Li Ji slept well, only felt that a piece of slippery slipped back and forth on his face. The feeling of being wet was very bad, and Li Ji frowned and patted it. As a result, there was a dull pain in his body. His hand was patted on a piece of plush.

Li Ji's head is not very clear, struggling to open his eyes, and when he opened his eyes piled up with a pair of ignorant eyes, Li Ji's head buzzed instantly.

It's over, I'm going to die.

Li Ji endured the pain and stepped back and saw its full picture. This is a wolf that is more than six feet long. Li Ji backed away, and it followed two steps forward, licking Li Ji's face with its tongue out.

It is the first time Li Ji has seen a wolf, but he has heard many stories about wolves. All the children in the village grew up listening to the story of "Feed the wolf if you disobeyed", and there is no fear.

After all, Li Ji is just a seventeen-year-old child.

He was so frightened that he approached the opening of his eyes. He has this self-knowledge, and he absolutely can't beat this wolf.

Is it dead? What about Er Gouzi?

But fortunately, he is dead, Er Gouzi should be back on the mountain. Because Er Gouzi doesn't like contact with strangers.

After returning to the mountain, no one forced him to marry a wife anymore.

Er Gouzi, you must not recruit, I don't want you to see me dead.

Li Ji's eyes kept tears uncontrollably, and the wolf tilted his head and licked the tears away with his tongue.

Waiting to die is the most struggling, if you bite to death on the contrary, it will be happy.

Li Ji didn't feel the wolf biting him for a long time, and opened one eye secretly, the wolf still looked at him ignorantly.

Is this touching a silly wolf? Li Ji didn't dare to relax completely, so he could only try to communicate with him.

"You won't eat me?" He tried to talk to him, but the wolf obviously couldn't understand it. He hummed and listened in a good mood.

How do you say wolves are beasts, Li Ji didn't dare to relax, staring at the wolf tightly all over. Even if you know that the wolf cannot avoid attacking, you still pay attention to the wolf's movements.

The wolf stretched his head over again and licked Li Ji's face with his tongue. Li Ji had never been treated this way since he was a child, and he was trembling with fear and did not dare to move.

At this moment, the wolf's ears moved suddenly, as if he heard something, he looked around vigilantly, and then suddenly stepped back two steps and ran away quickly.

Li Ji's heart suddenly mentioned his throat, which can scare the wolf away. Could it be a tiger or a bear?

Li Ji turned his head stiffly and looked in the direction the wolf was looking at. Finally, his heart was a little bit vigorous, and his heart was ashamed in an instant.

At this moment, there was a rustle in the bushes, and a figure jumped over the bushes. Turning his head and seeing Li Ji, his nose and tears all came down.

"Four uncle!"

In an instant, Li Ji was reported to be full of enthusiasm. Both bodies were trembling, but they could clearly feel each other's temperature.

"Two… Er Gouzi?"

Li Ji raised his hand and touched Er Gouzi's generous back, and cried with joy after disbelief: "It's you! I just thought I was going to die, I thought I was going to be eaten!"

Er Gouzi cried worse than him, his arms were very strong, he just hugged Li Ji, his face buried in Li Ji's shoulders.

No one can understand his feelings of loss and recovery at this time, not even he himself.

After searching for such a long time, Er Gouzi thought that he was going to lose Li Ji more than once. With the passage of time, this thought eroded Er Gouzi's heart like a plague.

"I found you."

For the rest of his life after Li Jijie, Er Gouzi is not like this.

The two cried for a while, but Li Ji took the lead to calm down and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder to calm him down. Obviously he was the one who was almost eaten, why is Er Gouzi crying more sadly than him?

"How long have you been looking for me, did I get lost and saved me?"

Er Gouzi choked and pointed at the sky: "It's dark once."

This means that Li Ji has been in a coma here for at least one day.

The wild beasts are rampant in the forest, and Li Ji can live to this day, which can only be said to be a miracle.

"Scared, it's okay, don't you think I am not good?" Li Ji comforted.

Li Ji, who had lived alone for two years, saw someone crying like this for the first time. Seriously, even if it was eaten just now, it's worth it.

With that said, Er Gouzi's tears fell off again, and he twitched and said vaguely: "I won't make you angry anymore, I'm obedient. I will listen to what you say. Don't be angry, Don't go anymore."

Li Ji stretched out his hand and hugged the stupid boy: "I am angry, don't think about it. I am lost, I don't go up the mountain often, and I can't find my way back unknowingly. It's okay."

As a result, Er Gouzi lay on Li Ji's shoulder again and cried for a long time. He didn't know that Er Gouzi was the one who was lost.

When Er Gouzi finally calmed down, he directly picked up Li Ji and walked back.

Li Ji was drowsy on Er Gouzi's back, looking at the trees passing by in front of him, thinking that he and Er Gouzi were relying on hunting beasts in the mountains for a living, but they were rescued by the beasts.

Now think about it, that wolf didn't have the slightest malice, and Li Ji was awakened by that wolf lick. He was not eaten for one night a day, and it might be that the wolf protected him.

