Zhang's daughter-in-law sitting next to Zhao's daughter-in-law said: "That's also Er Gouzi who has never seen a woman and didn't know him. He is 18-year-old and full of blood. How can an adult look at a woman uncomfortably? It's too tight, it's okay to let him go out and talk to the little girl, or often call the little girl to come over. He thinks about it after a long time."

Li Ji smiled and said: "I tried it, but it didn't work. My sister, Qiao'er, aquatic brother, came every day some time ago, and Er Gouzi didn't say a word to others. The little girl is thin-skinned, Er Gouzi has no patience yet, because I did not persuade Er Gouzi to talk more with other girls, but he nodded his head. Go and ask Qiao'er how many words Er Gouzi said to him?"

Li Ji's mouth dries even more, and said: "I also know that you are kind, who made Er Gouzi belong to our village. When I was young, I was so pitiful, but we can't force them too much. Think about it from another angle. I'll go tomorrow. Your family picked up your house and said that it was good for you to have bad feng shui. Would you like it?"

Li Ji's words are all about this, and it's useless to say more.

Zhao's daughter-in-law said: "You said that's the same reason, but we are also doing good for him. You usually persuade you to talk more softly. I know that you are young, but you are an elder and face the younger. Can't be patient."

Li Ji was irritable, but he actually didn't like to be entangled with this kind of person. He couldn't say too much: "You still tell me, I am an elder who is still preached by you? Let's put the matter of Er Gouzi again. Well, it won't be too late in another six months. It's still the same sentence, Er Gouzi came down from the mountain, unlike the young guy who grew up in the village. It's so easy for people to find a home and go down the mountain. We can't force him to go up again, right?"

Li Ji stood up and trembled ashes on her body. This was a very subtle way of seeing off the guests. The Zhao family daughter-in-law was silent for a while and her face was not very good, but what she just said was really preaching to the elders of Li Ji.

Four of the six people who came were matchmakers, and the other two were the girl's mothers who came to represent sincerity. In the end, Li Ji said everything that should be said before he said a few words.

Before leaving, Zhou's daughter-in-law came over and said to Li Ji: "I think those Er Gouzi are honest, they complement each other. Whatever they lack, I'll look for them. My sister-in-law's Yuniang will fight. Er Gouzi is quick and talkative. Er Gouzi might like it. Gaming will let her come and help. If Er Gouzi can agree with us, it is easy to say that if you are in a village on the left and right, you will be your elder brother and sister. It doesn't get in the way."

Li Ji responded vaguely and finally sent the six Buddhas away.

Everyone is gone, Li Ji is not even in the mood to clean up his tea bowl. Sitting on the kang is full of idiots. Er Gouzi has been more honest since he caught a cold. Although he occasionally stretches out his hand to wipe the oil at night, he hasn't taken any more actions.

Er Gouzi said more than once that in this life he only wants to be with Li Ji and does not want to marry a wife. Li Ji didn't believe it, but it was undeniable that he seemed to be looking forward to it. Many people here in the village are interested in Er Gouzi wanting to climb this family, and there will definitely be more in the coming year.

What should I do then?

Li Ji was originally a heavy-minded person. He just sat there thinking, and when he was thirsty, he picked up a tea bowl to drink. When he picked it up, he remembered that it was used by someone just now, so he poured the tea. On the ground.

Er Gouzi came back later today, in the afternoon. Li Ji did not eat lunch at noon. Feed the chickens and pick up eggs. Look at the vegetables on the window sill that are well-grown with a scoop of water. They come back to the kitchen and put the scoop back.

Er Gouzi likes to take care of this so much, so let's save it and wait for Er Gouzi to come back.

When Er Gouzi came back, Li Ji heard the sound immediately. He has never expected him to come back like he does now. He stood up and quickly walked out of the back room, and listened to the door of the room, pretending to open the door casually, and seeing Er Gouzi smile as before: "I'm back."

Li Ji's self-proclaimed smile as usual, let Er Gouzi see the clue.

"Unhappy?" Er Gouzi questioned.

Li Ji's lips stiffened. He didn't know how Er Gouzi saw it: "No, why are you back late today?"

Er Gouzi handed over the live rabbit in his hand: "It took some time to find it. So I came back late."

Er Gouzi threw down the roe deer he was carrying on his shoulders again. This photo was bigger than the roe deer caught last time, but thinner than that one, and it didn't look much meat.

It's pretty good to find it at this time. Li Ji praised Er Gouzi twice to see if the rabbit is indeed a male. He entered the chicken house and threw the rabbit to the female rabbit. He threw two cabbage leaves. He didn't worry about letting Er Gouzi get the roe deer when he returned to the house. It is the first to open the pot and the two of them eat first.

At the dinner table, Li Ji was eating every bite, hiding things in his heart and having no appetite for eating. Of course Er Gouzi immediately noticed: "Are you cold again?"

Li Ji shook his head. In order to prove that he was not sick, he took a bite of food, but it didn't taste like to chew in his mouth.

After being stared at by Er Gouzi for a long while, Li Ji finally couldn't stand it and said: "There are five or six people here today, and they all told you to kiss you."

"Say pro?" Er Gouzi didn't know what this meant.

"Just to find you a daughter-in-law, several families have taken you, and want you to be someone else's son-in-law and marry someone else's daughter as a daughter-in-law." Li Ji actually didn't want to tell Er Gouzi about this, after all Er Gouzi didn't understand. Don't say I feel uncomfortable.

Li Ji didn't want to admit that he wanted to hear Er Gouzi clearly refuse, and then said that he wanted to be with him all the time.

Li Ji held up his ears and waited for a long while, and Er Gouzi just floated gently: "Oh."

Li Ji only felt that he had hit the steamed bun with a fist. It was hot steamed buns that had just come out of the pot. It was so hot: "You don't object?"

Without hearing a response, Li Ji raised his head and met Er Gouzi's eyes. There was no expression on Er Gouzi's face, so he looked at Li Ji and opened his mouth after a while and said, "I said no, you will be upset. I don't want to make you unhappy, but I don't want to marry a wife either."

This is the first time Er Gouzi has spoken to him with this expression and tone, but Li Jixin put it down steadily, and has never been so happy.

"Okay! I won't ask you again." Li Ji caught a large piece of vegetable and stuffed it into his mouth to eat it called a fragrant.

Er Gouzi tilted his head and asked: "Aren't you angry?"

"Don't be angry." Li Ji stretched his chopsticks and put a piece of meat into Er Gouzi. "Actually, I also think that the old ladies in the village are annoying enough. I sent them off today. I will definitely look for you when I look back. I will teach you, who is forcing you and the girl. When you meet, you say that if you force me, I will go back to the mountain!"

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