"Then you can't buy so much." The woman who was talking felt distressed for Li Ji. "How much money do you get for so many things? Even though I am a junior, I can eat two years longer than you. You can't mess when you have the money. Spend, in case something happens in the future, you always have to save an emergency money, and you also need money to marry a wife?"

It can only be said that they are enthusiastic, and they say good things, but Li Ji was a person who likes to enjoy when he was a child. When he was poor, he sold corn for rice to eat, not to mention that he now has a small amount of money.

"Isn't this the first time that the two of them live together. Buy more delicious food. Besides, Er Gouzi doesn't suffer less in the mountains."

After saying that, the woman's persuasion stopped and nodded, "That's right. Besides, Er Gouzi will be nineteen in the coming year. It's time to marry a wife. These Er Gouzi will definitely move out when they get married, even though you are The elders are also two years younger than Er Gouzi. It is not nice to talk about living with the new wife."

These words made Li Ji feel flustered, smiled and said nothing.

Er Gouzi, who was silent beside him, suddenly said: "If you don't marry a wife, he is my daughter-in-law."

Li Ji's expression changed, and he lifted his leg and kicked Er Gouzi's ass directly. This silly remark could not be heard at home by Li Ji, and how could he talk nonsense outside.

"What nonsense, I'm still looking for someone to teach you what's going on. You haven't learned what to do with you." Li Ji smiled and explained to the woman embarrassingly, "I told Er Gouzi that my daughter-in-law washes clothes and cooks for him. Sleeping on a kang, he thinks that I am his wife, no matter how to teach it, it is as if he hadn't heard it, awkwardly wicked."

The woman laughed and closed her mouth from ear to ear: "Oh, who did not make trouble when he was a child? Er Gouzi, who grew up in the mountains, was still a child, thinking about your nephew and grandson of my family. When I was a child, he had to say that he would marry me when he was a child. What about my mother as a daughter-in-law now? Marrying him a daughter-in-law will almost forget me as a mother."

Li Ji's heart became even more congested, and he greeted him with a dry smile and walked two steps quickly.

It was not far from the village, and it took two quarters of an hour. When they arrive at home, they put everything on the kang, and the two of them first go to the kang to keep warm.

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji who was lying on the kang, and asked gently: "Are you angry?"

"No." Li Ji's tone was light.

Er Gouzi is even more uncomfortable: "I won't say any more, don't be angry, I will listen to you."

Er Gouzi has never talked much, saying so much today is really afraid that Li Ji will be angry.

Li Ji's mind was confused, and his mind was full of what the woman had told him. Er Gouzi married a daughter-in-law and they separated. He had a new daughter-in-law and gave birth to a baby. Li Ji said he was an elder. In fact, he was born a little late. Anyone who didn't know outside thought he was Er Gouzi's younger brother.

If it's a real uncle, living together is a bit gossip, but it won't matter. It's not biological, and the two will spend only a year or a half together. Li Ji is not qualified to be married to Er Gouzi after he gets married. stay together.

The irritability didn't come when he thought of this Li Ji, but he didn't know what was going on. Father died early and no one taught him. He was embarrassed to ask others, just thinking like this, and he was very annoyed.

Li Ji did not answer, but Er Gouzi was very stubborn. He reached out and grabbed Li Ji's hand, expressing his thoughts very seriously, word by word:

"You don't let me say, I don't say; you don't let me do it, I don't do it. I don't make you angry, don't be angry with me, I will listen to you."

Li Ji was still wandering, and when he looked back at this, the child's eyes were red.

Li Ji hurriedly sat up, looking at the anxiety in Er Gouzi's eyes, he wanted to slap himself: "What are you thinking about, what am I talking about? It's okay, I'm just thinking about things, I'm not angry, behaved."

Hearing what Li Ji said, Er Gouzi eased his emotions, looked at Li Ji without blinking, and confirmed again: "Not angry?"

Li Ji couldn't help reaching out and rubbing Er Gouzi's head hard, and didn't know what was in this head: "I don't know what you think, can I be angry with you? I am your fourth uncle, what are you doing to me? I'm not angry with you. You're two years older than me. Don't play the crying nose with me. You're not ashamed of me, but I'm ashamed."

Er Gouzi's hand was held by Li Ji'an, making Er Gouzi's heart more stable than ever before. Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji in a daze, and suddenly reached out and hugged Li Ji.

Li Ji didn't know what the child was going crazy again, only that the child was wronged in search of comfort, stretched out his hand and gently patted Li Ergou's back, and began to reflect on whether he really ignored what made Er Gouzi wronged. .

"You said the wife must be a woman." Er Gouzi said, "But I only want you, I just want to eat with you, sleep with you, and have a baby with you."

Li Ji was moved and funny. Moved to Er Gouzi really depended on him, that's why he said these ridiculous remarks. Er Gouzi didn't lie, but if Er Gouzi understood everything in two years, would he still say something like this?

Li Ji still wants to preach, but he still wants to talk.

Even knowing that Er Gouzi's mind is not clear at this time, Li Ji wants to lie to himself more and get along with Er Gouzi more like this, which is actually quite good.

