Er Gouzi has been soaking for half an hour and has not been seen. Li Ji is almost full of melon seeds. Seeing Er Gouzi's face flushed red, he thought it was a long time of soaking.

"Is it uncomfortable? You took too long to soak. You can get a good night's sleep when you come out. The bath is comfortable, but it's not good for a long time."

Li Ji stretched out his hand and stirred the bath water. The water was cold and I didn't know what Er Gouzi was soaking in.

Seeing that the hand that was stirred in the water was still dripping, Er Gouzi felt even more uncomfortable, and unconsciously reached out and grabbed the hand, but Er Gouzi had no idea what action should be taken below.

Suddenly being caught, Li Ji was not prepared, and looked at Er Gouzi with a strange look, and Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji even more innocently, but the eyes that already had some bloodshot eyes were really distressing.

"What's wrong? It's uncomfortable there?"

"I don't know." Er Gouzi would not lie, and said the truth.

Li Ji was even more sure that Er Gouzi had been in the bath for a long time, and directly took Er Gouzi's arm to pull him out. Er Gouzi followed Li Ji's strength and leaned forward and stepped on the small stool in the tub to get out of the bath.

"Come on, step on the stool and step on the grass curtain, dry your body first, and then put on your shoes and go back to the house to sleep."

The light was dim, and Li Ji looked up and couldn't clearly see Er Gouzi's expression, only knowing that his body was trembling slightly, looking strangely distressed.

Helping Er Gouzi stepped on the small stool outside the bathtub, Er Gouzi lifted up the other leg to follow him out, but because he was shaking and unable to stand firmly, he fell on Li Ji's body.

Er Gouzi is sturdy, tall and muscular. In short, he is heavy. It is really enough for Li Ji to bear the whole body on Li Ji. Li Ji didn't stand firmly on the ground and supported Er Gouzi with his butt. He grinned in pain on the ground, and said with a smile: "You really don't eat so much for nothing, Nima is really heavy."

As soon as the words were spoken, Li Ji had a sudden stop. Just now, his left hand was supporting Er Gouzi, and his right hand was on his waist. Er Gouzi fell over and he subconsciously used his right hand to support Li Ergou's waist. This time the two of them They were all stabilized, and when they wanted to withdraw their hands, they just rubbed Er Gouzi's waist, let alone, very energetic.

Li Ji seemed to understand why Er Gouzi was uncomfortable.

Er Gouzi's brain was blank at this time, and the place where Li Ji's hand had just touched went straight to his brain. The coldness on Li Ji's hand just right alleviated Er Gouzi's scorching heat.

How embarrassing the two people can express their eyes? Before Li Ji had any reaction, the hand was suddenly held and pressed directly under Er Gouzi. There was a particularly ecstasy syllable in Er Gouzi's voice. .

Li Ji never thought that he had been alive for 16 years and was taken lightly by his elder nephew.

"What are you doing!" Li Ji hurriedly withdrew his hands and stood up.

Er Gouzi looked up a little bit at a loss, more eagerly: "Uncomfortable."

"What's the matter with me about your uncomfortable."

"It won't be uncomfortable for you to touch me." What Er Gouzi said, of course he didn't know what he said without a sense of shame.

Li Ji wanted to lose his temper. The old man who had lived for 16 years was assaulted by a man, but he couldn't get out of the fire in the face of Er Gouzi. He could only say that Er Gouzi was too clean. Desire has also become simple, just wanting to be liberated, not knowing the taboos and misunderstandings contained therein.

The evil fire in his heart couldn't get out, Li Ji turned anxiously and went into the back room. Er Gouzi didn't know why Li Ji was angry, but felt that the way Li Ji turned and left made his chest hurt and felt uncomfortable.

Er Gouzi stepped into the house quickly regardless of his foot on the ground.

"Don't be angry." Er Gouzi's voice was small and pitiful, and it was the first time for Li Ji to hear Er Gouzi's cautious voice.

Li Ji turned his head and didn't look at it. In fact, he had already started to excuse Er Gouzi:

Why am I angry with him? Although he is two years older than me, but in fact his mind is still at the age of five. No one has taught him for so many years. How can he know what to do and what not to do? I have my father taught it for the first time. Do you still think you have a terminal illness and leave a last word? Er Gouzi just doesn't know what's wrong with him, at this time, as the fourth uncle, he should give more guidance.

In this way, Li Ji coaxed himself well. He sighed and turned his head softly and looked at Er Gouzi who was standing in the house wet and naked, feeling a little painful.

"Okay, don't blame you, first go dry and put on pajamas on the kang, remember to wash your feet so as not to stain the quilt."

Li Ji was finally willing to pay attention to him, and Er Gouzi's eyes finally glowed, and after hearing Li Ji's request, he nodded and turned around and did what Li Ji said.

Li Ji made the bed and lay on the Kang, Er Gouzi climbed on the Kang, cross-legged watching Li Ji not speaking. The movements were very similar to Li Ji's usual movements. Maybe it was a long time with Li Ji, and his gestures were a bit similar.

Li Ji glanced down, unsurprisingly, he was still alive. If he was a child, he would check it out. After all, it was a treasure from generations to generation, but it would be uncomfortable to see an adult who is older than himself.

"Put on fur trousers."

