A woman who came to help put a bowl next to the table to pour tea. Although it was all tea powder, it tasted good. Looking at the happy characters posted on the windows and the red lanterns hanging at the door, I saw more of these festive things, and my mood improved a lot.

The people at the table with Li Ji saw the interaction between the two of them, and couldn't help but say: "Xiao Ji, Er Gouzi is good with you?"

Those who were sitting together were all of the same generation. The one who was speaking was Li Shuisheng, who was 45 years old this year, and according to his seniority, he was Li Ji's cousin, although the relationship had passed for several generations.

"Very good." Li Ji took a sip of the tea powder. It was a bit shaggy, but the taste was not bad. He thought that he would buy two packs in the city next time. Drinking tea all day at home is a luxury.

Li Shuisheng didn't care what Li Ji thought, and continued: "These Er Gouzi are also eighteen this year. You are his elder when you live with you. You will have to worry a little bit when he gets married. Take a step back and say that you are both old men, and there must always be a woman to take care of, marry Er Gouzi a daughter-in-law, wash clothes and cook for you, and honor you together."

Li Ji is two years younger than Er Gouzi, but because of his seniority, he must take care of Er Gouzi from the perspective of an elder.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with this, and it should be true, but when I heard it in my ears, Li Ji's heart was stuck alive. I don't know why, but I don't feel happy.

"I thought, but now Er Gouzi you know what's going on, and the words are unsatisfactory, and the temper is with the temper of the mountain. Marrying a wife is not about looking for someone to cook, wash clothes and have children. You must also be responsible to the woman. It has to be good to others. It is all raised by fathers and mothers, so we have to treat them as human beings."

There is nothing wrong with Li Shuisheng's words, and Li Ji's words are even more okay. Li Shuisheng choked and watched someone at the next table want to talk to Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi just bowed his head to eat tea and ignored them. He felt lonely. Awesome.

If this kind of person really carries the violence in the mountains, it means that the matter of the daughter-in-law should really be considered.

Although they use their own daughters as outsiders, they feel that the water thrown out by the married daughter is for others to raise. But even so, no parent is willing to push his daughter into the fire pit.

If you sell your daughter, you know that you can find a good person to sell it, and you can't find a spouse if you marry a girl.

Li Shuisheng licked his teeth and continued cheeky: "That's not because of unfamiliarity? You see how good you are with you. It is the temper in the mountains, but in fact, the temper in the mountains is a little good, that is, when you don't know you. I'm very defensive, and when I get acquainted, I really tried my best to protect it. Although the interpersonal relationship is poor, it is better to be safe than those who smoke and gamble outside."

At this level, Li Ji should understand even if he is a fool.

Li Changgen, who is at the same table, joked: "You have something to say, why? Have you seen this uncle?"

Li Shuisheng did not deny: "Don't tell me, I really fell in love with it. My Qiao'er is the heart of my wife and I, so I fell in love with this one."

There are six children in Li Shuisheng's family. Li Qiao'er was the first daughter when he was thirty, and now Li Qiao'er is still unmarried in his family. Nianfang is fifteen, a good age.

Listening to Li Shuisheng's words, Li Ji was even more uncomfortable, and couldn't tell why, so he glanced at Li Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi just put down the tea bowl and met Li Ji's gaze, and his gums were almost showing when he smiled.

Li Ji felt even more aggrieved.

"What's the use of this matter? I'm an elder, and I don't look at how old I am. I can't manage it myself. Don't look at Er Gouzi listening to me, usually the idea is right. I still don't get involved in this kind of thing. As long as he has no objection, I also think he can get married and have a good run."

Li Jiyan did it all, and the people next to him really couldn't say anything more. Li Shuisheng thought for a while: "From then on, let Qiao'er go to your house to help out more. It will be fine when you are familiar with it. Isn't it just because of eyesight now?"

Li Ji nodded without answering. Marriage is a matter for Er Gouzi. As the elder who adopted him, Li Ji will only do more interventions.

Even if it is for the good of Er Gouzi, if you want to teach Er Gouzi more about life, in the eyes of others, it is nothing but the value of Er Gouzi and wants to squeeze more benefits.

Li Ji is a lazy person. He doesn't want to be thankless, and he doesn't want to be pricked in the backbone. It's good to be safe and sound.

The sound of blowing and beating outside went from far to near, and the bridegroom officer returned with the bride. No one is too big to marry a wife in a poor family, that is, the bridegroom officer walks in front, followed by two men and a woman, two men carrying the sedan chair respectively, and the other is a matchmaker who follows the sedan chair and often follows the bride in the sedan chair. Zi said two auspicious words and laughed very joyously.

"The bride is here! The bride is here! The bride is here!" A group of children ran over to see the bride. When they reached the door, Zhang Sanzhu kicked the door of the sedan chair. The bride opened the sedan chair and got off the sedan chair.

Without a hijab, the bride wears a wedding gown, her hair is crossed, she is covered with flowers made of red cloth, and her lips are covered with rouge. She looks delicate and beautiful.

A group of children exclaimed that the bride is so beautiful, making the new wife blush and letting Zhang Sanzhu take it into the yard.

