When the two of them said this, there was no contradiction. The vegetables on the windowsill grew better and better. More than ten days later, there is no shortage of vegetables at all at home. With fresh ones, there will be less pickles at home.

The newly caught male rabbit quickly adapted to the environment, although sometimes he tried to escape from prison by any means, and he was not afraid of being guarded. Even if he ran away, he could catch it back. The roe deer skin has been exchanged for a few more silvers, and the family deposits are already four or five taels. It is more than enough to build a larger thatched house.

When Li Ji was okay, he counted them one by one. Now the money saved in the family is richer than most people in the village. The key person is the money saved for many years or even the older generation, and the family's money The silver is only earned by Er Gouzi in one winter.

If this momentum persists for two years, there will be no more money in this village, and the money earned will last a lifetime even if you don't do anything in the future.

Li Ji is greedy, greedy for money and greedy for enjoyment. But when I thought that it was Er Gouzi who took the risk to earn it from the mountain, it didn't feel good in my heart. I felt hot when I held the money in my hand.

Li Ji made money from Er Gouzi, and he was generous, but everything he bought was enjoyed by the two of them together. What Li Ji thought in his heart was to let Er Gouzi go up the mountain as little as possible in the future, and wait for a few years. The dog is used to the days under the mountain, so don't go hunting on the mountain.

The chickens at home are well raised, and the rabbits just started, and they look pretty good. With these ounces of silver in hand, buy a cow to plow the land in spring, and buy two pigs and lambs so that you can eat pork in winter.

Cows can be rented out after their own homes. Pigs are male and female. After the sows have litters, they kill the boars and eat meat, and raise new piglets separately.

It is said that the poor eat pigs and the rich eat cattle and sheep. This pig can breed two litters a year, and there is more meat. If it is raised, it will be enough to feed Er Gouzi's meat needs.

Li Ji calculated this way, standing at the door watching Er Gouzi chop a rooster.

There are fewer and fewer roosters. If you eat three or five more, you can't eat anymore, otherwise the number of roosters is not enough and the eggs laid by the hens cannot be guaranteed.

Where were the chickens that I bought when I built the chicken coop enough to eat? Later, I bought it a few times in the village, and forced the hen to hatch two litters. Now it has just been raised to a half size, but the chicken house is big enough to be able to feed it.

Now there are more than 30 big and small chickens in total. Eat one in five or six days. Many chickens hatched in winter die and require higher temperatures. If the temperature rises in spring to make the chickens more suitable for life, then nothing else. How long will I have to go to the village to buy chicken.

There are quite a few people in the village who raise chickens, ducks and geese, basically eight of them. No one can eat as much as Li Ji's, and no one can afford it.

This winter is a bit longer. Li Ji will stand in the yard and look out every day, hoping to start spring soon.

Xu Shi God heard Li Ji's prayer, and the weather was getting better and warmer every day.

The yard of Li Ji's house was clean, and all the snow was cleared out in time. One day Li Ji walked out of the yard and walked two steps outside, stepping on the snow and lifting it up to stick a piece of snow on his foot. Li Ji picked off the snow with his hand and held it in his hand, grabbing the snow with his hand and running water out. The viscosity increases, and when you hold water, it means that the snow has begun to melt.

After the snow is gone, winter passes and spring comes, and the spring ploughing for the whole winter is not far away.

Li Ji called Er Gouzi to let him see: "After the snow melts, the weather will be hot and the leaves will come out, so we can plant the land! We can plant in the yard, and there are still many places outside in the yard. You may not have enough to grow vegetables in the field, and you are afraid of being stolen in the field. We can grow some in the house. If it doesn't work, we will grow cob rice, leaving a place in the middle to not grow. When the cob rice grows high, we will grow other rice in it. . But you can't get the sun, and watering is hard."

Li Ji seemed to talk to Er Gouzi again, but it was actually talking to himself. The left and right Er Gouzi couldn't understand. Er Gouzi basically played the role of a tree hole in Li Ji.

Er Gouzi knew this too. He squatted beside Li Ji and listened carefully. Regardless of whether he could understand or not, Er Gouzi had always been a qualified listener.

"Forget it, it's a big deal when you don't have enough food to buy it from the villagers. Anyway, this thing is not valuable. A few cents of food is enough for the two of us to eat for two days."

