This banquet has been a busy day, and the villagers have had a lot of things to end the banquet.

All the people sent by everyone have been accounted for. This is to be taken care of. When the women are all busy and tidy up, they will return the tables, chairs and chopsticks of whose house.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi watched the order organizers in the home yard.

There are all kinds of gifts. There are few copper plates. They are basically rice noodles. There are dried vegetables, mushrooms, and two feet of cloth that are not bad. These should be arranged as soon as possible. Pick out the things that can't be put and use first. The rest must be stuffed into the warehouse.

Er Gouzi is strong and specializes in anti-rice bags. Li Ji sorted out the few things, and the two of them were busy for more than half an hour before finishing them.

I didn't drink two sips of water on this busy day. Er Gouzi was okay. Li Ji didn't want to move when he lay on the kang.

Er Gouzi made tea for Li Ji very understanding and went to the kitchen to cook.

Li Ji slowed down for a while, and was too embarrassed to let Er Gouzi serve him, and sat up and went to the kitchen to help.

After the meal was finished, I opened the door to release the gaseous water in the house. I opened the door and saw the misty drizzle outside. He smiled and said, "It's good to rain. If you pour the house beams in the rain, you won't be afraid of confiscating it when you put it down a bit larger."

Go out and build the chicken house, and carry a few bundles of firewood into the house for later use.

Er Gouzi is stewing the leftover venison, and the fragrant rice has come out. Li Ji said, "We don't have much firewood. When the house is ready, let's go up the mountain and chop some."

It stands to reason that so many rice stalks and rice nuclei in the house can burn for a long time, but last winter was greedy, the fire of the stove has not been cut off, the more it consumes, the less time it can use.

It is certain that you can't insist on not harvesting corn. If you want to burn wood, you can only go up the mountain and cut it.

Er Gouzi nodded. Last year, Li Ji took him up the mountain to chop twice, so he knew what cutting wood was.

The smell of meat came out, Li Ji took two greedily mouthfuls and smiled: "Your craft is getting better and better."

Er Gouzi just grinned. Before getting to know Li Ji, Er Gouzi would never cook anything other than roasting. In his hazy memory, his mother used to make strange food for him when he was young, and it was delicious.

But since he got lost in the mountains, he can't eat anymore. After coming here, Er Gouzi tasted the taste very similar to the memory.

This is the root that Li Yan planted in his taste buds, and Er Gouzi sprouted here in Li Ji.

"Seriously, you can learn a few more dishes. When we are tired of growing the land, it would be good to go to the city to set up a store and open a restaurant. I will be a buddy and you will be a cook. Both of us are the shopkeepers."

Er Gouzi didn't understand, but just nodded and said yes as always.

Li Ji squatted down to help add firewood to the stove, and the two guarded the overflowing rice pot, just like guarding their own happy little days.

The light rain outside the house is not heavy, this year there is little rain and some droughts, this light rain is not enough to see.

Two more days passed, and the house was still being built. Li Ji and Er Gouzi had to run between the new home and the old home every day. It was very hard.

The house was relatively large, so it took some time. When it was finished, the corn in the ground had grown to the height of the chest.

After another few days of work in the ground, Li Ji began to add things to his new home.

Needless to say, furniture and other items are all the things you want with good materials, and the rest will come one by one.

The stream is getting shallower and shallower, and every household is busy collecting the water, for fear that it will be done soon. This place is barren for no reason. You can't even drill a well. You can only rely on a big stream to maintain water. Once the stream dries, the whole village will be thirsty.

Left and right are outside the village, and Li Ji is not afraid to be eye-catching. I went to the city and bought two large-mouth tanks. They carried water directly from the upstream of the mountain stream. The two large tanks were placed in the back room of the new house, and ordinary guests would not see it when they came in.

Last year, because the big tank was placed at the entrance of the village, people in the village went to borrow water. Li Ji couldn't be said to be careful. He and Er Gouzi brought back the water in buckets. Li Ji really didn't want to take advantage of others.

The house is large, the biggest is the kitchen, and there is no living room. Everyone in the village knows that they are not so particular, and it is impossible for big people to come here.

There are only two bedrooms. To be precise, there are only two with kangs. The other with kangs is filled with sundries as warehouse staff. In other words, the two do not welcome outsiders to stay overnight.

The two back rooms are also used as warehouses. Er Gouzi eats a lot. There are enough warehouses to save Er Gouzi who wants to eat. They have to go to the next room to search.

There are three wing rooms in the yard, one with firewood and charcoal, which saves the difficulty of using firewood when it rains and is not easy to get damp. A person who carries sundries, usually seasonal clothes, bedding, etc., does not need to be used for a few months. The last one is slightly larger, which is divided into several compartments, which is dedicated to raising livestock.