During the Chinese New Year, the owner of the Chai pond in the west of the village opened ponds to sell fish. During the Chinese New Year, he paid attention to eating fish. It means that every year is more than enough. But this year, people have drowned. This year's business is worse than in previous years.

Fish is also meat, and it is much cheaper to buy it in the village than it is in the county. It is all from my own village. The heaviest fish is only five cents.

I bought ten of them and kept them in the two-tank in the house. When I remembered, I fed some steamed buns and broken rice grains. When I looked at which stubble, I would kill them first and eat them first.

I stewed two fish on the day I bought them. One fish weighs five or six catties. If Li Ji can't finish one by himself, it would be good for Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi has never eaten fish. At first, Li Ji They picked out all the fish bones first, and after giving him a few pieces of meat, Er Gouzi liked the taste of fish meat, which was completely different from other meat. The fish bones were left after the two fish were served on the table.

Seeing that Er Gouzi likes to eat, there is plenty of space for the second tank at home, so I went to the owner of Chaitang and bought ten more.

Others buy one at most, and some people don't want to buy it. Li Ji is definitely the main customer of this year. The owner of Chaitang specially gave an extra big fish, hoping to continue to take care of his business in the coming year.

Er Gouzi can eat meat every day, and the meat on his face grows up again. Er Gouzi likes to go uphill. If he gains weight and goes uphill, Li Ji begins to control Er Gouzi's appetite again, and when he is fine, he even lets Er Gouzi run more exercises.

The family blessing has been posted, and there have been more people giving gifts in the past two days. Whoever comes over will talk to Li's family for a long time. Li Ji and Er Gouzi are not people who like to listen to gossip, but they can only entertain them with a good face. It is really not enough to suffer for that one catty of rice and two catties of noodles.

On the new year's 30, it was finally clean. For the Chinese New Year, you must eat something good. Unfortunately, there are no fresh vegetables. You can only use pickled vegetables and some durable radishes, cabbage, potatoes and sweet potatoes for the New Year's Eve dinner.

There are a lot of meat stocks in the family. There are cured meats and frozen meats. A few days ago, Er Gouzi went up the mountain and hunted down a deer of more than 100 catties. Because at the end of the New Year, someone came to buy meat and sold it. Now There are more than fifty catties left.

There were some wild boar and roe deer meat left over. Li Ji had prepared all the meat, let Er Gouzi take care of him, and made eight dishes for the New Year's Eve dinner.

Except for the spicy cabbage stewed potatoes without meat, all other dishes are meat dishes. Li Ji was still making dumplings, and Er Gouzi's eyes turned green when looking at the dishes on the table.

Li Ji really loves Er Gouzi's gluttonous appearance. While teaching Er Gouzi to make dumplings, he said: "I know how much you have the temperament to eat, but for a while, we will eat half of it, and the old man will leave it. By law, this New Year's Eve dinner must be left. The more money left, the more money will be left for the coming year. To please."

Er Gouzi nodded to show that he had remembered, and followed Li Ji to pinch the dumplings.

There are a lot of vegetables on the table, and the dumplings are not less, because the meat is too greasy, and the sauerkraut is filled with lean meat, so the sauerkraut is greasy, so eating more meat is no problem.

Li Ji looked at the dumplings he had just made in his hand, and couldn't help but fly to last year. How did he live last year? During the Chinese New Year last year, because of the poor harvest the previous year, the corn I planted was barely enough for my own food, no grain was sold, rice was not eaten, and there was no copper plate.

At that time, the fifteen-year-old Li Ji celebrated the Chinese New Year alone. He didn't even have noodles for making dumplings. So he steamed a pot of wotou, and each wotou was made very big. Before, I kept making wotou very small, one meal at a time. During the Chinese New Year, I steamed a pot of wotou, ate a full meal, and ate a full meal for seven or eight days.

Li Ji was really satisfied at that time, but now his nose becomes sore when I think about it.

After two catties of wine, the dumplings are wrapped and cooked.

The tables can't fit anymore, they can only be stacked one on top of another.

Li Ji poured two bowls of small wine and picked up the bowl to respect Li Ji: "Er Gouzi, you may not think anything. In fact, I am pointing at you to eat these days. Although you live in my house, I rely on I'm supporting you. I'm your fourth uncle, and I'm dragging you down on this matter."

Er Gouzi seemed to understand this, but only shook his head: "This is my home."

Li Ji's heart was warm, and the wine bowl was handed forward: No matter what the next year will look like, no matter whether we will eat together the New Year's Eve dinner, thank you for these days in this family, and I respect you. "

As soon as Er Gouzi was about to speak, Li Ji had already raised his head and drank all the wine in the bowl. Er Gouzi followed and drank. Er Gouzi was not used to drinking, but when he watched Li Ji drink, he followed it, and Li Ji's appearance after being drunk was amazing.

"We will always eat together, okay?" Er Gouzi asked with a serious face after drinking the wine.

Li Ji thought stubbornly, Er Gouzi now said that he was taking him as a relative, but if he really met a girl he likes, he must have gone clean and tidy.

"Okay." Li Ji's eyes were reddish, and he smiled wanton. 

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