When I came out, I had two taels of silver in my pocket. When I bought everything I wanted to buy, I had 18 taels left in my pocket when I went home.

Sitting on the donkey cart watching the shade of the roadside trees pass by, Li Ji began to think about building a house for Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi can make money, so you can't be wronged when you build a house. You have to build a big one with a big yard, where you can plant all kinds of things that Er Gouzi likes to eat. The house only needs stuff and stuff. The kitchen should be bigger, and two more stoves can be built, so that several kinds of dishes can be stewed at the same time, and the Er Gouzi can eat more, so there is no need to wait too much time.

Er Gouzi doesn't like outsiders, so he wants a remote place from the village. Most people like to choose the middle position when building a new house. Even if there is no place in the middle, they should choose a place close to the crowd, so that something will happen. One voice is enough, he has the ability of a dog, even if there is something to do, he can run fast, and quiet in remote places.

If the kitchen is bigger, you can install two more water tanks. In the early winter, you don't need to use water tightly. Buying two more tanks can also raise a few more fish. Er Gouzi loves to eat fish and can do more in the future.

Li Ji told Er Gouzi: "Let's build a big house for you when we go back. We should build as much as you want. Two more stoves should be opened in the kitchen. Let's cook whatever you want. Next time, let's save some leather. Instead of being blocked at the door, the door will be opened and closed in winter, and the air will not be afraid of the air-conditioning. Let's have more jars and more pickles, so we don't have to have only pickles like last winter. Other pickles must be bought from other people's homes. . What else do you want, let's add it all."

Er Gouzi thought about it seriously: "What is building a house."

Li Ji almost fell from the car: "We live in a house. The house is built. My house is a small thatched cottage. You made a lot of money and built a brick for you. It's strong and warm. Think about it, You have your own yard and your own house. We prepare everything you want in it and what you want."

Er Gouzi thought about it again, looked at Li Ji, and asked sensibly: "Can there be you?"

Li Ji paused, turned his eyes away, the color on his face, coughed a cough to cover up the rolling in his heart, and said: "You don't want to think that I will live if you leave now? I will live with you when the new house is built. Waiting for you…"

When you say the two words, the rest of the words will be stubbornly stubborn and can't be said in your throat. Li Ji wanted to say that he would move away when he got married, but he couldn't say that.

"Then I don't have what I want." Er Gouzi smiled brightly, "Just have you."

Li Ji was in a complicated mood, and he couldn't tell whether it was moved or something else. Er Gouzi's dependence on him made him feel more and more for granted, but how long can such dependence last?

If Er Gouzi's mind is fully mature one day, will he still remember what he said now?

So whenever it comes to this topic, Li Ji-neng avoids it. The ambiguity that cannot be avoided leaves a way for the future.

Because nowadays vowed words, Er Gouzi in the future can be said to be ignorant and do not understand at that time. But Li Ji couldn't, because he couldn't afford to lose, so he didn't dare to step out easily.

"You don't choose, I have to arrange the rest. Let's go to the village and ask for a place, find two bricklayers to see how to get it, then we have to build a base to buy bricks, and we have to go to the city to make furniture, and find two more The painter drew a pattern on the window, so that's a lot of things."

Er Gouzi didn't know how to answer, but looked at Li Ji with a smile, indicating that he had listened to every word Li Ji said.

Li Ji didn't keep his mouth idle all the way, and when he got home, he was filled with wind.

He unloaded everything and rewarded the coachmen with two copper plates. Li Ji analyzed the things that need to be used closely, arranged them in order, and stored them in the warehouse for the time being.

At this time, the house is obviously small, and it is very small, and it is not enough at all.

Li Ji is even more anxious to build a big house, and then fill it up. He doesn't panic when he has food in the house. He wants to save everything so that he will not be afraid at all times.

Not afraid of winter, natural disasters, or war.

After packing up, let Er Gouzi stay at home, and he went to the village chief to ask for land.

New houses need to be reported by the village chief. This is especially true for the selection of new places. Various records must be reported, which is very strict.

"The Er Gouzi have the ability, you also have the skills, can enjoy the blessing. Looking at the things that need to be sorted out on the household registration, the Er Gouzi are not easy to explain when going from house to house. I want to put the two of them now. Gouzi's household registration is obtained so that it can be released in blocks."

"In this line, how much does it cost to register?"

"Not much. Fifty copper plates." The village chief added another sentence after he said, "Actually, it should be 20 copper plates. It should go to the treasury. You know that the official gooses above have plucked their hairs and sent them in. The treasury has some money, and they can use their brains from our source."

Therefore, 30 of the fifty pieces of household registration money handed in on the copper plate went into the pockets of corrupt officials.

Common people have to endure this kind of thing. Li Ji paid for him and talked to the village chief about the details of building a house.

