That's why Li Ji decided to never touch that deadly thing. How much convenience it can bring, how much trouble it can bring.

And the greater the convenience, the greater the danger.

Although Li Ji hadn't read any books, he still figured this out.

The county is small, with only two or three inns, and Li Ji picked the best one to go in.

"Hey, Lord, are you here? It's time to stay in the shop? Our rooms are all clean. Tea is free. What kind of room do you want? Tell the younger one. The younger one can arrange it for you."

"Good position by the side, silver is easy to say." Li Ji was still a little drunk, and he was wearing decent clothes. Although he was not rich and expensive, he definitely did not seem to be the one who lacked money.

"Hey, please, please." Bring Li Ji upstairs, there is no bad place next to the window, and the price is expensive. Go into the house a little bit inside on the left, "What do you think of this house? Open the window to see the outside, and there is no noise, so it won't disturb your interest."

Li Ji nodded: "If you have anything to eat, please bring it. It took a long time and I didn't eat anything decent."

"Come on, you rest first, and ask if you like vegetarian or meat, and if you are a small one, prepare it."

"Put the meat on the table, just one or two vegan. My nephew can eat meat."

Xiao Er left, Li Ji touched his pocket, his face was a little embarrassed, but fortunately Xiao Er was not there, or he could blast them both out by seeing him.

Li Ji forgot to bring silver. There are just a few copper plates in the cuffs. This can't be blamed on Li Ji. He was called out in the middle of the night, put on his clothes and left. Who would have thought that he could come out to stay in the shop tonight?

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi with a guilty conscience, "Have you brought any money?"

Er Gouzi shook his head. Li Ji had always held silver. Er Gouzi didn't have a big idea of ​​silver, so he didn't like to hold it in his hand.

Li Ji slapped his head. This checkout can be done when you check out, but you have to have time to go back and get the money!

After Li Ji walked around the house twice, he heard the sound of a knock on the door from a guy outside, who came to deliver tea.

Li Ji's thoughts turned around before he had an idea: "Come in."

"Master, this is your tea."

"You can't sleep with tea at night, so let's change to hot water. Come here, I have something to ask you for help."

Generally, there is a reward for letting a buddy do things. The buddy's eyes lit up and he hurriedly bowed forward and listened.

"There seems to be a leather goods store in our county. You will call the shopkeeper right now, and tell him that someone surnamed Li wants to say something to him. Needless to say, just open the door." Then Li Ji took out the only a dozen copper plates in his cuffs and threw his brain out to the guy, "You can keep this for tea."

There are not many people who are generous in this kind of small place. The rewards are usually one or two pennies. Now, when you give these, the guy smiles more enthusiastically. He hunched his waist and thanked him, and left to call the leather goods store treasurer. It's gone.

"Teach him what to do." Er Gouzi asked after waiting for others to leave.

"Help us pay the bill."

Li Ji turned his head and lay on the bed for a while. Originally, Er Gouzi had a sore waist and a sore back. I walked this way to the county office, knelt in the lobby for a while, and went to accompany the county magistrate for a drink. The food and wine are good, but with the county magistrate, the spirit is tense.

So now Li Ji is exhausted, wants to sleep, and feels panicked with hunger, exhausted, but also with some rejoicing after the disaster.

Fortunately, his bizarre ideas can match those of the county magistrate, allowing him to open up to Li Jiwang. Rather than opening up the Internet, it is better to maintain the current peace. If the matter of Li Ji is opened, even if Li Ji is kind, there will be no way to get along in the village in the future.

Li Shuisheng has a bright mind. Although he is short-sighted because of his lack of knowledge, if he is simply in the village, Li Ji may not be able to calculate Li Shuisheng.

This incident was mixed up inside and out, Li Ji was at best a show, but Li Qiao'er was completely ruined.

Li Ji, an outsider, was said to be able to get in with ginseng at most. If a girl is dissatisfied with her parents' arrangements and harms her parents with an outsider, then it's not too much to be caught by her parents and immersed in a pig cage. Although Li Shuisheng was not cruel to such a degree, Li Qiao'er's reputation was ruined in the village, and it was no different from immersing in a pig cage.

The county magistrate is the master of a county, and his deeds have taught Li Ji the most important lesson, that is, Li Ji is too self-righteous.

Li Ji felt that Li Shuisheng didn't want the consequences, and his blind pursuit was impractical, but he never thought about the right time and place. I felt that as long as Li Qiaoer was well tuned and taught, he could directly find a golden tortoise son-in-law to marry smoothly.

But looking back now, didn't Li Ji also made the same mistake?

He thought he had found someone who was smarter and more knowledgeable than Li Shuisheng, then the matter of calculating Li Shuisheng would definitely not be exposed. As a result, the reality gave Li Ji a slap in the face. Not only was he exposed, he could think that Li Ji did it just by listening to Li Shuisheng's unilateral talk.

