When he entered the house, Er Gouzi was sitting on the horse in front of the stove and adding firewood. He turned his head and saw Li Qiao'er when he heard the movement, tilted his head a little strangely.

Li Qiao'er was very cheerful and took the lead and said: "My name is Li Qiao'er, and my dad asked me to come over and help."

Er Gouzi's attitude towards strangers has always been very indifferent, and did not respond, turning his head and continuing to burn.

Li Qiao'er was a little bit unable to come to face, Li Ji relieved: "Er Gouzi is like this. He admits that his life is evil. When he first met me, he still grinned. The old Gao's family found a lot of people when he picked him up. Because he was fierce and didn't stay. In fact, when he didn't know him at the beginning, he didn't talk to people, and just got acquainted."

Li Qiao'er nodded to express understanding. At that time, Gao Liehu had searched all the villagers named Li and finally found Li Ji here. I originally looked for the elders, but the elders didn't keep them, but I also found some of the older generations. Among them is Li Qiaoer's father Li Shuisheng.

At that time, Li Shuisheng went to take a look, and was directly scared back by Er Gouzi, saying that Er Gouzi had the temperament of a mountain beast. Who can guarantee that he will not eat people in the future? It happened that there were many children in the family, so he said that he still had to save food to help his son, but he didn't agree.

Now Li Shuisheng is getting angry with straight teeth. If he kept it back then, there would be nothing wrong with Li Ji now. The leather and silver just slipped away in vain.

That's why Li Shuisheng wanted to get married and let Li Qiao'er marry Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi had no father and no mother. In the future, he would be the husband-in-law who needs filial piety to marry.

Li Qiao'er also knows what his father's calculations are, and he will come when he asks her to come over. In the future, he will be married. Er Gouzi have no father and no mother, and there is no need to honor his in-laws. This alone is better than most men in the village.

Li Ji asked if Li Qiaoer had eaten it. Li Qiaoer said that if he had eaten it at home, it would be enough to prepare Er Gouzi alone. Take out seven eggs, beat them into egg mixture and fry them, cut a plate of kimchi and add a plate of shredded pickles.

Li Qiaoer really didn't have much work to do inside and out. The house was quite clean. Seeing Er Gouzi sitting on the kang waiting for dinner besides the fire, she couldn't help but sigh that Li Ji is a good man. Cleaned up the house so neatly.

Li Qiaoer went to see the water tank outside, there was half a tank of water, and took a basket outside to collect clean snow and melted it into the tank.

Li Qiaoer had just melted two of Lou Xue, thinking that Er Gouzi should have finished eating, but when she entered the house, she was shocked. The rice in the rice bowl was reduced by half while Er Gouzi was still eating.

I saw that a pot of rice was cooked before, and thought it was to save firewood to cook several meals at a time, but I can see that Er Gouzi looks like this is the amount of one meal.

Ever since I was young, I have never seen such a person who can eat. Li Qiao'er was a little silly standing there.

Li Ji is used to watching and enjoys watching, because Er Gouzi's eating is so delicious.

Li Qiaoer accepted the incompetence, and continued to go out to collect snow. The water tank at the door was piled with firewood, and the heat preservation effect was good. Even so, Li Ji would still boil some boiling water every morning and evening to raise the temperature, so even if it was placed outside the house , I have never seen ice.

Li Qiaoer filled the water tank, and Er Gouzi took out some candied fruit for her. There are sixteen-year-old girls who are mothers in the village, but in fact they have just emerged from the children's pile and are not fully mature.

Candied fruit is a rare thing in the village. Li Qiaoer saw that she couldn't hold back and took a piece to eat, and her little face almost burst into laughter.

Li Qiao'er is good-looking and likable. Although she is a daughter of the family, she is not arrogant at all, and she has a little girly charm.

If it is said to find a wife for Er Gouzi, it is actually the best candidate. It's reasonable to say that, but when will people's mind follow the truth?

Er Gouzi asked Li Ji to eat with him several times. Li Ji was already full, but he ate half a bowl with Er Gouzi. When the rice bowl was clean, Li Ji picked up the food and washed it.

The house and the outside are all clean, and I can't find work to do. Li Qiao'er can't say to let them take out the clothes to wash. After all, she is a little girl who hasn't gone out. It's bold enough to go to someone else's house to work alone, man's. Unless the clothes are under special circumstances, or if they are hired, only their own women, mothers, mothers, or daughters, can wash them.

I don't know when and when there was such a custom, it is very ambiguous to wash men's clothes.

Li Qiao'er left without much work. Li Ji watched the little girl leave, and breathed a sigh of relief imperceptibly.

Li Ji sat cross-legged on the kang in a daze. At this time, Li Ji would drink tea for entertainment. This was developed after Er Gouzi came and became rich. Er Gouzi went to the kitchen and made a pot of tea and put it on the kang table. on.

The fragrance of tea floated over, Li Ji looked up and saw Er Gouzi on the kang. Er Gouzi is a very smart person. These days, everything at home has basically learned how to use it. Apart from speaking, Li Ji knew that he couldn't teach Er Gouzi. what.

"What do you think of that girl Qiao'er."

Er Gouzi sat cross-legged next to Li Ji, tilting his head and wondering: "Who is Qiao'er?"

