In this day, the Chinese New Year is about to be watched. A few years ago, relatives and friends inevitably moved around. The closer the Chinese New Year is, the more juniors will give gifts.

Li Ji is a senior in the village, and of course gifts are indispensable. However, the gifts given are not important gifts. The previous gifts were given to elders with high prestige. The gifts sent to Li Ji are basically just a cutscene.

A big event happened in the village. In fact, the village is so big, any impact is considered a major event.

The daughters of the Zhao family who sold Zhao Qian's money in the previous years have returned. Although it is not common to sell their wives and princesses in the family, it is not uncommon. Whoever has no food to eat, or wants to give his son a good meal, Find a dentist who leads the city and sell it to the rich and wealthy people in the city to be a maid, and a few taels of silver are enough for the family to eat and drink for several years.

This Zhao Qian, as his name suggests, gave birth to two daughters, the eldest daughter Zhao Zhenzhu, and the second daughter Zhao Feicui. In the past few years, the family did not suffer from illness and disaster, so he wanted to go to the city to eat roast duck, but he thought it was too expensive. The daughter-in-law sold her eldest daughter Zhao Zhenzhu, and bought a roast duck to go home. The remaining family of three had eaten Haisai before they leisurely said that it was sold for the girl.

For this reason, there was a lot of jokes in the village that year. The wife of Zhao Qian took a feather duster and circled the village twice and cried for several days.

But if someone is sold, they are sold, and they cannot be recovered, and the child has fallen into a slavery status and cannot return.

If the family's conditions can't be revealed, the people in the village will understand that selling a girl girl, but like this kind of girl selling a girl for a roast duck, the village has said it for a long time, said it is said, and soon forgot it.

This Zhao Qian can be regarded as retribution. When the girl sold her wife, she never made any noise in her stomach. The family guarded a little daughter, Zhao Feicui, who was eagerly saving money and thinking about waiting for a son-in-law to inherit the family when she grew up.

No one thought, Zhao Zhenzhu, who had been sold, came back, and didn't know what he had gone through over the years. He actually entered the county's house to serve the county's daughters, and became the dignified maid beside Miss Qianjin.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the heaven of an official and the servants who serve the official are also great nobles. Zhao Zhenzhu was pampered and asked her to go home a year ago to see her parents. It was a grace and an honor.

Zhao Zhenzhu brought back a lot of good things that were not seen in the village. Her parents were also happy to bloom. Everyone said that his eldest daughter had a great future, and she did not forget her family when she became rich.

Some people have never seen this kind of thing all their lives, and they all go over and see what Zhao Zhenzhu, who is the maidservant to the officials in the city, looks like now.

Li Ji hadn't planned to join in the excitement, but as a senior in the village, it was a bit unreasonable not to go there, so he had to take Er Gouzi and walk through the scene.

At this time, it can be said that Zhao Qian's house was on the third and outer floors. The Zhao Qian's and his wife looked happy, and Zhao Qian's wife had silk flowers on her head. People who didn't know thought this family was getting married. Where's the girl.

Seeing Li Ji coming, the junior standing outside spontaneously gave way and let Li Ji in. There were not many elders in the village, so Li Ji walked in directly with Er Gouzi.

At this time, Zhao Zhenzhu was working on the kang, surrounded by several women, calling out a mouthful of meat. The dear ones who didn't know thought it was a group of relatives.

Seeing Li Ji coming, Zhao Qian's wife hurriedly introduced Zhao Zhenzhu: "You should not remember, this is your fourth uncle Li Ji. He is followed by your son Li Yan, who has lost his name back then. He has no big name yet, so he called him the second. Gouzi, you can call him Brother Ergou."

Zhao Zhenzhu did not stand up either, nodded politely, and yelled separately.

Li Ji glanced at Zhao Zhenzhu. She didn't know what fabric clothes she was wearing. She only felt that she looked silky and reflective, very beautiful. She also held a silk veil in her hand and had four or five hairpins on her head. Sat up straight and folded his hands, like a big family. A pair of eyes is full of arrogance, and indeed there is arrogant capital.

Li Ji was looking at Zhao Zhenzhu, and Zhao Zhenzhu was also looking at Li Ji. After seeing Li Ji and then looking at the Er Gouzi behind Li Ji, she was taken aback, as if she had remembered something, but she really couldn't. .

Zhao Zhenzhu yelled at someone, and then smiled and said, "Uncle Li was still young when he left, and now I can't recognize him when he grows up."

Talking and talking are different from those in the village, but talking to the elders and not standing up, it is inevitable to lose courtesy. The people in the village are not so strict, but they are very important.

The people standing around seemed to be dissatisfied but no one dared to say it, and then there was another compliment.

Li Ji came and walked through the scene, and lied to him that he had something to go back. In fact, Li Ji understands Zhao Zhenzhu quite well. The father sold her for a roast duck. If it was changed to Li Ji, he would definitely not want to go home for the rest of his life.

