side of the street. The pub looked more magnificent than the one next to it, and its plaque was bigger. some.

Li Ji didn't recognize the above, but the smell of wine in the restaurant floated out so far, it was a good place to see it.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi looked at each other: "Let's go in and have a look?"

Er Gouzi nodded.

The two hillbillies went directly in to meet the world.

Upon entering the door, a guy greeted him and said with a smile on his face: "Master, you are here, do you want to stay in the shop? No matter what else in our shop, it must be the best one in our county, and you are satisfied."

The two are not short of silver, so they also have a few good clothes to wear. Just look at it like this, except for the lack of temperament, and look like a wealthy owner in terms of clothes.

Li Ji copied his hands and bowed his waist and looked around, and said, "Report everything you have that is delicious. The one with meat is the best. I… my brother can eat meat."

Just about to blurt out his big nephew, but thinking about the relationship between the two of them now, he said that it was his uncle and nephew, Li Ji, who was really afraid of thunder.

"Then, do you want a private room or do you like to find a place in this hall?" The guy said nicely. The private room is expensive. Most people are reluctant to spend their meals in the hall because the tables and chairs in the hall are all No charge.

I came here mainly for food, there is no need to spend that big sum of money, Li Ji said, "Just pick a quiet place here."

The guy led the Errendao corner to sit down and gave Li Ji the name of the dish, and Li Ji asked the price. After all, there are not many wealthy people in the remote areas of the county town. The prices are high and no one comes. Therefore, although the price of the food is more expensive than other restaurants, it is not too outrageous, and the two can afford it.

After ordering a large table of meat and wine, Er Gouzi looked dazed. On weekdays, there are a lot of two or three dishes at home. Even during the Chinese New Year, I did not eat all of the dishes on the table. Today is the big table. Is this Chinese New Year?

Li Ji saw Er Gouzi's thoughts and smiled: "Eat, eat more! We don't need money, if you like it, we will still eat here next time!"

Li Ji picked up a stuffed meatball and ate it in his mouth. He had never eaten such an exquisite and decent dish. He narrowed his eyes with enjoyment: "Expensive is a bit more expensive, but it is delicious, this taste is worth the price!"

Er Gouzi also took a meatball to eat, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

The price in the store is too high, and there is less business on weekdays. There are two or three tables of guests dining in the seating hall. When the guy is okay, he is standing leaning against the front desk, his eyes can't help but drift towards Li Ji.

Even if the two ordered so many dishes, it would be a waste to take them away.

Soon the guy stopped thinking that way, because the food on the dinner table was decreasing at a visible rate.

Needless to say Er Gouzi, this is the master of the reincarnation of gluttonous food. Li Ji was nineteen, and it was just when he could eat. They didn't even pick up their mouths. After a while, the food on the Kung Fu dinner table was lost by half. Li Ji was full and took a mouthful. Er Gouzi saw Li Ji pick up his chopsticks. Also put down the chopsticks.

Li Ji hiccuped and called a guy to calculate the account: "Take me all the leftovers and take away. You taste good. You can come back to you next time."

The meal was so delicious that there was no time to get a drink. Li Ji couldn't help but think that he would definitely try the wine here next time.

The duo sold the rice and ate it. It was still the morning, and there was no shortage of food beside the house. They also bought all the snacks they wanted to buy. They thought that there was a dog in the house, afraid that it would be lonely, so they went straight to the grain and oil store to buy it. Rice grains go straight home.

The two had just left the shop and walked out, and a man in his forties in the private room on the second floor of the restaurant was looking down attentively.

"My lord, what are you…" the man of about the same age next to the man asked.

"It's okay, maybe it's a mistake." The man sighed, "It's been more than a year, and there is no news at all, and I don't know if the person is still there."

"Of course the person you are looking for is lucky."

Li Ji and Er Gouzi are now typical walking Gods of Wealth, and everyone smiles at them wherever they go.

The folks at the grain and oil store were happier to see them than their relatives. They served tea and snacks, knowing that these two came to represent big business.

"It's better to follow the previous one this time. Let's see if there is anything new. I have to trouble you both to send us back."

"Look at what you said. We should send you home after you buy something. I will move it according to what you wanted last time. If you think about it, you want to have more points. It's all right. do."

Li Ji sniffed the fragrance of tea. After drinking tea for a year, he can tell how much tea he can tell, and he can smell good tea, and he feels better: "Look at, let's look at it. I don't want anything bad at my house."

Li Ji lowered his head to eat tea, suddenly his body agitated, and some tea spilled out and spilled on his clothes. Li Ji himself was taken aback. The guy was worried first.

"Oh! Lord, don't move." Come over and squat on the ground and use your sleeves to wipe the tea stains on Li Ji's body.

Li Ji had never been treated like this before, so startled, he hurriedly put the teacup down and stood up, saying, "It's okay, it's because I didn't hold it steady."

This kind of thing is actually quite normal. The big customer is the God of Wealth, which is the job. Generally, those who come out to work for others don't call for a bite to eat, and that is to serve the guests as masters.

Li Ji has always lived at the bottom. He grew up in poverty and doesn't know what it's like to be served by someone, so it's normal to be startled by a guy's actions.

The man also used his sleeve to dust the tea off Li Ji's body, and his mouth still didn't stop: "It must be that the tea is too hot, I blame me, this tea should be prepared for the master in advance, and it will not be so hot that the master will drink the tea and sprinkle it on the clothes."

Li Ji smiled in embarrassment, a little uneasy in his heart, and he was not sure, but said: "I think things have gone to my heart, how can I blame you, you are busy with you, I will go back after installing it."

Li Ji didn't understand what happened just now, and was attracted by the guy's actions again, and now Li Ji wanted to go back as soon as possible.

Somewhere along the street from the grain and oil store, a family-like person ran up to a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was not a neighbor, officially the official in charge of purchasing that Li Ji met last time.

"Master! I seem to have seen the jade pendant painted by the master today. It was carried by a very strong man. I'm not sure. I came here to ask you."

"Ask me what I am doing, why don't you know how to stop people!" The buying butler knocked on the head of the house, "I was scolded last time and you forgot? You don't know if you can't miss it if you find it wrong! Go ahead! Call someone! Hurry up if you've seen it anywhere! If you can't find someone, just wait!"

The house Ding hurriedly searched for it, and finally the buying butler took a few people to the street where he said he saw people, where was there a shadow? I took passers-by and asked no one to pay attention, so I simply looked for shops from shop to shop, and found a lot of people in the street.

I've been busy for a long time and haven't gained anything. When I go inside, I'm almost out of the street. The family members are tired. At first, the one who saw people gasped and said, "Maybe I've misunderstood, even if I saw it at that time, People are leaving early now. It's my fault. Should I accompany you, or come here first?"

The buying butler looked up and saw that there was a grain and oil store in front of him, and several people at the door of the store were busy moving grains to the donkey cart.

It's all this time, as Jia Ding said, people have really come here and have gone, so if you look for it any more, I'm afraid it will delay other things.

The buying butler nodded: "Forget it, it just won't have that life, don't tell the master about this matter today."

As soon as the group of people turned their heads, Li Ji and Er Gouzi came out of the grain and oil store, talking and laughing while sitting on the cushioned donkey cart. The driver waved his whip and the donkey cart ran towards the way home. 

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