"Okay, it's not me, it's Er Gouzi." He took a sip of hot water and took a sip of hot water. "The roots of Er Gouzi stood up last night. I don't know what's going on. I have a thin face and say no. Understand, it's just that you came to ask for help."

Er Gouzi grew up in the mountains. Although he is eighteen years old, he has no mother and father, so what can he understand?

Hearing what Li Ji said, Li Shuisheng was quite disappointed, and joked: "That's what a big deal, it's my responsibility. I said Xiao Ji, if you don't know anything, this brother will also teach you."

Li Ji's face was hot and he smiled dryly: "Fortunately, I am not a big girl. If the big girl thinks that your wife can tear your mouth. Come on, Er Gouzi is my junior in my house." Li Ji touched his pocket. Give a few copper coins, "You take these, you can't make your effort in vain, buy some wine and drink with the money."

Seeing the copper plate, Li Shuisheng's eyes lit up, then he lay back and pushed the copper plates back: "Okay, take me as someone, am I the kind of person who looks at money? Not to mention how big things are. Er Gouzi did not suffer less in the mountains. As an elder, I can teach something to move my lips and not get tired. Take it back."

What Li Shuisheng admired was not these copper plates, but the value of Er Gouzi itself. Er Gouzi could hunt and possess strength. If he could be a wealthy lord in the future, how could he really be greedy for something like this.

Li Ji didn't pick it up, but stood up: "You don't have to be polite to me. You also know that my family has made a small fortune and there is no shortage of money. Then I will go back first, and you will have time to go. In addition, when you go to teach, you should also pay attention. Don't say the usual jokes of the village masters. The Er Gouzi are clean and you can't tell if they are joking."

When the village elders were chatting around and chatting, it was awkward and endless. What kind of big girl's buttocks and the little daughter-in-law's breasts are straight? I have done it, but this kind of crooked joke can't let Er Gouzi listen to it.

"I don't understand this point." Li Shuisheng smiled and cursed, "You little B*stard, don't you fart bigger? Tell your brother what you know."

How could Li Ji tell him those things, and left after speaking.

As soon as I went out, I saw Shuisheng's wife talking to Li Qiao'er, who didn't know what she heard, and smiled with a blush on her face. People themselves are pretty, and this appearance is even more vivid against the white snow.

It's no wonder that Li Shuisheng looks like Li Qiaoer is still popular with young boys in the village. Although the old husband and mother-in-law are both in the eyes of money, this Li Qiaoer does look good and is also virtuous.

Thinking of this, Li Ji's heart became even more congested, and he smiled and said hello and went home.

Er Gouzi was still waiting for him at home, smiled at him when he saw Li Ji, and made no secret of the joy of seeing Li Jihou. Er Gouzi has a clean mind and a more pure mind. He will not conceal the slightest emotions of his own, and he has never been stingy with all his performance.

Some people may say that Er Gouzi is a semi-fool, but in Li Ji's heart, such a talent is the most perfect, everything is undisguised, there is no misunderstanding to live together, and life is more comfortable.

If he waited for others to discover that Er Gouzi was good, Li Ji didn't know when he could still cover Er Gouzi.

When Er Gouzi feeds the chickens, he always looks up at the mountain. Li Ji noticed it, but he didn't see it. Er Gouzi wanted to go up the mountain, but he was afraid to upset Li Ji.

Er Gouzi is very sensitive to everything about Li Ji. The longer he gets along with Li Ji, the less he wants to see Li Ji upset, even if this is at odds with his nature.

Er Gouzi could hold back his mouth, but couldn't help but look at Li Ji with a pair of pitiful eyes.

Li Ji could feel Er Gouzi's pitiful look that he couldn't wait to see what he wanted, anytime and anywhere, but he still had a face that was unwilling to speak out because of the overall situation, and he couldn't laugh or cry.

Or Li Jixian couldn't help asking him: "Want to go up the mountain again?"

Er Gouzi nodded, his eyes lit up, and said nothing, but the feeling of running up the mountain was ready to come out.

"It's only been a few days since I came back." Li Ji only felt his head hurt. He couldn't keep Er Gouzi from going up the mountain, but he was always worried that something would happen.

"I…want to go." Er Gouzi couldn't stop the obsession with the mountain in his heart, nor could he lie to Li Ji.

"The snow has been heavy in the past two days, and the road on the mountain is not easy to walk. It happened to be windy in these two days. Let's wait two more days and wait until the snow is solid before going up the mountain. At any rate, it will be easier to walk." It can only be as safe as possible.

Er Gouzi nodded.

"Ah, besides… Your Uncle Shuisheng will come over these two days, you can ask him if you don't understand, everything is fine." Li Ji glanced over Er Gouzi's waist inadvertently, a little embarrassed.

Er Gouzi didn't understand what Li Ji meant, and asked ignorantly: "What's the matter?"

Li Ji, how embarrassed to say? If he can be embarrassed, he won't ask for help from outsiders: "Forget it, then they will tell you by themselves, do you have meat? We still have meat in our family. Kill another chicken and have a good meal."

Hearing about eating meat, especially those who have been killed, Li Ergou has a Coke and is busy picking a fat rooster and slaughtering it.

