"It's not the fifth day of the fifth day today." Er Gouzi doesn't count time, and Li Ji is not sure whether he will forget the time because of burnout.

Gao Lie's wife looked around and there were no outsiders, and then whispered: "Of course it's not past the fifth day of the fifth day. You are strange about Uncle Fu Cai. Oh, don't mention it, but it's really an evil. I heard that it was noon. His son was burning paper for him, but he saw him manually! At first he thought that he was not dead and saved, but he didn't breathe at all, and he didn't have a pulse when he touched him. He went to Xue Langzhong and showed him his face. It's a dead person! This is because the sun is enough to pay for the uncle's death during the day. It is because the corpse is changed. So hurry up and bury it before dawn, so as not to harm people at night!,

There are often spiritual legends, and there are always weird things in the village when people died decades ago, which are often used to scare naughty children when they are parents.

At least Li Ji has heard of it for the first time.

"It was bad news when I encountered this in the Chinese New Year." Li Ji inquired about the matter and took Er Gouzi home.

I can't believe it all about this ghost, and I can't help it. Li Ji hid it. He took off his hat and felt sweat on his head. He didn't know if he was scared or if he exercised his fever.

Outside Tianer's eyes are going to be dark, Er Gouzi tidied up the kang and put on the quilt, Li Ji took off his clothes and lay down and covered the quilt, Er Gouzi blew the lamp, but got into Li Ji Quilt.

Li Ji frowned and pushed the person straight out: "What are you doing?"

"It will be cold when it's cold, I'm hot, let's sleep together, and you won't be cold anymore."

This is sincere, and it's hard to say if Li Ji wants to refuse. Just close his left and right eyes and go to sleep. Li Ji didn't refuse much, and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Li Ji woke up the next morning, feeling a lot clearer in his head. Er Gouzi watched him sit up and sat up with him, and hurriedly asked, "Is it still uncomfortable?"

Sitting up is still a little confused, and it is much better than yesterday: "It's better, taking medicine does work, and taking it for another two days should be good."

After hearing this, Er Gouzi relaxed, with a smile on his face and a look of joy on his face.

Seeing Er Gouzi's smile, Li Ji also laughed, and the two fools were silly and happy for a while, and Er Gouzi went to cook.

Li Ji ate two peanut beans and went to the ground to mix feed and feed the chickens.

When eating breakfast, Er Gouzi is still stewed fish. Even if you like to eat it, you will get tired of stewing. Moreover, Er Gouzi picks up a bowl to feed Li Ji. Li Ji hurriedly took the bowl and ate it by himself.

"Let's stop eating fish at noon. Let's cook some chicken soup. You shouldn't be able to. I'll make it."

Er Gouzi shook his head and refused: "You are in the wind and cold."

Er Gouzi didn't know the word sick. Xue Langzhong said that he had wind-cold, so he used the word wind-cold instead of being sick.

"It's better. It's better to do more work and sweat more. It's better to boil more water and drink more to warm your stomach."

After eating, I picked up a few more eggs. Li Ji wanted to eat eggs. After boiling a pot of boiling water, he poured out the boiling water, put a little less water in the teapot, and put two eggs in the pot and waited for it to be cooked. At this time, another guest came to the door.

"Fourth Unclester! Is the wind cold better? If you see it is strong, can you come over. Er Chanzi daughter-in-law and the child fell, and the family came to clamor to take the people back. All the seniors of the Li family have gone, and you too. Let's go and see it."

Li Ji drank the hot water with his hands. This is the catastrophe who committed the new year. There are so many things before the fifth day of the fifth day.

Li Ji put down the tea bowl and took down the teapot with the eggs in his hand to cover the stove. This kind of short thing in the parents is the most time-consuming, and the eggs are not easy to cook for too long.

To open the door, it is Li Changgen from the village.

"What's the matter?"

Li Changgen sighed and said: "You said that this is a big Chinese New Year. It is reasonable to say that you should not trouble you, but it happened. You know Er Chanzi. You were spoiled by his mother when you were young. You also listen to her mother's words and marry. A daughter-in-law can't look at her half-heartedly. It's not good to face each other. She hasn't given birth for two years, and it's even worse. She got pregnant a few days ago, but this cold day's non-indictment is another way of chopping firewood. It was snow sweeping again, and it was all heavy work. The child was not stable after three months, and the hot meal this morning was unpalatable. Er Chanzi mother gave a slap to the slap. The slap was severely stunned. It killed the child."

Although Li Ji doesn't go out often, he can listen to the gossip while working in the field every day. The daughter-in-law of Ershanzi's family is virtuous, and she is a good hand inside and out, but Er Chanzi is idle and not doing business. Ershanzi's wife does not look down on her daughter-in-law, and Ershanzi just listens to her, and she treats her daughter-in-law harshly. For this reason in the village It's not too much to pity her daughter-in-law, it's just that it's not easy to get involved in other people's home affairs.

"How did my family know what happened in the morning so soon."

Li Ji put on his coat, and then Er Gouzi put on too. Er Gouzi didn't worry that Li Ji was sick and passed away, and Li Ji didn't stop him either.

"There is a villager with her in our village. It happened to be two days late to return to the door. I didn't go to the third grade. I went there today. I just happened to pass by in the morning and I just saw it. When I returned to my natal house, I told Er Chanzi's wife and family about it. Whose girl doesn't feel bad, if one of my sisters is being bullied like this, I'll find the door wheel stick."

Li Changgen was addicted to his mouth, and took Li Ji out to the Er Chanzi's house.

At this time, Er Chanzi's house was full of crying and screaming. Several women came to persuade them, but they couldn't help Er Chanzi's wife and mother's voice being loud, even loud and noisy.

"Your old Li family is Jingui. How can our girl be worthy of you, how worthy of giving birth to your old Li family, you are right, this child should be thrown away, then I beg you to forgive my family Girlfriends can't do it! Two years ago, my girl came to your house without a child. If you don't treat you well, we will endure it. This is our fault, but this baby was pregnant and was beaten by you. I can't be blamed for this, you don't hurt our family, don't stop me, let me take the girl away!"

Er Chanzi Niang was panicked at this time. In fact, people who are in the nest tend to be more daunted. The more soft and easy to handle, the harder they will be. The daughter-in-law is so soft that she has two more sticks and is refreshing, but she never thought about driving the daughter-in-law away.

This Chinese New Year's wife miscarried her daughter-in-law. Who else would dare to marry in the future? Moreover, this daughter-in-law is soft and easy to handle, even if she gets married in the future, she may not be so happy.

Originally, she didn't want to take care of her, and she didn't want to lose her daughter-in-law. Er Chanzi practiced to speak softly: "Oh, my mother-in-law, we can't say that. You said that I don't have a daughter, and I have a daughter-in-law. The girl hurts. Can I not have a grandson? If this grandson is gone, I will cry blindly. Let's not say to take the girl back. This is not to say, this girl hurts me, I really hurt." 

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