The atmosphere was stiff, and after a pause, Li Ji reluctantly said: "That's the truth. But Er Gouzi grew up in a different environment from ordinary people, and his mood is also different. I can't mention this to him ten times these days when he came to my house. If he is really interested, now his daughter-in-law and children are all in (conceived)."

This makes sense. After all, although Li Ji is an elder, he is two years younger than Er Gouzi. He is the master of Er Gouzi, but Er Gouzi disagrees and has no reason to force it.

The old man smiled and said: "You and I know that soft ears are not a reluctance. But it can't be like this forever. Er Gouzi is also nineteen this year. Everyone else in the village will be naughty. He grew up in the mountains. Yes, I am not sensible yet. If I become sensible in the future, maybe I will blame you, my uncle, for not asking him to marry him and delaying him."

These words seemed to hit Li Ji's heart with a heavy hammer. Intellectually, the old lady was right; but emotionally, Li Ji wanted to refute. I just don't know what to say back.

Li Ji clenched his fists and said nothing.

The old man continued: "I know you have a thin-skinned face. If you tell Er Gouzi about this matter once or twice, if you don't agree, I'm embarrassed to say it. My old man has a thick-skinned face. Er Gouzi has to call me grandpa, you press If you don't hold him back, I can hold him down. It's all for his own good, and you will know when he understands things later."

A few months ago, Li Ji used generational pressure to clean up the Gao Liehu, and his efforts in the past few months have been met with retribution.

Li Ji has only one elder in the village, but just such an elder is enough. Others come and say dear, either they are peers or juniors, and Li Ji will be fine if he sends them away, but the elders here, even if they are separated by a lot of important relationships, are the old ladies of their own family. They speak more vigorously in the village than the village head. .

"When we make a decision, we must always ask the younger generation's wishes. If we are forced to do so, it will not be a waste of work for others to not appreciate it." Li Ji struggled to say.

How could the old lady take this sentence to heart? As the longest-lived birthday star in the village, there has never been a bad time in these years.

"Either you have a soft-hearted mind, but fortunately you have a high level of seniority, or you don't know what you want to be bullied. Okay, it's all for the good of Er Gouzi. I will do this for the bad guy. That old girl from Zhao family Mother, I think she is a good girl, worthy of Er Gouzi. Tomorrow I will call the girl over and let them get to know each other, and then I will find someone to find a good time to live. This house is newly built, there is a new house, you live together It's okay. It's time for you to get married. Uncle Minger will find a good girl for you. You can move back when you get married."

Moving back, it is Li Ji's original house. After the Er Gouzi got married, Li Ji, an outsider, certainly didn't say that he stayed here.

When the old lady finished speaking, he let his grandson help him to leave. He lived for more than seventy years, and his children were dead. Fortunately, his grandson was filial, and now he has a very good life.

Li Ji sat on the kang in a daze, and there was a sound at the door. Li Ji looked up and saw Er Gouzi standing at the door blankly. Those eyes were too clean, and the doubts were pure. He didn't know at all, his marriage was settled between the old lady's three sentences.

This is the case for male and female marriages. Parents are the masters of marriage. Without parents, elders are the masters. There used to be Li Ji pressing down, but now there are people of a generation older than Li Ji, Li Ji is powerless.

Li Ji thought of all kinds of things he had with Er Gouzi, and thought of Er Gouzi's uncontrollable kiss in the morning, and his heart was sour.

"I also came here to let me marry a wife?" Er Gouzi asked.

Li Ji nodded hard. Er Gouzi was busy in the kitchen just now. He didn't come in. He should only hear a little bit.

Er Gouzi didn't take it to heart, because people often told him to kiss him before: "I said not to marry a wife, why they didn't believe it."

Li Ji didn't know how to tell him that Er Gouzi was obedient, but in the face of such things, he had always stubbornly maintained his views.

Li Ji slumped his shoulders and said weakly: "It's our old lady from the Li family here, I…I can't push it directly."

Er Gouzi's sensitive nerves discovered that there was something wrong with Li Ji, walked into the room and watched Li Ji bluntly said: "I don't understand."

Li Ji turned his gaze away, not daring to look at Er Gouzi: "He is an elder, and I can't refuse what he said. You know, the level of generation is overwhelming. No one can stop him if he asks you to marry a wife."

Li Ji is so happy when he uses his seniority to overwhelm others, but when he puts it on himself, it makes him breathless.

Er Gouzi's body shook, and people looked a little gloomy: "I'm going to look for him."

Er Gouzi turned to leave, Li Ji hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop him: "What are you doing? What can you say?"

The old man is from the generation of Er Gouzi's grandfather. If Er Gouzi goes too far to say something that makes the old man angry, then Er Gouzi won't even think about staying in the village anymore.

"I told him, if you push me again, I will go back to the mountain."

This is what Li Ji taught him personally. At this time, Er Gouzi said it so that Li Ji's nose was sore and his eyes were red.