This year I will still plant cob rice, which means that there are more corns and less potatoes. Er Gouzi loves potatoes. The potatoes I eat this winter are the ones I planted in my own yard. I planted a few ridges this year, even if I can't eat them and sell them. Sells well.

The more Li Ji thinks about it, the more it feels that there is a bright future ahead. This day is really hopeful, and now it is incomparable when I look back on the days of the previous two years.

Snow melts for a few days. The ground has been muddy for a few days. Because the yard is clean and there is no snow, and the terrain is relatively high, the yard is always very clean. Li Ji rarely walks in the past two days because of the ground outside. It was very dirty, and there were stubborn people on the left and right, so they stayed at home for a few days.

After the ground was dry, except for the little snow in the corner of Gellari, the rest was basically cleaned up, the village moved more, and Er Gouzi had reached the time to sit still.

Er Gouzi has been in the nest for nearly a month, and Li Ji knew that he was suffocated and did not stop.

"When you go to the mountain, you can catch a rabbit alive, and you don't have to deliberately look for it. Anyway, the baby rabbit in our family is also quite big, and the big mother rabbit looks at her belly a little bit bigger. You don't have to travel far and find it for me. Just come back early. Remember, you don't need to care about anything if you don't catch it. You just need to come back well, know?"

Er Gouzi nodded in the torn padded jacket covered with patches. There is a lot of cotton in this old quilted jacket. Although it is ugly, it keeps warm. It doesn't hurt to go up the mountain to be scratched by branches. Er Gouzi wears it every time he goes up the mountain.

This time Li Ji didn't send it to the entrance of the village and let Er Gouzi go by himself. He still had a lot of things to do at home.

After feeding the chickens and rabbits, pouring vegetables on the windowsill, and sweeping the yard of the house, when Li Ji was fine, he sat by the window and pinched the green onions on the windowsill to eat. The green onion leaves are spicy when eaten in a big bite, but sweet when eaten a little bit.

It's delicious when you eat it, but when others smell it, it's smelly. Generally, good-looking people won't eat this thing, but this village is full of mud legs. Who can dislike whom? No one cares about this.

After eating green onion leaves for a long time and hearing the sound of opening the door, Li Ji's first reaction was that Er Gouzi had returned, but then he thought that Er Gouzi would not be back at this time.

"Four uncle?" The voice of the incoming person was crisp and sweet, and a small head came in first.

Li Ji held the green onion leaves in his mouth, and when he looked back, it was Li Qiao'er who hadn't been here for some days.

"I thought I came here." Li Ji stuffed the remaining green onion leaves in his mouth, stood up and laughed.

Li Qiao'er's silence was still searching the house: "Where is Ergou brother?"

"Going up the mountain." Li Ji felt uncomfortable when she said that he was looking for Er Gouzi. He still smiled on his face. "I have to come back this afternoon. You are also a coincidence. Er Gouzi hasn't been up the mountain for nearly a month, just today. I went, and staggered with you."

Li Qiao'er's face blushed, and she smiled and said: "My uncle, don't make fun of me. Brother Ergou is a capable person. Who in our village can be as powerful as Brother Ergou. Good stuff."

Listening to Li Qiao'er's shy compliment, Li Ji felt even more uncomfortable. Of course, this wouldn't make Li Qiao'er see it: "No, when I brought Er Gouzi back, there was not much food at home, and Er Gouzi was so so. I can eat it. I was still thinking about selling charcoal to earn two copper plates and eating chaffy vegetables this winter, but instead I borrowed him to drink spicy food all the time."

What Li Ji said was the truth. Li Qiaoer walked in and looked at the things in the house. Many of them were bought after Er Gouzi came. Compared with the previous poverty, the changes now can be described in a big word. ?

"That's also the fourth uncle, you have a good heart. At the beginning, Brother Gao searched for Li's family members all over the house, and the brothers of the same generation also searched for a lot of them. They refused to accept and found you in the end. If you hide far away, your fourth uncle is so good that you have taken people home when you are hungry. Now you should not enjoy this blessing." Li Qiao'er laughed.

What Li Qiaoer said was the truth. I said before that Gao Liehu's family also visited Li Qiao'er's house and wanted Li Qiao's father Li Shuisheng to adopt Er Gouzi. At that time, Li Shuisheng's head was shaking like a rattle, and now he regrets it. It was every time I heard that Er Gouzi went up the mountain and hit something back.

