After hearing enough of the excitement, Li Ji went to Li Shuisheng's house first. There was no one in the yard, so Li Ji went straight into the house. When he entered the house, there were seven or eight women standing in the house, all with a smile on their faces. It was persuading that the faces of the Shuisheng daughter-in-law and Qiaoer were full of haze, and the eyes of the Shuisheng daughter-in-law were still red.

Li Ji frowned slightly, not knowing what these women thought. The mother and daughter at this time were already pitiful enough. At this time, they surrounded so many people and said, "Isn't this salting people's wounds?"

"It's all here." Li Ji walked in with a faint smile on his face.

"Fourth Uncle is here, you also listened to the letter, you said that the liar killed that day is really not a thing, Qiaoer is pitiful enough, but also came to lie, you said how to make people live."

"What I said was that the conditions were not good at first, so how long can you save fifty taels of silver?"

Li Ji's head hurts as he listens to them, and he can't tell if it's really for the miserable Li Shuisheng family or if he's talking coldly.

"You really have nothing to do, and you didn't lie to you." Li Ji smiled to them with a joking tone. "If you have any questions, please find time to talk. My rabbit has a few more litters, which is a bit busy. But come. Qiao'er, do you have time to help your uncle do some work, Er Gouzi and I are too busy to work, we have to go up the mountain to mow the grass."

Li Qiao'er stood up hurriedly: "I'll be there when I have time."

Li Ji looked at Shuisheng daughter-in-law again: "If my sister-in-law has nothing to do, come and help. Qiao'er is a good way to work. You are definitely not bad, and I count your wages."

The daughter-in-law of Shui Sheng realized that Li Ji was here to relieve the siege. She glanced at Li Ji with gratitude and hurriedly stood up and wiped her eyes: "Look at what you said, what wages are not wages."

"Let's go, the Er Gouzi in the house can't stand it alone, so I have been sent out for help." Li Ji looked at the woman in the room, "Are you going to help me mow the grass if there is nothing wrong? Or harvest the hay," Original price."

"Starting to take it again." A woman's eyes lit up.

"Can you not take it, so much of the grass at home is not enough to feed on the freshly cut grass every day." Li Ji took Li Qiao's mother and daughter away, and the rest was gone.

Among these people, there are those who are really pitiful and comforted, and there are also those who come here to watch jokes. However, no matter what the heart is, it is a kind of harm to their mother and daughter at this time.

The two walked towards the entrance of the village, and Li Ji's house was at the entrance of the village.

On the way, the water-born daughter-in-law's tears couldn't help falling down: "What's the matter this day? I thought it would be a good place for Qiao'er to be lucky. It's such a bad thing."

"What's a good destiny? It must be good to Qiao'er, and Qiao'er has a good eye for it. Although it is a matter of marriage that the parents are in charge, it is improper to be a little girl to find her own mother-in-law, but how can you not want to be a parent? Is the child okay? It's up to the father and mother to be the master. The child's own wishes have to be listened to, or it's really a disgraceful family, and the one who suffers is Qiaoer." Li Ji is the first to open up the gap in the water-born wife's body. Aquatic life is not far away.

At this time, the Shuisheng daughter-in-law was listening to what it was, and she nodded her head again and again: "Yes, you are right."

"It's fine if you think it's right. Don't think too much about this. It's all about spending money to buy a peace. If Qiao'er suffers later, he won't be able to exchange the ten taels of silver and do it again." Li Jigang finished. I saw a woman walking towards me. The woman was full of spring breeze, and those who didn't know thought that his son had married his wife again.

Not someone else, but Er Chanzi mother. Before Er Chanzi Niang wanted to marry Li Qiao'er, who had a bad reputation, to his son, but was rejected by Li Shuisheng. The spreading rumors all over the village made Li Qiao'er's reputation discredited, and she almost married a widower in her thirties.

