So it was settled, Li Ji felt the leather in his hands and looked at Gao Liehu, still feeling sick.

Every time Er Gouzi goes up the mountain, he exchanges his life for money. There are no beasts on the mountain that are not deadly. Every time Er Gouzi goes up the mountain, he is fidgeting. As a result, the skins that Er Gouzi fights back hard have to be calculated by the high hunters.

He has nothing to do with his own good things, so why should he take second-hand things!

The more Li Ji thought this way, the more he gritted his teeth towards Gao Liehu. After this incident, Li Ji became disgusted with Gao Liehu. In the future, this relative will be elsewhere and the relationship should not go away.

It's getting late, and once they have agreed what to do, they will all go back to their homes. No one let go of Gao Liehu, he was tied up like this for one night.

The next day Gao Lie's wife was still humming a small song to cook. She didn't know that Gao Lie had been arrested. I thought Gao Lie had already sold the leather and went back. That's twelve taels of silver to build a new house and The money for the son to marry his wife is all there is.

While cooking, she was thinking about how to spend her money. When the time comes, a family will buy two decent clothes instead of fabrics. The clothes sold are said to be popular among large families, and she also sees how large families wear them. What kind of clothes.

Gao Liehu's son Shuan Zhu still didn't know much, he only knew that his family was going to be rich, and said coquettishly to Gao Lie's wife, "Mother, I want to eat sugar pie."

For the children of the poor, sugar pie is the most luxurious food. Sugar is expensive, and noodles are not cheap. Generally, they do a lot of work during the autumn harvest and are willing to bake a few to eat. Usually few people are willing to eat. Give the child a snack.

"Yes! Mother give Bao'er pancakes to eat." Gao Lie's wife is in a good mood and is responsive. When I went to dry the noodles, I still thought that I would buy more sugar and noodles, as long as her son likes to eat them, he would brand her every day in the future.

After Li Ji went home, he couldn't sleep in the middle of the night. He was tossed during this night. He lit the oil lamp and sat on the kang with Er Gouzi, touching the white fox skin and sighing: "Fortunately, I was listened to by long hair. If you don't have a good skin, you'll be blind."

"I'll catch more in the future." Er Gouzi didn't quite understand what happened today, but it didn't matter.

"It's one thing for you to catch more, but it's another thing for how much this leather sells for." Li Ji was a little worried after finishing speaking: "But without Gao Liehu, we have to find a way to sell it by ourselves. Let's go and see? Tsk, no, this leather is worth twenty taels of silver, and no one in the village can afford it. Let's go to the county to have a look after daybreak."

Er Gouzi nodded: "Listen to you." There is no time when he does not listen to Li Ji.

Li Ji didn't feel sleepy at all. The food at home was completely cold, and now he was hungry again. He and Er Gouzi heated the food again, the dumplings were blanched with boiling water again, and the two of them continued to pour. Eating and drinking.

After eating and cleaning up, the two lay on the kang and squinted for a while, and it was dawn.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi packed up their things, took two taels of silver, went to their neighbors to help them look after the house, feed the chickens or something, if the chickens lay eggs, they would all take them to eat, as payment.

No one would be willing to pay such a generous reward, and smiled and agreed again and again. Li Ji and Er Gouzi each went to the city with their empty packages and fox skins.

I arrived in more than half an hour later. It was still last year when I came back to the county. I have not changed at all in this county this year. After walking for more than an hour, I am not hungry, but I always feel that I am missing something if I don't go to a restaurant in the city.

The two who were familiar with the road went to the restaurant of last year again. It was the same guy from last year. The guy came over to greet them and saw them clearly. He suddenly laughed:

"The two masters haven't come over to take care of the business some days, and where they went to do big business recently, it looks like they are richer than last year."

When the buddy is not good, he can't be obedient. This winter, he eats less and eats well. Er Gouzi can't see anything. Li Ji is really fattening twice. Originally, he couldn't eat enough meat or full of congee and side dishes. Li Ji is skinny like a monkey. This year, when he sees flesh on his face, it's no wonder the guy said he is rich.

"Jing said it is good to be obedient. It is because the mud legs in the village do a big business, and they come back. First, five bowls of beef noodles, then two catties of sauced beef, and other refreshing side dishes."

When I came back, Er Gouzi ate five or six bowls of noodles by himself. This story was passed on for a long time. Everyone asks which kind of guy is so good at eating it. Listening to it, I think he is a capable master. The old saying goes. If you can eat well, if you eat too much without gaining weight, you must be a person with a lot of energy.

Soon the meat and noodles came up. Li Ji finished the two bowls of noodles. Some of them were too hungry. He was not very hungry at first. It was a bit reluctant to eat these two bowls. Er Gouzi lived up to expectations. The bowl of noodles are all over.

As soon as the bowl was empty, the guy came to the new bowl, and Er Gouzi took it and the two pieces of noodles were reduced by half.

Li Ji is full here, knowing that Er Gouzi is definitely not very hungry. Eating too much is not good for your health. He said: "After eating this bowl, stop. We are not hungry either. Go out for a long time. Come over for another meal at noon."

Er Gouzi nodded and agreed. The chopsticks were used quickly, and the dishes on the plate and the meat in the bowl were quickly reduced, making them especially appetite just by looking at them.

After the meal was over and the bill was settled, the dude deliberately sent the two to the door, and then went back to tidy up the clean dishes and chopsticks. He really envied the appetite.

The two of them walked down the street after eating and drinking. Li Ji didn't forget what was going on. He asked people where there are leather shops. There are few such small leather shops, and there are only one or two. It's hard to find, so I walked for a while to find. With.

The store is not big, but the house is pretty decent. Standing at the gate of the hall, Li Ji guessed that he should be able to get twenty taels of silver.

The two entered the house, and a guy greeted him upon hearing the news: "Yoye, I haven't seen you a few days, so have you come to take care of the business again?"

How could you guys have seen two of them? It's just to be obedient.

Although Li Ji didn't understand the rules and regulations of what he learned, but he wouldn't take it to his heart. What really cares about people is the money in their pockets.

"Is your shopkeeper here? Doing big business." Li Ji smiled.

Generally speaking, there are two possibilities for saying this, one is really big business, and the other is robbery. Dude looked at the appearance of the two of them, Li Ji looked good, not like a bad person, and Er Gouzi looked scary when he looked at the strong and strong man who was more than seven feet tall (the ancient ruler was different from now).

"Then you wait a minute." Then the guy pulled his neck and shouted to the back hall: "The boss, come out and take a look!"

Then the curtain leading to the back hall was opened, and a middle-aged man in his forties walked out slowly.

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