Therefore, Li Qiaoer could hear her father urging her to come and be more close to Er Gouzi when she was at home in two or three days. Married to Er Gouzi, Li Shui would not have to worry for the rest of her life.

After all, Li Qiaoer is a girl with a thin face, and she hasn't come for a long time. Recently, she has been thinking about Er Gouzi, and she has been urged tightly by her father. Only then can she pluck up the courage to come over, and as a result, people still go up the mountain.

"How can I say that Er Gouzi has the ability, I just happened to happen." Li Ji took some candied fruit to Li Qiaoer to eat. Li Qiaoer was not polite. After eating two yuan, there was nothing to do inside and outside the house, so he said to help Li Qiaoer. Ji made lunch.

Every time Li Qiaoer came over, the excuse was to help the two masters cook. Although it was an excuse to provoke gossip, it would be even more gossip if he left without doing anything for a while.

Li Ji nodded and agreed, and let Li Qiao'er make the food. Li Qiao'er had eaten here, knowing how much to cook, and knowing how to make, Li Ji went to the chicken house to see how the rabbits were doing.

Just grab some soy beans and throw them in, and as soon as the rabbits saw it, they ate it. Li Ji looked at the bunny rabbits who were still thinking about things. Er Gouzi didn't want to marry a wife. Even if he keeps this idea in the future, what should I do in the future? What do people in the village think of him?

There are a lot of bachelors in the village, but they are all incompetent and decent people. Normally, anyone with decent conditions can marry a daughter-in-law. The presence or absence of a daughter-in-law is a sign of whether a person is wasteful.

After Li Qiao'er finished the dishes, Li Ji didn't think of a reason. Li Qiao'er came over and said hello to leave. Li Ji gave Li Qiao'er three new eggs and let her go home. help.

At this time, the chicken hadn't resumed laying eggs, and the eggs were still rare, so Li Qiaoer took it.

Li Ji didn't want to understand, so he just didn't want to. Enlarge the ventilation holes and burn a small brazier above the corner of the chicken house to heat up. Find a warm place in the chicken house to put the nest and eggs.

The chicken is in the mood to hatch the eggs when the temperature is warm. Seeing that the weather is getting hot, it is better for the chicken to hatch earlier.

When I went back to the room, the vegetables were still stewing in the pot. I opened it to see that it was stewed sauerkraut. Li Qiaoer didn't ask him about the meat, so it was just stewed sauerkraut.

I bought this sauerkraut from someone else in the village, and so did the cabbage I ate. Li Ji thought that this year, he couldn't do this anymore. The yard around was big, and a variety of cabbage was good.

Cover the pot, the fire in the stove is almost gone, the left and right vegetables are simmered, and the chai sauerkraut will not be so delicious.

Li Ji squatted on the side of the stove to peel garlic. He eats sauerkraut and likes to eat it with garlic sauce. The so-called garlic sauce is actually garlic paste with a little soy sauce, and sometimes a little vinegar. Peel more garlic at night and bread dumplings. If Er Gouzi hit a big prey, use fresh ones, if not, there is still frozen meat at home.

After peeling the garlic, Li Jizheng was chopping it, and heard movement in the yard. He held a kitchen knife in his hand and looked out. Er Gouzi came back, his face was flushed with cold, and he looked at the white bloody prey on his shoulders.

Li Ji went over to see if the Er Gouzi were injured. Fortunately, some of the cotton flew out of the clothes with a torn hole. Every time I went up the mountain, there was nothing unbreakable, and Li Ji got used to it, so he went to see Er Gouzi's prey.

The prey has a long tail, and Li Ji barely guessed it by looking at the second half: "This is a fox?"

Er Gouzi nodded, went into the house and threw the fox on the ground.

Li Ji squatted on the ground and took a look. The wound on his hind leg looked like a tooth bite. It was a pity that he smashed his mouth: "But this skin is broken. This white fox has less miscellaneous hair, and only a little miscellaneous hair on the back. Old money."

Er Gouzi said: "If you can't catch a fox in winter, it may be looking for food. When I saw it, it was almost dead and it was bleeding too much."

No wonder the wound is on the hind leg. Because Er Gouzi catches the smaller prey by twisting his neck, the big prey is the one that sees blood.

