Er Gouzi nodded: "Let's eat."

"Well. Go. The girl called to eat together. You can't help in vain." Li Ji lowered his head and tried not to let Er Gouzi see his expression.

Er Gouzi was always obedient to Li Ji's words, and when he went out, he said to Li Qiao'er faintly: "Fourth Uncle let you eat here." Then he squatted down and watched the fire in the stove.

Li Qiaoer responded with a smile, seeing Er Gouzi more and more pleasing to the eye. Li Qiao'er knows what his father is like. Finding her in-laws is definitely a way to get her. She can't be the master of things like being a girl, but she didn't expect Er Gouzi to be such a good person.

Seeing Er Gouzi's cold and hot attitude towards Li Jizhi, even if his mind is immature and doesn't understand the world, it is enough to live a life, at least he will feel distressed.

When the fish is out of the pot, Li Qiao'er sees alive, she carries the dishes and cleans the table. I filled three bowls of rice and passed the chopsticks one by one. It was very well-regarded.

Of course, Li Ji could see what Li Qiaoer meant. This painting was clearly the first time he came to serve her husband's in-laws at her husband's house. After marriage, the family will not care, but before marriage or newly married, girls' homes to in-laws' homes must be carefully served as in-laws. As long as you agree, you will be your own family in the future.

Li Ji is an elder, and Li Qiaoer's father, Li Shuisheng, is also willing to talk about kisses. It is considered as a matchmaker at the order of his parents. The difference is the window paper of Li Qiaoer and Er Gouzi. If it is pierced, Li Qiaoer is the unattended daughter-in-law. Up.

Li Ji, who had been better at first, thought that it was even more uncomfortable. Eating fish was tasteless, and Bahao didn't eat two bites. He had no appetite after two bites of cooked porridge, so he let it go.

Li Ji eats a lot on weekdays. Today, he took two bites and put it down. Er Gouzi didn't care about it. He put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hands, picked up Li Ji's bowl, and used a spoon to feed Li Ji.

Li Jiben had no appetite. Seeing Ergou stretched out his hand to feed, he couldn't bear to let Er Gouzi hold it dry, so he opened his mouth and drank.

After taking a sip, Er Gouzi took some bahao and put it on the spoon with the porridge and continued to feed it. The porridge with the flavor was more delicious. After being fed by Er Gouzi, his appetite improved a lot, and he ate a bowl and a half. Porridge.

Li Qiao'er looked next to her and sighed that Er Gouzi was filial. If she changed to an elder who had nothing to do with her, it would be rare for her son to take care of her parents.

Li Ji drank a bowl and a half of porridge. When he felt full, he let Er Gouzi eat by himself, and he lay down for a while.

Er Gouzi still thinks that Li Ji eats too little, but watching him lie down, he can only continue to eat with Li Ji's bowl depressed.

Er Gouzi was in a bad mood and had a bad appetite, but in line with the principle of not wasting food, he ate a fish clean. Li Qiao'er was still embarrassed to eat. Although she was greedy for meat, she still had to keep her girl's restraint. As a result, she was restrained for a while, and the fish was eaten by Er Gouzi. She had just eaten two bites.

Li Qiaoer cried silently in her heart, and comforted herself: "It's okay, it's okay. Those who can eat can work. Er Gouzi has the ability, and I will definitely need meat in the future."

Li Qiao'er stayed until the afternoon again. She was still a girl's house after all. She couldn't stay at another man's house for a long time. She didn't have much work to do inside and out, so she greeted Er Gouzi and left.

Later when Li Ji hadn't gotten up, Doctor Xue came again to deliver the medicine. Er Gouzi waited for the medicine to cool down before going to wake Li Ji to drink the medicine.

Li Ji woke up in a daze, a little burnt, it didn't matter, he sat up and blushed, Er Gouzi fed the medicine to his lips, he opened his mouth and swallowed it all, and muttered in confusion. : "It's so bitter."

The liquid medicine was still glowing on his lips, and Li Ji's lips were still pouting, and it was delicious when he looked at it like this. Er Gouzi didn't hold back, bowed his head and kissed, swallowing all the remaining liquid medicine.

"I've eaten away all the pain, is it not bitter anymore." Er Gouzi didn't forget to behave after taking advantage of it.

Li Ji smashed his mouth, Er Gouzi fed in a sour plum. The sweet and sour taste filled his mouth. Li Ji nodded in satisfaction: "It's really not bitter anymore."

Li Ji lay back, Er Gouzi went to cook, and stewed another fish with more basil. Li Ji didn't like the porridge that was too viscous, so he liked to add more water. The rice grains are just cooked. The kind of grain, eat neatly. The basic water will be boiled for a while and it will be ready.

Er Gouzi also specially cools down, and then he puts up the food and asks Li Ji to get up for dinner.

Of course, Li Ji was unhappy to be called when he was about to sleep. He kept waving and patted Er Gouzi outside, muttering to let him sleep for a while.

Er Gouzi has a strong obsession with eating time, other times when Li Ji wants to sleep for a while, he sleeps for a while, but now Li Ji is asleep even if Er Gouzi wants to wake him up.

"Hey, let's eat, and how long do you want to sleep after eating." Er Gouzi carefully discussed with Li Ji in the tone that Li Ji usually coaxed him.

Li Ji was picked up from the bed and sat at the table. Er Gouzi didn't use him to eat by himself. He picked up the spoon and fed it bite by bite.

I fed Li Ji a bowl and a half of porridge. After Li Ji finished the meal, he was completely energetic. When he was confused, Li Ji might be a little coquettish, but when he was awake, he was very self-disciplined. Get dressed to go for a walk.

Li Ji shook his feet when he stood up, so that Er Gouzi quickly took hold and helped him out.

The air outside was cold, but clean and comfortable. Li Ji took a deep breath and felt the stale air in his body vomit out. Li Ji went out and walked around, his head cleared a lot, and his nausea was not so strong.

After walking for a while, looking at a piece of yellow paper money floating in the air, the cries came faintly, and several people came carrying the coffin.

Maybe he was sick, Li Ji wondered what he would be like when he died.

Who will cry for him, who will shovel the first dirt of his grave.

But you still have to think about it after you get married. If you die without getting married, you won't be able to enter the ancestral grave and receive the incense of the younger generation unless you are married.

Let Kaidao watch the coffin go by. This is Zhang Fucai's coffin. Because he died in the first month, he couldn't do things. After a few days, he was buried after the fifth day.

Out of the fifth day? Li Ji doesn't feel right. It seems that today is not in the fifth day of the fifth year. It is reasonable to say that it is not suitable to break the ground before the fifth day of the fifth year. Why does it become alive?

Li Ji felt strange, but he was too embarrassed to go up to the funeral and ask what was going on.

Walking back with Er Gouzi, I saw Gao Liehu's daughter-in-law on the road, and Gao Liehu's wife was chatting with other daughters-in-law. Seeing Li Jixian called the fourth uncle. 

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