How can medicine not be bitter? When Er Gouzi asked, Li Ji chuckled and shook his head: "It's not bitter."

Er Gouzi stretched out his tongue to lick the remaining concoction on his fingers, frowned and said, "Bitter."

Li Ji turned his eyes away and turned to ask Xue Langzhong: "You can count it. If I drink until I get cured, how many coppers will I need, including the hard work."

Xue Langzhong was not polite to him. Recently, Xue Langzhong's body and bones are getting worse and worse, and his work in the field is getting more and more difficult. The main income of the family is still giving people medicine, but who in the village gets sick every day? Minor illnesses survived by themselves, serious illnesses disappeared without two medicines, healing medicines were not easy to sell, minor injuries were fooled by a rag around them, and major injuries didn't have one or two in a year.

Therefore, Xue Langzhong's income is not much. Of course, he has a business to make money with the copper plate: "I know that your family is not short of money. From now on, I will cook the medicine every day while it is hot and send it to you until it's better. Forget it, it doesn't matter if you take medicine or eat more or less, let's collect 30 copper plates from you."

The price was reasonable, and Li Ji motioned to Er Gouzi to give the copper plate. On the way Er Gouzi carried him back, Li Ji was still thinking, thanks to the money Er Gouzi earned, otherwise, with the two words in his original pocket, I am afraid that he would not be able to drink the two medicines.

When he went home, Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to lay the quilt. Li Ji lay down and told Er Gouzi not to forget to feed the chickens. If it snows, clean the yard and pay attention to the water tank in time. Don't let the water tank become empty. Also pay attention to the fish raised in the tank. When you see which ones are dead, fish them out and eat them in time. Don't kill other fish by polluting the water.

With this illness, Li Ji didn't worry about Er Gouzi. After saying a lot, Er Gouzi stood in front of the kang and nodded vigorously. Li Ji's obedient appearance made Li Ji even more worried.

"I'll sleep for a while. What should you do? The wind chill says that just sleep. Don't worry too much, I'll be fine."

Er Gouzi nodded and watched Li Ji close his eyes, and thoughtfully tucked the quilt for Li Ji.

Seeing Li Ji's breathing gradually symmetrical, Er Gouzi breathed a sigh of relief, fearing that he would wake Li Ji, Er Gouzi exited the house, closed the door, and sat in a daze on the small kitchen stool.

There was movement outside the door at this time. Er Gouzi's ears were better than ordinary people and he could hear clearly. He was very sensitive to the entry of outsiders with a strong sense of territory. He stood up and opened the door to look out. It was Li Qiao'er.

Li Qiao'er saw Er Gouzi and smiled: "Brother Ergou is here, I heard Aunt Xueer said that the fourth uncle is sick, and Dad is afraid that you, a man, can't take care of him. Let me come over and help."

Er Gouzi didn't know if he understood, and there was no expression on his face and said, "I can take care of it."

Er Gouzi is a straight bowel, he doesn't know how to bend, and he doesn't conceal what he says. If these words are put in the mouths of others, it is equivalent to provoking them. Li Qiaoer knew that Er Gouzi was immature, and she didn't care about what she said without thinking: "Even if you can take care of Er Gouzi, it will be harder for you to be busy with the work in this yard."

Er Gouzi is not a talkative person, nor is he willing to talk to outsiders. Hearing what Li Qiaoer said, he didn't say much. He turned back to the house and mixed the chicken feed into the chicken house to feed him. After he was fed, he picked up two chickens. An egg, when I came out, I saw Li Qiao'er carrying a bucket out of the yard to shovel snow and come back to melt.

Er Gouzi went back to the house and picked up two potatoes and put them on the stove, buckled them with an iron basin, thinking that he would have a snack when Li Ji woke up. Li Ji has always been a greedy person. From this morning until now, he only drank bitter medicine and didn't eat a bite of rice.

Li Ji slept awkwardly, sleeping for a while, waking up for a while, sometimes waking up with sweat in his forehead, and feeling cold when he opened the quilt, just struggling for a long time before waking up completely.

Li Ji opened his eyes dimly, and Li Ji felt better. He sat up strenuously. After sitting up, his mind became confused and a little nauseous. Li Ji had to lie back again and shouted Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi quickly ran into the house and asked nervously, "What's the matter?"

Li Ji wanted to ask when, but when he remembered, Er Gouzi couldn't tell the difference: "Have you had lunch?"

Er Gouzi doesn't have a big idea of ​​time, but he is very accurate about the time of eating.

Er Gouzi shook his head: "I'll be waiting for you."

Li Ji had no appetite at all, and asked, "Did Xue Langzhong deliver the medicine?"

"Not yet, I will fetch it?"

"No, it should be delivered in a while."

Li Ji closed his eyes and went to sleep again. At this time, a girl's voice came from the kitchen: "Ergou brother? Fourth uncle is awake?"

Li Jigang squinted his eyes and opened again, and asked, "Who's here?"

"The person who came to our house before, she said to take care of you, I didn't let it." Er Gouzi didn't even remember Li Qiao'er's name.

Li Ji's eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and his heart became more uncomfortable. Seeing Li Ji's expression, Er Gouzi said hurriedly: "You don't like her?"

"No." Li Ji waved his hand, "It's okay, give me some snacks, the taste in my mouth is a little bit sour, so I feel comfortable."

