Li Ji's injuries were not serious, mainly because he was frightened after being unstretched in the mountains, so he could get a good night's sleep. Although the wound on the body hurts, it does not affect the movement.

Er Gouzi has been injured many times, so he doesn't bother whether Li Ji stays on the ground or not. Er Gouzi has suffered a lot of more serious injuries. In his eyes, exercise after injury is a good thing. Being able to move means that he will not die.

Just like Li Ji said, Er Gouzi is a child who grew up in the mountains, and his perspective on things is different from that of normal people.

Er Gouzi went to mow the grass, and Li Ji took a rest to go to the ground to feed the chickens and rabbits. In the yard, a simple stove was built with bricks left over from building the house. On it was a large pot from Li Ji's old house, which is now used to cook pig food for the piglets.

When everything is mixed and cooked, the taste is not very good, but it is delicious for pigs.

Li Ji felt pain when he lifted the heavy object, but he gritted his teeth and passed.

As expected, the old lady never mentioned Er Gouzi's marriage again, let alone decides Er Gouzi's marriage directly.

I don't know what method Li Bao used. After all, such a big old birthday star has absolute capital to do whatever he wants. There is no difference between reasoning and unreasonable, and no one dares to violate it.

The newly raised batch of chicks have begun to lay eggs. Now there are 30 hens laying eggs. Although not all of them lay eggs every day, they could pick up more than 20 eggs that day, leaving them alone. Ten eggs, the rest can be saved.

So when he got to the market, Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to take care of the house, and he went to the village to sell eggs.

There are not as many chickens in the village as there are in the village. There are more people with small money in the village. They don't like chickens to mess up the yard. So there are eggs for sale, and there are two small rich men who sell eggs. Lavish.

Eggs are not sold out every time. Every day when the leftovers are sold, Li Ji cooks them for Er Gouzi. It happens that Er Gouzi likes to eat eggs, and he can eat as much as there are leftovers.

The number of rabbits has more than tripled after most half a year of breeding, and they have all risen. Li Ji picked some grown-up male rabbits and killed them and gave them to Er Gouzi.

There is a lot of living at home and there is no shortage of meat. In the next two months, Er Gouzi only entered the mountain once, and Li Ji also specifically asked him not to kill wolves. Li Ji is a wise man. He was rescued by a wolf on the mountain before. Although the thing looks like a dog, Li Ji is still grateful.

Of course, Er Gouzi listened to Li Ji's words. When he came back, Er Gouzi caught a roe deer, which shows that there are a lot of roe deer on the mountain. Moreover, many beasts in the deeper parts of the mountain have never seen anyone, and those born with a daze like a roe deer are the easiest to catch.

Even in the nearby mountains, you can occasionally see roe deer.

At this point, the two of them were able to handle the prey skillfully, and after they were done, they picked the best piece of meat and internal organs, and the rest were all flooded with salt and pepper.

Both cows and calves are milking, and they usually eat a lot. Although Li Ji wanted to drink milk, he could endure it when he looked at the young cowboy.

Left and right calves grow up very fast, and they are weaned after two or three months of milk.

The autumn harvest is the busiest time, and all the crops in the ground have to be recovered a little bit.

Er Gouzi is very active and likes to work very much. Er Gouzi's progress in a day's work is three or four times that of Li Ji's, but comparing the difference in appetite between the two, this result is very reasonable, and he eats a lot more.

It took a few days to collect all the things in the ground. This year's corn planted a little less, basically prepared for livestock. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are more common. Sweet potato seedlings are good things for feeding pigs. Tianzhu looked fat after eating sweet potato seedlings.

In the yard, a pigsty was built again. Five compartments are used to prevent pigs from fighting and being separated when they grow up. If the pigsty is covered, it means that more pigs will be raised every year in the future. Otherwise, the compartments of the pigsty are not available. Big, it is suitable for raising pigs.

A detachable chimney duct was made for the stove for pig food, and a wall of the pigpen was turned into a hollow fire wall with chimney. When it is cold in winter, put the flue duct up, and the heat will enter the fire wall along the flue duct to burn the fire wall, so that the pigsty can drink warmly, so that you will not be afraid of the pigs falling off the scale in winter.

Er Gouzi takes care of pigs more than Li Ji. He likes to eat pork, so he feeds it very often. It is estimated that he has seen what pigs will look like when they are on the dinner table.

Selling eggs still made some copper. Although not much, the daily expenses such as buying snacks are enough. Li Ji is also keen on selling eggs. This is when his value is reflected the most.

And one night, Er Gouzi suddenly jumped out of the bed. A sudden cold on his body woke Li Ji.

"What's wrong?" Li Ji asked dazedly before he was fully awake.

"I'll go out and have a look." Er Gouzi put on his shoes and ran out directly. Li Ji was taken aback by Er Gouzi's appearance and hurriedly sat up and put on his clothes and went out.

As soon as I left the house, I heard a crowing of chickens. The sound was very messy, and I looked frightened.