It's just that men and women have different ideas after all. Some women are soft-hearted, and will find thousands of reasons to excuse their parents, and then give more money to the family after getting face in front of the master, but Zhao Zhenzhu's appearance is obviously not like this.

She was proud of her arrogance, and she was not salty or indifferent to the elders. It seemed like a person going home to visit relatives, and it was obviously going home to revenge and show off. Thanks to her father who sold her to someone else for a roast duck as a slave and a maid, how could she be a maidservant to the official family?

If Li Ji does not participate in the affairs of other people's homes, he will see that it is about to celebrate the New Year. If you don't join in the fun, you can have a good life at home. Everyone in the village is beginning to buy goods for the New Year. Even the poorest people will have a good year. They will have to eat some good food. There will be a small market in the village where they can buy something. Li Ji is also bored, so he will go with Er Gouzi. .

The market was just one day, and at least half of the people in the village went there, and the road was mighty and lively. There are many people and women going to the market. Basically, mothers take their children to join in the fun, see what the children like to eat, and buy some snacks.

When Li Ji said a few words to Er Gouzi, he heard the old lady still talking about Zhao Zhenzhu.

"You don't know, that Zhao Zhenzhu was squeamish when she came back. Her parents didn't even call her name. She was a maid in the county's Chengfu. The name given by the county lord was Ruyue."

"It's true, isn't it just a name? Why can't her parents call her by her real name?"

"Which is because of this. I think that Zhao Zhenzhu simply doesn't recognize his parents. When she came back, she brought back a lot of good things. The most important thing was three roast ducks. Isn't this embarrassing that her father's face is coming? It is said that this girl has been in the city for a long time, and she did not regard herself as Lao Zhao's family at all."

"Tsk, you can't forget your ancestors when you are rich."

Gossip is never a rare thing, especially in winter, when there is no busy farming, and there is nothing to do, talk to each other about other people's gossip to pass the time. The eastern parent Li's family is short, and it's comfortable to see who is not pleasing to the eye and scolds harshly.

To say that it is bad, in fact, no one can be considered bad, but they don't know the morality of the mouth.

Li Ji thought in his heart, this is all for the sake of selling people into slavery for only roast ducks, and also thinking that people don't forget their ancestors, and selling chickens knows that laying eggs will have nothing to do with them in the future. put.

I took Er Gouzi and walked a little bit faster. There were only three hundred copper plates in my pocket, and there was no shortage of anything at home. This time, I bought some snacks at most.

Recently, the family's conditions have improved, and their mouths have become more and more greedy. The snacks bought in the city last time are almost finished, so I will go to the market to stock up more.

This was the last bazaar in the village years ago. It was especially lively. Not only were there resident hawkers, but also some ordinary people came to sell the extras of their own homes. There were all kinds of animals, and there were even a few on the children's heads. With straw, this means selling children.

Li Ji's eyes slid over the little baby's face, and it was quite clean, but there was food on his face. Obviously, the family was running out of food, so he had reached the point of selling children.

Li Ji sighed, the court didn't care about this kind of thing, he couldn't manage it.

Along the way, there are all kinds of food for sale, and there is a stall selling medicated candies, and all flavors. Seeing that there is orange flavor in it, Li Ji smashed his mouth and leaned in to inquire about the price. Two copper plates and one. It was a bit expensive, so Li Ji bought four yuan and tasted it with Er Gouzi.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and handed it over. Er Gouzi opened his mouth without thinking, put the medicated candy in his mouth, and said sweetly.

The longer he gets along with Er Gouzi, the more Li Ji likes Er Gouzi's character, which is simple and clear. Although I don't like to talk, I am a little bored, but it is lovely.

It stands to reason that this medicinal candy is liked by little girls or children, but Li Ji didn't eat it much when he was a child, so he bought more while he had money.

I went to buy candied fruit, fried melon seeds, and peanuts. Because both of them can eat, I bought a lot of them at once.

I didn't buy much firecrackers. Li Ji didn't like to play with this. I bought one or two strings and put them on time. I didn't buy the other firecrackers. I bought two of them, one door and one door, and I didn't want the rest.

There are people who sell God of Wealth and Lord Stove. They didn't buy them at home in the past because they didn't have the money. This year, when he was rich, Li Ji hesitated and didn't buy them. Er Gouzi is the God of Wealth and Lord Stove in the family. It is also the mascot of the family. With him in Li Ji, I don't think there is anything lacking in his own family.

I also bought a lot of novel gadgets. The two spent almost the same time on the copper plate, and returned with a full load.

When I walked back, I attracted a lot of attention. The New Year is a joyous celebration. It's good to buy more things, but I have never seen anyone who buys so many things. If there are many children, there is still love for the children. The two elders will buy so many things. It's all eaten. It's not that the village has good conditions, but it's a bit talented if the conditions are good, and they won't be as prodigal as their family. They are all careful about what might happen in the future.

"I said my uncle, buying so many old things." There was an older woman in the village who walked over quickly.

Li Ji smiled and said, "We are both greedy, so we are so good, so we buy more." 

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