"Then you take a rest, I don't dare to peel the skin, you still have to do this work, you come back early today, how about rewarding you for eating dumplings? Just use fox as the stuffing."

Er Gouzi felt refreshed as soon as he heard the food, and nodded in agreement, sat down and took a sip of tea and began to poke his skin.

After the fox skin was set, Li Ji sent it to Gao Liehu's house as soon as possible, and sent it to Gao Liehu. Before leaving, let Er Gouzi shave all the fox meat and chop it into meat.

Li Ji was in a good mood and was humming along the way. Although this fox fur is incomplete, it is also a white fox fur, which must be very valuable.

Although Li Ji has shallow eyelids, he has also heard about the price of some skins. Those ladies are fashionable to wear clothes made of fox skins, and they like to use white foxes the most. However, white foxes are much less than red foxes. There is a way that things are rare and expensive. Li Ji has never seen the market and can't tell the price, but I know for sure. Quite a few.

Li Ji walked briskly to Gao Liehu's house. When he arrived outside the courtyard, Gao Lie's wife was cleaning the yard. Hearing the movement, he looked up and saw that the God of Wealth was coming. Li Ji didn't usually come. Once he came, it meant that the family was going to make money again, and it was just a plan. It costs money to build a new house and have two children this year, so seeing Li Ji is especially happy and has an enthusiastic attitude.

"Fourth Uncle is here! You said you don't want to say hello in advance, I'm going to kill chickens and buy wine." Gao Lie's wife hurriedly welcomed people into the house.

"You're welcome, it's not an outsider."

Gao Lie who entered the room had already heard the voice and responded: "Fourth Uncle is here? Did Er Gouzi bring some leather back?"

Li Ji handed over the fox skin that had begun to harden, "Look at this."

Looking at the high-coat Hunter, he was stunned, and hurriedly took the skin over and took a closer look: "This…this is fox fur!"

Li Ji just has a concept, but Gao Lihu knows its value. When I was a child, I heard my grandfather say that there is a white fox on the mountain. One of those things will be enough for the whole family to eat for most of their lives. Although this is not a pure white fox fur, it is a bit miscellaneous, and it is not complete. It was bitten. But that is also a valuable treasure.

"This is considered to be the leak that Er Gouzi picked up today. I saw it as it was dying just as soon as I went up the mountain. It should be because I was hungry and came out looking for food and encountered a beast. I don't know how it escaped. It just happened. Cheaper my second dog."

This Gao Liehu is jealous, he has never done such a good thing after half a lifetime of hunting.

Gao Lihu put his hand on the leather and stroked it carefully. This is the white silver.

Li Ji finished saying this and said with a smile: "Then you help me estimate, how much can this thing sell for?"

Gao Liehu entered his thoughts and didn't rush to answer. Li Ji just waited, thinking that this thing was too rare to see Gao Liehu could not be sure for a while.

Gao Liehu thought for a while before he said with joy, "It's worth ten taels of silver if you talk less."

Li Ji was taken aback when he heard it. He didn't expect it to be so valuable. Such a piece of leather is worth more than all the leathers before.

Li Ji is a greedy for money. When he heard this, his gums almost laughed, and he said hurriedly: "Then I will trouble you to sell it. The old rule is to give you 20%, and then you can give me eight taels of silver."

When Gao Lie heard that Li Ji was so happy, he hurriedly shouted to his wife: "It's in the house! Go and find out how much money is left in our house, and you can find a whole number for your uncle! Hurry up!"

The wife of Gao Lie heard that this was a big deal. I hurriedly dig out the money box and counted five taels of silver from it.

Gao Liehu even stuffed Li Ji with silver and copper plates, and said, "I will give you these first. I will buy fox skins later, and then I will give you the rest."

Li Jiyuan wanted to push it, and when he sold out one piece, he would give it to him, but think about it now that the weather is warm now and two days later, he will take Er Gouzi into the city and then buy some things. It will cost a lot of money, so he will put it in his pocket.

In fact, all this money was earned by Gao Lie from Li Ji's Er Gouzi, and Li Ji didn't have a psychological burden when he took it.

Li Ji thought he hadn't eaten yet, so he kicked the silver and stood up and was about to leave.

The Gao Lihu couple kept sending Li Ji to the gate, smiling and saying that after two days of killing chickens, Li Ji must come.