There is a god who raises his head three feet away, even if no one knows it, God knows it.

Li Ji turned around and turned his head to see Er Gouzi staring at him. Li Ji smiled and said, "What are you looking at?"

"Look at you."

"What's so beautiful." Li Ji tossed the paved quilt into a piece, holding him with his hands and feet together. This posture made him more relaxed.

"You are tired, go to sleep." Er Gouzi said.

The sound of a shift was heard outside the window, and it was already the fourth shift (one to three in the morning). Li Ji also wanted to have a good night's sleep, but the food hasn't been eaten yet, and the leather goods store owner hasn't come over yet. I have to wait for the owner of the leather goods store to come over and settle the bill.

This is just out of the government, so don't be sent back for eating Bawang's meal.

"Wait." Li Ji wanted to drink a sip of tea, but he was afraid that he would not be able to sleep for a while, so he could only stay so strong.

Looking distressed, Er Gouzi walked over to squat by the bed and persuaded: "Go to sleep, tell me something, I can do it."

"You don't understand." Li Ji lay down for a while, sat up and beckoned Er Gouzi to sit next to him. He leaned on Er Gouzi's shoulder and closed his eyes and squinted for a while.

After closing my eyes for a while, I heard a knock on the door outside. Er Gouzi went to open the door, and another guy in the store brought it to eat. Needless to say, the taste of the inn was much better than Li Ji and Er Gouzi.

Smelling the aroma of food, Li Ji became more energetic and took two bites at the table.

Er Gouzi is really hungry, Li Ji somehow ate some at the magistrate of the county, Er Gouzi hasn't eaten anything for several hours since dinner.

On Er Gouzi's side, the wind and clouds wiped out the meat on the table. Li Ji specializes in eating vegetarian food. A plate of garlic spinach mixed with vinegar is the most sour and refreshing. Li Ji's appetite is aroused. When he is full, people will also Half spirited.

When the Er Gouzi were full, the leather goods shopkeeper finally came over.

The guy who came back together saw Khan on his head, and smiled at Li Ji breathlessly: "Master, I've found someone. You must bear it late. The shopkeeper has another mansion and does not live in a leather goods store. The little one knocked on several houses before asking where he lived. It was delayed for a long time."

The guy was still cautiously pleased, even though he was hired for money, it would inevitably be sad to take a look like this.

"Thank you, go and rest."

The buddy retired, Li Ji greeted the shopkeeper and sat down.

The shopkeeper's face still has sleep marks on his face, and he yawns with some resentment: "What else can you toss about in the middle of the night? The one who knows is you, the God of Wealth, found it, and the one who doesn't know thought it was the patron of the house robbing house. It."

Li Ji smiled, even though he was not a housebreaker, he was still the same.

"Isn't this asking you brother for help again."

Listening to Li Ji's call of affection, the shopkeeper felt nothing good, and sat down and looked at Li Ji and said, "Master, please tell me directly, as long as it's not too difficult, everything is easy to discuss."

"It's not a big deal, isn't it because I left the house and forgot to pick up the money? I am too embarrassed to take a credit when I live in a store, so this is why I will trouble you to come over most of the night." Li Ji smiled sincerely.

The shopkeeper's expression changed, and he stood up and looked at Li Ji and said, "Lord, don't make trouble, don't be such a joke, you are really short of money tomorrow morning, let the buddy go over and say it, what's the trouble in the middle of the night? ."

Li Ji picked up the hip flask and gave it to the shopkeeper, "Isn't I in the bottom of my heart, I haven't owed money." The shopkeeper wanted to speak, and Li Ji suddenly said, "I was arrested by the government in the middle of the night. ."

The shopkeeper immediately took a step back: "What did you say?"

Li Ji nodded in his heart, as long as he was able to frighten him: "Keep your voice down, rest assured, I was released, not escaped."

The shopkeeper only breathed a sigh of relief, sitting opposite Li Ji and asked: "What's the matter?"

"What else is going on, they sue the officials, the county magistrate heard him say it again and he was able to determine that it was me, and told me to come and train for a while. Fortunately, the county magistrate thought of me as kind, and that coincidence was indeed pitiful. I just suppressed this matter and assumed it hadn't happened in the future. I turned around and took five taels of silver. The county magistrate said that someone had caught it, and the money had been recovered, and the matter went so far."

The shopkeeper picked up the wine that Li Ji had poured, took a sip and said, "You didn't say me."

Li Ji smiled and said: "Where can it be, even if you really go to prison, you can't be troubled. After all, I beg you to do things, and I will suffer the consequences."

The shopkeeper breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes flowed, and he asked in a low voice, "How much money was stuffed?"

