The recent regular diet has given Er Gouzi a very good eating habit, and he has not eaten Hesai like he did when he first came. So there were a lot of vegetables left on the table, and all the cooked dumplings were eaten.

There are a lot of dumplings, but only half of it is cooked, and the rest is frozen and kept for a few days to eat.

Two catties of wine were stunned to let two people drank up. Maybe it's in a good mood, both of them are drunk.

Er Gouzi went to burn the stove again, made the bed, and Li Ji rolled two laps to his position, his limbs spread out and looked at the room beam in a daze.

After getting drunk, Li Ji's head was empty, his complexion flushed, and his eyes squinted very blurred.

Er Gouzi didn't rush to blow the lamp, took off his clothes, climbed up the kang and looked at Li Ji in a daze.

What was it like last time Li Ji was drunk? Yes, I kissed him, why not kiss him this time? Drunk less?

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji in this way, it was difficult for Li Ji not to pay attention.

"What are you doing?" Li Ji burped.

Er Gouzi tilted his head and thought: "Wait for you to kiss me."

Li Ji: "Why do I kiss you."

Er Gouzi: "You kissed me last time."

Li Ji: "How did you kiss?"

Er Gouzi lowered his head and kissed Li Ji's forehead like Li Ji: "So."

There was a numbness on his forehead, and Li Ji dazedly reached out and rubbed the kissed area.

Li Ji didn't speak, and Er Gouzi's eyes fell on Li Ji's red lips soaked in wine. They were rosy and shiny, like an ultimate delicacy.

After all, Er Gouzi couldn't suppress the desire and hope in his heart, lowered his head and kissed lightly. The last time I stole a kiss was in Li Ji's sleep, this time Li Ji was still sober.

Feeling the touch between his lips and tongue, Li Ji became even more dazed. He was drunk and slowed his mind. Er Gouzi's movement made him freeze, and he blinked his eyes without moving.

Li Ji's appearance is so delicious, Er Gouzi is not a person with a repressive nature, swallowing saliva, lowered his head and another long kiss.

The hot breath is intertwined, with the heat of alcohol and the craving for nectar.

Er Gouzi trembled comfortably, but it was a simple touch that made him feel comfortable all over and made him want to roar.

Er Gouzi stretched out his hands and hugged his prey tightly, opened his mouth and carefully described the shape of his lips with his lips and tongue. With the most primitive desire, he tasted this delicacy that belongs to him alone.

Li Ji only felt as if he was drowning, and his body was so tight that he could not breathe. He opened his mouth unconsciously, but gave Er Gouzi a shortcut to invade.

The touch of the tip of the tongue made the two even more hot and dry. Er Gouzi just ate the delicious food, but couldn't get satisfaction. The more he asked, the more greedy, the more dissatisfied and wanted more.

Er Gouzi remembered what Li Shuisheng had said to him that day, and stretched out his hand to untie Li Ji's clothes.

Er Gouzi's hands were relatively cold, and Li Ji's chest was touched with a cool touch, and he fumbled all the way down.

Li Ji's mind was dizzy, and he was dragged into the abyss by Er Gouzi before he could think.

Er Gouzi's breathing became heavier and heavier, sliding from his lips down his neck to his chest, touching the touch of heat, both of them were hot and crazy, and urgently needed to vent.

At this moment, the door was knocked vigorously: "Fourth Uncle! Is Fourth Uncle asleep?"

Hearing someone screaming, Li Ji pushed away Er Gouzi abruptly, looked at the Er Gouzi and then at himself, half woke up from the alcohol.

"What are you doing!" Li Ji was in shock, the tingling on his lips and the salty dampness on his neck and chest made his head explode. What did he do with Er Gouzi?

Er Gouzi is not good at expressing, but is keen to follow his own desires and hopes, and swallows. Er Gouzi should say: "I want you."

Li Ji only felt a buzzing in his head, and could only say that both of them were drunk and should marry a wife. They even drank some horse urine and got entangled with a man.

Li Ji was young, his father and mother died early, and there was no concept that two men could be together at all, so he should feel that this result was caused by the absence of a daughter-in-law.

Li Ji was still thinking about the causes and consequences of this incident, and the knocking outside hadn't stopped: "Fourth Uncle! Fourth Uncle! Wake up, I'm gone, Uncle Pay is gone."

Li Ji hurriedly sorted his clothes, with a mouth full of saliva, let Er Gouzi lie down, put on a gown and opened the door.

The wind and snow outside came in at the moment the door opened, causing Li Ji to shiver.

"What are you talking about?" This smashing of the door in the middle of the night must be a big deal.

The man knocking on the door flushed his eyes and said: "My uncle Fu Cai just breathed out, but I can't give bad luck to others when I am 30 years old. I only call the elders in the village. If people leave, no one can send them. I can only sorry you. Please. Please go over and take a look, somehow send people away."

People in their 30th year have died, and they can only report funerals to other people's homes after the fifth day of the new year, and now only the elders arrive.

People are gone. As an elder, there is no reason not to go. The uncle Fu Cai in this population is called Zhang Fucai, and he is the same as Li Jiping. A few days ago, when Zhang Sanzhu got married, he sat at a table with him. Back then, he was quite tough. The kung fu wife who has only thought about it for so long is gone.