Later, the matter between Er Gouzi and Li Qiao'er was clarified, and rumors began to spread around that Li Ji, the elder, fell in love with Li Qiao'er. Finally, Li Ji hosted Li Qiao'er and Er Gouzi became a brother and sister and hit her in the face. Let her live for a long time.

Recently, the whole village was saying that Li Qiao'er was going to be a young lady, so that Er Chanzi mother was ridiculed by others, saying that she wanted to eat swan meat, so she ran away her daughter-in-law and went to portrait other people's yellow flower girl, but she didn't know her. It's the life of the young grandma, what is Er Chanzi? Why don't you work and pretend to be pretentious, that's the life of the young master's body and the devil, how could someone like Li Qiao'er?

Er Chanzi, mother and son are ashamed and angry, but they really want to say something but can't find anything to refute. At home, the first Er Chanzi mothers can comfort Er Chanzi and say that he does not work because he is doing great things. Now that nothing is done is just brewing. Waiting for Er Chanzi to brew up, then he must have a great ability to make a lot of money. Those who looked down on him knelt and looked at him.

Xu Ye has heard too many words of encouragement, and Er Shan really thinks that he is such a good destiny. He stays at home all the time and does not have any energy to do any work, and he refuses to learn any crafts. To say that he has no money in school and is too old. Up.

Just lie down at home and wait for that illusory opportunity, and keep waiting.

Er Chanzi Niang sometimes reflects on whether her encouragement is really wrong, but if things go on like this, she says too many words of encouragement. Er Chanzi Niang herself also began to believe that her son was born with extraordinary life, and one day she would take it. She eats fragrant and spicy food together.

Today, Er Chanzi Niang began to stubbornly almost humblely wanted to find Er Chanzi a daughter-in-law who was worthy of him, while spitting on the village in the depths of her heart, none of the women could be worthy.

In the long-lasting contradiction, Er Chanzi Niang began to hate everyone in the village, especially after being isolated and satirized. When it's okay, the boss will go to the West, and she can't wait to buy two catties of wine to celebrate when anyone is unlucky.

The news that Li Shuisheng had been deceived spread like a plague, and Er Chanzi Niang barely bought the firecrackers and set them off. Except for Li Ji, Li Shuisheng's family had the deepest grievances with her in the village.

As soon as I heard the news, I was reluctant to go to Li Shuisheng's house and go down the rocks. As a result, I saw Li Ji with Li Qiao's mother and daughter on the way.

Of course, Li Ji knew that the visitors were not good, so before Er Chanzi mother could speak, he said, "This happy face is going to have a wedding? Congratulations. I haven't drunk the wedding wine in the past two months. Yes, your house is now doing just to add joy."

This sentence directly pierced Er Chanzi Niang's heart. It's been more than a year, and the matchmakers in Shili and 8 villages have searched for them. The girls in good conditions could not stop them when they heard that Er Chanzi turned around. Those who were willing to give Er Chanzi basically brought their children. The widow who goes out, or the dishonest woman who loses her virginity without being married, finds someone to pick her up.

Those who do not get high or not get low are all about to become Er Chanzi mothers and feel sick.

Li Jiren doesn't like to poke people's hearts, but Er Chanzi mother is here to look for trouble, especially when she sees Li Qiao'er's gloating eyes, she blurts out when she sees the falling well. Li Ji can't let her poke again at this time. One knife.

Even if Li Qiao'er knew that the cause and effect didn't care about it, the Shuisheng daughter-in-law might not be able to bear it. It's best not to let them remember it at this time.

Er Chanzi's face went dark, her eyes turned, and she came up with something: "My family is not in a hurry. There are so many girls who choose slowly. In other words, it is a second marriage. Whenever you marry a wife, you don't worry about it. Forget it, you have nineteen this year. Seeing that there are two children of the same age in the village, why don't you look at them?"

After finishing talking about it, Er Chanzi Niang seemed to have just thought of it, and she apologized without any sincerity: "Look at me, I've been overjoyed by Qiao'er's happy event recently. Why did you forget that your life is not good enough to kill your wife. It's a pity. Well, a wealthy family has passed away, and I don't know if he has done something wicked and suffered such a scourge."