According to local customs, the new wife will serve the in-laws and then present a glass of wine to the bridegroom officer, which is regarded as a ceremony, and it is the in-laws' family.

Two chairs have been placed at the door of the house. After the male left and the female seated on the right, a cushion was placed in front. The new daughter-in-law knelt on it. After receiving the tea from the matchmaker, she first handed it to the father-in-law, shouted father, and Zhang Erzhu smiled, don't mention it. I was so happy that I took a sip of the tea and gave the new wife a red seal.

The new wife's smile deepened, and she offered tea to her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law gave the red seal and then put the silver hairpin in her sleeve on the new wife's head.

The people in the village are all poor, and there are not many people with money, not to mention the hairpins for the money. It can be seen that Zhang Erzhu's family really values ​​this daughter-in-law, and this silver hairpin can be regarded as the family's wealth.

The new daughter-in-law toasted Zhang Sanzhu again, and Zhang Sanzhu drank it in one go, blushing appeared on his face, and he was smiling.

Li Ji has also attended wedding banquets several times before. What I used to see was the delicious food on the table or the rare wedding candy. Perhaps it was a different mood, and I felt a little itchy when I saw it today.

Think about what Li Shuisheng and others said, think about Ruo Ri that the bridegroom is replaced by Er Gouzi, and the bride is replaced by Li Qiaoer, it is really unpleasant in my heart.

The couple were toasting at the table. The old birthday star in the village had a bad body and didn't come. The one with the oldest generation is Li Ji's table.

Zhang Sanzhu introduced the elders on the table one by one. When he introduced Li Ji, Li Ji saw the shock on the face of his new wife.

"This is Li Ji and Uncle Li."

The new daughter-in-law poured wine on Li Ji and shouted to her uncle. Li Ji nodded and drank the wine. The new wife couldn't help but look at Li Ji twice. Li Ji was very young and could wear the patch on someone else's He looks particularly glamorous in his torn clothes, and his face is full of red. At first glance, he is a person who knows how to enjoy the day.

It's winter now, fresh fruits and vegetables are missing, and the people in the village eat less meat, so even people who are not very poor will have a bit of a dish on their faces. Like Li Ji, there will still be meat on their faces.

The new wife was stunned, she was taken by Zhang Sanzhu to the next table to toast. Only the elders need to toast one by one, and the rest of the peers or juniors just have a drink.

The bride was sent to the bridal chamber, and the wedding banquet began. Some people deliberately ate one or two less meals and waited for a good meal. They were already hungry and couldn't bear it. When the dishes were over, they started to eat.

A group of women interspersed among them and waited for a meal at any time. Er Gouzi took the rice bowl in his hand and looked at Li Ji again. Li Ji didn't look at him, just immersed himself in eating. Er Gouzi was a little disappointed. He looked at the rice in the bowl. After listening to Li Ji's words, he put down his chopsticks after eating two bowls of rice.

Put down the chopsticks and a woman is coming over to serve the meal, Er Gouzi shook his head. When eating banquets, there are meat and vegetables. Everyone usually has a clear soup and watery, so they add oil and water to the banquet, so every one of them tries their best to eat as much as they can, and they can't eat with their stomachs. Only when I put down my chopsticks, Er Gouzi, a young man, only ate two bowls of rice and stopped eating. No one would think that this is really full.

The tablemate was still persuading him to eat more, but Er Gouzi shook his head stubbornly, focusing on Li Ji.

Li Ji quickly finished the meal and left the table, bid farewell to the people who ate with him, and walked back with Er Gouzi.

"You're not full," Li Ji asked with a smile on the way.

Er Gouzi nodded very sincerely. His appetite started with five bowls of rice. Those two bowls of rice can only be said to be the bottom line.

"Sure, let's go home and make another meal. What do you want to eat?"

Er Gouzi think about it: "Anything will do."

Li Ji smiled more, and the two went home all the way. Sooner or later, Er Gouzi will get married and start a business. It's a good day to live a day like this.

When I got home, I just finished the meal and cut the eggs. I was about to give Er Gouzi an egg. When I heard the sound of the door opening, Li Ji's face was a little stiff when he raised his head.

It's Li Qiao'er.

"Fourth Uncle, what are you up to?" Li Qiao'er is handsome, about the same age as Li Ji, and played together when he was a child. After ten years of age, he was deliberately separated by adults because of his seniority, and he was alienated.

Li Jihuang shook the egg in his hand: "Er Gouzi didn't feel embarrassed to eat at the table the first time, and was not full, so I would cook some rice for him and scramble an egg. Why did you think about it?"

Li Qiao'er adjusted her broken forehead hair and smiled brightly: "My father asked me to come and help. It is not easy to say that you are alone. Now I have to serve Brother Er Gouzi. Brother Er Gouzi just came down from the mountain and didn't know much. It must be very hard work. My father asked me to come and help clean up. There is a family on the left and right, so we should help each other out."

If someone's daughter-in-law came over, then it was really time to help, and if you couldn't stand the two men living, they would come to help, but it would be too obvious for an unmarried girl to come over.

Li Ji is not easy to refuse, and refusal will only embarrass the little girl.

"Come in then."

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