"It hurts? It hurts your family to work with a big belly? You let the neighbors comment on it. It's okay to be a daughter-in-law to honor the elderly, but anyone who has just been pregnant with a child will let the family do heavy work! This is still a big Chinese New Year. If your old Li family is cooking for your family, you are a slap! Our daughter owes you for eight hundred lifetimes to make you such an improper person! Don't stop anyone! Go! Let's go! !"

The voice was louder than the other, Li Ji listened to the pain in his brain. Someone sat there and saw Li Ji said that the fourth uncle was coming, and automatically let Li Ji in.

It is reasonable to say that Li Ji's unmarried cucumber eggs are not easy to mix, but the seniority is placed there, since there are few parents, it is necessary to come out at this time.

"Yeah, my fourth brother, you are here. Come here and help say a few good things, my god, I just stretched out my hand with lard for a while, and I wanted to kill my grandson! How can a grandma be so cruel? How could it be possible for the grandson to die? Fourth brother, please help me say something."

Li Ji looked around and looked at the daughter-in-law who was crying on the kang, and frowned slightly. The daughter-in-law had a forehead tied to her head for fear of being cold. Li Ji didn't know how to have a confinement when the child was gone, but he felt uncomfortable watching her cry like that.

In all fairness, Li Ji really wanted this girl to be picked up by her family, and this Er Chanzi house was really nothing. But the family could not help outsiders without being jabbed in the backbone, and Li Ji had no choice but to stretch out his hands.

"What do I know? Sister-in-law, you call me a little brother. I'm just an unmarried little B*stard. You always say that you feel sorry for people. You have to let people see how it hurts, and see if my nephew and daughter-in-law are hot and cold. Yes, are you hungry and drink hot water? Although I don't understand, I have heard that this should be taken care of in the confinement."

Li Ji turned the conversation to his daughter-in-law and asked them to suspend the dispute.

The mother-in-law of Er Chanzi turned her head and wiped her tears with her sleeves. She gritted her teeth and said: "One bite is distressed, I yuck! There is nothing in the house when I enter the door, nothing else, a bowl of millet porridge is somehow raising her. You don't let me take it away, I see my daughter has to stand up and stutter herself in her confinement! Da Chun'er! Come and hug your sister, let's go back! They don't wait for us, this is Our daughters don't need their old Li family."

Er Chanzi mother was really anxious when she said that, she wiped her tears and said, "Don't tell me, aren't we in a hurry? Don't worry, I'll cook and make sure I have eggs every day, okay? In the cold weather, I went from house to house to beg to buy and raise her! People's hearts are all fleshy, mother-in-law, how could I be so ruthless to spoil people!"

Some of the people who came to persuade him back with a shovel and said, "I'm not confessing what I'm doing while stunned."

This noisy Er Chanzi listened for a long time. In fact, I heard it irritated in my heart. The spoiled temper cannot see his own mistakes. But looking at his mother's so low-mindedness, I know that things are not good. I confessed a mistake with my mother-in-law in the past: "Mother, I was wrong, don't be angry, our family will definitely be fine in the future."

In fact, the mother's family is not desperate to take the person away. This girl who has been pregnant with a child and married will be pierced in the back when she picks it up. It will not be easy to marry again in the future. It is nothing more than wanting the mother-in-law's family to give it to someone. Make sure that you will treat your child well in the future. Come here twice to see if this is the case. If you change it in the future, it will be that way.

There is no mother-in-law who really wants to disturb her daughter's family.

Er Chanzi mother-in-law raised her head to look at Er Chanzi, how she felt angry, because it really didn't look like she was really regretful. In the past two years, she has not rarely heard that her daughters are not regarded as people in her in-law's house, but the old saying goes The dog is the dog, and the daughter who married is someone else's. It is not easy to come to the house to make trouble too much. In addition, the daughter does not give birth to a child and a half, and the trouble is unreasonable.

But now it's not that I couldn't give birth to a child, but I was beaten when I was pregnant. I was treated like this when I was pregnant with a child, and I still couldn't decide what to do. I couldn't stand it, so I dragged my family to come and make trouble.

Looking at the mother in law, there was a lot of nose and tears. The one on the left promised and the one on the right swears. It looked more pleasing to the eye, but the son-in-law's appearance was really irritating.

"This is not what I said, let all the neighbors comment on it. Is my daughter taking your home to be lazy, or is she not filial to beat her father and her mother? But is my daughter less the same as my daughter-in-law? You say now, It's less, I slap myself a big mouth! Can you count it out, you!"

Er Chanzi's mother repeatedly said good things, and nodded her head repeatedly, saying that this daughter-in-law is hard to find. The family is blessed to have such a daughter-in-law. Er Chanzi's mother-in-law continued after hearing this, "I have heard about it. It has not been three months pregnant. Well, it is the time when morning sickness is uncomfortable, you let my girl do heavy work, chopping wood and swill, what are your intentions, your family is no one and let my daughter and a pregnant woman do this work!"