It's not easy to eat meat in the village, and every household is willing to raise ten or eight chickens. Some people still have to keep selling eggs or selling chickens to earn copper plates. Being willing to kill chickens and eat meat in a year is the Chinese New Year. When you come to distinguished guests.

Li Ji's pockets were bulging, and he was in a great mood. Before he went home, he could hear the sound of meat being chopped inside. When he went in, he said cheerfully, "Er Gouzi, we made a lot of money!"

Er Gouzi stopped and looked back, and smiled at Li Ji's joyous look.

"Do you like this kind of skin?" Er Gouzi didn't know the name of the fox.

"Yes! Pure white is the best! The more complete, the whiter, the more valuable it is! The money sold for just such a piece of stray fur is enough for the two of us to eat for several years." Li Ji stretched out his hand and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder. Very satisfied.

"After that, I will catch more." Although the fox is difficult to catch, Er Gouzi hasn't caught it. He didn't catch it very much before. It's because the fox is not too cunning and catches less meat. It's better to catch roe deer, which saves energy. Since Li Ji likes it, he will try his best to make Li Ji happy in the future.

Looking at Er Gouzi, I knew that Er Gouzi would still be able to catch it. Li Ji couldn't help but kissed Li Ji's forehead while pulling Er Gouzi's collar.

In Li Ji's mind, this action is a kind of reward, which is often seen by older brothers and sisters to younger siblings. Or the elders to the juniors are two years older than Li Ji, but Li Ji is the fourth uncle of Er Gouzi, so it's fine to kiss him because of his love for the juniors.

Er Gouzi's eyes lit up, and Li Ji kissed him without drinking. It was because of the white prey that was not easy to catch, so he would catch more in the future. Isn't Li Ji able to kiss him more often?

With this idea, Er Gouzi's heart is more affirmed in his determination to catch more foxes in the future.

In a good mood, Li Ji wants to drink two more cups again. Although there are not good memories before, the wine is innocent, and two more sips are good if he is in a good mood.

Li Ji went to buy a pound of wine, not too much, and it would be nice to drink less for a few days.

As soon as he saw Jiu Er Gouzi's eyes lit up, in his eyes the wine was already equated with certain activities, but the last time he bought wine, Li Ji became ill, so he never dared to buy wine again. Li Ji.

The dumplings were made in the evening, and the sun was slanting and it was getting dark. After the dumplings were cooked, two small dishes were fried. The two sat opposite each other and poured some wine.

"Yeah! Fragrant! I've heard that fox meat is Shanzhen, and it's the first time I've eaten it! It's also fresh when filling dumplings. Come to Er Gouzi and eat more!"

Putting a dumpling for Er Gouzi, Li Ji took a sip from the wine glass. This wine is unbearable when I first drink it, but I get used to it when I drink it more often.

Li Ji poured himself wine again. He drank half of a pound of wine with a mouthful of dumplings and a sip of wine.

When he was half drunk and not drunk, he heard a knock on the door outside, and Er Gouzi got off the table and opened the door to welcome someone in.

The man trembling with his hand, saw Li Jixian yelling for Grandpa Four, and Li Ji fixed his eyes to see that it was his family, Li Changfa.

"Grandpa Four! Did you sell a fox skin today?"

Li Ji was taken aback, and the story spread in the village: "Yeah? I also sold a lot of money. It all depends on Er Gouzi." Li Ji drank a little wine and couldn't control his emotions, and began to show off Ergou to others. It's amazing.

Li Changfa slapped his thigh: "Oh, you're conscientious! What did the old Gao family tell you? Does it mean that the fox skin is worth ten taels of silver?"

"Yeah!" Li Ji heard that his tone was wrong, whether Li Ji was drunk or stupid, he must have heard something in it.

"I heard it really when I was relieved. The one who killed that day said that the fox skin was less worth twenty taels of silver. He could make twelve taels of silver when he changed hands. He also said that he was foolish like fooling you. Yes, he didn't make less money just by the difference."

When Li Ji heard this, his first reaction was not to believe it. Business is doing well these days, but Li Ji is not stupid yet. Thinking about it, he knows that Li Changfa doesn't seem to be lying.