"It's useless! These words can scare others, and can't scare the old lady. Unless you really go back to the mountain, otherwise in the village, if he asks you to go to your wife, the village chief can't control it!"

Li Ji never knew that it was such a horrible thing to marry him. From the childhood education, marriage is the same as dressing and eating. What kind of food and clothing the parents give is what kind of food and clothing. It is a natural thing for the parents to marry whoever they want to marry.

I heard someone in the past say that a girl from another family is unwilling to marry, cry, make trouble, and hang himself. Li Ji still thinks that this is stupid. Why do you have a good day? However, they are all two-legged men. Who is married? marry.

It hurts only when the knife is cut on my body.

What a sad realization.

Er Gouzi stared at Li Ji with a heavy gaze. After looking at it for a while, he said dumbly: "I mean it. Uncle, let's go back to the mountain. There is soil on the mountain and we can grow things. We can also raise chickens and rabbits. I can grab food and fruit. There are only two of us in the mountains, and no one will let me marry a wife anymore."

Now Li Ji can't say a word of reprimand. Because he thought so in his own heart.

The mountain should be more comfortable than the mountain, at least for Er Gouzi. On the one hand, there are so-called relatives who are determined to make sense of his life's happiness, on the other hand, there are mountains and wilds where he grew up freely and freely.

But is this pair of Er Gouzi really good?

"Let's be calm and calm." Li Ji avoided Er Gouzi's gaze, "Maybe there will be some special plane in two days."

Going to the mountains is no more convenient. If you want to eat what you can't afford, you have to deal with the danger of encountering wild beasts at any time. Li Ji is a person who is afraid of trouble, but also a lazy person. So I don't want Er Gouzi to go back to the mountain to suffer.

Er Gouzi likes to eat meat buns, but he can't grow noodles on the mountain. Er Gouzi likes to eat all kinds of snacks bought in the city, which can't be done on the mountain.

It takes one day to go up and down from the mountain to the city. During this period, there is no one to look after the house, and there is the possibility of being patronized by wild beasts at any time.

Just think about it, Li Ji feels cold. But at the moment there is no other solution.

Er Gouzi is not a forceful person. He pursed his lips and looked at Li Ji with a stubborn look in his eyes. He is obedient, but he maintains his own ideas.

Li Ji paused, but couldn't help reaching out and rubbing Er Gouzi's head: "There will always be a way."

This time it was Er Gouzi who turned to the beginning.

Li Ji walked out of the yard, the air outside was hearty, but Li Ji's heart was slumped. Looking at the blue sky, he felt uncomfortable.

Er Gouzi carried the basket and took the sickle up the mountain to mow the grass. There were more cows and more pigs, so he would eat more. He also had to dry the hay that he would eat in winter, so he must be diligent.

Li Ji deliberately staggered with Er Gouzi to give each other space to calm down. He picked up the hatchet and went up the mountain to chop wood.

At the beginning, Li Ji could always see Er Gouzi, whether intentionally or unconsciously, Er Gouzi mowed the grass not far or near, always taking advantage of Li Ji not paying attention to Li Ji, waiting for Li When Ji turned his head to look at him, he quickly turned his eyes away.

This cautious appearance is too painful. Li Ji's heart became more complicated, and he speeded up and walked away.

For so long, Er Gouzi's personality is still so pure, pure and spotless, and all emotions are so pure.

This makes Li Ji even more embarrassed. In fact, if you want to force Er Gouzi to marry a girl you don't know, and marry against his wishes, Li Ji would rather not leave Er Gouzi at the beginning, and return to the mountain after Er Gouzi's injury is better than now. Much more comfortable.

But now Er Gouzi enjoys the convenient days under the mountain, can he still adapt when he goes back?

Li Ji was confused and thought a lot. He chopped a branch and threw it back. He took another two steps to continue cutting, waiting for the firewood to be almost cut and bundled up the firewood and went down the mountain.

Li Ji thought a lot about things, so he unknowingly forgot the time. Li Ji himself didn't know how long the branches had been chopped down, but when he reacted, there was no way under his feet.

Surrounded by trees blocking the eyes, the weeds underneath are irregular. Unable to divide the direction, it feels as if there is only one person left in the world.

Under any circumstances, there is no mental panic anymore.

"Er Gouzi! Er Gouzi!" Li Ji shouted twice without responding, walking around in a panic, trying to find his way back.

In fact, the most important thing to do at this time is to stay there and wait for someone to find it, because it is impossible to distinguish the direction, and walking around will only make it harder to be found.

But in this case, who would calmly think about it?

The more eager to leave here, the more flustered, the more flustered, the faster you go.

Li Ji's head was dizzy, and he didn't know how long he had been walking. His hands and feet were trembling and he was severely weakened. He was thirsty and hungry, and he became more and more desperate with the passage of time.

Er Gouzi is there, can he never go back?

Suddenly, Li Ji slipped and rolled down a high slope. 

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