Li Ji took a closer look, acquaintance, Gao Liehu and his wife.

Since the issue of the high Hunter earning the price difference, the high Hunter family has not raised their heads in the village. On weekdays, they are also very simple and peaceful. If it weren't for the visit today, Li Ji would have forgotten that there is still this number in the village.

"Don't worry, talk slowly about what's going on."

The wife of Gao Lie couldn't stop her tears, she cried and said, "Fourth Uncle, I know that the one in my family who has suffered a thousand swords can't hold you back, but life is dead! He said he is going to go hunting farther in the mountains." It's been two days since I made money! Normally, he came back on the same day, even if he stayed overnight, he could come back early on the second day. It was the third day and there was no letter at all! I beg you to let Er Gouzi go up the mountain to see Look, he often goes up the mountain and he can definitely find people!"

The wife of Gao Lie couldn't speak clearly in her crying voice. Li Ji managed to make it clear: "You mean your man went into the mountains? Didn't he know that there are beasts in the mountains, so he dare to go inside!"

Gao Lie's wife cried: "So he is a ghost! There have been fewer and fewer prey in the nearby mountains in the past two years. My family saw Er Gouzi with so many Hunter eyes every time he came back. Besides, it's not dangerous that Er Gouzi's prey is full of flesh. There must be no wickedness on the mountain as the old man said, so I didn't expect to come back for two days and two nights!"

Li Ji frowned and said: "Then the boss of the mountain people go in and look for them! You don't know how to stop them. If the mountain is really safe, our village won't be poor. It would be great to go hunting in the whole village."

Such a simple matter, how can Gao Liehu not understand as an Hunter?

"Fourth Uncle, you are right in everything, please let Er Gouzi go up the mountain! My son is still young, so he can't live without his father! How can we live without him!"

"Er Gouzi is mowing the grass in the mountains now. Besides, he can't find him alone. I lost a long time when I was looking for me. Er Gouzi looked for me day and night, not to mention you lost two. God, you go to the village chief now , call all the men in the village, and gather together and go up the mountain to find someone! If there are more people, even if there are beasts, I will go find Er Gouzi, hurry up!"

Gao Lie's wife had no idea at this time, and immediately ran out to find the village chief after hearing Li Ji's arrangement.

Although Gao Liehu is not welcome in the village, it is a villager. Most of the people in the village have some relatives, who have broken bones and tendons. If Gao Lie is thrown on the mountain, even if there is danger, the villagers will go to the mountain to find someone. .

When Gao Lie's wife left the yard, Li Ji first went back to the house to find out the medicine prepared before. This is a serious wound medicine bought in the previous process, specially bought for Er Gouzi, the price is quite expensive, last time Li Ji was injured and was not willing to use it, only used the crude medicine prescribed by Xue Langzhong.

If Gao Liehu died on the mountain, it would not be necessary, if it was in the hands of the mountain, these healing medicines would make him more likely to survive.

It's a human life after all.

There were six small bottles of healing medicine in delicate porcelain bottles. Li Ji grabbed two bottles and put them in his sleeves, then turned to look for Er Gouzi in the mountains.

Er Gouzi went up the mountain to mow the grass, and after walking not far, Li Ji came back and shouted at the mountain.

"What's the matter?" Er Gouzi ran back from a short distance, for fear that something would happen to Li Ji.

"Do you still remember the hunter with the surname Gao? He went into the mountain to hunt and went inside. He didn't see him back for two days. At this time, the village has begun to organize people. Later, you will go up the mountain to find people. You often go up the mountain and you are more familiar with the mountain. I won't be able to ask you to lead the way in a while." Li Ji said plainly.

Er Gouzi never had any other questions about what Li Ji said, and nodded and said, "I'll go back and wear leather armor."

At first, Er Gouzi was not used to wearing leather armor because it would restrict some movements, but it didn't take long for Er Gouzi to learn that the leather armor was good, and if he went up the mountain, he would take the initiative to wear it.

"Go, I'm waiting for you here."

Li Ji stood at the mountain pass and waited for Er Gouzi, and soon the men in the village walked out of the village entrance to this side.

The village chief came over and said, "Where is Er Gouzi?"

Li Ji said, "I went back to wear leather armor and came back soon. I have been to the deep mountains twice. The first time I followed Er Gouzi and didn't touch anything, the second time I bumped into a wolf. There are everything in the mountains, when I was looking for people. Let's try our best to be too separated. Two or three people should not be more than ten feet apart from each other, and shout one after another after a while, and if no one else finds it back, two will be lost."

"We all understand this. The main thing is that we don't know what's going on in the mountains. We don't know where Xiao Gao went there. If you get lost, you may get an accident. There are many men in our village, but where can I find them on such a big mountain? Ah." The village chief sighed.

As the village chief, he is responsible to everyone in the village. He needs to arrange for someone to find someone if he is missing, and at the same time ensure the safety of other people.