After Er Gouzi arrived home, Li Ji was already sleepy. Er Gouzi spread a quilt for him to lie down, fed Li Ji some water, and then went to Xue Langzhong's house with the money.

Li Ji had brought him here, and he remembered it clearly.

Er Gouzi's expressive ability is not very good, but when put together, he can still hear the cause and effect.

Xue Langzhong brought some self-prepared simple orthopedic medicine to Li Ji's house, checked the wound for Li Ji, left a plaster, and told Er Gouzi to clean the wound and apply the medicine, and leave a dose of anti-fever medicine. If Li Ji has a fever, boil it for Li Ji.

Er Gouzi had a good memory, so he remembered these two sentences clearly.

Li Ji felt the warm wet towel before walking around in the half-dream and half-awake period. This feeling was so comfortable that Li Ji couldn't help groaning.

Er Gouzi is a stranger. Hearing this kind of voice, he felt hot all over, and there were some fascinating thoughts in his mind, but looking at the bruises on Li Ji's body, this desire was suppressed again.

It was late at night when Li Ji woke up, and his body was wrapped in a quiet cloth strip, and it didn't hurt that much.

Li Ji turned his head around to search for people, and he saw Er Gouzi.

At this moment, Er Gouzi was looking at him with piercing eyes.

"You do not sleep?"

Er Gouzi shook his head: "I'm afraid you are hot… have a fever."

"I feel better now, don't worry about that, have you eaten."

Er Gouzi went down to the Kang to get Li Ji. Last time Li Ji had a cold, he liked to drink porridge and pickle, Er Gouzi remembered, so he kept the porridge warm after cooking.

The soft and waxy porridge was brought up, and Li Ji, who hadn't eaten all night, almost ran out of saliva. He took the rice bowl and ate it one bite after another.

Seeing that Li Ji was not overwhelmed with food like the last wind and cold, Er Gouzi breathed a sigh of relief and watched Li Ji finish a bowl of porridge and serve another bowl.

Li Ji drank the two bowls of porridge. Although he was not full, he knew that he would not eat well when he was hungry for a long time.

Put down the tableware and chopsticks: "Have you eaten?"

Er Gouzi directly filled the porridge with the bowls and chopsticks used by Li Ji and ate it.

Er Gouzi's food has always been very fragrant. If it is placed in a home that is particular about people, it may feel that eating is very bad, but in Li Ji's eyes, Er Gouzi can't see enough of what he eats.

Li Ji couldn't help thinking about how Er Gouzi had just found him today. This is the first time Li Ji has seen Er Gouzi behave like a child, crying like a child.

Thinking of Er Gouzi's attitude towards him before, Li Ji seemed to understand something.

"Er Gouzi, tell the truth, what do you think of me in your heart?"

Er Gouzi had a meal with his hands, looked up at Li Ji, and said with a serious face: "You are very important, more important than myself."

Er Gouzi doesn't know how to speak, and even some vocabulary does not know how to express. But because of this, the emotion he expressed was purer.

"Do you want to be with me forever?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi nodded seriously.

"Do you want to sleep on a bed with me?" Li Ji asked again.

Er Gouzi nodded without hesitation.

"Then…" Li Ji's face flushed, and he paused, "Do you always want to kiss me and touch me when you sleep with me?"

Er Gouzi was stunned, his eyes struggling. After a while, he said, "If you don't like it, I won't do it in the future."

Er Gouzi deeply remembered that he kissed Li Ji yesterday morning, and Li Ji hasn't paid much attention to him, and he was lost in the afternoon.

Er Gouzi's mind is simple, he only feels that his actions have angered Li Ji, so Li Ji is almost in danger of running into the mountains.

Li Ji's face was so hot, he coughed awkwardly: "I didn't mean that, I'll just ask you if you have this idea."

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji's face and nodded vigorously.

"Then you have to understand, if you really have such an idea, you can only think of me in this life, not to anyone else. Do you think you can?"

Er Gouzi asked, "Why do you have this idea to others."

This question puzzled Li Ji. Li Ji awkwardly replied: "Man, it is inevitable that there will be impulsive times, what if you regret it later?"

"I don't regret it." Er Gouzi's word by word effort made Li Ji see his firmness clearly, "I just want to eat with you and sleep with you. I just want to touch you, the kind that is very comfortable. I don't I like anyone to approach, I only know you."

Such simple and crude words moved Li Ji to a mess. He reached out and rubbed Er Gouzi's head: "I know. From now on, we will live together. You are my daughter-in-law and I am your daughter-in-law. No one can force you."

Even if Er Gouzi might be immature and don't understand, Li Ji recognized it.

After facing life and death on the mountain, Li Ji wanted to drive. Why bother with yourself in life? If you want to, just be together if you like it. What do you want to do so much?

Since you decide to live together for a lifetime, no one can influence the marriage of Er Gouzi, neither can the old man!

Li Ji let Er Gouzi continue to eat, and he started to make calculations from the bottom of his heart. 

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