Li Ji looked at the two cows, they looked quite sturdy, and saw the woman crying sadly, most of what he said was true.

Li Ji wanted to raise a cow, but in fact, it's okay to have more cows. It's better to take care of the cows than pigs. They go out during the day and let them go and give enough water. Three are enough, but there is definitely not enough space for the cattle pens. To be expanded.

Li Ji looked back at Er Gouzi, but it was useless to ask Er Gouzi about it, and it was Li Ji who made the decision.

There is a lot of money in the family, and there are so many pigs, not bad for these three cows.

"Then let's stop raising sheep, sister-in-law, I will give you the money directly, and I will take the cow away."

An adult cow is three coins, two cows are considered cheap, a total of two coins, plus one is nine coins. Now the silver is worth more than one thousand three hundred pieces of silver, and it has always been one thousand pieces of copper. After careful calculation, these three cows only have a little more than four or two.

The big house was built with a lot of money, and Piggy was worthless. The price of this cow was several times that of a pig. Calculating the money spent on buying livestock today, there is only less than fifty taels of silver left in the family's savings.

These five taels of silver are enough for ordinary people to live a good life for a few years, but Er Gouzi can eat them, and these silvers are only enough for Er Gouzi to eat for one year.

Bring the cow back to the village, and try to keep the special path less conspicuous. Before every time I bought a good thing, or Er Gouzi made a lot of money by selling leather, Li Ji was cautious about showing off, and everyone in the village would like to know that, now Li Ji is a good student.

Because Er Gouzi's leather is so good, the tree attracts the wind. At that time, Gao Liehu had a crooked mind, mostly because of this. And just because Er Gouzi can make money, many people in the village regard him as a beetle-in-law. Recently, more and more people inquired about Er Gouzi's marriage. The more Li Ji listened, the less he felt.

So as time passed, the show off that originally carried a little child's mind was taken back by him a little bit. Instead, it was as low-key as possible. What is there to say? Making a fortune in a muffled voice is the kingly way.

Bringing the three cows home, Li Ji took Er Gouzi to the mountains to mow the grass and feed the cows.

The grass in the mountains basically eats all the cows that can be seen. When he was a child, Li Ji used to feed the cows to his relatives. I heard that the cow was a dowry brought by his wife, but when it was delivered, it was already half old and died within a few years. Up.

After helping to feed, Li Ji knew what to do.

Carrying a big basket, both of them mow a basket full of grass, go home and enter the stables and grab them into the cattle trough.

The cows are obviously hungry, and they eat sweetly.

Li Ji touched the bull's head, although he felt sorry for the silver in his heart, but looking at the bull, his heart was quite satisfied.

Chop some grass to feed the chickens, and grab some grass to feed the rabbits.

The pigs will not be delivered until tomorrow morning, and more grass will be used to feed the pigs at home.

For pigs, it is not easy to grow fat by eating forage alone. It is best to add wheat bran and other things to cook and feed, so that the pork grows very fast, and if you feed it well, you might be able to eat it in winter.

It is not difficult to build a wall of fire in the left and right circles.

What Li Ji wanted was to build another circle next to the circle, and then leave the cubs to be planted, so that there would be no need to spend money to go out to buy it, and to sell it to earn some money.

Early the next morning, Li Ji got up to look at the cows in the pen, added water to the tank, and for some grass. Seeing that they were in good condition, Li Ji was relieved.

Er Gouzi went to mow the grass. Li Ji saw that he came back with a basket of grass on his back. He didn't know when Er Gouzi got up and went out.

"Why did you go out so early?" Li Ji asked with a smile.

"You said the grass grows faster if you eat too much." Er Gouzi said truthfully.

"Why? Want to eat beef?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi shook his head: "There is no shortage of meat."

There is never a lack of meat in the family. Er Gouzi likes to eat meat, but that does not mean that he is greedy for meat.

Li Ji helped him put everything down and swept away the leaves on his clothes for Er Gouzi. The two were a little closer, and they could hear each other's breathing.

Er Gouzi can see the lips close at hand by lowering his head, staring at the two thin pieces of flesh, slightly dazed.

Er Gouzi are greedy for meat, especially these two pieces. It just can't be swallowed in the stomach or even tasted daily.

Er Gouzi swallowed. Li Ji raised his head and joked: "You still say you don't want to be greedy, you are hungry?"

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi's dumbfounded look and felt pricked. He couldn't help but stretched out his hand and squeezed Er Gouzi's face: "Weird and beautiful."

Being so complimented by Li Ji, seeing those lips collide with each other, Er Gouzi couldn't hold back, lowered his head and held the two thin lips.

Li Ji was taken aback, but he didn't expect Er Gouzi to be so bold. Before getting drunk, Er Gouzi didn't do bad things less, but that was all through Jiu Jin, when Li Ji was unconscious.

Li Ji stretched out his hand to push Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi wanted to continue, but he was afraid that Li Ji was upset. He greedily stretched out his tongue and licked it. Following Li Ji's strength, he left the gentleness that made him fascinated, and looked aggrieved. Li Ji.

