Li Ji decided to raise this female rabbit, but how to give this rabbit a warm and quiet environment is a problem. Put it in the chicken cage? Although the chicken cage is a bit noisy, the chickens are not a threat to it, and it is quite warm inside.

At this time, it is obviously unrealistic to build a rabbit cage alone, and there is only this way. If this way the female rabbit will eat the baby rabbit after giving birth, Li Ji and Er Gouzi will eat the female rabbit.

I found a few wooden boards and separated a place in the chicken coop. The main reason was that I was afraid that the chickens would bully the mother and bully the mother rabbit. After the female rabbit was placed in, the two of them fed the chickens and ignored them.

At this time, Li Ji was too hungry to think of being hungry, and quickly took the food out of the pot, but fortunately it was still warm.

The dead rabbit didn't have much meat after it was peeled off. It is deep winter. Few people who eat grass can find something to eat, so it's normal to be thin. The fattest time of the prey is autumn. Because animals also know that they are going to be hungry in winter, they will desperately eat everything they can find and grow more meat. Only in this way can they survive the long winter.

This has also created the peak of winter hunting. Every autumn, not only the high hunters in the village, but also some strong men will go up the mountain to try their luck. Even if the prey is not caught, picking some mushrooms can change the taste.

The rabbit meat was marinated and kept for eating tomorrow morning. The rabbit skins were sent to Gao Liehu, who estimated the value, and directly gave the money to Li Ji first. Waiting for the high hunters to save more leathers and sell them together in the city, it would be tiring to save one trip at a time.

Recently, I've helped Er Gouzi sell leather. High hunters have earned the silver of the previous year or two for a few months. If I have more than one person, I'm lazy. After the winter, I haven't been to the mountains, so I don't bring anything, so I just go. Go up the mountain to see if the traps on the mountain have caught anything.

People are getting lazier and lazier, but who can let high-ranking hunters have a way to sell high prices for leather? Li Ji heard him say that his speech was a little loose, and he was a little dissatisfied, but think about the fact that he helped to sell the leather and saved a lot of things for the family. At the beginning, Er Gouzi was also saved by him, so he didn't get too entangled. He went home and thought. The huge problem of what to eat tomorrow and what to eat the day after tomorrow.

When Li Ji is okay, talk to Er Gouzi more, try to get Er Gouzi to say a few more words. In the past, when Li Ji lived alone, he couldn't say a word or two in a day. Since he got Er Gouzi, Li Ji Du was about to talk ridiculous, and I said everything I could think of, so I went out to listen to the village women chewing their tongues, and then the sky added his own opinions and went home to tell Er Gouzi.

In the past, Li Ji hated those old ladies who spread nonsense in the village, but now in order to stimulate Er Gouzi to talk more, he will soon become one of them, but he only talked to Er Gouzi, never. The outsider said.

Er Gouzi didn't know Li Ji's hard work, but when Li Ji talked to him, he was happy, and Li Ji only talked to him alone, and he was even more happy.

The rabbit has been raised for half a month. It may have adapted to the environment. Seeing Li Ji and Er Gouzi, they stopped hiding, and they were not picky eaters at all. Why did they eat them all? Because of the sufficient food, the female rabbit looks a lot fatter and has a bigger belly than when she first came.

In order to make the rabbit have an illusion that it is not winter, Li Ji even puts a charcoal basin half-covered with iron sheets every morning and evening in the chicken coop to bake it to heat up the temperature, because the temperature inside the chicken house has risen, the chicken There are too many eggs laid.

The Er Chanzi mothers kept crying and cursing at the entrance of the village for more than ten days. Only after these two days did they calm down. At first, she just sat on the rock and made trouble. Later she cursed her experience. Every time she went, she brought a cotton cushion and got one. The chopping board was chopped with a kitchen knife, and he cursed while chopping. Later, I brought two catties of cabbage, which was chopped directly into fillings and then taken home to make dumplings.

The people in the village take her a lot of trouble. If they are so troublesome in the past, they will help to find the daughter-in-law, but the county magistrate has already been sentenced. In the past, I would go to the county magistrate to make trouble. It's about to touch the board.

Anyway, this kinship connection must be based on self-interest as a prerequisite.

On the twentieth day of raising rabbits, the female rabbit gave birth and gave birth to a litter of small rabbits, but I was afraid of scaring the female rabbits. There were not a few nearby, but the female rabbits did not eat the small rabbits. Then these rabbits will be born in the future. Can feed and live.

After these rabbits grow up and start to give birth, they will cut grass to feed the rabbits. In fact, think about it better than raising chickens.

It is a treat to give the female rabbit two more cabbage leaves, and Li Ji is envious of waiting for them to grow up year after year.

After the New Year, the weather will not be so cold, and it will get warmer day by day. Although I have to wear a cotton jacket, my nose will not be cold anymore when I go out.

Li Ji planted some vegetables on the window sill in the house. By this time he had grown very well. When the fish was stewed, pinch off two coriander leaves for seasoning. In the winter, he can eat green leafy vegetables, which can only be enjoyed by the lords of the official family. Good thing.

The sauerkraut I bought at home is almost eaten, and the cabbage I bought is almost gone. This is more than half a month before the spring. After the spring, it will take at least a month to plant something and wait for it to grow.

You can't just fool around with potatoes.

Li Ji picked off some finger-tall lettuce, washed it and ate it with the dipping sauce. Sometimes this thing is really not a rare thing. After planting in the yard, it is basically picking a large handful for each meal. If you can't eat it, you can throw away the rest after you get off the table, or feed it to neighbors' chickens.

But at this time, I didn't see any green in two or three months, and this thing became rare.

"Er Gouzi, let's put a shelf in front of the window sill tomorrow, and order more dishes. In summer and autumn, I didn't feel that it would be uncomfortable not to eat leafy vegetables this winter."

When Li Ji asked Er Gouzi for his opinion, this matter was decided, because Er Gouzi would never refute Li Ji's meaning, and Er Gouzi would do what Li Ji said.

There are also some wooden boards in the house, just nail it with wooden nails. As long as the pillars are supported, there is no problem.

After that, the two of them struggled to dig the soil near the toilet, mix with the ordinary soil in the yard, and then dig some soil that was mixed with the soil after the rotten leaves under the firewood stacks, and mixed with some chicken manure as the bottom soil.

This is what the neighbor told me that the soil made in this way is the most fat, and it can be used to grow vegetables two or three crops.

Li Ji sprinkled the seeds and watered them, and looked at the already decent dishes on the balcony, thinking a little anxiously about how they looked when they were harvested.

Er Gouzi had never planted anything before, so he was very curious about this kind of thing, especially after seeing those things called seeds that were planted in the soil before Li Ji, edible grass would grow in a few days, and then watered. Every day, I took the water scoop and touched the water with my hands a little bit to spray the vegetables. I went to see it several times a day. When I saw the vegetables grow taller, my eyes brightened a lot. 

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