After Er Gouzi finished eating and cleaned up the kang, Er Gouzi laid a quilt and lay with Li Ji.

Blowing the lamp, Li Ji took advantage of Er Gouzi to look down on him, blushing and opened the quilt: "Come in."

Although Er Gouzi couldn't see, he could hear Li Ji's quilt, and he was taken aback.

"Sleep together?" Er Gouzi asked.

"Didn't you say that I was afraid that I would have a fever?" Li Ji turned away, "You can feel it if I lie down together if I have a fever."

"Oh." Er Gouzi moved into Li Ji's bed, afraid of touching Li Ji's wound, so he didn't get too close, but at such a distance, he could still clearly feel the other's body temperature.

Er Gouzi's thoughts were a little charming, but he didn't dare to cross Lei Chi for half a step.

Li Ji could clearly feel the heavy breathing of Er Gouzi, just lying on a bed, and a little distance away, could make Er Gouzi like this. This made Li Ji, who knows a little bit, warm in his heart.

Li Ji reached out and patted Er Gouzi's chest: "Come here."

Er Gouzi didn't know, so he got up and approached.

Li Ji pulled Er Gouzi by the neck, groping to kiss Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi became stiff, he took advantage of several times, and Li Ji took the initiative to kiss him several times, but that was all when Li Ji was drunk and unconscious.

The first kiss when they were sober was yesterday morning. This is the first time Li Ji took the initiative to kiss when he was sober.

Li Ji fumbled for Er Gouzi's lips, and kissed him quickly: "Go to sleep."

He let go of his hand, and closed his eyes comfortably. Er Gouzi stiffened for a while, lying down where he was, and somewhere in his lower body was refreshed.

Li Ji still has injuries, and Er Gouzi dare not mess around. Close your eyes and try to ignore this intolerance.

Wordless all night, Li Jiyi slept for two consecutive nights and got refreshed in the morning, and the wounds on his body didn't hurt so much.

Li Ji is the elder in the village. He was found after being injured in the mountain for one day and one night. The villagers came to visit with things.

Li Ji leaned on a pillow and leaned against the wall of fire to send a wave of people away, and they all came in groups, drinking tea together and leaving together.

Because of Li Ji's incident, the original old man arranged for the girl to meet Er Gouzi and shelved it.

No one would come for lunch. Li Ji had finished his meal, and someone came in the afternoon. When they left, he would take a person to ask him to do something and call the grandson of the old man.

It was just a matter of running errands, and the little grandson called after a while.

This person's name is Li Bao. Hearing his name, he knows he is a dear. The youngest of the seven or eight grandchildren of the grandfather is the one who hurts the most, and now the grandfather is also raised in his family. His father is gone. He married a wife and gave birth to two boys a few years ago. It can be said that he is the most blessed person in the village.

This kid is also a shrewd person. He was a savvy ghost and spirit when he was a child, and he is even more wise when he grows up. He believed in the saying that there is a treasure in a family, and he takes care of the old lady with all his heart. No one thought that the old lady was still holding some silver in his hand, and he gave Li Bao the two of them for three days, and none of the other grandchildren, so Li Bao was also the best of his brothers.

It was because he was smart that Li Ji called him over.

When Li Bao came over, I didn't know why Li Ji called him over. Could it be that he was anxious to see Er Gouzi's introduction?

With this thought in mind, Li Bao first laughed and shouted his uncle when he entered the house.

Li Ji smiled and let him sit down, let Er Gouzi make tea, and said to Er Gouzi: "This is your Bao brother. I forgot to introduce it to you the day before yesterday. It is the grandson and grandson."

Er Gouzi nodded to Li Bao and said nothing.

Li Bao was really unfamiliar with Er Gouzi, and looked at Er Gouzi's indifferent appearance and didn't care too much.

Li Ji let the two people know each other officially, and then said: "You have also seen that Er Gouzi is not willing to talk to anyone except me. In fact, he is not to blame. He grew up in the mountains, where there are beasts and beasts. Any animal that comes close, either hunted or prey, can't be treated well. This is the habit of smashing the bones, otherwise it's impossible to be by my side for more than half a year. It's still like this."

Li Bao understood a little bit: "Fourth Uncle, do you mean that you have to put aside the pro-related matters?"

Li Ji sighed and said: "Just let it go and it may not be able to solve it. I know what the village says about me, saying that I am greedy for the money earned by Er Gouzi, so I hold on to him and hold on to it, and I will not let him marry a wife. Yes. No? But the people in the village have seen it too. In the past six months, I have taken Er Gouzi less often? Fewer entertainers? Er Gouzi basically knows more than half of the human beings, but still doesn't talk to others much."

Li Bao comforted: "Maybe he is still young, I haven't seen so many people hiding."