Li Ji looked at the roof beam, and was thinking about the words in his heart about how to explain to him. If he was an old man in his forties or fifty, he would have no such worries. Anyway, with an old face, let him educate him and himself. The year-old does not yet know where to start.

"Uncomfortable." Er Gouzi put on fur pants even more uncomfortable, Li Ji turned around and blew the lamp.

"This is a normal thing for men, don't be afraid, men rely on that thing to give birth to children." When these two sentences were said, Li Ji's face was about to smoke.

"How to give birth?" Er Gouzi's question gave Li Ji another heavy hammer.

Li Ji pressed his head and didn't know what to say. In fact, he just had a vague concept. He didn't wait for his father to teach him. He didn't know how to teach Er Gouzi. ?

Turning over, I couldn't find a word, and simply said: "I don't understand, so let me ask someone to tell you tomorrow, go to bed first tonight, don't worry about it."

He doesn't have a father's teaching, it doesn't mean that others don't. Go to the village to find someone of the same generation, all of whom have given birth to children, so you can definitely make it clear.

Er Gouzi could feel Li Ji's irritability, shut up and stopped asking, but somewhere in his lower body was really uncomfortable, he could only relieve himself by rubbing the sheets.

Both of them couldn't sleep all night, and they had panda eyes in the next morning. For the first time in these days, Li Ji was not smooth.

The steamed buns and steamed buns are almost finished. This morning, the rice is so boring. I kneaded the noodles by the way. If the steamed buns are good, the steamed buns can be steamed tomorrow.

After eating, Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to stay at home, and found him a "Mr. Jiaoyin" by himself. Standing at the door, Li Ji looked at the village, only feeling panicked.

Who are you looking for?

People who are the same as Er Gouzi can't find them. They can only find the elders. There are only seven or eight elders in the village. There is only one doctor in the village, who is still a half-hearted man. He only recognizes a few herbs and grabs some simple prescriptions. Whether you can live with a cold depends on luck, so the old man and the old lady are the ones who survived forty.

The nearest is Li Shuisheng's home. When I think of him, Li Ji thinks of Li Qiao'er, and I am a little entangled in whether or not to go.

However, on second thoughts, finding someone else to teach others may not be attentive. It is not as good as Li Ji to teach some messy things. Li Shuisheng has the intention to let Er Gouzi be his uncle and let him teach. Surely there will be no problems, but will be as diligent as teaching his son.

This is the safest thing. With this mindset, Li Ji walked directly to Li Shuisheng's house.

Every household in the village is similar. Bricks made of soil and tiles made of grass are different. It should be the women who are diligent and can tidy the yard neatly.

Arrived at the door of Li Shuisheng's house, Shuisheng's wife was feeding chickens with corn shreds in the yard. She saw Li Ji, put down the small pot of corn shreds, and wiped the dregs on her clothes: "Come on. Looking for Shuisheng?"

"Ah, discuss something with him." Li Ji opened the door and walked into the yard. There were still rice grains on his shoes that had accidentally fallen in the morning. The chicken saw it and pecked it twice. The rice grains were eaten up, and the others were not eaten. By the time the chicken was not reconciled, he pecked and pecked, wanting to get a paw on it.

The chickens came over to add to the chaos, and Li Ji kicked the chicken away and went straight into the house.

They are all in the middle kitchen, with east and west houses on both sides. The east is where the head of the family lives, and the west is where the children live. If there are many children, they will be separated by a curtain.

Shuisheng's daughter-in-law turned her eyes, thinking that a few days ago, she heard her husband say that Li Qiao'er should be promised to Er Gouzi. Now Er Gouzi is raised in Li Ji's house. The marriage is in charge of Li Ji. It might just be the case. Dear.

Thinking of the wrinkles on the face of the aquatic daughter-in-law here, the women in the village didn't know what enjoying happiness is from childhood, and they lived from morning to night, so the old ones are very fast. They climbed up after twenty-five wrinkles. I've seen old age at thirty-five, and the aquatic daughter-in-law is almost fifty, and her hair is all white.

Li Ji entered the East Room. Li Shuisheng was lying on the kang with a bite of fried soybeans for leisure time. He saw Li Ji sitting upright: "Hey, Xiao Ji is here. Sit quickly. Why are you thinking about it?"

Li Ji was sitting on the edge of the kang before he could speak before seeing his daughter-in-law Shuisheng come in, carrying a kettle and two bowls, and pouring two bowls of boiling water on the kang table.

"Xiao Ji also knows that my family is difficult. The leaves were gone a few days ago. You can only drink boiling water to drive away the cold. Don't dislike it."

With the enthusiasm of Shuisheng's daughter-in-law laughing, Li Ji knew who Li Shuisheng's family was, and realized that this was a misunderstanding.

"What's the matter, I'm also asking for something, it's nothing serious." Then I apologized and smiled, "I am young and have a thin face. Sister-in-law, please avoid it first? If Qiao'er is here, stay away, man. It's so embarrassing."

The Shuisheng daughter-in-law's face was hot, and she looked up and down Li Ji, thinking about how old Li Ji is, and his parents left early. There are some things to ask an adult.

Although there is a bit of a gap, Li Ji is cute enough to be like this. Shuisheng's wife left with the water bottle. Li Ji looked at Li Shuisheng's connotative gaze, and his face was hot. 

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