Because he asked the high hunter to sell the leather to 20% of the profit, it did not go out. Only two people knew about this. If the leather is worth twenty taels of silver, the difference between the twelve taels of silver earned by the high Hunter and the two taels of the commission is indeed true. With a net profit of twelve taels, it would be impossible for Li Changfa to make up this kind of thing.

Li Ji frowned and asked, "Are you serious?"

Li Changfa walked over and rubbed some dry hands: "Can I lie to you? We are my own family, and you are my elders. I can't fool you by fooling anyone. I heard them say that I will run to the city in the middle of the night. I rushed in and sold it, so I don't want you to react and ask him for it. Then, I will send you the money directly to block your mouth. You don't know where he sells it. He makes a steady profit."

This is a full 12 taels of silver. It takes five or six years to save a copper plate without going out to work long hours. As long as you earn money in your pocket, you will break with Li Ji even if it is discovered. Li Ji can't grasp the evidence. Don't blame him, these twelve taels of silver are enough for not doing business.

Of course Li Ji wanted to understand this, and immediately slapped the table: "Did you hear that it is tonight?"

Li Changfa said: "If you don't believe me, let's find two people to go to the village to block it, and if you don't block Grandpa Fourth in the second half of the night, you slap a few mouths on my face!"

Li Changfa has said so, and he is confident that Li Ji got off the kang and called Er Gouzi. Li Ji is a well-known honest man in the village, and he is not happy to go out if there is no major event. But being honest doesn't mean that you are really fooled by the second fool!

It's kind enough to let them make 20% of the silver by running a leg, and if this is not enough, they dare to make the difference! And it's still such a big difference!

Er Gouzi is very sensitive to any emotions of Li Ji. After getting off the ground and putting on his clothes, his temperament has changed under the influence of Li Ji's emotions. Those eyes are like Li Ji's first time seeing him, like a moment. A wolf cub who might bite.

Li Ji is not afraid of Er Gouzi, and is also very satisfied with this momentum, patting Er Gouzi on the shoulder to show encouragement.

Li Changfa had never seen him before, so he was shocked and deliberately stayed away.

Going out, Li Ji asked Li Changfa to find a few young and strong men. They squatted at the entrance of Gao Liehu's house and the entrance of the village, and found that people were using cuckoos as a signal.

It was said that it was late in the night, but in order to prevent him from worrying about leaving early, it's okay to start guarding now. Li Ji's promise was ten copper plates per person, if it was really guarded until someone grabbed an additional ten copper plates. This is almost the money that was picked up in vain, how can anyone not keep it? All of them were full of energy, for fear of missing the ten coins.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were both at the entrance of the village. It was quite cold at night. Li Ji was wearing a thick coat and sitting there with his hands. It's boring to play with the stars in the sky. Tonight, the moon is quite big. It's clear, so I can only hide in the bushes. Fortunately, the mosquitoes haven't come out yet. Except for the cold, the rest can hold on.

Er Gouzi found the hiding place and stood still, staring at the village, exactly like he did when he was hunting.

Li Ji has never seen Er Gouzi hunting. The Er Gouzi he is familiar with is the stupid and silly big man who can be beautiful for a long time, so it's hard to imagine Er Gouzi on the mountain. How to face those ferocious beasts and hunt them.

Li Ji thought for a while and walked to Er Gouzi and said in a low voice: "If you really want to catch someone and don't kill you, the one with the higher surname is not a prey. Don't kill anyone. Just catch it. If you catch it, just send it away. In the ancestral hall, if this matter is true, it is really endless!"

There are no villages that do not emphasize seniority. Those big officials may use money and power to speak, but in this poor ditch where the status, status and property are similar, that is, the senior level crushes people to death, and Li Ji presses the hunters by seniority. On the one hand, it was his father's generation, and that Gao Liehu deceived Li Ji is a big rebellion.

This is no longer a question of fraud, it can be charged with unfilial piety. Even if the village lynched people and caused people to go to the government, the government would turn a blind eye to the government, and the government would not manage too much of family affairs.

Li Ji certainly wouldn't make things so big, but he wouldn't let Gao Liehu easily. Now when I think back to the daytime, Gao Liehu was a bit wrong, and this time he dared to make a false report to make a difference. It was possible to do this kind of thing before.

Li Ji didn't understand the market, even if he was absent, he didn't know this time because Li Changfa heard it accidentally. If it weren't for Li Changfa, he would only have more money in the future.