"No matter where you are, you are all nineteen. As the old saying goes, people who grew up in the mountains are different from us. What we tell you by playing with your ears is the inheritance. Those who don't have a daughter-in-law are incapable. We all say I am proud to find my wife, but Er Gouzi is different. Others are alone, although I don't know why they kissed me, but I haven't seen the second person who can talk to Er Gouzi for more than half a year."

Li Ji said something, took the tea from Er Gouzi, and continued: "He doesn't know what it means to marry a wife, and he doesn't like anyone approaching him. The old lady came to say kisses in person, you think I never said it. The girl from the Shuisheng brother's family, Qiao'er and so handsome, came here a couple of days ago. She is an acquaintance, and I didn't see Er Gouzi take a look. I told him too much, and almost didn't say he was anxious. Tell me directly that you are forcing him to go back to the mountain! What more do you think I can say?"

That's the end of Li Ji's words. Li Bao is a smart man: "You mean you want me to persuade my grandfather?"

Li Ji nodded: "Er Gouzi is very temperamental, the temper that comes from the mountain. Our elders and juniors are well-known, and Er Gouzi doesn't care about those. I heard that there are still cubs in the mountains who ate the mother. Old lady. Being able to force Er Gouzi with a seniority level, Er Gouzi doesn't care about that. It's easy to say when he returns to the mountain. If it really makes him remember his hatred, it will be no different from the wolves, tigers and leopards in the mountains."

Li Bao was taken aback, turned his head to look at Er Gouzi. There was no expression on Er Gouzi's face, except that the tendon flesh bulging under the clothes told Li Bao that Er Gouzi was very troublesome.

If it were someone else, Li Bao would definitely not be afraid. After all, it would be a big sin to make the old birthday star angry. But the Er Gouzi are different, he is not in the village, and he will not be constrained by this kind of thinking. It is not surprising that he will do anything.

Seeing Li Bao hesitating, Li Ji Chengsheng pursued: "Even if we put them down, Er Gouzi is the registered permanent residence of our village, but is he really the child of our old Li family? He is not the kind of our Li family. Even if we don't know who Dad is, we can't be a villager. And since Er Gouzi was born, we didn't eat a grain of rice in the village. When we were young, we didn't take care of him at all, and let him live and die on the mountain. It's so good to say that he is forced to marry for his own good. No one dares to say on the old man's side, it will fall on your head if it's not."

The village is so big, a little thing is enough to stab the backbone for years.

Those people with bad reputations don't care, but people like Li Bao's size and loved by the village can't bear the slightest stain.

"I understand what you mean, and I don't think I can push Er Gouzi too much, but my grandfather decided this matter. As you know, the old man has a bad temper."

"This is your business." Li Ji-neng persuaded Li Bao to bother his brains. He was not a person with lotus tongue. If he hadn't been forced to talk this time, he wouldn't have been able to tell Li Ji so much.

Li Ji picked up the tea bowl and drank tea again, looking at Li Bao.

This is a more polite way of sending guests off, Li Bao knows. I didn't stay any more, stood up and greeted a few words and left.

As soon as he left, Li Jiren almost stood up. I used to deal with this matter in two or two sentences, but Li Bao is behind the old lady, who can't be pressed by the elders, so the truth in this must be broken and crushed to make it clear to him.

Fortunately, Li Bao is a clever man. If he is really dutiful and listens only to his grandfather, it would be really difficult.

This time, Li Ji really understood the reason, moved with emotion, and explained all the stakes. From childhood to adulthood, Li Ji was the first time to spend his brains on one thing.

When the people are gone, Li Ji lost his breath and looked at Er Gouzi with a smile: "This is the heart of your heart, no one will force you to marry a wife anymore."

Er Gouzi walked to Li Ji's side, squatted on the edge of the kang, and looked up at Li Ji: "You are my wife."

Li Ji turned his eyes away embarrassedly, but couldn't help touching Er Gouzi's head with his hand, gently stroking.

Married a daughter-in-law, although she is a male daughter-in-law.

Er Gouzi did not know the concept of marrying a wife, but Li Ji did. He knows what it means to be with a man, but he can't control himself.

Although he denied it repeatedly in my heart, Li Ji felt uncomfortable every time he mentioned Er Gouzi's marriage. Even Li Ji never thought of marrying a wife.

Because of the absence of his mother since he was a child, he was not familiar with the role of his wife. Since he was a child, he has taken care of himself, washing clothes, cooking and doing housework by himself, and he has no illusions about children.

If it hadn't been for the four words of inheritance to press Li Ji, maybe Li Ji and Er Gouzi would have determined the relationship long ago.

As Er Gouzi said, both of them are each other's daughter-in-law. You take care of me, I take care of you. Except for having no children, I believe they are more comfortable than any family.

"Have you fed the pigs and cows? Don't tell me you've been hungry."

"Feed it in the morning." Er Gouzi had been looking for Li Ji before. Li Ji lost one night a day, and Li Ji looked for one night a day, so the animals were also hungry.

"You don't have to look at me all the time. I'm fine. Go and mow the grass. I'll feed the chickens later." 

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