Any bad things in the village are said behind the scenes. It is really used for scolding the street during a fight. When the scolding is cleaned up after two days, I forgot to clean it up, and getting along with it is the same as before, but these Er Chanzi mothers The attitude of Li Ji is obviously different. This kind of words with guns and sticks is said with a smile, which shows that it is ugly to Li Ji.

Hit Xiao Li Ji hadn't seen such a person scratching his face and throwing it on the ground, and he suddenly laughed angrily. Although Li Ji provoked this matter, even if Li Ji didn't talk about Er Chanzi Niang first, she would not let him go. After all, the whole village went one by one, and Er Sho Niang hated Li Ji the most.

So it's better to speak up and stand first.

"It's good not to get married, or I'm so temperamental, to marry a daughter-in-law, if the temper comes up and hurts someone's good girl, it's not justified. Who makes us face-minded, because we don't marry a daughter-in-law, we can't listen. Others left something bad for their daughter-in-law."

Li Ji doesn't have a preference for scolding in the street, but he won't always stay behind. When it comes to this, Li Ji feels almost enough, and winks at Li Qiao's mother and daughter to leave.

The two calls that Li Ji said were all addressed to Er Chanzi Niang. Er Chanzi Niang was holding her stomach for a while, and she was waiting to hold back the matter of being deceived and make her feel happy. Also good.

Li Ji Qiao was very eloquent, but when Er Chanzi girl's eyes touched Li Qiao'er, her face looked much better. Li Ji couldn't speak eloquently, but the little girl who didn't understand her said that she had a good life, and they were in the same group. My son, anyone who is ugly about this vote doesn't want to show their faces.

"Qiao'er, look at your uncle, he says everything in his mouth. But don't blame my aunt's nagging words, as a girl, don't put your vision too high and far away. The house sparrows (sparrows) in here don't think about flying on the branches to install phoenixes. Pheasants are also pheasants when they are on the table. If you don't look too high and pretentious, how can you be deceived by someone? Silver. That's fifty taels of silver. It's not worth the price if you sell you."

This is really ugly. Just as Li Ji was about to sneer, he heard Li Qiao'er lift up his face and smile. She straightened her broken hair on her forehead and said slowly:

"Aunt, you're right. It's not good to be a girl's visionary too high. The daughter's husband and son will last a lifetime. Who is to marry? Isn't it a choice to marry? It depends on character. Don't care. It's an honest family, or a family who can't live a life. As long as a person knows how to hurt others, that kind of family enjoys happiness in the past. The family was deceived because the liar was really a good son-in-law, and he was kind to me, yes. The old man is polite, that is, if the person is gone, if the person returns, I will admit it as a liar."

Li Qiaoer's words are skillful. On the face of it, she doesn't know whether she wants to marry a liar, but the deeper meaning is that marrying a liar is unwilling to marry Er Chanzi and beat his wife like this, let alone give Er Chanzi Niang face.

It would be better if someone said this to a younger generation, it would be a swelling blow to the face of Er Chanzi girl.

"Okay, the eldest girl's family doesn't know how to be ashamed." Only then did the Shuisheng daughter-in-law say a symbolic sentence, and then turned her head to Er Chanzi Niang with a kind face, "That's the same for you, what do you mean by selling people? It's not worth five taels anymore? That's just a few dollars. My Qiao'er is a treasure. Don't say fifty taels, ten taels are also worth. This life is not worth buying back with silver, how can it be counted with silver."

In fact, when people in the village make jokes, they always say "I can't afford to sell you". In fact, they are just jokes. No one will take it seriously. It's just that Er Chanzi's words are too targeted, no wonder The aquatic daughter-in-law singled it out and threw it back.

"I don't want to give you any money, we don't need this." Li Ji smiled, "Sister-in-law, if you come to help with Qiao'er every day, I will count your three dollars a month, but don't be too little. I don't have this one day. What is left, there is still a lot of energy left for you to help."

