"What's this?" Gao Lihu's wife asked.

"Heal, I bought this from the established drugstore." After Li Ji finished speaking, he felt his stomach gurgling. At first he thought he was hungry, and then he felt that his intestines moved with it. Soon, he couldn't stand the pain.

"Oh, you go first, I feel sick to make it easier." Li Ji quickly ran into the low woods.

Er Gouzi was afraid that he would be dangerous again, so he hurriedly followed. Li Ji turned his head and knocked on the crowd and didn't move. A little embarrassed, he walked a bit further, squatted down, and suddenly felt a lot better in his stomach.

Picking a few big leaves and wiping his buttocks, Li Ji stood up and suddenly heard a whining sound, which was not loud and sounded pitiful.

Li Ji followed the sound for two steps, pushed aside the tall weeds and looked at it. It was a wounded wolf licking the wound. Hearing the sound, he stood up straight and bared his teeth and looked at them.

The fiercest time for beasts is when they are injured. Because at this time, if they are weaker, they will be eaten by other beasts immediately.

Li Ji looked at the wolf a little familiar, and looked like the one who saved him that day.

There were two arrows next to the wolf. It seemed that the wolf escaped here after hitting the arrow and pulled the arrow out with his mouth. At this time, the wound was still bleeding. Looking at the blood on the arrow, the wolf's injury was not light.

If it was by the side, even if the beast Li Ji had the courage to kill, he would immediately turn around and run, but the wolf in front of him rescued him, and with Er Gouzi by his side, Li Ji could raise his courage.

"This is called a wolf. Last time I saved me, Er Gouzi, how do you let him know that I won't harm him? I want to save him."

The wolf still looked at the two with a defensive expression.

Er Gouzi walked directly over: "I have seen it."

When Er Gouzi walked in, the wolf took two steps back, his arched body gradually collapsed, and he couldn't tell whether it was afraid or what. Er Gouzi walked fast and came to the wolf in a blink of an eye. The wolf simply lay on the ground and grunted aggrievedly.

"When?" Li Ji didn't expect Er Gouzi to have seen him.

"For a long time, he was very small, I remember his pattern." Er Gouzi's memory is very good, he said that he must have seen it.

Er Gouzi put one hand on the wolf's head, and the wolf just lay still. Li Ji took out the bottle of healing medicine left in his cuff and spilled it on the wound.

People in the village had already called them, Li Ji responded, seeing that the wound was full of medicine, put the small medicine bottle away, and took Er Gouzi back.

"I don't know what I ate wrong, it just hurts badly." Li Ji said weakly.

"Maybe it's because the wind is cold. It's been cold for the past two days. You wear so little to go up the mountain and let the wind blow your stomach. Just go back and drink some hot water."

Li Ji nodded, and the group descended the mountain mighty.

People have been found back, but this is enough for the village to talk about for a while. The villagers have never been to the deep mountains. Although they haven't seen any large beasts this time, they have actually seen roe deer and rabbits.

It's no wonder that Gao Liehu ventured in, so many old prey were caught and eaten for many days. It's just that Gao Liehu was injured not long ago. He should have been fine on the mountain before, so why did you go for two nights in the past two days? There was no prey around him when he was injured.

Even if the bow and arrow were not used well, I caught something after going up the mountain and digging a trap for two days.

After returning home, Xue Langzhong showed Gao Liehu. The wound was deep. Although it was not the key point, if it was a swelling (inflammation and pus), it would be fatal enough. However, Li Ji gave the medicine in time and the effect was excellent.

After using the medicine Xue Langzhong gave and changing the medicine in time, it will be better in a few days.

After the harvest, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the dog is about to be a yellow dog. Two or three months is the time to get away. The B*tch of the family gave birth to seven puppies, and one died and gave five. One was originally kept at home for eating dog meat. I heard that Li Ji was willing to buy it with ten copper plates. Without a word, people sent the dog over.

Although the dog is not big, Li Ji is scared enough, especially after seeing the wolf. Although Li Ji rescued the wolf that day, it doesn't mean that he is not afraid.

The newcomer was scared in the face of an unfamiliar environment, and would bark at night. Li Ji didn't dare to look at it. When he heard the barking loudly, he asked Er Gouzi to comfort him.

On weekdays, Er Gouzi is also the one who feeds the dogs. As time goes by, these two brothers are inseparable, and Li Ji watched them show their affection not far away.

During the day when the two of them went up the mountain to mow and cut wood, they let the dog watch the house. They would not open the yard door until they came back at night. If they were bored, they could go out for a stroll by themselves. The two chickens that were bitten to death by the yellow skin were fed to the dogs, and because of this they were greedy. They only gave rice and green vegetables.

There is no coal in the house, and it is about to enter the winter when I watched. I had to cut more branches to dry the grass before it snowed. Only in this way can we live more comfortably in winter.

The rabbits have laid three more nests. Now there are more than 30 big rabbits in the family. It is enough to kill one or two for Er Gouzi a day. If there are more rabbits, you will eat less, and more chickens will lay more eggs. Tian went to the village to sell eggs once, but now Tianliang chickens are running out of eggs, so Li Ji sells eggs very quickly. A lot of copper plates have also been saved.