These four words made Li Ji not happy, and Li Ji said: "It's the girl who came to our house today, named Li Qiao'er, who is your cousin by generation. What do you think?"

Er Gouzi is serious about every question of Li Ji, so after thinking about it seriously, he said: "I don't know it, it's not good."

"Then what if you are a daughter-in-law?"

Er Gouzi vaguely remembered that Li Ji had said the word daughter-in-law to him before, but it was a long time, which made Er Gouzi think hard.

"Daughter-in-law? Are you sleeping with me?"

Li Ji nodded.

Er Gouzi grinned and said, "You are my wife."

Li Jiqi laughed. As the fourth uncle, he washed clothes and cooked for him all day long, but he regarded him as a wife.

"I am a man, and a wife can only be a woman."


"A woman can give birth to a baby."

"Why give birth to a baby."

… Li Ji didn't think about it for a while, why he wanted to have a baby, but he just thought it was something that should be right. Men marry a wife and have children, and they have a family and a business. These are the words that have been handed down from ancient times to the present.

Li Ji coughed awkwardly. Then he remembered what he should say: "Of course it is the inheritance of the clan, and in the future, there will be people who will wait for him when he is old and unable to move. When he is dead, some people can burn paper incense.

"What is the use?"

This time, Li Ji was completely stumped, yeah, what's the use? The ancestor inherits Er Gouzi who doesn't even know who his father is. Whose ancestry inherits whose generation? Some people will wait for them when they are old, but there are also many white-eyed wolves in the village who specialize in sucking the blood of their parents. As for burning incense on paper, enjoy the incense of the younger generation. But who knows what it is like after death? No one has ever died, and can't take care of it while alive, who has the energy to take care of it after death?

Li Ji was choked by Er Gouzi and stopped asking. Er Gouzi doesn't talk much, these two sentences are enough to make Li Ji understand that Er Gouzi doesn't have a good impression of Li Qiaoer now, and he doesn't have the intention of marrying a wife and having children.

Although knowing that this might be because Er Gouzi is ignorant, it is also unreasonable not to marry a wife and have children. Of course, it is undeniable that Li Ji was secretly happy.

Li Ji stopped questioning Er Gouzi, as the days went on, the snow was getting bigger and bigger. The water at home is no longer tight. When in luxury, the two take a bath once a day. The cotton-padded clothes cannot be washed. The underwear inside is changed once a day and washed every day.

I feel like I can't do without this kind of enjoyment if I am used to wearing clean clothes and bathing every day.

"Do you think this is something only the official official can enjoy." Li Ji, who had just come out of the bath, wiped his body and put on pajamas, smiled at Er Gouzi.

In fact, it's not that the village doesn't have that condition. Many people have bath tubs. Bathing is just a matter of boiling water. It's just that this matter is troublesome, it needs buckets of water to carry. Ordinary people who are willing to take that effort?

People who are rich take a bath every day because there are people who do it, and they just need to enjoy it. It is also Li Ji who is greedy for enjoyment. Although others are lazy, as long as there is enjoyment, he is not afraid of hard work.

It's like picking up cow dung early in the morning to eat rice.

Er Gouzi watched Li Ji go out of the bath, dried his body and put on pajamas, his throat was a little tight, and he couldn't tell what he was because of. Li Ji poured some hot water into the tub again and let Er Gouzi go in and soak for a while.

Sleeping after the bath is particularly comfortable, and then I will sleep soundly and relieve fatigue.

Er Gouzi took off his clothes and soaked in the tub. Li Ji was bored sitting on the horse by the stove pit, grabbing a handful of melon seeds and chatting while eating.

"We're going to have a meal again in a few days. This time it belongs to the old Qu family. Our village surnamed Qu belongs to the same two families. Marrying a daughter-in-law belongs to our own village. We have to give gifts on both sides. Just like last time, you will come back after eating two or three bowls. When you go home, I will make it for you. If you don't have it, we will buy it. Anyway, we still have so much money. If you lose something, you can't lose your mouth."

Hearing the word "mouth", Er Gouzi couldn't help but put his gaze on Li Ji's lips. Those lips were opening and closing while eating the melon seeds, their teeth bite the melon seeds away, and the tongue dexterously swept the melon seeds into it to chew.

Perhaps Li Jishui has added too much water. Er Gouzi's body is so hot and his face is red, and he forgot to answer the call for a while.

He has hardly ever spoken to Er Gouzi. Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and said, "What? Don't you like to go to the table?"

Er Gouzi shook his head, and Li Ji asked again, "Is that you want to eat more? Yes, there are many delicious foods on the table. I won't limit you. You can eat as much as you want."

Er Gouzi still shook his head, his gaze fell on Li Ji's lips and he couldn't move away. The corners of his lips were still stained with melon seed skin. Li Ji seemed to feel it too. He stretched out his tongue and licked the melon seed skin in, and then spit it out. .

The crimson tongue made Er Gouzi's heart's craziness rise to the highest level, and he swallowed. This feeling is very strange, the heart and lower body are gathering heat, like a blazing flame, but there is no channel for this scorching heat to vent, and Er Gouzi doesn't know how to get rid of this situation.

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