There are already a lot of chickens and rabbits at home, and Li Ji wants to raise another cow, a donkey and a few piglets. It's close to the mountains, and it's convenient to mow the grass. This chicken can't be stocked anymore. I'm afraid that something will be eaten down in the mountains, so I can only feed in this stable.

Rabbits need to be separated, so you still use cages to raise rabbits. Stacking them together can raise a lot of them.

I brought the rabbits and chickens over and watched them adjust well.

When Li Ji was okay, he took Er Gouzi to the bull market for a tour. Anyone who sells livestock in Shili and eight villages will pass by.

Li Ji originally wanted to catch Piggy next year, but the Piggy sold by someone is no longer small, and the price is quite cheap.

"It's so cheap, it's not something sick, right."

The man who sold Piggy still had singe on his mouth, which was obviously on fire.

"Then how can I be worthy of my conscience. This sow has given birth to twelve piglets in a litter. There were already few people selling piglets at this time. They cannot kill and eat meat during the Chinese New Year, and pay for it in winter. It's easy to fall off the scale and I want to buy it in the coming year. If it's seven or eight piglets, sell it for three or five and raise them at home. But who can feed so many piglets? Can't sell it? Good to sell."

There are nine piglets, which is really a headache. If this comes out in the spring, it is estimated that the Noh that sells pigs will be broken, but at this time, there is really no place to cry. This thing is more than raising cattle and sheep for several years. There is a taboo in the old saying that this pig should not be raised for a year. Except for breeding pigs and old sows, the rest will be fattened and killed for meat, otherwise Over time, the pig will hold grudges.

Although not many people care about it, but putting it there is quite a deterrent. Everyone wants to have a good life at home?

But unless they are in the city, even if these nine pigs have been raised and killed after all the hard work, they can't all be sold.

In addition to weddings and funerals, most people buy pork for a catty and a half catty for birthdays and Chinese New Year. Usually, they can only buy pork for a few months. The meat of nine pigs can't be sold for a few months.

Li Ji reached out and touched Piggy's head. Piggy was not afraid, and rubbed his nose against Li Ji's hand. Li Ji withdrew his hand and patted the pig's head.

"Er Gouzi, how many do you want?"

Er Gouzi tilted his head and looked at Piggy. He has only seen wild boar, wild boar fragrant, but it is too powerful, not to mention that he usually likes to group in groups, even if it is a wild boar, ordinary beasts dare not easily provoke it, because the skin is thick and the temper is strong. If you follow your heart, you can kill someone until you hit the other person to death. It's a headache prey.

But looking at these white pigs, it doesn't seem to be scary at all.

"I want it all." Er Gouzi wouldn't pretend to say anything.

Li Ji's lips twitched, but he could understand: "Is it hard to feed the two of us after buying it all, and the pigpen we prepared is not big enough."

"Oh." Er Gouzi replied, stopped talking, just kept looking at the piglets.

Li Ji glanced at Er Gouzi, after all, he couldn't bear to say: "Forget it, buy it all, then we will have to build a pigpen with wood again, and we will have to go up the mountain to mow more grass in the future, and we have to dry it. Some hay is left to feed in the winter, but it's tiring."

In fact, it is better for Er Gouzi to go hunting in the mountains. Every time you come back, you can bring back dozens of catties of meat. It takes a lot of effort to raise this pig.

However, Er Gouzi would be dangerous when going up the mountain, while raising livestock at home would not.

The pig seller didn't expect Li Ji to buy all of Piggy all at once, with a smile on his face, but he didn't dare to be too obvious: "The two masters are not kidding, but these are nine. Can the young master hire someone to help?"

The two of them really still have a lot of money in their hands, but before they are rich enough to hire long-term workers, Li Ji smiled and waved his hands: "You are so worthy of both of us. It's just that we can eat meat, just these nine piglets. We bought them and raised them, and we can eat up all the meat."

The pig seller thought it was a joke. The two sides agreed on the delivery time. Li Ji paid a penny to make a deposit, and waited for it to be delivered home before paying the rest.

Li Ji went to see the cow again. What Li Ji wanted was to buy a half-sized cow. It is not easy to feed if it is too small. If it is too large, it may buy an old cow back without knowing its age. It's just half a big not big.

Li Ji searched for a long time, but couldn't find a comparable one, either too big or too small, which was unsatisfactory.

The bull market was coming to an end. Li Ji saw a woman sitting on a rock crying, beside a large, two and three cows eating grass on the side of the road.

Li Ji was soft-hearted, and after inquiring about it, the woman looked at her in her twenties, with cocoons on her hands, and she looked like a diligent woman.

"My life is suffering. It was a good time in my family. I used to raise three cows and both cows gave birth. As a result, someone came to steal the cows in the middle of the night and was discovered by my man. As a result, they beat my man severely. I was paralyzed, and two big cows were also killed. There is only one cow and two calves left. My child is still young, and my man needs money to see a doctor, so I can only sell the cows. Big brother, if you buy them all Now, I count you as cheaper." 

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