I had a pile of leathers at home, and I couldn't get out after it snowed, so I had to sell them to the city before it snowed.

There are more skins than rabbit skins, because we eat more rabbit meat at home, and what is left is two deer skins and roe deer skins.

These things are priced according to the previous high-ranking hunters, and you can buy a few taels of silver. These are all the silver, and it is just right to buy some winter goods.

Two days in advance, the house was taken care of, the dog was put in the yard to watch the house, the barn door was locked, and Er Gouzi and Li Ji entered the city for the third time.

Because they lived outside the village, no one knew they were out when they left.

When I was in a hurry to eat in the city, I went to the leather store first. Although the housekeeper who bought the leather from the county magistrate said that he wanted leathers, they would definitely not be able to buy so many leathers. Moreover, although dealing with the official family is elegant, it sounds good to go out. . But Li Ji always believed in a word, there is no pie in the sky.

There are gains and losses, and you can't blindly want to take advantage.

The guy in the leather goods store looked at Li Ji and Er Gouzi familiarly, and after a while, he remembered that he had been there a few months ago.

As soon as he entered the room without waiting for a greeting, Li Ji first spoke: "Call your shopkeeper to come out."

The man called the shopkeeper, who was the shopkeeper. He opened the curtain and looked at the two of them for a moment. Last time they left, they prepared tea and snacks and waited for the Lord of Wealth to come back. As a result, they didn't leave. When he came back, the shopkeeper thought that the pawn shop had taken the wrong medicine and bought the fox skin for 20 taels of silver.

"Yeah, the two masters haven't come some days." The shopkeeper was a bit complicated, and he didn't know what to say.

These days were enough for him to regret, and he gave away the two Gods of Wealth within two taels of silver. This is a long-term money-giving living, so he has given it to others personally. Can he not regret it?

This time the two came back again, and the shopkeeper was not sure what Li Ji was thinking, so he was not too enthusiastic and did not dare to be indifferent.

Li Ji put the baggage on the table and sat down, Er Gouzi sat next to Li Ji.

"Take tea! Hurry up and pick it up and bring it up." The shopkeeper and the buddy ordered a few words, and then smiled to Li Ji, "The two masters are here to take care of the business of the small shop? Don't hide it. As for you two, last time you walked with the front foot and I regretted it on the back foot. After a long time out looking for people, I didn't see anyone. I regretted that I didn't close my eyes for a few days. The leather is indeed good material, and the 18 taels of silver are missing. ."

How can business people not be obedient? Li Jiren is not stupid either. Turning his mind, he smiled and said, "Do you know who we sold the leather to?"

The shopkeeper's heart is that of the pawnshop, and his face still shook his head pretending to be unaware.

Li Ji said with complacency on his face: "You didn't see us that day because we ran into a nobleman just when we left the door. To tell you the truth, it was the housekeeper from our county's grandfather's house, and she was worried about not having a good leather. Guess how much that leather sold?"

The shopkeeper's drooling: "How much?"

Li Ji stretched out two fingers: "Twenty-two taels of silver, and that master will give an extra one tael of silver to be counted as fixed silver, so that I can send it over there if I have leather. I didn't dare to ask for it. This is a great thing. I hold my hand and I am hot."

Li Ji opened the baggage on the table: "I am a muddy leg, I don't like to make good things, so I will try it on your side first. If the price you give is reasonable, I will sell it. If it is unreasonable, I will go to the master. Although it's a bit troublesome, there's no reason why you can't live with money."

Li Ji's words are ingenious, the shopkeeper's offer dare to be lower than the county magistrate? That is not to give the county magistrate face. In this small county town, the grandfather of Touxian is the sky. If you offend the sky, don't think about life better.

The shopkeeper looked at Li Ji's face and knew that Li Ji was telling the truth, and no one had the courage to use the county magistrate to pretend to be a face without reality.

If this matter is pressed by the county magistrate's mansion, the shopkeeper really can't keep the price too low.

The shopkeeper's gaze fell on the pile of leathers, and his eyes moved. Such leathers are valuable. If you buy them and send them to them, you won't lose money at a higher price.

The shopkeeper was calculating in his heart, but Li Ji didn't give him the time to calculate. Seeing that he didn't answer immediately, Li Ji began to pack his baggage and said: "Since the shopkeeper doesn't have this heart, we won't delay the time for the shopkeeper. Could you give it to me? Point out how to get to the county magistrate's mansion, or we can go out and hire a sedan chair."

When someone is leaving, how can the shopkeeper look at it? He stretched out his hand and stopped, and smiled politely: "Look at what you said, you are all serious and good leather, and the price is not fair. This leather is good, and we don't worry about it. Sell, you make a price, as long as the market price is not too high, I will accept all of these. The last time I gave it is low, because I am afraid that the white fox skin is too precious and I can't sell it in this small shop. Isn't it different?" 

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