The shopkeeper seldom greets the guests personally. If the guy can let the shopkeeper come out, it means that the distinguished guest has arrived.

The shopkeeper came over with a smile: "I listened to the chirping magpies on the tree at the door this morning. I was still wondering what could be the happy event of a business that hasn't opened for half a year. I don't want to come here anymore. The two masters want to see something. What? If the store doesn't like to say anything, we can adjust the goods here."

Li Ji straightforwardly took out his skin.

"You are in the fur business, help me see this stuff."

When the package was opened, the white fox skin was exposed. The other parts of the white fox skin are fine, but the back is a little bit of hair, and the position of the hind legs is also bitten. It is not perfect, but white foxes are still rare, the shopkeeper For a moment, he was busy reaching out and picking it up to take a closer look.

Li Ji smiled and said, "The shopkeeper is a person who knows the goods. My leather is half tanned, and it is not a finished product. However, tanning is just a few copper plates. Presumably the boss will not care about this with me. This is the fox skin that my eldest nephew just hit from the mountain yesterday. Although it is incomplete and has a bit of miscellaneous hair, I shouldn't need to say more about the value of the white fox skin."

The shopkeeper retracted his hand, pressed his lips with both hands, and said with a smile: "It's a baby, you know how to understand people, I won't be oblique to you anymore. Seriously, the white fox has little skin in the past two years. Money can't be bought. But everything has value for us, and things with prices are hot when we hold them."

Li Ji's fingers flicked back and forth on the leather: "Then ask the shopkeeper to give an estimate."

The shopkeeper rubbed his lips: "Then I won't go around with you, eighteen taels! How about? The price is fair enough."

If there is no high Hunter's valuation, Li Ji may agree with Le's Pidian Pidian. As the saying goes, things are more expensive. Since the white fox skin is less, the price can't be doubled too much. Li Ji is greedy for money. Don't be greedy too much, say twenty taels is twenty taels.

Li Ji moved the leather to his side: "Twenty taels."

The shopkeeper's gaze moved, this is really an expert. White fox skins are rare, less in the past two years, but they are still fashionable among the ladies in the capital. The fox skin in Li Ji's hands is not to mention twenty taels, twenty-five taels are not a loss, turn around and make them into garments and send them up. You don't need more, but you can divide them into several pieces to embellish your collar and send them to the capital. Don't talk about tens of taels and hundreds of taels.

The shopkeeper also works for the boss, and he gets a lot of benefits from a real big business.

But the shopkeeper is a little selfish in it. He wants to make a difference from it. This price is lowered, and 18 taels of leather are collected, and then reported to the owner for 25 taels. This is a transfer of 7 taels of silver. Up. The monthly money for a month as a shopkeeper is not much, but the price difference is really big for a few years and it is enough to eat.

The shopkeeper leaned back and raised his face, his face still smiling, but this smile was irresistible.

"Then you should go to a nearby place to ask. Our land is also a poor place. No one can get the money. Knowing that this white fox skin is a treasure, it is really difficult to sell it."

Li Ji immediately wrapped the leather and stood up and left without hesitation. The guy was shocked and just about to stay, the shopkeeper stopped the guy and kindly reminded him: "There is a pawnshop walking down this street. In addition to my house, the whole county will take care of his house. Lord, go to their house. Just ask."

Li Ji glanced back at him, turned around and went out.

When the people left, the guy asked without knowing everything: "Oh, didn't you have a problem with the shopkeeper? How did you send the distinguished guest to the house?"

The shopkeeper sneered at the tea he had just served, and said with a sneer: "Without him how to set off our generosity, that grandson is much darker than us, and it's too much to talk about for fifteen."

The man nodded when he heard it: "You are still smart, if I will definitely leave the person behind."

"If you can think of this level, you will be the shopkeeper." The shopkeeper was quite proud, "Go and prepare some fruit and melon snacks, and wait for someone to come back and wait for them. You can know that the price of the leather is not good because it is the person who often touches the leather. Take care of the long-term business."

Li Ji went out and took Er Gouzi for a while, then stopped and sighed. Turning around and no one chased it out quietly, it means that twenty taels of silver is impossible.

"Damn, avoid the taller surname and get hacked here."

Feeling that Li Ji was upset, Er Gouzi hurriedly said, "Isn't there a shop?"

Li Jisong slumped his shoulders: "Who knows that the God of Fortune gave it to others, and if he dares to show us the way, it will be useless if we go there. The price is not eighteen. For two silvers, our little place is so poor that he just got it right. If we want to sell this leather, we have to go to his house."

In fact, 18 taels of silver are quite a lot, the key is that the shopkeeper is obviously cheating, we know that we have to cheat others to make people feel bad.