Li Ji went back to the house to light an oil lamp and went out into the cattle pen. Er Gouzi stood in the chicken pen and carried something in his hands. Li Ji walked in and saw that it was a yellow leather.

No wonder the cock crows so badly. This thing is dedicated to eating chickens: "Stroke to death and peel the skin, this thing is valuable."

Although the yellow leather is unattractive and will be retaliated if killed, Li Ji doesn't shy away from it, and the yellow leather is valuable, and a whole piece of leather can be exchanged for a lot of silver.

Er Gouzi was strangled to death. Li Ji used a lamp to look at the situation in several houses. He was killed by two chickens, both of which were laying hens.

This is maddening Li Ji, and I don't know how many coppers I can earn with a chicken all over the world, just like that.

The dead chicken came out to pick it up in the corner and slapped Li Ji distressedly. Fortunately, there are Er Gouzi, if it weren't for Er Gouzi's ears, I don't know how many chickens would be lost.

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to throw the yellow skin into the outhouse first, and wash his hands on the kang to go to bed tomorrow. Li Jiman was thinking about the two poor hens while lying on the kang.

"Do you want to raise Er Gouzi?" It's not difficult to get two puppies from the village. The key is that Li Ji is afraid of dogs. Otherwise, there are so many animals in the family, and if you are not afraid of thieves, you will have a dog.

Er Gouzi had good ears and was quick to move, but he only discovered it after causing riots. It is so good to keep a dog and bark when something is close to him.

"Dog? Me?" Er Gouzi asked puzzledly.

Li Ji almost laughed and explained with a twitching face: "You are a human being, and a dog is a guardian. It's not the same. My mother calls you Er Gouzi because you have a crooked name to feed, and it has nothing to do with it."

"Oh." Er Gouzi seemed to understand, "raise if you want. Can you eat it?"

"Eat? Goodbye." Er Gouzi feels obediently eating dog meat, and the dog is usually used to visit the nursing home, "It is to help us look after the house, and put him in the animal pen when we sleep at night, no matter what Was it a thief or something beside him, he went up and bit them and drove them away. It's a bit like a wolf. You know a wolf, right?"

Er Gouzi hesitated. I must have seen it, but I don't know what a wolf is.

"do not know."

"Forget it." Li Ji didn't explain, "Let's keep it, but I'm afraid of a dog. After raising a dog, can you feed it? What kind of dog you eat is especially easy to feed."

Li Ji patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder: "Go to sleep, I'll go to find out who has a dog to give it away tomorrow."

Li Ji closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep. Er Gouzi listened to Li Ji's breathing, and he just ran out to catch the yellow leather, which made him feel sleepy. Listening to Li Ji's breathing, he couldn't help but feel hot.

In fact, the two of them had made each other a few times.

For this kind of thing, both of them are out of a hazy state. Er Gouzi has heard Li Shuisheng talk about it. Although he hasn't practiced it, he has some concepts. Li Ji is the type who knows a little, but this is enough for him to retreat.

So even if Er Gouzi wanted to go further, Li Ji refused.

As soon as Li Ji was about to fall asleep, he felt that he was walking up and down with an dishonest hand. Li Ji grabbed Er Gouzi's hand and muttered: "Sleep."

Er Gouzi got closer and took Li Ji into his arms: "Just a moment, okay?"

Li Ji turned his back to Er Gouzi without speaking, and Er Gouzi greeted the little brother directly.

Early the next morning, Li Ji watched the two bitten hens get angry. How are these two hens neat? have eaten? But I heard that chickens killed by yellow skin cannot be eaten, and they are easy to get sick. It is a pity not to eat so much meat from two fat chickens.

After thinking about it for a while, I can't make a decision, so I just go to find out if someone else's dog is no longer needed. The dog should not be afraid of this, so I can bring a dog back to feed the dog.

Under the tree at the entrance of the village is the place where people like to gather when there is nothing to do. Because of the shade of the trees, I can see far away from the higher ground, and it is also very close to my current home.

"Do you know who has a puppy to deliver? My family came to Huangpizi last night and killed two chickens. I want to keep Er Gouzi and watch."

Someone laughed and said: "What did you remember this day? You should have raised a dog long ago. You have so many livestock."

"Isn't I afraid of dogs? I wouldn't be willing to raise a dog unless I was forced to hire it." Li Ji said honestly, "Don't be too big, two or three months is best. It's easy to raise a dog of this size. It's easy to feed to death."

A man on one side said: "My daughter-in-law seems to have her sister's house. She has been off for a few months, and I don't know if there is any left. If you really want me to ask you about it?"

"Then I'll trouble you, I'll exchange eggs with you when I'm waiting for the dog." After talking to him, Li Ji went back.

Pluck the feathers of the two hens, tidy them up, chop them into pieces, put a little bit of salt, and wait for the dogs to come.

As soon as it was pickled here, I heard a female voice crying and running in, and came in and knelt down directly for Li Ji: "Fourth Uncle, please save my family's mouth, only you and Er Gouzi can save it." 

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