Er Gouzi nodded and turned and went into the house. A quilt inside the room was folded. Li Ji's bed was opened. The smell was already very weak. Er Gouzi had a keen sense of smell and could smell it.

Although Er Gouzi is not yet mature, he is a wise man. It is impossible for a fool to live on the mountain for that long.

Er Gouzi guessed that Li Ji didn't finish the stacking because he discovered this, but he couldn't understand why it was just why Li Ji didn't stack the blanket when he discovered this.

Er Gouzi stacked the quilt on the table, and waited for Li Ji's dumplings to be cooked, then put the hot dishes in the pot on one end.

Li Ji eats dumplings with vinegar, and with garlic, he can eat two plates for a meal. Needless to say, Er Gouzi can eat two catties without sticking anything.

Others say that those who can eat can eat two more mouthfuls if they are full, and Er Gouzi means that if they are full, they can eat another two jin.

Li Ji looked at the dishes on the table and felt tired, and then looked at Er Gouzi who was sitting across from him and gobbled up. He couldn't help sighing. He was not a good food at all. In the past, those with clear soup and lack of water felt bitter and desperate. Now there are good days to eat meat all at once, but I am panicking because of the greasiness of the meat.

This meal Li Ji ate less, and Er Gouzi noticed it first. When Li Ji put down his chopsticks, Er Gouzi took a large piece of fish and placed it in Li Ji's bowl.

Li Ji looked at the meat in the bowl and forced himself to eat the meat.

"Don't you like it?" Er Gouzi asked. Er Gouzi can tell Li Ji's likes and dislikes through the changes in Li Ji's expression. He can see that Li Ji doesn't like it when he eats fish again.

Some people can't even eat meat. How could Li Ji say that he doesn't like it: "No, it's just that there's more meat and less food, and it's too greasy. It's okay. I wonder if we have time to get some dirt in the house. Anyway, we cook at home. It's hot, even the most important dishes in the house."

In other words, people are greedy, and always think about those who don't have them when they have them. The dishes eaten in winter are not called radishes, cabbage and potatoes. Now Li Ji wants to eat a bite of Chinese cabbage, or lettuce and green onions.

Thinking about it this way, Li Ji was stunned by the outflow of Harazi. Rubbing his lips, reducing the bowl, Li Ji had already sat down and decided to take Er Gouzi to make a small vegetable garden in the house.

There is a chicken feeding trough that was eliminated in the past. Although it is a bit cumbersome, it can be filled with soil just enough to grow vegetables on the balcony.

All that is left is to dig the soil, and Li Ji has only picked up the hoe before he remembers, when is it now? The first day of the new year, but the fifth day is not suitable for groundbreaking.

Thinking of this Li Ji put everything down again, facing Er Gouzi's puzzled expression, Li Ji coughed: "It's okay, let's get it in two days. Let's make some garlic sprouts and onion sprouts on a plate. same."

Some people in the village have set off an artillery. Li Ji's family had breakfast early, and it was only eaten at other people's houses.

At the time of the New Year, every household has three meals.

Zhang Fucai didn't even have any sorrow or joy, because it was the New Year that he couldn't find bad luck for other people's homes, and even if he wanted to, he couldn't invite him. There is only a simple mourning hall, no coffins, only a mattress and a quilt, and it is placed in a simple mourning hall built of wood and corn stalks.

The eldest son kept the spirit, the family members burned paper, and the red couplets became white couplets. They should have been a happy family. After every Chinese New Year, this family will remember the relatives who have passed away on this day.

Two days later, Li Ji put a lot of snacks on the table on the morning of the third day of the junior high school. There was hot water in the pot and on the stove. Er Gouzi didn't know why, so I asked Li Ji why.

Li Ji sighed and said: "Waiting for a hundred years to come, the village is basically my junior, waiting to come over to pay a New Year's greetings. Some are busy today, don't be too busy to say, I will make you some good food in the evening."

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji's lips and nodded gently.

Li Ji knew that the key points of the two were not together at all. Li Ji only feels distressed for his snacks and tea. It's good not to entertain him when he doesn't have it, but sometimes the juniors kindly come over to pay you New Year's greetings, so he can't bear to take out any good things at home.

The gifts were given years ago, and after the new year, they basically took the children to visit. To put it bluntly, they were to ask the children for some lucky money.

In this regard, Li Ji didn't intend to give out any money. The money was earned by Er Gouzi going up the mountain and risking hunting. It was all Er Gouzi's. You can't use his front to give yourself a face. Snacks and tea are already considered. I'm wronged.

As soon as Li Ji's words fell off, someone from outside said hello to come in for New Year's greetings. I was busy that day. I ate a lot of tea and snacks. It would be nice not to give people new year's money. It would be good to grab two snacks, especially when some people were reluctant to buy snacks, a small handful of salted peanuts was compared to one. The two copper plates are more popular with children.

Li Ji's two nephews also came here one after another. The second nephew Li Jin brought his daughter-in-law Erying and son Xiaotuo this time. This time there was a little girl standing beside Xiaotudou. The little girl was very honest, with low eyebrows, and she didn't wear decent clothes for the new year.