The next morning, Li Ji said was sweeping snow in the yard and saw Li Shuisheng coming with a smile. Li Ji thought of asking him, his face was a little hot, smiled and welcomed people in and made tea for him.

The fragrance of tea overflowed, Li Shuisheng sucked his nose vigorously, and said with a smile: "Yeah, after all I have made a fortune, this tea is really fragrant."

Li Ji asks for help, naturally welcoming people with a smile: "Brother, if you like to pack some back when you leave, Er Gouzi and I are both good at this. Last time I went to the city and bought a lot."

Li Shuisheng took a sip from the stoneware bowl and squinted his eyes to enjoy it: "Is it a rich man, I really enjoy it."

Er Gouzi had no impression of Li Shuisheng. Seeing that Li Ji was so polite to him, he stood beside him and said nothing.

After drinking half a bowl of tea, Li Shuisheng remembered Er Gouzi, and he waved over: "Er Gouzi is here. Uncle teaches you something nice."

Li Ji was not embarrassed, shrank his neck, and went out directly with an excuse.

Li Ji is sixteen this year, and he is a young man. If someone is willing to teach him, he will definitely come up and listen more. As a man, I am not afraid of knowing a lot about things like this, but I am afraid of not knowing anything about being embarrassed when we marry a daughter-in-law.

But as soon as he thought about listening with Er Gouzi, Li Ji was uncomfortable. Why did he have this idea, but I didn't understand it. In the winter, Li Ji had a sullen stomach and didn't know how to vent, he wandered all the way to the village entrance.

Sweeping the snow on the big rock at the entrance of the village with his sleeve, Li Ji raised one leg and sat on it, looking at the snow-white mountain in a daze.

This is the place where Er Gouzi lived for ten years, and it is also the place where Er Gouzi always wants to go.

"What's good on this mountain? Jackals, tigers and leopards can eat people, and can't grow the fields." Li Jichao put his hands on the stone, leaning back and tilting his head thinking about this difficult problem that he couldn't understand. .

After sitting for two quarters of an hour, no amount of heat was uprooted by the ice and stone. Li Ji watched Xiaoxue fall again eloquently, stood up and shook the snow. After a chill, he realized that he was cold.

So thinking about things can't be too engrossed, fortunately reacted.

Dangling back, it happened to see Li Qiao'er also walking towards his house.

"What's wrong?" Li Ji asked.

"Fourth Uncle, this is the case, the meal is ready at home, and my mother asked me to come over and call my father." Li Qiao'er replied with a smile.

Li Ji looked at Tian'er, it was still morning: "When will we eat now?"

Li Qiao'er reacted and said, "How can I eat three meals in winter? My family has two meals."

If you don't work in winter, you won't be hungry easily, so the village basically eats two meals as soon as it enters winter. One is to save food, and the other is heavy snow and cold winter. They like to heat the kang nest and lie down on the kang for a day. It's called enjoyment, who is willing to be tired to cook?

Li Ji was stunned for a moment and forgot about it. In fact, Li Ji likes to watch Er Gouzi's food for three meals at home. In addition, once Er Gouzi's habit can't be changed, he will just eat like going up the mountain. Getting used to three meals a day, when Li Ji was too lazy to cook, he went to the kitchen to cook it himself.

Li Ji shook his cuffs and went back with Li Qiao'er.

Li Ji thought that Er Gouzi was still "learning" at this time, and he thought that Er Gouzi had just come out of the chicken house when he entered the courtyard. Holding two eggs in his hand, he laughed as soon as he saw Li Ji, and didn't make a sound. Even if his teeth were ridged, he didn't know what he was beautifying.

"Where is your Uncle Aqua?"

"Drinking tea." Er Gouzi approached Li Ji holding the egg. "The egg was laid early today. I heard the rooster barking, it really did."

Generally, chickens lay their eggs at noon or afternoon, not many in the morning.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and touched it. It was still warm. This winter, the eggs had cooled very quickly, and it was obviously just right when they were still warm.

Eggs are easy to freeze and crack this winter, so you have to listen to the sound at any time. If it is half an hour late, the eggs will freeze.

"Okay, let's have steamed egg custard tonight."

Entering the house, Li Shuisheng was still drinking tea, his belly was two laps bigger, and when he saw Li Ji smiling and talking, it was full of water sounds.

"Come back, Er Gouzi is actually a clever thief, and you can understand it in two sentences. It's because of you that you invited me over for such a serious matter."

Li Ji just smiled and didn't speak. Li Qiao'er didn't understand what they were talking about. He just told Li Shuisheng to go back for dinner. After Li Shuisheng left, Li Ji picked up Li Shuisheng's tea bowl and looked at it. Kung Fu is to drink a few waters.

Li Ji didn't feel ashamed to ask Er Gouzi what he had learned. He searched for melon seeds and put them on the kang table to pass the time.

Near noon, Er Gouzi started cooking, and Li Ji was too embarrassed to eat ready-made rice. He made a spicy cabbage stew with potatoes for Er Gouzi stew, and replaced the tea leaves that Li Shuisheng drank without making tea. The new tea leaves, sitting cross-legged on the kang, looking at the table with food and vegetables, this little life is so moist.

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