Shuisheng's wife's eyes lit up, but she didn't dare to respond immediately. The county clerk worked day and night for one but two bucks. If the three bucks went to work for a family of three, that one month would be a small one. Two silvers.

"I still owe money, how can I still ask for your money." The Shuisheng daughter-in-law smiled.

"The money may be retrieved anytime, even if it can't be retrieved, your family will come to help for five or six months and pay it back. I'm not in a hurry to spend the money, so I'm not in a hurry." Li Ji's eye corners Seeing Er Chanzi Niang's darker and darker face, she shook her head secretly in her heart.

In fact, a few years back, Er Chanzi Niang would not make such a curse in the village. Although she treats her daughter-in-law badly, there are also a few stern mother-in-laws in the village. Even the old people are proud of surrendering to their daughter-in-law, and they all talked about each other in a bragging tone.

It can only be said that Er Chanzi lady is too incapable of life, and Er Chanzi's behavior is really not on the table. That daughter-in-law's reunion is like a river that bursts its dyke. When the water is sent out, it can't be collected back. Just waiting for the water to rush out of the ditch on the dam, and more and more water will flow out.

Moreover, Er Chanzi Niang is really mean, and she can't see others have a better life, and she is narrow-minded and hateful.

There are only a few people in the village, and there will always be friction between each other. Others quarreled and said that after a few days, they would forget. But Er Chanzi mother is different. She will hold a grudge in her heart after a few years, so she seizes the opportunity to fight back.

In fact, there is no advantage at all, are you really happy? That would really offend others. If it falls further, it will be a mere addition to people's laughter, and I will not feel happy in my heart.

But thinking about it, Er Chanzi Niang couldn't understand this.

The Er Chanzi mothers slumped one after another, and almost spewed out a mouthful of blood, but she couldn't go straight up to tear it, and the other three people couldn't get a cheap fight. So Er Chanzi Niang became even more angry, no matter how she turned her mind, she couldn't think of any words to fight back.

Li Ji took the two of them away. In fact, Ershoziniang is definitely not the only one who dropped the rocks in the village, but Ershoziniang was the first one to make the rocks so blatantly.

If the Er Chanzi mothers are here to mix again, then Li Qiao'er will not be better in the village from now on.

On the way back, Li Ji wondered if he could think of a way to completely solve Er Chanzi Niang. This person is really superb. If he were the people at the head of the village, no matter how harsh he was, he would maintain peace on the bright side. These Er Chanzi mothers can talk outside regardless of what they say, picking out merciless words and saying that every time she offends someone, she thinks she has taken a huge advantage.

The sheer pleasure of tongue feels comfortable, not thinking about the long term.

It happened that he was a peer, and he couldn't use his identity to hold him down. So I must think of an idea to make Er Chanzi Niang be honest all of a sudden.

What does it mean to remember to eat or not to beat? Li Ji is the standard person. This was just a lesson from the county magistrate, and then the small abacus started to fight again.

When I arrived at the entrance of the village, I met the men who were sitting idle at the entrance of the village.

At the entrance of the village, there are more men sitting there and fewer women coming. Because the odd jobs in and out of the house are basically done by women, washing clothes, cooking, tidying up the house and serving the children, it is almost the end of the day, even if I have free time, I always stop by others to chat with their daughter-in-law. That is to say, this group of masters have a lot of free time, chatting and playing cards around here to pass the time.

When farming is busy, men must contribute more, because men are naturally strong, but it does not mean that women do less work. Hard work in the field, such as plowing, can't be done, but there is no such thing as sowing or hoeing. And after working in the ground, the work of cooking and cleaning up the house is still the woman's. When it comes to the slack of the farm, the wife who loves the wife can help with some work, pour swill and pick up the ashes.

Those who don't care about their daughter-in-law buy wine to pass the time at the entrance of the village.

But fortunately, these people are still long-hearted. Seeing a group of people come over, they didn't say anything, they just said hello to Li Ji, and then they muttered in a low voice after they entered Li Ji's house together.

