The crops in the field were planted, and Li Ji began to go to the house with Er Gouzi again.

First go to cultivate the land around the new house, pick out all the stones and rotten wood in it, and then mix it with chicken manure. The size is drawn, and then a wall is built around it.

In the village, people generally use wood to make fences, or simply plant a circle of low trees dug from the mountain, which is considered to be a circle of their own territory.

Even the use of stones is rare, because there are not many large stones in the mountains, bricks can not be bought, and people who bought them are used to build houses.

Fortunately, the place here is remote, and the people are generally very poor. There are no steals or looting.

However, Er Gouzi's new home is different. Er Gouzi's new home is already outside the village, the first person the beast on the mountain encounters when it comes down. There was no shortage of money at home, so I bought bricks to build the wall.

This is the first brick wall in the village, and many people come to see the excitement.

Neither Li Ji nor Er Gouzi knows how to build walls, and they both learn from the old people in the village.

This wall-building is skillful, otherwise the wall is easy to fall. Moreover, it is necessary to pull a rope to determine whether the wall is straight, which is not only an individual effort, but also a technical task.

There are many people coming to work in the village. The wall is completed within two or three days. The gate is a wooden gate made by a carpenter. Although Li Ji prefers iron gates, they are heavy and expensive, although there is no shortage of them at home. The money used to buy iron doors is also distressing enough.

When the walls of the yard here are all fixed, the dealer seedlings in the ground have been picked up.

The next step is to build a house. The bricks are pulled in by carts and carts. It seems to outsiders that they are all piled up of silver. I don't know how many people look at it.

But what can I do if my eyes are hot? Er Gouzi didn't steal one or the other, every brick was earned by Er Gouzi hard.

Li Ji had to light the oil lamp every night to calculate. Without using the brush, he burned it with a wooden stick and painted on the paper. How to design and what you need, draw clearly, when you think of something, add it, and where it is inappropriate, just tick it off.

Every day like this, Li Ji still thinks it can be more perfect after changing several sheets of paper.

However, Li Ji lacked another person to discuss with him. Er Gouzi didn't understand it. It didn't seem like going to the village to find someone else. At least he could do his own calculations carefully.

Seedlings have grown in the ground, and weeds have also grown. Moreover, weeds grow faster than seedlings. If they are not shoveled down as soon as possible, the fertilizer in the field will be taken away by the weeds, and the crops will be harvested less.

Things about the new house were put away again, and Li Ji took Er Gouzi down to shovel the ground and taught Er Gouzi to identify weeds and seedlings. Some grasses can be used to feed chickens, so he picked them up and put them in his back. In the basket, a pile of grass can be brought back every day by shoveling the ground. The chicken needs to be chopped and fed, and the rabbit just grabs it and throws it in.

After two months of work, the mother rabbit had another litter of rabbits, and she had just been weaned. Looking at the mother rabbit's belly, it seemed that she was carrying a baby again.

Li Ji didn't eat any rabbits, so he kept them well. Only in the autumn, the first two litters of rabbits born by the mother rabbits will grow into babies, and there will be a steady stream of rabbits in the family from now on.

Li Ji suffers from tired back pain every day, but he still has to take a while every day to watch the rabbit eat. Watching them eat, you can see rabbit skins and rabbit meat.

Rabbit meat can feed Er Gouzi, and rabbit skin can be sold for silver. Although the hare in the mountains is of mixed color, it is not as pure as a white rabbit, but it is also leather, and it is definitely valuable.

This rabbit breeds fast, as long as it is fed frequently, even if Er Gouzi does not go up the mountain, it will be enough to feed.

"Tomorrow, we will finish shoveling the land. Let's continue to work on the house. You said that in the past years, we used to be idle. After we are busy with the land, I feel boring to have nothing to do. Now that I am busy, I want to be idle."

"Don't worry." Er Gouzi said with a smile.

"Can you not be in a hurry? Time is passing fast. Let's try to finish the house improvement before the next shoveling. When the shoveling is finished, we will start to buy the contents, and then move our chickens and rabbits over. The house takes care of things and entertains the villagers. Let's hurry up and save ourselves from being in a hurry."

Li Ji was busy talking, but the smile on his face remained undiminished. He had never thought about the day when he built a house. Although the house was owned by Er Gouzi, he followed to build it, and he arranged for it inside and out, and will live with Er Gouzi in the future.

From now on, as long as Er Gouzi doesn't marry a wife, Li Ji can live with Er Gouzi forever. Living in a large brick house, Li Ji feels that he is about to become a rich man after thinking about it. Thinking about it these days, it makes my nose sore.

The frame of the house was built, and the windows were deliberately made larger, so that the windows had to be customized. I bought more window paper and looked at the frame outside. This is a big house. It feels comfortable to look at.

On the day of the beaming, you must choose a good day and a big banquet to entertain relatives and friends. Of course, they also have to be courteous when they come.

