Li Ji smiled at the corners of his lips when he went out, admiring himself, and see how well he said it. These Er Chanzi are purely spoiled by his mother and the villagers, and the big guy tied up by the three words of the same tribe is also helpless to reach out, and it is not so easy to talk when it involves self-interest.

As long as Li Ji becomes a good patient, he doesn't need to worry about the rest of the matter.

At noon Xue Langzhong came over to deliver medicine. Li Ji drank the medicine and ate dinner, and fell asleep when he was sleepy. At night, someone came over to tell Li Ji that the wife was taken away by her mother's family, and the villagers "knowingly understand the righteousness" of helping them. The shovel went to report to the official to get back his wife.

Li Ji almost didn't laugh when he heard this. This apparently is helping Er Chanzi, but in fact it is helping the daughter-in-law to get free, and to keep herself out of the matter.

If the mother-in-law's family is right, the daughter-in-law ran away for no reason or did not come back to her family's home, she could indeed report to the official to ask the county magistrate to take the initiative to send her back, but the daughter-in-law was aborted when she was pregnant, and she was often abused. To testify, as long as the county magistrate is not confused, the two will be sentenced to each other.

With the judgment of the county magistrate, the villagers no longer need to help Er Chanzi. Even if Er Chanzi uses the same clan and the same clan to kidnap them, the county magistrate's verdict cannot be forced.

It is indeed a good way, and it takes money to fight a lawsuit. Er Chanzi must have paid for the money.

Li Ji's result is quite pleasant. Li Ji feels better and feels much more energetic at night.

After all, Li Ji is young and has good physique. After suffering from the cold and taking medicine for two or three days, he will be 60% to 70% better. If his personality is not good, it will take ten and a half months to linger, even Xue Langzhong also talked about it. It's rare to recover so quickly.

In the evening, Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to cook and eat by himself. He would order the porridge and two eggs, and set aside the cooked eggs to separate the egg whites and egg yolks. The egg whites were dipped in the sauce and the egg yolks were crushed with chopsticks and mixed into the porridge. Li Ji just ate two bowls of rice like this, and he has more energy when he is full.

The matter of Er Gouzi was put aside first, and after another two days, Li Ji was already very agile except for some deficiencies. Here Er Gouzi is going up the mountain again.

Li Ji had no reason to remember that sentence, a man can rely on a sow to climb the tree. Although he is also a man, Li Ji, but these Er Gouzi the other day said he listened to him only a few days ago.

When Er Gouzi went up the mountain, Li Ji couldn't help but worry. Now the year has passed, and it's been snowing for two or three months. It's when the beasts on the mountain are hungry. Even if they eat grass, they must be hungry and thin at this time. What's good for hunting?

Li Ji frowned, Er Gouzi didn't speak, so he stared at Li Ji. Li Ji's heart softened when he looked at them.

"Come on, don't look at me like that, can't you let you go? Come back early and listen? Look at the beast and run away. At noon, you will come back without any prey. There is no shortage of meat in our house. You just go up the mountain and let the wind go.Ok?"

Er Gouzi nodded vigorously. Li Ji kept sending Er Gouzi out of the village. Watching Er Gouzi disappear into the white snow, he was worried and stood there watching for a while.

Just about to go back, I saw Er Chanzi Niang, Er Shan Zi Niang saw him cold face and did not speak, Li Ji did not pay attention to him, if he is usually unfamiliar but meets three-pointed smile, since the incident with her family Li Ji wanted to stay far away. Li Ji walked a few steps forward, and heard a cry from behind:

"She kills a thousand knives! She won't give people a way to survive! She said she was from the neighbourhood, so she went outside when something happened! I was shorter than my relatives on weekdays! Why do we look at our house one by one? Ah! I said that I would report to the official without thinking about it. It sounds good for our family, but for the sake of our family, you are going to get my daughter-in-law back! You have to cry and go to lawsuit! God killer! Is there any reason for the conscience! The daughter-in-law brought in by our sedan chair said to take it away and she took it away!"

There were a lot of people in the village who could listen to. Li Ji looked back, didn't say anything, didn't pass, and went straight home.

In the afternoon Er Gouzi came back. This time Li Ji did not go out to pick him up. Instead, he prepared a meal at home and waited. Li Ji didn't eat at noon. When Er Gouzi came back in the afternoon, Li Ji had a stomachache for a long time. Drum up.

This time Li Ji only brought back two rabbits, one of which was still alive, and he kicked his legs from time to time when he was holding his ears, staring at Li Ji.

Er Gouzi said with a frustrated expression: "The prey is hidden, I didn't find it, you told me to come back quickly, I didn't go far."

Usually Er Gouzi brought back either wild boars or roe deer. They were all big prey. This time it was the least rewarded one. It is no wonder that this child is so depressed.

Of course Li Ji would not look at him depressed, and comforted: "How good a rabbit is, I like to eat rabbit meat, and this rabbit runs fast, it's very difficult to catch, so don't think it is too few, it's dead. Let's quickly pick up the skin and send it to Gao Lihu's house to help with the purchase. If this rabbit has such a big belly, it will be a baby. Let's raise it for two days and don't kill it. Maybe we can give birth to a baby."

Hearing what Li Ji said, Er Gouzi finally had a smile on his face, and handed the fat rabbit with a big belly to Li Ji: "Here you are."

Li Ji hugged the rabbit. The rabbit struggled violently. Li Ji grabbed its ears and stopped its movements. He hurriedly entered the house and closed the door and put the rabbit directly on the ground.

The rabbit immediately jumped around on the ground, seeming to be looking for an exit.

Li Ji looked at the rabbit running away in a panic, his eyes fell on his stomach, and said to Er Gouzi: "You said that if this rabbit comes out, how about we raise rabbits? They all say that rabbits have a litter of cubs a month, and they look pretty good. Come on, let's eat rabbit meat and sell rabbit skins."

Er Gouzi couldn't understand these words, Li Ji said that he nodded, and Er Gouzi would not object no matter what Li Ji did to decide.

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to look at the rabbits, and went to the kitchen to pick up two cabbage leaves for the rabbits. The rabbits are wild. Of course, they were uneasy when they suddenly arrived in an unfamiliar environment and didn't move at all.

Li Ji wanted to make a nest for him. When he was a child, Li Ji was greedy when he saw some rabbits in the same village, but his father didn't agree. He went to the other house to play with rabbits and asked a lot about raising rabbits.

This pregnant rabbit is the most vulnerable and can't stand fright. Otherwise, the baby will eat the baby, and it won't work in winter. The rabbit born in winter knows that it can't support it, and will eat it. If you have babies in winter, the best way is to put them in the house and feed them well.

The rabbit looks warmer, and there is no shortage of food. The cub will not starve to death at birth, but can save the cub's life. 

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