Li Ji didn't respond at first, and then shook his head and said, "There is no money. Our county magistrate is Qingtian, how can we collect money."

"No, it's so clean?" The shopkeeper looked outside the door, no one lowered his head and said, "Every month I have received all the filial piety I sent."

Li Ji was stunned, subconsciously thinking that it was impossible, so how could an upright official who was wholeheartedly caring for the people accept "filial piety"? But there is no need to lie about this kind of thing, this kind of thing itself cannot be put on the table, and the shopkeeper can tell it, this thing is true.

"Then I don't know. I can talk with the county magistrate. Every word I think is an honest official who does good for the people. Who are you giving this money to? Is it directly in the hands of the county magistrate or under his hands? Someone's hands?"

"It's in the hands of the county magistrate." The shopkeeper thought for a while, "but it's normal, regardless of whether or not to collect money, the main thing is to be able to do things. Like us in business, the most important thing is to make money. If the money makes the way go smoothly, then how much money is not a problem, and I am afraid that he will not collect it."

After saying this, the shopkeeper said to Li Ji again: "Listening to you, the county magistrate doesn't know that I am here, and this thing will never happen in the future, you and I don't need to worry anymore?"

Li Ji nodded: "I can assure you about this. This matter is also involved in you. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have to run into this muddy water."

The shopkeeper chuckled: "If you say it's by the side, we won't wait to see anyone who comes over. I'm a businessman. In business, you are a major customer and our job. If you have any difficulties, we will naturally be able to take care of it. Hand in hand, something happened to you, shouldn't we be hungry too?"

Although the shopkeeper is a businessman with a face, what he says is not annoying, but rather listenable.

In fact, the line drawn by interests is more reliable under certain circumstances.

"I feel relieved when you say that. But… from now on, the best leathers can't be sent to you. The county magistrate heard that I can get leathers at my house, saying that it is a high price to collect the leathers. We are all One type of person, no one is taller than the county magistrate. So don't think too much about it. I mean we will do business in the future. Going deep, I am your rice bowl, why are you not my rice bowl, the head of the family? Most of the silver is earned from you."

The money earned from selling eggs and meat is far less than selling skins, and getting a good skin is enough to worry about food and accommodation for a whole year.

"The words are open and bright, and we are all at ease." The shopkeeper filled the two with wine, "Then I wish us a happy cooperation in the future and a prosperous business."

Li Ji raised his glass: "Business is booming."

The glasses touched and drank in one fell swoop. Two profit-oriented businessmen twisted into a rope with silver as the hub. As long as this interest remains unbroken, the friendship between the two will definitely last forever.

The shopkeeper left five taels of silver and left, and Li Ji had silver, and he took off his clothes and hugged Er Gouzi and fell asleep.

This sleep didn't wake up until three poles in the sun. People who were full of sleep would have energy. Li Ji just remembered. Last night, he forgot to ask the county magistrate Li Shuisheng where they were, and were they still in the county office? Or in some inn? Or where do you stay?

It is impossible to return to the village, because the case is not resolved, they always have to stay for a few days.

But I believe that the county magistrate has arrangements, and Li Ji doesn't have to worry about it.

There were still those animals in the house. They couldn't be left alone. After waking up, they had a good meal, and took Er Gouzi straight to the grain and oil store, bought nearly two donkey carts for food, and got in the cart and drove back.

I walked here last night. Li Ji, who hasn't walked this road on two legs for a long time, almost forgets how far he has to go. He walked so far in the middle of the night last night, and now his thighs are still sore. of.

When the donkey cart finally arrived at his door, Li Ji felt completely relieved. No matter how safe it is outside, there is no peace of mind without a home. I have been to the county government and I know how small my "big house" is. But for Li Ji, there is such a small home in his house, and he doesn't change it for him.

I heard the happy barking of the little tail from far away, because the door was closed and the dog could not get out, so he could only use the barking to attract the attention of the two owners.

Taotao and Songsong are the hosts who can go anywhere. They ran over directly out of the yard and jumped on the donkey cart to welcome the two hosts.

Li Ji grabbed Taotao on his shoulders and held them in his arms twice, and the guy who drove the car looked curious: "Master, you raised it? It's really spiritual. I came here when I saw someone."

"They were raised by small children. Their mothers were gone before their fingers were big. They were raised with milk. They may have been mixed with us, so they are not afraid of people." Li Ji teased Taotao for a while. Songsong pulled his hair over there, and didn't comb his hair much in the morning. It was half spilled, and Li Ji didn't feel any pain even when he used his hair to swing.

Er Gouzi grabbed Songsong and held it in his arms to prevent him from making trouble, but apparently Songsong didn't like Er Gouzi, and struggled to get out.

