Xiao Tudou is the only child of the two. At the age of nine and a half, he is a well-known naughty bag in the village.

Erying smiled and said, "It's not enough for the skin monkey to come here to make trouble. Let me go out and do it."

Li Ji is not very old, and it was justified when he was annoying the bear child that he didn't bring a Xiao Tudou. Faced with these two ages, he was enough to be his uncle's nephew and nephew. Li Ji wanted to take care of his elders but couldn't take care of it, so he chatted for a long time.

Li Ji wanted to keep the two for dinner and neither of them stayed, so they put down the gift and left.

When someone left, Li Ji opened it and took a look. It was some peanuts and millet. These are regarded as rare things, and people usually take them out to replenish their bodies. Because the output is not high, so there are few plants, and the price of rare ones is high, and most people are reluctant to pay for it.

During lunch, Li Ji picked six meat buns and three steamed buns. After it was hot, he gave all the meat buns to Er Gouzi. He ate the buns and ate small pickles.

Er Gouzi didn't understand, so he grabbed his own bun and handed it to Li Ji, "You eat it."

Li Ji smiled: "I am a vegetarian today and can't eat meat. You can eat it, and I will eat more tomorrow."

Er Gouzi tilted his head and said that he didn't understand: "Why."

Li Ji patiently explained: "My son's birthday is my mother's Good Friday, and my parents are gone, so I am vegetarian today, and I will go to the ancestral hall to serve incense in the evening."

The juniors celebrate their birthdays for their elders, but they cannot live their lives before the age of sixty. Because the parents gave life to people on this day, this day should be a holiday for the parents.

Er Gouzi seemed to understand, put down the half-eaten meat buns in his hand, and took away a steamed bun in front of Li Ji: "Then I won't eat meat."

Seeing that there was a plate of steamed buns missing in front of him, Li Ji smiled helplessly. What kind of thing is this: "Three steamed buns are enough for the two of us. Be obedient and don't make trouble. You eat well, and I will eat more tomorrow."

Er Gouzi looked at the steamed bun in his hand, and then at the half-eaten steamed buns that exuded the fragrance of meat.

Li Ji was missing one steamed bun, and the remaining two or two were taken care of. Er Gouzi over there just finished eating steamed buns and picked up the remaining half and ate slowly.

"No leftovers are allowed, you eat first, and I'll see if the chicken lays the eggs."

Go to the chicken house, go in, open the door of the chicken house, the air-conditioning brings the chickens screaming, there is not much feed, I added some ground corn, and picked up the three new eggs. I have to come in and pick up a few times a day, sometimes one or two more a day, it can be regarded as a little surprise in ordinary life.

When I went back to see Er Gouzi's meal, he hadn't finished eating. The first time I saw the gluttonous Er Gouzi, Li Ji just felt baffled.

Er Gouzi grew up on the mountain. It stands to reason that some people are like wild beasts in the mountains. They don't welcome others to share food, because the food is so precious in the wild, and being eaten by others means that you have a chance of starving to death.

But Er Gouzi is different, because Li Ji refuses to eat meat with him. This slow-cooking appearance seems like… Is he playing a small temper?

After thinking like this in his head, Li Ji immediately threw it out. How could it be that Er Gouzi was such a good boy.

In the afternoon, someone came over to deliver something again. There were more or less, of different values, and more importantly, the thoughts in it.

In the evening, when the sun was slanting, Li Ji was going to incense his parents and let Er Gouzi wait for him to eat something hot at home.

Er Gouzi learns very fast, and now he can even fry one or two simple dishes, and there is no problem with braising rice or anything. It's a relatively complicated one like steamed bread, but it doesn't affect the overall performance.

Er Gouzi nodded and watched Li Ji leave.

There is only one ancestral hall in the village, and people who go to the village have a ranking here. Of course, only after getting married. Anyone who is not married is considered a child, and death can only be regarded as a premature death. Therefore, people with a little money will try their best to marry or buy a daughter-in-law when the child is about to die. Enjoy the incense of the younger generation in the ancestral hall.

It's just a small place with few people. Every family doesn't even have their own ancestral hall. There is only one ancestral hall in the village, which is shared by the villagers. It's just that the families are separated from each other. The surname Li is the surname of the village, Li Ji. The family line is also the main line of the family, so Li Ji's parents rank in the middle.

Li Ji ordered the incense and knelt on the somewhat shabby futon, looking at the rankings, the feeling in his heart was very complicated. His impression of his father and mother is becoming more and more blurred, and there is only a shadow of his father.

He had no impression of his mother in his memory. He only remembered that his father was very good to him when he was a child. Although his family was poor, his father fell ill and consumed the last of his family's assets, but for Li Ji, that was the most extravagant family affection.

Now Li Ji is only sixteen years old, a half-year-old child, because he lives alone, forcing himself to grow up and grow up. Nowadays, the elders in the village say this, which is actually quite lonely.

Fortunately, I have Er Gouzi, but I don't know how long this big nephew can stay with him.

Now the family's money and all changes are brought about by Er Gouzi. If Er Gouzi sees a girl and becomes a family one day, Li Ji's life will be beaten back to its original shape. The chickens raised will be divided into two and half by the time, and Li Ji's life will not be much better than before.