Er Gouzi hurriedly dig out a pack of sour plums and fed one to Li Ji. The sour and refreshing taste in his mouth made Li Ji feel better. He looked up at Er Gouzi and said, "Don't look at me. Now, I'll sleep for a while. You can cook and eat, but don't let me lose your weight."

Er Gouzi shook his head vigorously: "I'll wait for you to eat together."

Li Ji wanted to scold but couldn't speak. It would be a lie not to be moved. Pressing the back of your hand on your forehead, he slowly said, "Then you go cook, cook the meat and eat it yourself, just prepare me porridge and pickles."

Er Gouzi frowned and said, "You have no strength if you don't eat meat." Er Gouzi, who has been on the mountain for a long time, is too aware of the importance of meat.

Li Ji didn't have the energy to fight with him, so he retreated and said: "Then don't have fat, let's get a fish, the fish is not greasy."

Er Gouzi was satisfied, and went to the kitchen to cook for Li Jiye.

Li Qiaoer was wiping the stove with a rag, and saw Er Gouzi come out and went straight to the second tank in the house. Without borrowing any tools, she caught a fatty fish of more than three kilograms from it, and took it out and applied it to the chopping board. The fish fell fainted directly.

Li Qiao'er thought there was only water in the tank, but he didn't expect fish to be there. I walked over and looked in the tank. There were more than a dozen fish swimming around. Some envied him: "You still have the ability to eat so many old fish."

Er Gouzi didn't answer, picked up the kitchen knife and dropped the knife to the fish, and the fish was killed in twos or twos. Then cut ginger and garlic. Before the winter, I went to the city to buy some pepper aniseed and prepared them all. Then I rummaged in the corner outside and found out a handful of dried leaves. I scooped some water and washed them. I put a big pot on the fire and poured soy oil. Waiting for the oil to heat up.

These were all learned by Er Gouzi from Li Ji. As for what to eat, Er Gouzi learns everything quickly, almost after reading it once. If you make more, Er Gouzi's food is better than Li Ji.

The green onion, ginger and garlic are fried, and the fish is fried. When the two sides are fried, add various seasonings and pour water to stew, then throw the handful of dried leaves inside and close the lid.

Li Qiao'er looked at Er Gouzi's skillful cooking techniques for a moment, and never expected that a person like Er Gouzi could cook.

Li Qiaoer's family conditions are not good, she doesn't always eat fish, so she only learnt from her mother a few times. When she was making fish, she had to be around to give some pointers. Seeing Er Gouzi cooking so swiftly, her eyes were a little bright. .

What a good man, he can cook, he is hardworking, and filial. See how well he takes care of Li Ji? Where can I find such a man? You can't find it with the lantern.

Li Qiao'er hurriedly leaned forward and said with a smile: "I will help you burn the fire."

Er Gouzi shook his head and refused. There is nothing more to say. He is more able to control the fire by adding firewood. He likes to eat fish. He eats more fish in the past few years. He has a lot of experience in making fish. This is what Li Ji has to say. Not getting started.

Er Gouzi was not happy to talk. Li Qiaoer only thought that he had been on the mountain for a long time and had forgotten how to speak, so she didn't worry about Er Gouzi's attitude. When Er Gouzi added fire, she would sweep up the scattered wood fire a little bit. Keep the ground clean.

At this time, he walked in from the outside. It was Doctor Xue with a food container in his hand. When he came in, he took a few breaths. It was obvious that he was walking in a hurry.

"What's wrong with Fourth Uncle? Show me quickly."

Er Gouzi stood up hurriedly and led people in. Li Ji, who was just about to fall asleep, opened his eyes when he heard the sound and looked at the door, and saw Doctor Xue: "Here."

"Is it any better? I put a little more of this medicine, and it lasted a long time. The effect of the medicine must be better. There is a quilt in my food box. I am coming here fast. I am still burning my mouth now."

Doctor Xue opened the food box and lifted the small quilt inside, took out the medicine bowl and handed it to Li Ji. Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to lift him up, sit up and first touch his lips with the medicine. It was indeed still hot, swayed and cold, and then drank his head up.

Er Gouzi was afraid of the bitterness in his mouth, and hurriedly fed him a sour plum. The bitterness in his mouth faded, and Li Ji felt better now.

"Trouble you to boil the medicine, this is still causing you trouble during the year."

"In any case, headaches and brain fever don't matter when, you have to take medicine if you are sick, and you can't delay. Then I will go back, and the family is still waiting for me to eat."

"I won't leave you to eat for those who are celebrating the New Year. After waiting for the new year, the stew at home will ask you to come and drink two cups." Li Ji smiled.

Doctor Xue left. Li Ji sat against the wall for a while. His nose came down after sitting up. Er Gouzi handed over a rag to Li Ji to wipe his nose very empathetic.

Li Ji tried his best not to pay attention to the physical discomfort, and talked to Er Gouzi to divert attention: "What do we eat?"

"Eat fish. The stuffy rice also heats up two steamed buns."

Li Ji smiled and said, "Did you put the wormwood?" The wormwood is wild Suzi, which is not the same as Suzi. Whether it is stewed fish or fried sauce, it is very good. Li Jihao's bite is indispensable when stewing fish of.

Er Gouzi nodded, how could he forget: "I put it a lot."

With that said, Li Ji finally had some appetite. Hearing movement in the kitchen, he asked: "Where is Li Qiao'er?" 

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