Because Li Ji is young and his parents are not there, he can only find someone to give him advice. The village head has been the village head for so many years, and no one knows the details of building a house better than him.

Li Jisei gave the village chief twenty copper plates, and the village chief patted his chest. He covered all the arrangements before and after the house was built. Whether it was looking for workers or buying bricks and tiles, he was a village chief and had a lot of work. in his body.

With the assurance of the village chief, Li Ji was relieved a lot. Go back and call Er Gouzi and look around the village to see where to build a house.

Good areas are basically eliminated. It is not easy to want a secluded and good area. The surrounding villages are basically pits and bumps. They are either recessed or a small soil pack. Filling the recessed area is not easy to compact. The soil bag is too hard to dig away the soil.

After turning around, Li Ji didn't find anyone he was thinking about, and asked Er Gouzi where he would like to settle down again.

Er Gouzi looked in the direction he was going up the mountain: "Over there."

"You want to make your home in the mountains? That's not okay. Let's be quiet, but don't leave the village, otherwise it will be hard to move around."

Li Ji grew up in the village and cannot do without the village and the crowd. And in order to allow Er Gouzi to integrate into the lives of ordinary people as soon as possible, he must not be too isolated.

Er Gouzi was about to shook his head: "I mean a place close to the mountain."

"The entrance to the village?"

Er Gouzi nodded.

Li Ji directly raised his leg and went to the entrance of the village to take a look. There are people living in the entrance of the village, but they are all tens of hundreds of years old, and they are all elderly people. Because this is facing the mountain pass, if any beast comes down from the mountain, this is the person who suffers first.

There is Er Gouzi at home, so don't worry about anything else. If you settle down outside the village, you won't be able to see Er Gouzi in Shangshan Village in the future, so they don't know how many skins they've hit or how much Er Gouzi earned. Money.

Many people in the village who have married daughters regard Er Gouzi as their beloved son-in-law. The biggest reason is that Er Gouzi can earn money, and after becoming a Weng-in-law, he can provide a lot of help for the family.

This is a fact, but Li Ji doesn't like their idea very much.

After leaving the village, Li Ji took a look. There was a place farther away that was really flat, and a little behind was the woods. The place must be secluded. If it is dangerous, it is really dangerous.

Li Ji took a look at Er Gouzi's physique. It shouldn't be a big problem. It's a big deal to raise the fence.

It was decided here. Li Ji went to talk to the village chief. It is estimated that there is no second one in the village around that place.

The village head was surprised at where the two had chosen, and he advised that it is not a good place, it is very dangerous.

But Li Ji insisted, this matter was decided.

Spring is blooming, and it is time to plant seeds. At this time, it is not easy to find workers to build a house. First, find a few close people to circle the yard and build a base where the house is going to be built. There is also the base of the warehouse and the foundation of the cattle pen. After it is set up, it can be placed for a few months, and it will be convenient to build it later.

The workers in the village asked for less money. Li Ji didn't let them work in vain, so he would give some copper plates and prepare food.

The meals provided by others include rice or steamed buns, even if they are treated well. This is usually something that you don't have to pay for. Li Ji has meat at home, and he didn't stingy with it. He even scrambled eggs.

At this time, it's really a waste of work and some people have their heads sharpened. Meat is a rare thing at this time. Even if you raise a large number of livestock, you can at most ensure you eat one or two times a month. Most people are reluctant to eat it and keep it for sale. money.

Because the treatment is good enough, the progress of the foundation is also very fast, and it will be done in a short time.

When it's done, Li Ji doesn't worry anymore, and works in the field first.

Er Gouzi doesn't have land, so the two of them only plant Li Ji's land. In the past, Li Ji did it alone, but now he has the strength of a two-gouzi, which makes Li Ji a lot easier.

There are a lot of chickens at home, and I have kept it for a winter, and it is enough to mix it in the field to fatten the field. After a few days, I borrowed the cattle to plow the field, and planted the field after it was established.

Li Ji didn't grow too many things, just corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and several rows of soybeans. These can be eaten at home, fed to livestock, or sold, but there are Er Gouzi, and there is probably not much left in this geographic thing.

Li Ji taught Er Gouzi how to farm. He didn't know anything about farming tools. Fortunately, Er Gouzi had a very high savvy. He basically remembered many things after teaching them once. The two people are very fast in farming and they can cooperate with each other. Excellent.

Er Gouzi was interested in farming and didn't feel tired at all. It was because farming did not think about going up the mountain to hunt, which made Li Ji very pleased.

After the land was planted, Er Gouzi would go to the ground to take a look every day, and from time to time to ask when Li Ji would grow out.

Li Ji is very patient about this. The crops in the field are the hope of the peasants, and Li Ji wants to give this obsession to Er Gouzi. 

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