Er Chanzi Niang continued to speak softly, because they were ignorant of this matter, but Er Chanzi Niang back and forth here, but lit the fire of Er Chanzi, and immediately retorted:

"What do we want her to do if she doesn't work as a daughter-in-law, as an ancestor's offering!"

Er Chanzi died at the age of ten, and Er Chanzi's mother could not find someone to remarry. She raised the Er Chanzi, and she was reluctant to let Er Chanzi work. Every time Er Chanzi was distressed, she told her that she would wait until he grows up to marry a wife. Don't be so tired.

Therefore, it is said that the Er Chanzi is instilled by the small child, that is, the housework is all women, and the men enjoy it. In addition, it has been smooth since childhood. Marrying a daughter-in-law is a bully and obedient, and he has a longer temper. So at this time, he opened his mouth and turned back when he was unsatisfied with a word.

This sentence sparked a firecracker, not to mention the mother-in-law, and the eldest brother of Er Chanzi was also anxious. He immediately went up to give Er Chanzi and two mouths. He lifted a kick and would hit him if he fell down.

The two slaps in the village did not stop them, because they really should be hit, but if you don't stop them when you are going to make a heavy hand, you can't justify it. Or maybe you stopped the eldest brother. Er Chanzi mother originally wanted to teach Er Chanzi. But as soon as he saw that Er Chanzi was beaten, he couldn't bear it, so he rushed to touch the swollen face of Er Chanzi, and it suddenly became angry.

"Hit my son, you B*stard, I'll fight with you!" Er Chanzi Niang reached out to grab the face of her elder brother. The mother-in-law didn't do it, and rushed to the two mothers-in-law to fight.

After the hair buns were torn apart like this, the two old ladies frightened the people around them by beating and scolding, and quickly separated the two. The mother-in-law threw the scattered hair behind her and cursed: "What are you guys! Take your own family as the official master, not to mention it is the official master, even the emperor Lao Tzu did not treat his wife like that! Da Chun'er! Always hurry up and take your sister away."

These Er Chanzi are even more quit. People who are in a hurry should not care if they are there or not. At that time, they stood on the edge of the kang and blocked a face of anger: "What are you guys, the daughter-in-law was married by our family. The death of our Lao Li's family is the ghost of our Lao Li's family! Isn't it just dropping a child? She didn't have the ability to kill our children. Our family hasn't settled the accounts yet, what's up with you!"

This is too unhuman. Everyone in the house frowned. Seriously, there are really no people in the village. If it weren't because of a village and a surname, no one would be willing to be embarrassed here, especially here. Some are daughters-in-law, did Ershozi's words soon use his daughter-in-law as a purchase?

Er Chanzi talked about it impulsively, but offended the village woman.

The eldest brother-in-law Dachun'er would be polite when he heard this, raised his fist and slammed it up again. Er Chanzi was the spoiled lord, and he never dared to work in the yard. The work in the ground was meant to mean at most. The eldest brother-in-law is a serious farmer who enjoys the blessing and maintains his body. Of course, it goes without saying that the two of them fight together. It is a unilateral beating.

The villagers went to stop, in fact, it meant it. He didn't use much force to hold Da Chun'er's hand. Er Chanzi was stupefied with a few old punches. The cry of killing the pig suddenly pierced people's ears, and Li Ji took the two. The dog went out.

It's unreasonable, and the air outside is cold, but also refreshing. Someone followed out, grumbling.

"Er Chanzi is not a thing anymore. How can there be such a thing? It's really like a daughter-in-law is a baby animal."

"Watching his elder brother beat those two times is a real relief, but what tricks are there? We can't justify the surname if we don't help!"

Li Ji whispered: "Er Chanzi's words will be spread throughout the village tonight, and they will be known to all villages for ten miles in less than a month."

The words of Er Shanzi offended all the women present, and there was nothing to do this winter, the Seven Aunts and Eight Aunts would have left to gossip and pass the time. You can't add fuel and vinegar for such a thing, say it well?

When Li Ji said this, they were taken aback and asked what Li Ji meant. Li Ji was still dizzy, and said: "Whose girl has a girl who is willing to find this kind of family? Today, I don't know the words of Er Chanzi. I thought our Lao Li family is like this. There are a lot of lads in our village, including me, tusk, we want to start something and be prepared to be a bachelor for a lifetime."

Li Ji tightened his collar tightly to prevent the air-conditioning from entering, and smiled with his hands: "I'll leave after the cut, and I won't get together for the excitement. The wind and cold haven't healed yet, so let's go back first."

With such a sentence, the people left, and the people in the yard peeped at each other. This Li Ji's words make sense. It's true that Er Chanzi is a member of the same tribe and must help, but he should not be allowed to affect the old Li's lads to marry. Daughter-in-law!

Er Chanzi is not a person to marry a good wife, don't know it hurts, they are different! If it's really because he has a bunch of bachelors, that's a Sh*t! 

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