Li Ji was like this, and he didn't know what he was thinking, so he drank a lot of wine one bite at a time.

Er Gouzi's eyes were getting brighter and brighter, Li Ji thought, what happened that day had nothing to do with his drunkenness. This time he got drunk following Er Gouzi's will, and then he would teach Er Gouzi that it seemed wrong. Drinking wine is not for him either.

With this thought, Li Ji drank very happily.

But as he drank more and more wine, Li Ji thought about more and more things. Why does Er Gouzi think of him badly? It's not because Er Gouzi only knows him.

Er Gouzi relies on Li Ji and is extremely xenophobic. Although there is Li Ji in the family, Er Gouzi will not be hostile, but he never takes the initiative to talk to people. Nine of the ten sentences others talk to him are ignored.

After such a careful calculation, in fact, the only person Er Gouzi knew was Li Ji.

Er Gouzi is eighteen this year. People of the same age in the village are fathers. Chunxin Moment has those misunderstandings. It should be a matter of course. It's just that Er Gouzi doesn't know outsiders and only makes friends with Li Ji. That's why I put this thought on Li Ji's body.

Although harassing his fourth uncle is rebellious, but it is forgivable.

The more he thought about it, the more pity Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi. Seeing how pitiful this baby was, no one would tell him such a ridiculous mistake, and let him go all the way to the dark.

"Er Gouzi, you really should marry a daughter-in-law." Li Ji sighed, "but you can remember, do not take advantage of drinking wine to your wife."

Hearing this, Er Gouzi took the wine jar and put down the wine jar, saying every word: "You promised me, there are only two of us."

Li Ji: "When?"

Er Gouzi: "On the New Year's Day, you promised me to eat with you for the rest of my life. I don't want a wife, you are my daughter-in-law."

Li Ji: "I am a man."

Er Gouzi: "Why can't you be a man."

Li Ji: "Because I can't give birth to a baby."

Er Gouzi: "Why do you want to have a baby?"

Li Ji: "Because… how come these words are so familiar."

Li Ji was stunned, and then looked frustrated: "Forget it, I won't tell you the truth. I've heard that rich people like men's butts, but that's also when there are wives, concubines, children, and daughters. Not to mention that I am your fourth uncle. And I am afraid that you have no idea what a wife is."

Er Gouzi's body became stiff, and he struggled a little bit before he said: "I will give birth. If you want a child, I will give birth. I will not marry a wife."

Li Ji couldn't laugh or cry: "You are also a man, so what do you take for your life."

"I am a man?" Er Gouzi's face was puzzled, "Why am I a man."

Li Ji: "Because you have the roots of offspring."

Er Gouzi: "What is descendant root?"

Li Ji: "You pee that thing."

"You call a man because of this?" Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and leaned down, not knowing how nasty this action was.

"Some are men, women are not." Li Ji pressed his head to realize that this stupid man didn't even know the difference between men and women.

Er Gouzi tilted his head and thought for a while, not knowing what he was thinking of, and smiled very purely: "Then you are a man, so you have? If you don't, you are a woman and you can give me a baby."

Seeing Er Gouzi crawling this way, Li Ji had a bad premonition and went straight back.

"What are you doing?"

Er Gouzi looked as it should: "I want to see."

"What are you looking at."

"Your offspring roots."

Li Ji retreated to the wall of fire and was roasted by the wall of fire behind him. He saw sweat on his head. He held the rope tied around his waist and frowned, "Is there anything to see, you don't have it yourself."

"If you don't have one, you can be my daughter-in-law."

Er Gouzi is obviously very attached to the word "wife-in-law", and he can't help but pull Li Ji. Li Ji's strength is not comparable to that of Er Gouzi. He struggled with both hands and was grabbed by Er Gouzi. His belt was untied and separated outside. His gown grabbed his trousers and pulled it down.

"Er Gouzi, don't mess around, I'm your fourth uncle!" Li Ji was dizzy after drinking, and the hand that stopped him looked weak.

Er Gouzi was very stubborn, took off his trousers and took off his fur trousers, looking at the living face under Li Ji white.

"You really do."

Li Ji's lips pulled out, what's the matter? Er Gouzi, what's this expression? The expression seemed to be him who was being assaulted.

"Have you seen it? This letter has been replied?"

Li Ji broke free of Er Gouzi's hand and put on his pants. When Li Ji was a child, because of his seniority and his father's sickness, he was busy both inside and outside the house. He almost never went out to play with the children in the village. When he was working, he would see a group of young boys running by the door of his house. Some mischievously went to pick other children's pants, and some of them fell off as soon as their belts were loosened when they were running, and then fell over with their pants.

In fact, Li Ji was envious at that time, because other children had friends playing together, but he could only stay at home.

Now that he grows up, someone finally picks his pants, not for jokes, but to see if he is a man or a woman.

These Er Gouzi can always distinguish men and women even if they are fools.