Looking at the moon, it's already late at night, the weather is a bit cold, and the original vitality has been worn down a little bit. Li Ji walked back and forth several times, thinking that he couldn't stand such a torment at night. It's really impossible to go back today. It's a big deal tomorrow. During the day, I was stuck counting money.

At this time, I heard a few cuckoo noises in the village, and I had to admire those young men for learning so much.

"All ready, people are coming! Er Gouzi?"

Er Gouzi replied, his body tightened even more.

After half a cup of tea, and heard the brisk footsteps not far away, the man was obviously in a good mood. He was still humming a little tune, and carrying a tightly wrapped leather. If he has a long tail, I am afraid at this time. Go up to the sky early.

"Go!" Li Ji gave an order, and a group of young men rushed out together! Er Gouzi took the brunt of the situation and threw a few people behind him. Before he could react, Gao Liehu had a pain in his chest and a numbness in his feet. Then, his back fell on the ground and he screamed in pain.

"Robbery! Here comes someone!"

"Shut up!" Li Jili yelled, Li Ji walked down and looked at Gao Liehu who was pressed on the ground, "Look clearly who the Lord is!"

The moonlight was just right. As soon as Gao Lie looked up, he could see Li Ji's face clearly, and his expression suddenly changed: "Fourth Uncle?"

"I'm the fourth grandfather of you!" Li Ji was already a little drunk, and stretched out his hand to pull the baggage Gao Liehu was carrying to open the fox skin inside.

Gao Liehu's heart broke, and he quickly said: "Misunderstanding, it's all misunderstanding!"

Li Ji ignored him and said to Er Gouzi: "Send to the ancestral hall!"

Then he turned and walked in front. Er Gouzi didn't know where he was. He followed Li Ji. Someone consciously went to wake up the village chief and the elders in the village, except for the seventy-year-old grandfather, the rest of the elders. They were all called out from under the covers.

Gao Liehu was gagged. At this time, he couldn't say anything. He threw it in the ancestral hall and sweated. He knew what it meant when it was revealed, but if he succeeded, he would naturally ignore the danger. .

What made him wonder was how Li Ji discovered it. After all, it is impossible for a cucumber egg like Li Ji to know the value of that white fox skin except for the old and knowledgeable elderly in the village.

Gao Liehu made several voices to try to attract Li Ji's attention, but Li Ji completely ignored him and found a stool to sit down and wait for the village chief and elders to arrive.

In the past, things from other people made Li Ji's elders go through the scene. This time Li Ji is the protagonist. Since childhood, Li Ji has been living in peace with everyone. The biggest thing is when Li Ji's father died, and then he was honest. In fact, there was nothing, and never caused trouble to the villagers. Even the Er Gouzi who was regarded as troublesome were still collected by Li Ji, so Li Ji's popularity in the village has always been very good.

When everyone arrived, they basically heard about what was going on on the road, and they basically cursed a few words about Gao Lie Wang Ba Lao Zi when they entered the house.

Li Ji is the fourth uncle of Gao Liehu by generation, and he is still an unmarried child in his age, and Er Gouzi is even more immature. Gao Liehu is safe and dare to lie.

When the people are all there, Li Ji talked about what he had been brewing for a long time, and took out Li Changfa first, so as to save him from being difficult to be a man in the village in the future.

"Recently, when I was selling leathers, I found that he was giving me less and less valuation. My brothers were all fair. I already gave him two levels of profit. This is because he saved Er Gouzi. It's a good price. The price I gave was quite high at the beginning. Recently, every time I took the leather, I would lose a penny or two. I felt that something was wrong, but we didn't understand it, so I don't have any position to say."

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and said: "During the day, I felt that the surname Gao's eyes flickered, saying that the leather is worth ten taels of silver in his eyes. At night, I asked Er Gouzi to pay more attention to his house when he was out for a stroll. Thinking is really tricky, but Er Gouzi's ears are so good that he just listened to the two of them talking at home!"

Who is Er Gouzi? Even the Er Gouzi who said that the sun is right in the sky agreed with Li Ji, and immediately nodded very happy.