When he reached the gate, Li Ji put down Taotao and opened the gate with a key. When the door was opened, the small tail rushed forward. The animals in the stable were infected by the small tail and knew that the owner was back. Chickens, gooses, cattle and sheep. The pig's cries are mixed. Although there is no family waiting, the welcome of such a group of open mouth beasts sounds very happy.

Directing the dude to unload the goods into the yard, the two of them sorted the grains together, eating first and then dividing them into the kitchen and warehouse.

After finishing the work, Li Ji felt a little panting, but before he had a rest, he took the Er Gouzi and fed them together.

They should be fed in the morning, but now they were given food at noon. All of them were hungry. When they saw the two people screaming and screaming, they gave more feed, put them in the trough, and watched them feast. Both Li Ji and Er Gouzi were hungry. After feeding them, they went to the newly built stable not far away to feed them again, and then they went home to prepare their own food.

The cabbage in the ground is best used for dipping sauce. Lettuce and spinach have been eaten a lot recently, so I don't want to eat that much. If you add a handful of green onions and a small handful of coriander, the two can't wait for the stew. I save a lot of marinated meat. I cut slices and stir-fry with some kimchi. Add a small pot of rice, and lunch will be ready in less than half an hour.

Serve the rice and sit on the kang. Li Ji looked at the food on the table. In fact, the color was not very good. It was far worse than the good wine and good food in the inn. But this meal is relieved and satisfied.

Li Ji took a washed tender green onion and took a bite out of the sauce. The salty taste envelops the sweet and spicy, with the most natural taste and texture. People who are not used to eating the green onion find it annoying, but they are accustomed to eating it. This is the simplest delicacy for those who have lost their lives.

"I'll take a look at the village in a while. You stay at home." Li Ji said while eating.

Er Gouzi frowned, to be honest, he didn't want to be like this, but when Li Ji said so, Er Gouzi didn't want to refute Li Ji's meaning.

Er Gouzi didn't need to speak, that face had already conveyed his meaning to Li Ji.

Li Jishi smiled and said: "Always see if there is any progress in the village. After a while, I will come back. I left last night. Didn't I come back well today? I am a big living person, and I can't lose it."

"You lost twice." Er Gouzi slapped her face mercilessly.

"…It was in the mountains. I am not familiar with the mountains. Can I get lost in this village?"

After eating, leaving Er Gouzi to wash the dishes at home, Li Ji went out of the house and went into the village. The weather was hot, and many people sat under the tree at the entrance of the village. They were all very idle in the slack, and sitting under the tree after dinner was also a great enjoyment.

Li Ji picked a place to sit under the tree roots, and someone took the initiative to speak.

"Sixth Uncle, why is there no one in your house in the morning? I was thinking about buying two catties of rabbit meat in the past."

Now the meat is sold on the spot. The key is not to let it go. It doesn't matter how long it is in winter. It will smell bad if it is left for an afternoon in the summer.

Now anyone who buys meat is killed now, and if you only buy one or two catties, the rest of the meat can be eaten by yourself on the same day.

"Last night, someone from the county government asked me to go over. Didn't Brother Shuisheng go to sue the officer? I took the money out from here. I still have to ask me a few words about the amount. I followed it in the middle of the night last night. The county government found an inn to stay, but got up late and went home to finish the meal." Li Ji didn't lie, and said everything.

Things in the county office are mysterious places to the village. For ordinary people, there is no way to go there once in 800 years. Once they go, it will be a terrible event.

"Then do you know what's going on now? Did the liar catch him?"

In one night's time, the story of Li Shuisheng being deceived to sue officials in the county has spread throughout the village. I don't know where it came from. Maybe it was the village chief's house, or it might be Shuisheng's wife and Li Qiao'er.

"I know where to go, and wherever I go, I asked me what the liar looks like and let me come back." After Li Ji finished lying, he said his purpose of coming, "The village knows everything. ?"

"How can I not know? Recently, it has been said that Uncle Shui Sheng's house is going to have a young grandmother, and they all listened with their ears, but the village chief's neighbors heard so loudly at their house that they were deceived. They were all shocked. "The passerby Jiadao.

Passerby: "No, I thought it was someone who was jealous and spread the rumors. The young master's red lips and white teeth showed that he came from a rich man who hadn't worked. How could he be a liar."

Passerby: "That's right, looking at that dressing and dressing doesn't look like a person who lacks five taels of silver, is there any misunderstanding in this?"

Passer-by: "Didn't you tell me? The marriage letters I wrote are all IOUs, and I bullied Li Shuisheng's ignorance and pressed his fingerprints."

Passerby: "Isn't it written when I was drunk? Maybe it was a mistake when I drank too much."

Listening to their discussions, Li Ji came up with two results.

First, the whole village knew about it overnight, and second, the village chief and Li Shuisheng didn't come back, so they should still be there at the county government office.

Then this matter can be relieved, as long as the county magistrate is there, there will be no bad results. 

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