"Isn't this Zhang Baihu's child?"

Erying smiled and pulled the little girl around: "No, that Zhang Baihu looks down on the girl. Zhang Xue bought it before, but Zhang Ying doesn't want to keep it. It's not to say that she will prepare a dowry after she raises a living. It's not worth it. It just happened that our Xiao Tudou were naughty, and it would be hard to say a wife in the future, so I will take them home and be Xiao Tudou as a daughter-in-law."

Li Ji didn't know what to say. Zhang Baihu was really interesting. People with two sons and two daughters couldn't ask for it. The girls were all pretty. If you leave it alone, people are happy to blossom, not to mention whether the parents hurt or not, just say that this is "worthless". A good-looking girl can find a good husband in the future, and she can help her son in the future, although she has to prepare a dowry. The bride price will not be given less.

Why did it become a burden to Zhang Baihu? First come to the two girls to sell as a gift, so that you can treasure the two sons?

"Come here." Li Ji waved to the little girl.

The little girl walked in timidly. Li Ji looked at her eyebrows as a beautiful woman, and then looked up at the snotty Xiao Tudou, which really didn't match her.

Li Ji grabbed a handful of dried fruit and gave her: "The little girl is weirdly skinny, so don't think I'm too talkative. Even though we are a little daughter-in-law, we have to be our own family members. Don't be wronged. The little daughter-in-law is also a daughter-in-law. I've never treated my daughter-in-law harshly. I'm not saying that you're not treating her badly, but we're talking about the future. When we come to our house, we will be raised as our own daughters. She and Xiao Tudou get well together when they are young, and can only live when they grow up to live by themselves. it is good."

The little daughter-in-law is the so-called child daughter-in-law. In most of these situations, the situation of the child bride-in-law is not good. If they are the same daughter-in-law, they are actually a cheap maid. The child bride-in-law must be afraid of abuse, so that when he grows up, he will lower his eyebrows and be pleasing to the eye.

This kind of daughter-in-law is better than the daughter-in-law who is married later. Without the backing of her natal family, she will go to her husband's house for life and death.

When Li Ji was a child, he heard from his father that a young daughter-in-law was fashionable in the village decades ago, but then some families beat their young daughter-in-law very seriously. The young daughter-in-law was beaten severely, and the family fell asleep in the middle of the night. The seven or eight-year-old girl was stunned to kill the whole family with a knife.

After that happened, several families in the village sent their little daughter-in-law back, and there was no such incident in the village for a long time. Decades have passed since this happened. Recently, there have been several other families raising children and daughters-in-law in the village, but they are not in fashion anymore.

Erying smiled and nodded: "That's natural. I am a daughter-in-law too? I just think that Xiao Tudou can make some gas when he grows up, but don't wait until he grows up and is not a thing. A daughter-in-law who has raised so many years He also ran away in anger."

As soon as the words came out of the house, there was a lot of laughter, and the matter was passed on as a joke.

When they were sent away, they came back to other people's homes, and they were not born until the afternoon.

People can't help but entertain. This entertaining will inevitably talk a little longer. This day, there is no lack of spitting stars, and Li Ji's voice is a bit hoarse by night.

If you're tired, do something good at night and treat yourself well. The money at home is kept in a small wooden box inside the quilt, which only two people know. At dinner, Li Ji saw Er Gouzi messing around with the quilt, and then he went to the kitchen to talk to Li Ji for a while.

Being able to do these things proves that Er Gouzi's mind has become more mature, and Li Ji didn't ask what he was doing, so he let him out.

In such a poor ravine, it is difficult to learn badly.

After a while, Er Gouzi came back and smelled the scent of wine. As soon as Li Ji smelled the scent of wine, he didn't feel very good, and his mind couldn't help but think of some things that he didn't want to recall.

Er Gouzi smiled and his white teeth were especially brilliant: "Let's drink."

Li Ji really wanted to shake his head and say not to drink. I was really afraid that the two would roll on the bed after drinking.

When the food was ready and served on the table, Er Gouzi poured the wine over Li Ji very easily. This positive energy made Li Ji have to suspect that Er Gouzi deliberately got him drunk and took advantage.

Li Ji began to review himself if he really misled Er Gouzi. Let's not talk about the fact that drinking wine is used to take advantage of a man. This kind of thing is not right for a woman, and it is too human.

The point is that Li Ji hasn't taught him this at all, this is Er Gouzi's own comprehension.

Looking at the wine in the bowl, and looking forward to the Er Gouzi opposite. He couldn't say anything about preaching, and the ghost followed Er Gouzi's heart and drank the wine into his stomach.

The Er Gouzi fell on again just after he drank it, not much, just a bite, and Li Ji can drink it once he raises his neck.

In fact, it's easier to get drunk when you drink this way, because one sip adds another sip, so you can't be sure how much you've drunk. If you just drink one bowl, you won't drink one bowl, but you can drink three bowls and five bowls in one sip.

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