Li Ji stood there smoothly, and there were still eighteen taels left and right, and those eighteen taels were enough to build a big house for Er Gouzi, isn't it just two taels less? Rich don't care about this.

Li Jigang persuaded himself, and was stopped before he could even move forward.

Li Ji turned his head, and the person who stopped them was a middle-aged man in his forties and fifty years old. He was dressed very decent, his hair was neatly combed, and his back was straight when he walked. At first glance, he was at least a manager.

"Something?" Li Ji didn't dare to offend him seeing that the man came out of the clothing store.

The man looked directly at Er Gouzi, then looked at the rough jade pendant on Er Gouzi's neck, and smiled: "It's abrupt, dare to ask the two sons but they have important things?"

Li Ji took a look at Er Gouzi. Don't think Er Gouzi was going to be a Liba (worker doing heavy work). He immediately opened the baggage in his hand and showed him the leather: "We are here to sell leather. Yesterday I got a good leather and came over to find someone to sell a good price and go home to build a house."

Li Ji's original intention was to tell him that there was no shortage of money in the family, and that Er Gouzi did not need to do hard work, but he was not afraid that he would be motivated by the wealth. Er Gouzi was not given in vain, and his strength was better.

The man rolled his eyes and said with a smile: "The two sons are hunting?"

Li Ji nodded: "Yes, my big nephew is capable and can play a lot of good skin."

The man nodded again and again: "Let's tell the truth, I'm the official in charge of the purchase in the majesty's mansion in the county. Last year, our master just came and suffered a lot of crimes against the cold and winter. This year, I am looking for a good leather to make two warm clothes. Well. How do you sell this?"

Li Ji didn't expect such a coincidence, and tried to say: "Twenty-two taels of silver."

Li Ji deliberately said high, if the other party was really sincere in buying and bargaining for twenty, he would sell it.

I didn't think the other party thought about it and nodded: "It's not expensive, this white fox skin is worth this price. If you send all the skins here in the future, I'll give you an extra one or two, or let me go. Acknowledge the door and send it directly next time."

Li Ji was suspicious, how could he really go with the person, and shook his head again and again: "It won't be enough, just ask at the county magistrate's mansion and you will know that we are in a hurry. If you can trust us, let's do it now. Pay the money and deliver it with one hand. When we have the leather, we can inquire about it and send it to us in time."

The person knew that Li Ji had a defensive mentality. He looked at Er Gouzi and wanted to ask Er Gouzi what he meant, but Er Gouzi didn't even look at him.

Sighing, opened the wallet and looked at it. There were only the silver bills and some scattered pieces of silver. From the silver bills, a few were counted: "Come here for a little bit."

Li Ji didn't know how to read, and he had never used a bank note, because no one in the village was wealthy, and even if he had some money, he wanted to find a place to bury it and hide it. This bank note was used by a large family to make it more convenient.

Li Ji pushed the banknotes and said with a smile: "Don't be surprised, we countryman, don't know the banknotes. Would you like to accompany us to the bank to exchange it?"

The man did not refuse, and went to the bank with the two.

Asking questions all the way, Li Ji was very wary, and he didn't ask him anything useful.

I entered the bank and exchanged for silver. There were a lot of two-two taels of silver. Li Ji was embarrassed, because the leather was worth twenty taels of silver, which was sold for two taels more. The blame is also that this person didn't know the bargaining, otherwise it would be impossible for Li Jibai to earn these two ounces of silver.

These two taels of silver are enough to buy ten rabbit skins, which is worth a lot of money.

After Li Ji got the silver, he didn't entangle the person much, so he greeted him and took Er Gouzi away.

The man looked at the back of the two until they disappeared, muttering something in his mouth.

Li Ji looked back and saw that no one followed, he was relieved, and drove Er Gouzi straight to the grain and oil store. This time he ordered more than two to three foods, and bought almost everything in the store. Fresh is good. In addition to giving away a bunch of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, the store bought more tea than bought.

There is not much food in the family. Not only are they eating with Er Gouzi, but the open-mouth beasts they raise will also feed people something when they are in a good mood. Although luxurious, chickens and rabbits are very good, you must know Meat is more valuable than rice.

Of course, it was delivered this time. With the surprise of the last time, the guys all waited for Li Ji to go to the nearby place to stroll around, and then send them back to Li Ji village together.

Li Ji didn't save any money this time. Looking at what to eat, he bought whatever Er Gouzi wanted, and went to the clothing store to buy some decent clothes.

I didn't find the blacksmith shop last time. This time I went a little further and found a family. After several discussions, I bought two spears. I wanted 100 steel and a thick leather armor because I wanted good materials. Add nearly three taels of silver together.

Good things are not too expensive. Li Ji paid for the silver without saying a word. The spear needs to be specially made, and the leather armor can be worn directly. 

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