Er Gouzi didn't speak, but the expression in those eyes was too obvious, and those who didn't know thought it was Er Gouzi being taken advantage of.

Li Ji turned to the beginning, his face burned, biting his licked lips, calmed down, and said: "You…I'm all kidding you, stop making trouble in the future."

Li Ji avoided Er Gouzi and turned back to the house. Er Gouzi's eyes darkened, his shoulders slumped as he watched Li Ji enter the house.

Li Ji was reluctant to say something heavy, and he didn't know what to say. But Er Gouzi has a simple personality, so he listens to what Li Ji says. After understanding Li Ji's words, Er Gouzi's eyes were dim, and he walked into the house with heavy steps.

Er Gouzi's world is either black or white. I don't know what ambiguity is.

Every time Li Ji told him that this was wrong, he could still argue with Li Ji, but this time Li Ji had no intention of arguing with him. Does it mean that he doesn't want to argue with him at all? He has already decided that this matter is wrong, and does not welcome the next time.

The more he thought about it, the lower Er Gouzi's mood became.

Although he was in a low mood, Er Gouzi didn't forget to cook. Halfway through the meal, he heard a sound outside the house. Li Ji walked through the kitchen without looking at Er Gouzi, and went straight out to see it. The pig seller came and gave it away. Piggy.

Er Gouzi set up the kitchen and came out to help, and drove Piggy into the place where the pigs were kept in the barn one by one.

These nine piglets are still Piggy, and it is barely enough to put them in a pen. When they grow up, they really have no place to stand.

Li Ji grabbed the grass stored at home and threw it into the pigpen, watching the piglets scramble for food, and he looked healthy and fine.

"This is the money for the remaining pigs. Come, you order."

The man hurriedly took the money, counted the money and there was no problem, and made a few words with Li Ji, and drove back in the donkey cart.

Looking at the sweetness of the little pigs, Li Ji couldn't help thinking about Er Gouzi's behavior just now, his face continued to have a fever. He was originally a half-sized boy with thorns, and he was hazy about this kind of thing.

Because there is no one to teach, it is not at all clear that this entanglement stems from the throbbing of youth.

Seeing that Li Ji ignored him, Er Gouzi thought he really annoyed Li Ji. He did all the work he could see without saying a word. The meal was ready, and the two of them were relatively speechless while holding dinner on the cooking table.

In the morning, Li Ji likes to eat something with soup and water. It can be full and easy to digest. Therefore, the family makes porridge more in the morning, so he orders pickles and mixed vegetables. More than half of the people in this village can't enjoy such small days. .

Li Ji was confused and had a bad appetite. Seeing that he ate less, Er Gouzi regretted it even more. At that time, it was only the result of impulse, and Li Ji, who was so angry, would not eat anymore.

In Er Gouzi's heart, the two bites of rice that Li Ji ate was no different from none.

Er Gouzi deliberately delayed the meal time, eating slowly, just like letting Li Ji follow to eat more, usually a meal that can be eaten in more than an hour, this meal was delayed for two quarters of an hour.

The meal hasn't been finished here, and there are already customers outside.

It stands to reason that the door-to-door is to avoid other people's meals, but the two of them eat slowly today, and they didn't finish eating until this time.

Li Ji went out to take a look, he was taken aback when he saw someone, and said, "Old lady? What are you doing here."

Li Ji hurriedly went over and touched the trembling old man.

This old man is the only elder of Li Ji in the entire village. He is the old man of the Li family. He is a birthday star in his seventies. There are very few people in the village over fifty. Even if the sixty is rare, these seventy ten li eight villages Only two or three.

The old man was walking with crutches and he was unsuccessful. Li Ji supported him on the left, and on the right there was an old man's grandson supporting him. The grandson looked a few years older than Li Ji, but according to his seniority, he was called the fourth uncle of Li Ji. .

"I'll come and take a look at Er Gouzi!" The old man said as if his throat was salty, but fortunately, his words were clear.

Helping into the house, Li Ji hurriedly asked Er Gouzi to pull the dining table, and make tea, the old man of the family came over.

It is said that it is the old man, and the blood relatives on Li Ji's side have been separated by several generations, but the elders are elders in the end, and the elders of the family should be filial piety.

Er Gouzi was busy pulling the table and making tea. Li Ji couldn't get away from the old man. The old man's eyes were fixed on Er Gouzi's body, and his muddy eyes followed his figure, nodding repeatedly:

"Good boy, what a good boy! He can work hard and grow strong."

Since entering the house, the old man has been staring at Er Gouzi. Li Ji always felt that something was not right, and tried to speak: "Er Gouzi grew up in the mountains, and he has to do everything by himself, and no one can help if he is not industrious. So it hurts him to develop this habit."

The old man nodded repeatedly, put his hands on the walking stick, squinted his eyes, and said with a smile: "Yes, yes, a child who is struggling. But because of this, I should find a woman who knows cold and hot to take care of him. This child beats Little mother, the sooner you find this daughter-in-law, the better, Xiao Ji, are you right?"

The smile on Li Ji's face froze, and I understood that this was coming to say kiss.

I just don't know which girl she is, she can invite the old lady to come and say kiss in person. 

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