Li Ji's face was so hot because of the alcohol, he fastened his belt and returned to the dining table, deliberately staying away from Er Gouzi: "Okay, you know everything you want to know, then stop making trouble and have a good meal. Go to bed after eating."

Er Gouzi recovered from the shock, and drew to the side of the dining table. The chopsticks used to eat were all loose, and he seemed to have no appetite at all.

It is rare that Er Gouzi also has no appetite. Li Ji didn't know the taste when he ate, and the more he ate the wine, the more he got up, his dizzy chopsticks couldn't hold steady.

Jiujin came up, and he became more and more drunk. After eating this meal, Li Ji began to mumble: "Actually, you really asked. From the time I can remember, I have heard everything that is good for the kid, good for the son, and for the son to pass on from generation to generation and inherit the incense. Actually listen to this. When I spoke, I didn't even know what it meant, and I should feel that this is the meaning of the human generation."

Li Ji dumbly remembered that someone in the village gave birth to a boy. He would always show it off. When there were a lot of people, he would open the swaddle to show off the roots of the offspring. Among them, the puppet-sized things of the fiddler would show off everywhere. Rely on this thing to inherit the incense.

"But when you say that, I really think, what's the point? Passing on from generation to generation? Sh*t, the family is so poor that I have a baby and eat dung together?" Li Ji is usually a very gentle person, that is, when he is drunk. Would say such vulgar words.

Hearing this, Er Gouzi's eyes were dotted with stars, and asked urgently: "Then if we don't have children, can we two be together?"

Li Ji's mind grew heavy, and after listening to these words, he knew what it meant, and his eyes were a little confused: "It stands to reason that men should not be together, it is against the common sense. But which B*stard Chang Lun said? Why? Why do you have to marry a wife?"

Li Ji's voice became smaller and smaller, and he looked drowsy. Er Gouzi took the opportunity to get closer, stretched out his hand to hug Li Ji's shoulder, and said softly: "No one said that a man can't be with a man, at least I only heard you say it."

"Have you seen a few people." Li Ji's breathing was heavy, and he leaned on Er Gouzi.

When Er Gouzi looked down, he saw Li Ji's flushed face and the wine-soaked lips. On the night of New Year's Thirtieth, the lingering lingering in his mind rolled over, Er Gouzi swallowed, he is not a person of repressed nature, I saw it, Li Ji was going to sleep, and kissed him as soon as he lowered his head.

Li Ji's hair is faint, and the tingling of his lips feels good. People are drunk, and everything is taken for granted. He is so drowsy that he can be rude to the Er Gouzi, and he has forgotten everything about the three principles and five constants.

As an orphan, Li Ji can't understand why he can't be with a man. Er Gouzi's concept of gender is very vague.

The two rolled together unknowingly, and Er Gouzi put his hands into Li Ji's clothes and stroked his skin, remembering what he did when he sniffed the smell of Li Ji in Li Ji's quilt on the night of New Year's Eve. .

Once, Er Gouzi, who knows the taste of the marrow, hasn't slept well these days. When he closes his eyes, he feels comfortable that day. However, I remembered that Li Ji would not fold the quilt when he smelled his smell. I was afraid that he would hate it. do.

Now that Li Ji is drunk, is it all right?

Er Gouzi took off Li Ji's trousers again with a tentative mood, reached out and grabbed them. He was particularly comfortable that day, and Li Ji would definitely like it.

Li Ji gasped and moaned unconsciously, making the night even hotter.

One is drunk and the other is innocent. On the third day of the new year, I forgot all the constraints and rolled together.

Li Ji sneezed severely when he got up in the morning, and he woke up from the cold.

Li Ji opened his eyes and touched his body, wondering why he didn't cover the quilt. He shuddered and reached out to touch the quilt, but he touched the waist of the person next to him.

Li Ji had a pause, then turned around and met a face that slept unsuspectingly.

Li Ji halted and sat up abruptly. The two leaned too close to each other and were naked.

Li Ji's face turned red, the kang was cold, there was no quilt, only the clothes that were thrown away. Li Ji grabbed a piece of clothing and draped it on his body. He was dumbfounded as he looked at him in a daze.

What's up? What is going on? Why didn't he and Er Gouzi lie on the kang naked without a quilt?

Li Ji tightened his clothes and sneezed again.

Feeling dizzy and uncomfortable, Li Ji rubbed his nose, his nose was blocked, and he couldn't breathe at all. Li Ji thought about his own situation and guessed that it was a cold.

The sound of Li Ji's sneezing awakened Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi opened his eyes and saw Li Ji in focus, and suddenly smiled.

Li Ji looked at him silly and wanted to slap him twice.

"What happened last night." Li Ji said with a nasal voice.

Er Gouzi was refreshed and answered: "Let's sleep together."

"Nonsense, I was asking what you did to me?"


With simple and clear words, Li Ji really wanted to ask how he knew these words with his ears.

"What did you do!" 

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