Li Ji began to be busy with this meal. There were chickens and rabbits at home, but not many, not enough to entertain too many people. As the elders in the village, and other people have the heart to eat big, there must be a lot of people on the day of the Liang Liang, and this meat must be prepared first.

Don't worry about the food. There is a warehouse at home, and all the vegetables in the garden have come down.

At this time Er Gouzi was very empathetic and wanted to go up the mountain to catch.

This year, because he was busy building a house, he didn't even buy the piglet or the calf. Li Ji thought that he couldn't take care of things this year, and he would have to wait for the next spring to catch it. And even if it was caught in spring, it hasn't been raised at this time and can't be eaten.

The day to go to the beam has been selected. On this day, Li Ji is all alone working on this matter. Who should be the chef and the girl and the wife of the family should come to help. All these must be arranged in advance. When the time comes, the tables, chairs, and chopsticks If you don't have enough, you still have to borrow it. If you borrow from someone, you have to say how much you want to borrow. Otherwise, it won't be enough, and it's not enough to be messy.

After Li Ji had made arrangements, he just drank saliva when he went home, and he heard a headphone outside the house, and Er Gouzi came back.

Li Jiying went out. Er Gouzi was wearing leather armor and carrying a spear in his hand. A sika deer on his shoulder had died of blood and had run out of blood.

Putting the sika deer on the wooden plank in the yard, Li Ji hurriedly gave Er Gouzi a bowl of water: "You are too good. For such a big sika deer, you don't need to worry about the meat at all."

Er Gouzi received the compliment, and his face almost burst into laughter.

"It's stupid, it was stopped by a tree, and I caught it."

Li Ji looked at the corresponding holes on both sides of the deer's neck. It was a shot through the throat. Er Gouzi said lightly, and Li Ji knew that this was what Er Gouzi could do.

"It's a pity that deer blood, deer blood is a good thing for aphrodisiac."

"Aphrodisiac?" Er Gouzi tilted his head in confusion.

Li Ji's face blushed at the thought of something: "It's okay, I was talking nonsense. Hey? This is a male deer. Keep the deer whip for soaking wine."

Li Ji watched as Er Gouzi unloaded the sika deer and simply pickled it with salt. As long as it didn't go bad on the day when the beam was installed. Li Ji picked the best piece of meat and fried, stewed another fish, fried a plate of spinach, and ate the steamed buns in the morning.

The fact that these Er Gouzi came back from a sika deer on the day of Shangliang spread. Everyone in the village was slobbering. Basically, they had never eaten venison, even if they hadn't touched a meat star for a month or two. Those who don't usually walk around, but also those who are prepared, plan to take the whole family and young people to relieve their greed on the day of the banquet.

Of course, except for one family, that is the Gao Lie family who completely offended Li Ji to death.

Speaking of it, Gao Liehu is the eight hundred decent hunters in the village. Going to the top of the mountain and shooting down a rabbit, the trap can sometimes catch some game, but it is really insignificant compared to Er Gouzi. Before, I even depended on selling leather for Er Gouzi to support my family.

Originally helping people sell leather, running errands would earn 20% of the money. It was a good thing that others couldn't ask for. On the high side, the hunters were greedy and lacked and falsely reported the price and wanted to make the difference. The result was discovered. Now let alone offend Li Ji and Er Gouzi, the villagers don't look down on their family anymore, they hide far away when they go out, and they are embarrassed to go out for a long time.

The money I had earned from Li Ji was spent for a while, and the remaining money was used to make a round for Li Ji before it was used. As a result, the money was used to repair the ancestral hall after the Dongchuang incident.

Now the family has no savings at all, and the remaining dozens of copper plates are held tightly. The family that was originally a little surplus is now completely poor.

It's miserable, but unfortunately no one will be pitiful.

Two days later, it was the day when the beam was installed. Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to go on the beam, with sugar cubes and copper plates in his pockets, and told him to throw the firecrackers underneath as soon as the firecrackers rang, and throw all the preparations down.

Er Gouzi was very obedient, even the ladder was useless. He jumped on the beams a few times, and Li Ji hung the prepared firecrackers underground, lit it with a wooden stick with sparks, and then moved the stick away. Throw away, cover your ears and open more.

Fearing to scare Er Gouzi, he put a little firecrackers in advance for Er Gouzi to see this, so Er Gouzi squatted firmly on the beam of the room, watching the firecrackers sound, and sprinkling lots of candy and copper plates down.

The adults and children below are mixed together, and almost everyone can grab something.

As soon as the child grabbed the candy, he hurriedly stuffed his mouth, and looked around for fear of being robbed.

The laughter converged and spread far.

Li Ji looked at the red confetti all over the floor, and Er Gouzi had his own home. Looking at the innocent Er Gouzi squatting and laughing on the beam of the room. Just don't know when Er Gouzi's mind will fully mature.

Although selfish, if possible, Li Ji would rather Er Gouzi always be like this. Carefree, don't think about anything. 

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