The appearance of Er Gouzi is really too pungent. Every time Li Ji looks at it, he feels that Er Gouzi is cute, although Er Gouzi's appearance is not right for the word cute.

"I like to grow vegetables? Just wait for the beginning of spring, and wait for the snow to melt. At that time, you don't want to grow the land. It just so happens that I have a lot of land in my hands. When I'm busy, it's a day of planting. Although it's tired, It's really satisfying when it comes to harvesting in autumn. Spring ploughing, summer harvesting, autumn harvesting and winter storage. We always cannot hide from this rule of farming."

"Growing land? Planting more vegetables?" Er Gouzi asked.

"Almost, the rice and noodles we eat are all grown in the ground. You will understand in the coming year. What else do you like to eat? We will have more varieties at that time." Li Ji smiled.

"I like to eat all of them." Er Gouzi turned his head and touched the green onion leaves that were just a bunch high. Er Gouzi's appetite has always been very good. He is not picky about food, and he can eat anything especially fragrant.

In Li Ji's view, this is a blessing, and Li Ji also wants to have the appetite of Er Gouzi, eating several bowls of rice at a time, it must be very satisfying.

The little bunny grows very fast, and in more than half a month I have seen a little bunny crawling out of Li Ji's den made of torn cotton jackets. The half-sized little rabbit is the most heartbreaking time, even if it is a self-proclaimed man like Li Ji, he can't walk when he sees it.

But the female rabbit is wild in the end. She protects her cubs so well that she won't be touched at all. God knows how much Li Ji wants to grab one and hug it.

After a month and a half, it was time to quit. Li Ji first separated the female rabbit and the little rabbit with a few boards, so that they could see each other and stretch their noses to touch each other, but they just couldn't lean against each other. Can't breastfeed.

In the first few days, the female rabbit and the little rabbit were very anxious, and they rarely fed. After a long time, they got used to it and got used to it.

At this time, Li Ji finally had the opportunity to hold a little rabbit. Although the little rabbit is a hare, he has seen people since he was a child, so he is not afraid at all. Li Ji holds it as hell. If Li Ji holds cabbage in his hand Leaves, let alone eat the others.

Er Gouzi wanted to go up the mountain again, and now Li Ji could adapt to some extent. He did not forget to tell him to come back early. It is best to catch a male rabbit alive and find a partner for the female rabbit so that he can continue to have rabbits.

Er Gouzi took note, put on a thick cotton-padded coat after listening to Li Ji's words, and went back into the mountain under Li Ji's watch.

Every time Er Gouzi enters the mountain, it represents a portion of the family's income, and he never comes back empty-handed. Every time Li Ji was worried, the villagers were jealous.

The village is barren, and the villagers have few incomes, so the income is also low. Fortunately, the road is good. The harvested food can not be sold in time, so although it is not rich, it will not starve to death.

In contrast, the current Li Ji's family is different, because the income from Er Gouzi's hunting two or three times can exceed the annual income of a normal family in the village. How can there be no reason for not being jealous?

Jealousy goes to jealousy, and no one can do anything obvious. But seeing Er Gouzi hunting more and more and making more and more money, more and more people in the village want to make a fuss about marriage.

Someone came to say kiss before, and the Er Gouzi were there. Before Li Ji could speak, the Er Gouzi refused. Today, taking advantage of the Er Gouzi to go up the mountain, three or four people came to say kisses at home.

There were a total of four pottery bowls in Li Ji's house. Six guests came and they were not enough to make tea. In the end, they only gave tea to seniors and older people.

Li Ji's family is Xincha, at least it is the only one in the village now. People in the village either buy tea foam, or buy a small amount of tea at a time, and they are reluctant to take it out to entertain the most important guests. This often lasts for a few years.

Li Ji bought tea from his own home, because he was greedy for enjoyment, and he was not reluctant. He just drank it as usual. When the guests came to give tea, he couldn't help but drink two more sips.

"I also know that this matter is a bit difficult for you, but in the end Er Gouzi lives in your house, and you are Er Gouzi's fourth uncle. You still have to decide Er Gouzi's marriage. Although the Er Gouzi used to be On the mountain, but the past few months have seen no problems, and honestly, without any ambitions, and hunting is good. People are already eighteen, and it is time to marry a daughter-in-law." The woman who spoke was the Zhao family's daughter-in-law. The seniority is called Li Ji, the fourth uncle.

"I don't make the decision on this matter. Don't tell me anything about marriage. My parents' order of a matchmaker. Er Gouzi is two years older than me. I call him brother according to age! And don't look at Er Gouzi's words. Look more honestly, in fact, it's very screwy! I often mention the matter of marrying him a daughter-in-law, but he is not happy that I can do it, so he stuns him with a stick and throws a girl at him? He's only dealing with beasts. Honestly doesn't mean you're playing around." Li Ji didn't want to talk about it in his heart, but he couldn't hide after asking.

The Zhao family's daughter-in-law heard these words and complained half-heartedly: "But he does not listen to you? I have never seen what you say he disagrees. What is the age, then you are his fourth uncle! Not to mention Er Gouzi. Growing up in a hill, no one loves someone who doesn't love it. It's better to marry a wife who knows the cold and the hot, it's better for you two gentlemen to mess around."

Hearing this, Li Ji almost laughed, they are messing together? Is this blind or something? Where is the mess in and out of this yard? Isn't it all organized? The chicken coops are swept and piled in the corner of the backyard every day, which is more agile than most people in the village.

"That's because you didn't see it. I don't want Er Gouzi to go up the mountain. When did you think he heard about it? There are so many old chickens in the house. Selling eggs is enough to eat. There is no need for him to go hunting and selling leather. Besides, it's so cold at this time, and the beasts on the mountain are hungry. When they reach the mountain, their hands and feet are frozen and they can't run, they will go up to deliver food. But don't these Er Gouzi still go up the mountain one by one?"

Li Ji wanted to drink water, but there was no tea bowl. He swallowed and continued: "You also know that Er Gouzi grew up in the mountains. He wants things to be different from ours. Let's not even think about turning him into a village. People are the same, we think he is weird, he also thinks we are weird, we are forced to pat his butt back on the mountain, we can't find him, he can still live well, you let me take care of him, and don't let me take care of him. A few days. Even the one raised from childhood is not born with the belly, let alone this."

Every word Li Ji said is based on the rationale. When Xiao Li Ji speaks, it is logical and clear, and can be listed in every box. When his father was still alive, he still sighed twice. This son just suffered from no money to study. If he hadn't been so active in his head, how could he be a talent in the exam.

Li Ji didn't have a chance to recognize words, but he could still recognize it.

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