The men who came were all carrying guys in their hands, all kinds of sickles and hoes, and some carrying kitchen knives, and they looked quite imposing.

With so many people going up the mountain together, as long as they are not too scattered, ordinary beasts dare not approach. Of course, except for animals that live in groups like wild boars and are not afraid of death.

Li Ji was actually panicked when the village chief said so.

"Of course it's good to find it, and it's fate not to find it. If you can't go to the mountains because the ancestors left behind, how can we grow up in the village like Er Gouzi grow up in the mountains? He meets everything on the mountain. If you know how to hide, you can know what is coming by just listening to the wind and grass. Where can we go under the mountain know where to go."

The village chief is also worried: "No, if the other half-sized children in the village have the ability to go up to the mountains and make a fortune, they can understand why this little high ancestor Hunter is still so confused."

Gao Liehu said that he was a hunter, but he only knew how to get some small traps. If you shoot ten arrows with a bow, one or two can not be shot. Even if the ancestor is really capable, there is nothing left to pass to him.

Although you don't have great skills, hunting and farming to support your family are definitely enough, so why are you so greedy?

"Let's get people back first." Li Ji looked at home, just as Er Gouzi came over with a steel gun in leather armor.

Er Gouzi's high hair was tied in a bun by Li Jiwan and wrapped in a blue scarf. At this time, wearing leather armor and holding a steel gun, he looked quite imposing, and he attracted everyone's attention as soon as he came over.

"How to walk up the mountain, I will listen to you." Li Ji said.

Er Gouzi looked at the men. The young and strong men in the village were all here. It was a coincidence to look at a group of people.

"Don't be afraid, there are many people, and the animals in the mountains are afraid, so I just avoided it."

The beasts in the mountains are more afraid of danger than the people below them. In fact, they still run when they don't know them. They will only attack unless they are pressed into a hurry.

If it is a single person who has thin skin and tender meat, it may be treated as a ration by wild beasts, but there are so many people, even the lion and tiger will run as soon as they see it.

A group of people went up the mountain mightily, and two or three people went to look for them separately, the distance between each other was controlled where they could be seen, whether they shouted and listened to others' responses, made sure that others were safe and told others that they were safe at the same time.

In this way, until the afternoon, I entered the deep mountain smoothly.

There are no roads in the mountains, and every step needs to be carefully explored. Is there all kinds of strange sounds coming out of the mountains? The sun is mostly blocked by trees, and it looks terrifying.

Er Gouzi drove into the mountain and began to look around continuously. He had been on the mountain for so long and had honed a lot of skills in finding traces, which could determine whether he would be hungry.

He can distinguish the traces of many animals, including humans, of course.

Suddenly Er Gouzi saw something, and quickly walked two steps over, pointing to a low tree and saying: "He walked past here, it's not long."

Li Ji also took a look and understood what Er Gouzi meant. The leaves on one of the branches of the dwarf tree were all thrown off, and there were leaves scattered on the ground, a bit wilted, but not too much.

It was made by human beings to slap the leaves off, and there were some traces of shrubs being broken when I walked forward.

With clues here, I focused on the screaming. Whoever saw the clues immediately shouted out for Er Gouzi to see. After walking for a little while, I finally heard the faint groans and groans from the mountains. .

After hearing this, Gao Lie's wife burst into tears, and said hurriedly: "It's my son! It's him!"

After saying that Gao Lie's wife was hurried to run over, Er Gouzi reached out and pulled her back: "It smells of blood, don't move."

The smell of blood means that you are injured. Injured, even if it is scratched and bleeding, it may attract a beast. If it is injured by a beast, the beast may be nearby.

Gao Lie's wife's face turned pale in fright, Er Gouzi walked over slowly, and when he encountered a bush, she picked up and stepped on the tall tree trunk and jumped over. After entering, there were no beasts around, only Gao Lie lying. Writhing painfully in the pool of blood, the blood is still flowing from the wound, which looks like a fresh injury. Still holding a bow and arrow in his hand, his face was unwilling.

"Come here." Er Gouzi said to behind him.

The men in the village immediately rushed over. The wife of Gao Liehu almost fainted as he watched Gao Liehu in a pool of blood. Her legs and feet floated past and threw herself on Gao Liehu, crying, "You who have suffered a thousand stabs are the one who was heartbroken by the wolf! Good days, but what are you doing to die!"

Hearing the wolf, Gao Liehu's eyes moved and opened, and his unwilling voice was like a gossip: "I almost hit the wolf. The wolf skin is valuable and can sell a lot of money."

He meant that he was injured by a wolf, and it might be his first move.

Gao Liehu is here, the wolf must have run away early.

Someone came up with a wooden plank, and hurriedly lifted Gao Liehu on the plank. The injury on Gao Liehu's body was mainly the bite marks on his arm, and the rest were scratches that didn't get in the way. Li Ji took out a bottle of healing medicine from his sleeve and opened it and sprinkled the medicine on Hunter's wound. The wound soon stopped bleeding. 

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