Seeing Li Ji frowning, Er Gouzi knew that Li Ji was upset. Er Gouzi didn't want Li Ji to be upset. The answer was that Li Ji must be angry. Er Gouzi pursed his lips, struggling to say whether or not.

Obviously Li Ji enjoyed it last night. Why is it so unhappy when I wake up in the morning? This is a difficult problem, and Er Gouzi's mind still can't figure it out.

Looking at Er Gouzi's appearance, one can guess the same. Li Ji pressed his aching brain with one hand, trying to remember what happened last night as much as possible. How can I not look back and what happened? What can I do? Grabbing Er Gouzi for a beat? It is estimated that the Er Gouzi don't know where they are wrong.

Li Ji was stunned, his itchy nose quickly dripped liquid, and there was no handkerchief at home. He started to put on clothes when he got off the ground. He even sneezed while putting on the clothes. The mucus that was not blown out in time came out, and suddenly he came up with nausea. Ji Jiang casually wrapped up his unworn clothes, ran out of the house and leaned on the side of the tank, bending over and vomiting.

Li Ji knew that he was caught in the wind and cold, too, and lying on the kang with bare buttocks all night, it would be counted as a lot of fire burning last night if he didn't freeze to death in the winter.

The door of the house was opened again, and Li Ji looked back and saw Er Gouzi standing naked at the door looking at him, with a panic and dazed expression on his face.

How can this cold weather be naked? Li Ji was about to open his mouth to let him go back to the house, but as soon as he opened his mouth, the nausea came up again, and he bent over and continued to vomit.

Er Gouzi really regretted it. He couldn't think of too much of his simple mind. He only thought that Li Jihui was doing this because he touched him last night. Er Gouzi suddenly realized that it is no wonder Li Jiming was so comfortable at the time but so disgusted when he got up this morning, Li Ji, who would have harmed him, was so uncomfortable.

Er Gouzi stepped on the ground barefoot and walked over step by step, ignoring the cold temperature, with a sad expression on his face admitting his mistake: "I was wrong."

Li Ji was almost vomiting yellow water. He looked up and saw Er Gouzi almost laughed like this. It was him who joined hands, and he was the one who admitted the mistake. The key point is that he has never seen anyone who admits the mistake and stands on the snow with his butt bare.

"Go back to the house, put on your clothes, and light the fire."

There is nothing wrong with Er Gouzi's state. The tendons of Er Gouzi's body are all genuine, and his body is strong and strong, and he must be more resistant to freezing than Li Ji.

Li Ji tightened the clothes wrapped around him and returned to the house. Er Gouzi walked back obediently, entering the house and putting on the clothes one by one.

Li Ji vomited everything out of his stomach and felt better, his head was confused, his nose was itchy and nasal. Li Ji turned out a rag and temporarily used it as a handkerchief.

If the wind and cold are in the city, it is not a serious illness. A good doctor will prescribe two medicines. But in this poor mountain valley, it is a fatal illness. There is only one tuher in the village who knows two herbs and cooks some. Drink the medicine and it will be fine. If you have a fever and die, it will be your fate.

Li Ji never dreamed that there was nothing wrong with the firewood in previous years when he was reluctant to burn. On the contrary, this year, the coal burned so hard that it was windy and cold.

Sitting on the edge of the kang, Li Ji could feel the temperature rise of the kang and the wall of fire, and he dared not lie down to rest.

The more he slept with the cold, the more confused his mind was. Li Ji cherished his life, for fear that he would die in sleep, so his head was so heavy, he still sat there and nodded.

When Er Gouzi entered the house again, he saw Li Ji sitting on the kang, his head swayed, and when he lowered, his nasal mucus pulled a line along the tip of his nose, and he was about to fall off his clothes.

Er Gouzi hurriedly grabbed the semi-wet rag on his hand and wiped it. The rags were half wet and all were snot. Er Gouzi looked sour. Li Ji has always been a clean person. The towels used to wipe his face are washed once a day. The nasal mucus is sticky. Li Ji must be too uncomfortable to pay attention.

"I was wrong." Er Gouzi squatted in front of Li Ji, looking at Li Ji's uncomfortable face, and felt even more uncomfortable. "I will never touch you again, and I will never give you back. It's drunk, I will listen to everything you say in the future. I was wrong."

Hearing this, Li Ji, who was feeling uncomfortable, raised his head laboriously and glanced at Er Gouzi. Seeing the tears dripping from the corner of his eyes, he felt a little strange in his heart.

How long has no one cared about him so much? When the beating girl is gone, my father always gets sick when he runs out of oil. Li Ji alone supports the whole family, not to get sick, let alone getting sick. After Dad left, Li Ji wrapped himself in a quilt every night before going to bed. He didn't like to eat and he was full, for fear that he would not even know anyone when he was sick. For fear…no one would know if he died.

Er Gouzi's mind is immature, and his body still thinks about him, but what he cares about him is true.

Li Ji reached out and touched Er Gouzi's head, trying to squeeze a smile: "I'm fine."

This rubbing made Er Gouzi's teardrops fall. Er Gouzi didn't know that he was crying, but he was very sad and uncomfortable. The feeling of being unclear and unclear made him at a loss.

"I listen to you, whatever you say will do. Isn't it uncomfortable for you?"