It is very difficult to marry a daughter-in-law according to the current situation. What if you really can't marry a daughter-in-law? Do you live a lifetime by yourself?

The more he thought about the ranking of his parents, Li Ji finally knocked three heads, sorted out the warm cotton clothes on his body and walked back.

Er Gouzi is eighteen years old, he is sturdy and looks good, he can hunt, and he should start a family soon. When the time comes… there will be another person.

When I reached the door of the house, I could smell the fragrance of rice wafting out of it. Li Ji sniffed and laughed, thinking about what to do, and now I have a good life day by day.

When Li Ji entered the house, the stove fire in the kitchen was still burning, and the meal should not be too hot. Er Gouzi sat on the horse in front of the stove and smiled back at him.

"came back."


"The meal is almost ready."

The simple conversation made Li Ji feel warm in his heart. Today someone brought cooked salted peanuts, some pickled kimchi, and did not stir-fry the hot dishes. When the rice is ready, he will eat it.

When the rice was served, Li Ji didn't expect Er Gouzi to only warm the steamed buns, and Er Gouzi picked twenty small steamed buns. The quantity is large, but it is just enough for two people to eat.

"You don't eat meat buns?"

Er Gouzi smiled and said, "I will eat with you."

Li Ji paused, and reached out to tap Er Gouzi's temples, and he could only sigh. This kid is really understanding and sophisticated. I have to say that Er Gouzi's unintentional behavior is really warm.

The two were eating steamed buns, pickles and peanuts, and the smiles on their faces were always there. This was the first birthday that Li Ji had not been alone after his father died.

After one night, the heavy snow outside in the morning was no more than my calf. Obviously, the snow last night was not small. Li Ji cleared the way to the chicken house first, and went into the chicken house to take a look. The chickens inside were okay, and the temperature inside was not low.

There are many chickens, good ventilation, and chickens close to each other. The chicken itself has feathers, and the body temperature of the chickens is high. They are close to each other to keep warm. The chicken house is covered with torn quilts and corn stalks, so it is not cold at all. It was that the oil lamp for lighting went out. I went to bed early last night and forgot to add oil to the oil lamp.

Next time I go to the city to buy two larger oil lamps, so I don't have to worry about turning them off.

Every household is clearing the lively snow. If there is too much snow, you don't need to shovel away to save water, so heavy snow is a good thing, and if the snow is heavy, the ground will be more moist next year, and more crops will be able to fill up. Belly as well as selling copper plates.

So I went out to see all the households and they all smiled happily.

Today someone got married. As an elder in the village, Li Ji must go even if he is not his own family, and he has to sit with his peers to participate in the banquet. The youngest in the village with Li Jiping is also forty-eight years old, and the average life expectancy in the village is not long. Forty-eight years old is already half a foot into the coffin.

To be honest, Li Ji didn't want to go, but he had to go.

Bring Er Gouzi, and start telling Er Gouzi along the way: "Should we not sit together for dinner in a while, remember to eat slowly and eat two bowls of rice. Don't scare others. Let's go home and have another meal." ."

Er Gouzi nodded and said that he had written it down, and Li Ji was still deeply worried about this.

It was not far away. It was only two steps away. The snow-white ground was still carrying confetti left by firecrackers. The children were picking out the fish that did not burst open, and then picked out the firewood with sparks from the stove pit. Point the firecrackers and throw them away to play.

The new wife has not yet arrived, and the groom has just gone to meet her. The bridegroom's parents stood at the door to receive the blessings of the people in the village, and their faces almost burst into laughter.

This is Zhang Erzhu's family. His son, Zhang Sanzhu, married his wife. His family has always had a single pass, so the big characters are arranged. If this Sanzhu has another son, it will be called Zhang Sizhu, and so on.

The daughter-in-law is from the village next door, and I heard that it is still a flower in the village.

Zhang Erzhu saw Li Ji hurriedly said hello: "Fourth Uncle is here, come in and sit down, this is Er Gouzi, really strong enough."

Li Ji nodded and smiled: "Congratulations. Congratulations. There is nothing good at home. Last time I went to the city to buy some sweet and sour candied fruit. I don't usually eat much at home. It just so happens that you have a daughter-in-law who is fine as a snack."

Passing the candied fruit over, Zhang Erzhu's face smiled deeper. The people who sent him were at most a few kilograms of rice. There might be eggs in the summer. At this time, eggs are a luxury item. This candied fruit is a good thing, and the price is not cheap.

They all say that these Er Gouzi are very capable, and they can go hunting and buy leather money and let Li Ji's family send it out. Look at the new quilted jackets and the candied fruit wrapped in grease paper on the two of them. It seems to be true.

After repeatedly thanking them, thinking that these two people will become more and more prosperous in the future, Zhang Erzhu directly sent Li Ji and Er Gouzi to their seats.

Er Gouzi was sitting on the table next to Li Ji, looking back at Li Ji from time to time, and Li Ji calmed him with his eyes. Er Gouzi had never been to a place with so many people, so she was afraid.

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