Seeing that Er Gouzi hadn't revealed anything, Li Ji nodded in satisfaction, and continued: "What they said at home is really bad, saying that this leather is actually worth twenty taels of silver, saying that I am a second fool and he believes everything. I left the village early in the middle of the night and went to the city to buy it. I came back tomorrow and gave me the money. Even if I knew it later, there was no evidence. After Er Gouzi told me, I found two young men squatting at the entrance of the village, but I didn't expect to catch one. Right now!"

Li Ji shook his hand with twenty taels worth of fox skin, so that everyone could see clearly: "This was found in his backpack. As expected, I went to sell the skins in the middle of the night so that I would not find something wrong with him."

After Li Ji finished talking about the causes and consequences, all the elders who came over were furious. Li Shuisheng kicked Gao Liehu in the past and said, "I don't think it's a thing to play as a kid. It's really a skill. I can't beat myself. The prey bullies the elders."

The village chief said that the village is in charge of the affairs, but it is also relatively speaking. The crime of deceiving the elders is greater than that of deceiving people. It is not a major issue in the yamen. At most, the first half of the 20th team is closed, but it is no serious crime to leave the village. possible.

After thinking about it, he said: "Since everyone has taken the stolen goods, how do you deal with it, Xiao Ji."

Li Ji thought for a while and said, "You can trust me when I am young. If you ask me, I have the courage to say it. In the final analysis, there are two ways, either to report to an official or to be private. What do you think?"

In the village, things are generally not reported to officials, unless people are killed, but even if people are killed, as long as it is not a vicious murder, they will not be reported to officials. Because in their eyes, these things are their own affairs with the door behind closed doors, so what happens in their own family is naturally solved by their own.

"It's not easy for other officials, let's not make trouble for other officials." The village chief said, "It's private, Xiao Ji, you can listen to you whatever you want."

Li Ji took out a pack of silver from his sleeve pocket. It was the fifty taels of silver that Gao Liehu gave during the day: "These fifty taels of silver were the deposit he gave me during the day. He said that he would give me three taels after selling the fox skins. silver."

Li Shuisheng looked at Yinzi's eyes straight and smiled and said, "You should have the money in your pocket. Anyway, I don't know how much dirty money there is to defraud the price difference."

Li Ji shook his head: "I don't lack money in my family, but I can't be a B*stard. I think this ancestral hall has not been repaired in a few years. It is enough to buy some bricks and wood materials with this money. It's our own ancestor, and it's right to cultivate well."

The village chief smiled and said, "How about you being kind." Five taels of money is enough for a family to live a wealthy two or three years. If you don't, don't be foolish than being kind.

Li Ji looked at Gao Liehu: "Don't be idle with this stuff. Let him do the ancestral repair work alone. In order to prevent him from making the difference, we bought the materials for him."

Every time this ancestral hall was renovated, a dozen men worked together. This time, Gao Liehu was left alone, and every two or three months of waking up and greedy for the dark would never be finished.

Gao Lie hummed twice, and Li Ji walked over and pulled the rag in Gao Lie's mouth: "What else do you want to say?"

Gao Liehu hurriedly said: "I was wrong and I was wrong, my uncle! You take the money and take it away. This is a long time to build the ancestral hall. Why can I do it alone? Yes, you are done! I promise that there will be no next time, and I will never do it again!"

Li Ji smiled and asked: "Do you know what the twelve taels represent?" After a pause, before Gao Liehu could answer, Li Jitian said, "You are not worth the price."

Gao Liehu was in a cold sweat: "I really know I was wrong! Sister Uncle, think about it, I also saved Er Gouzi, you can spare me this time for the face of Er Gouzi!"

Li Ji looked back at Er Gouzi, then turned his head to make no sense: "You saved Er Gouzi? Why don't you say that you dug the trap? There is no indication that there is a trap near the village. Who said it was not good? It's all your business to fall in! What's more, when I asked you to sell the leather, I gave you less money? I gave you 20% of the money. Do you still have the face to talk about it?"

Li Shuisheng helped said: "No, Xiaoji and Er Gouzi are kind enough. It's clear that you are not greedy enough. If something happens, just accept your fate as an excuse. Do you have this face?"

The village chief waited for them to finish, and said at both ends of his mouth symmetrically: "Just do as Xiaoji said. This should be what Xiaoji said, and Xiaoji didn't say when it must be completed before. It will be this fall. Autumn. The repairs must be completed before, and there is enough time in the middle to repair the ancestral hall in the morning and work in the afternoon without delay."

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