Li Ji smiled bitterly. How can you decide for yourself if you are sick: "Go and turn over fifty copper plates, and go to the doctor's house for a while on your back. It's okay, just take some medicine and sleep." Reached out and wiped the Er Gouzi. The teardrops on Zi's face said, "You are so embarrassed to cry, young men, behave, go get the copper plate."

Er Gouzi didn't panic anymore. Pay attention. Naturally, what Li Ji said was. The slippers went to the kang and they were rummaged in the shelf to find a box for money. Inside, there were a hundred copper plates worn together, and Er Gouzi directly took out two strings. Show it to Li Ji under the kang.

Li Ji nodded, sneezed again, wiped the nasal mucus, and stood up against the wall: "Come and carry me, let's go to the doctor."

The local herbalist in the village can't speak of any medical skills, but can only say that he knows a few prescriptions and recognizes a few medicinal materials. When I can go up the mountain, I will go to a nearby mountain to collect some medicine and dry it. The village basically comes to him to take medicine. It depends on God's meaning to catch it here, and it all depends on God's meaning. Similarly, the consultation fee is extremely cheap.

The father of the current Tuanzhong once went to another pharmacy in the city to work for two years. He laid hands on the doctor who was sitting in the store. He stole some medical books. Later, he was fired because of something, so he went back to the village to give it to the doctor. People in the village grab medicine.

The current Tu Langzhong learnt from his father, the human nature Xue, no one remembers his real name, so he called him Xue Langzhong, and he would like to listen.

Er Gouzi didn't know where his home was, and Li Ji was carried by Er Gouzi and showed him the way. The village is not big, and he arrived after walking for a while.

Er Gouzi stood at the door and looked inside, and shouted, "Anyone?"

A woman came out of the room first, and she was taken aback when she saw the two of them, and asked, "See a doctor?"

Er Gouzi nodded, and the woman came out and opened the door, still asking: "Why do you have a cold after the Chinese New Year."

After entering the house all the way, Xue Langzhong had just gotten up and was still eating on the kang. I saw the two come down from the kang: "Fourth Uncle? What's wrong?"

Putting Li Ji on the kang, Li Ji leaned against the wall of fire and did not speak. Er Gouzi said with a look of self-blame: "I touch him, and then…"

"I caught a cold." Li Ji took the conversation hurriedly, for fear that Er Gouzi would say something else: "I drank too much last night and forgot to cover the bed, so I got cold in the morning."

Xue Langzhong nodded and understood that many people suffer from the cold in winter, and many die because of this disease.

The herbalist rummaged in the medicine box and grabbed two sets of medicine: "Drink medicine here or go back to drink?"

Xue Langzhong was not a serious one at first, and he didn't know how to tell his pulse, so he didn't even have to ask about the situation. Anyway, he knew a prescription for the treatment of wind and cold, and it was always correct to catch it according to the prescription.

"Thank you for frying." Li Ji coughed. Er Gouzi hadn't seen the medicine, so Li Ji couldn't believe him.

Xue Langzhong nodded, and Xue Langzhong's wife removed the tableware and put on a patched mattress for Li Ji to lie down and rest. Everyone was here in the doctor. Li Ji thought that if he died here, it would be God's meaning.

When Li Ji lay down, Er Gouzi stood beside him at a loss. Thinking about what Li Ji said just now, Xue Langzhong went to decocting medicine. Er Gouzi asked Xue Langzhong's wife: "Is it the way to sleep without a quilt?" "

Xue Langzhong's wife knew what was happening with Er Gouzi and felt very sorry for him. When she heard his problem, she told him: "He is suffering from a cold, not necessarily because he has not covered the quilt. If he is cold, he may get it. Don't you Worry, your fourth uncle is still a young man, and he will definitely survive."

Er Gouzi nodded, and realized in his heart that it was Feng Han, and it was not because he touched him last night, but because he was so happy after touching him that he forgot to cover the quilt.

Er Gouzi himself didn't know why he was relieved, and decided in his heart, it is no wonder that Li Ji will be unhappy, and the quilt must be covered next time after touching him.

Xue Langzhong's wife took out melon seeds for Er Gouzi to eat. Er Gouzi's eyes were all on Li Ji's body and did not eat. After more than half an hour, Mr. Xue came in with a broken porcelain bowl, and the bitterness of the medicine immediately filled the whole room.

Er Gouzi drank it when he first arrived at Li Ji's house. At that time, Li Ji changed to persuade him to drink it. Now the one who drank the medicine became Li Ji.

"Fourth Uncle, come, let's drink the medicine."

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to help her up, and her eyebrows were frowning when she took the bowl and smelled it. Li Ji left it in the cold for a while and discussed with Xue Langzhong: "How else to take this medicine? Er Gouzi decoction does not understand, so I have to trouble you to fry it."

Xue Langzhong nodded his head to express his understanding: "You are very serious. You have to be diligent in taking the medicine. Just take three meals a day. I will make a fixed point and send it to you."

Li Ji nodded. If he doesn't drink well in this way, it can only be said that the gods will not let him live. The road to the city has not yet worked. It is basically impossible to go to the city to see a doctor. Let it be fate.

The medicine was only half a bowl, and it was cool in a while. Li Ji frowned while pinching his nose while looking at the medicine in the bowl and dried it.

Some concoction overflowed from the corner of his lips, Er Gouzi reached out and wiped it off, and asked in a low voice, "Is it bitter?" 

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