"What's wrong?"

"I was eating and drinking, but suddenly I lay on the kang and drew people from me. I slowed down a few times and didn't come back. I was happily watching my grandson singing, but that's it."

The one who came to report the funeral was Zhang Changyou, the nephew of Zhang Fucai. Li Ji went back to the back room to put on his clothes, and he didn't dare to see Er Gouzi, and said, "You go to bed first. I will go and see if someone is dead. If you can't come back tonight, you don't have to wait for me."

"I'll go too." Er Gouzi frowned.

"For you, don't go out for those who are celebrating the New Year. I can't do it. Who will let me be older, stay." Li Ji tied his belt and went out with Zhang Changyou.

Er Gouzi just sat on the kang, looking at the door where Li Ji disappeared, silent.

Zhang Fucai's house is a bit far away from Li Ji's house. It took a while to arrive. Standing at the gate, you could hear the crying and crying inside. The New Year was originally the most festive time, but it brought endless sadness to this family.

A good person, if you say nothing, it's gone.

Li Ji walked in, and the rest of the village like Li Jiping came, basically with a little alcohol, and would drink a little wine to relax during the Chinese New Year. This is when the tiredness is growing after drinking.

"Xiao Ji is here." Li Shuisheng saw Li Ji and said hello, Li Ji nodded.

Go to the back room to see that the deceased lying on the kang was rubbed by the eldest son Zhang Changfu, and Li Ji-nian bowed to the Buddha twice.

The wife of Zhang Fucai, who was standing next to her, wiped her eyes and choked with tears: "This dead ghost who killed a thousand knives, if you don't, you will be gone. It just happened to be left on New Year's Eve. At this time, you can't even buy a coffin board."

No one thought that people walked so suddenly. People who go in their 50s should wear shrouds. Basically, people in the village go in their 30s and 40s. So few people wear shrouds to give away. Zhang Fucai has always been strong and spine. There are no serious illnesses or small disasters, and I never expected to go so suddenly, let alone prepare a shroud coffin.

There were ups and downs of crying in the room, and the elders came over to preside over the situation. Li Ji couldn't help much at this point. He found a stool and sat down in the corner, watching the tossing of a group of people inside and out.

In the yard, a rough shed was built with wooden corn stalks. There was no coffin, and only the bedding covered by the old man's body when he was away.

Occasionally, the cold wind passed by, and it was extremely bleak.

Li Ji couldn't help wondering whether the day he died would be the same, who could be around him.

When the sky was getting bright, the paper money had already been burned, and Li Ji was sent back. Here, Li Ji just came over and walked through the scene based on his seniority.

When Li Ji walked back, he could hear the crowing of his own chicken from a distance. Li Ji deliberately slowed down, and couldn't help but think of something that had not happened last night. He didn't know what mood he should use to face Er Gouzi.

Although Er Gouzi took the initiative last night, Li Ji did not push him away. At that time, he was drunk and Li Ji didn't push away, which meant that he didn't hate Er Gouzi's actions.

But they are all male, and Li Ji is Er Gouzi's fourth uncle. Although the blood relationship doesn't matter much, the seniority is there.

Li Ji only felt a headache, and after thinking about it, there was only one explanation. The two really needed a daughter-in-law, and they both reached out to the man without choosing food.

No matter how slow I walked, when the road came to an end, I stood in a daze at the door of my house. After a while, I saw Er Gouzi coming out with a gourd scoop. Seeing Li Ji paused, there was no expression on his face, just a pair of eyes. Looking at Li Ji, after a while, he suddenly grinned.

Seeing the familiar big white tooth, Li Ji's heart jumped and he sighed and walked over slowly. Forget it, let it all happen.

"Have you been cooking?" At this time, the genius was just bright and it was impossible to cook, so Li Ji asked casually.

Er Gouzi shook his head: "Not yet, feed the chicken first."

Li Ji nodded, went into the kitchen to heat up the leftovers from last night and serve it again, and then went outside to pick up some dumplings that were wrapped and frozen yesterday and returned to the house to cook underwater dumplings.

After boiling water, he went into the house and took a look. The quilt on the kang hadn't been folded yet. Li Ji mumbled that Er Gouzi couldn't live alone. It was too unfavorable.

He took off his shoes on the kang, first folded Er Gouzi's quilt, and put it on the quilt frame, then turned his head down to cover himself with the duvet and lifted it up, and he smelled a musky scent that a man understands.

Li Ji loosened his hand and lifted the quilt over, his head a little confused.

He seemed to be woken up at the very beginning last night, so this smell is not hers, who can it be?

The answer is obvious, it's not Li Ji's, it can only be Er Gouzi's, but why is Er Gouzi in his bed?

Thinking of something, Li Ji's face turned red, and immediately ignored the folding of the quilt, and went to the kitchen to see if the water boiled under the kang with his shoes on.

After finishing feeding the chickens, Er Gouzi went into the house and saw the unnatural redness on Li Ji's face, and asked, "What's the matter?"

Li Ji can directly ask Er Gouzi why he is messing up in his bed?

"Cough, it's okay. I will cook dumplings. Go and stack the dumplings. Put them on the table. Once the dumplings are cooked, open the cauldron and take out all the dishes." 

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