When they entered the room, they drank water to let them wash their faces. Li Qiao'er is okay, the Shuisheng daughter-in-law's faces are all flowers, and she has cried at first glance.

The daughter-in-law of Shuisheng washed her face first, took the handkerchief that Li Qiaoer handed over, and looked at the fabric. It was a ready-made handkerchief made of soft cloth bought in the city. Unlike ordinary people's households, they are all old clothes that can't be worn and cut. Piece by piece as a hand towel or rag.

"In this village, I don't know how long it will take to speak. Li Shuisheng, who has suffered a thousand swords, is not willing to ruin Li Qiao'er."

"Things are like this, and it's a horrible thing to think about it. Days have to go forward." Li Ji thought about it and said again, "I remind you two more words, the next period of time will definitely be even more difficult, the village will say Behind the scenes, any kind of ugly words can be spread out. If you really hear everything, you will treat it as if you haven't heard it. When everything is over, wait a month or two to tell Qiao'er a kiss. I'll hire someone for help. A good matchmaker, how can I not let Qiao'er lose."

After hearing this, the water-born wife's eyes became wet again, she thought about it and sighed: "The life is going to go on, I just feel wronged Qiaoer."

Qiao'er took the hand of Shuisheng's daughter-in-law: "Mother, I'm fine. I don't want to marry me either. I have my own family at home, and there is a mother who cares about me and enjoys the blessings of my life, so it is better for others to be wronged in the past."

If it goes back two months, the aquatic daughter-in-law can still tell her that her daughter's family does not have a daughter's family. How can a woman not marry a child?

But now that I can't open this mouth, Li Qiao'er's life is hard enough, how can she let her be willful.

With this idea, Shuisheng's wife did not agree or refute, but just looked at Li Ji and said, "Since we are here, we can't stay there. Even if there is anything useful, we can't be idle."

Li Ji didn't be polite with them either, and directly found work for them to do.

Li Ji went out with a hoe, and after walking a few steps, he saw Er Gouzi weeding in his wasteland. I am afraid that the whole village cannot find anyone who is more diligent than our own weeding, but because of the diligent weeding, weeds are usually not seen in the fields, and the crops grow strong and yield more.

"You won't sleep for a while." Standing on the ground and looking at Er Gouzi, who bowed his head, Li Ji felt distressed in his heart.

With so many things last night, even Er Gouzi must have been tired.

Er Gouzi didn't look up and said, "You didn't sleep either."

What Er Gouzi said is reasonable, not to mention that there are aquatic daughter-in-law and Qiao'er at home, and it's a bit unreasonable to sleep.

Bring a hoe and loosen the soil even if there are no weeds. There is enough fertilizer in the field. Apply it again in two months. There is no need to apply fertilizer this year. The rest is only waiting for the farmer to harvest. The coming year will be another cycle.

The two of them were busy in the field for nearly half an hour, and they saw dark clouds gathering in the sky, looking up from the wind, they were going here.

Li Ji stopped Er Gouzi and pointed to the dark cloud and said, "If it's not possible, it's going to be down. Let's prepare first."

New warehouses and new cattle pens must be handled properly. Water leaks in the house, and things that are exposed to the sun must be retrieved in time. It will be troublesome if it rains. There is no need to have a headache on the firewood. There is a firewood room at home, so I am not afraid of rain for a month.

These things are busy enough.

When I went home, I saw that the Shuisheng daughter-in-law was busy cooking pig food with Li Qiaoer. The taste was not good, it was actually the taste of food. In fact, this food can be eaten by humans, and it can't kill people. It just tastes too bad, that is, pigs. Those who are not picky eaters can have a sweet taste.

"It might be raining. How long will this pig food take?" Li Ji asked with some worry.

The aquatic daughter-in-law wiped the sweat from her forehead, and said with a smile: "Come on, this pig food doesn't take much effort, even if it is half-baked, it doesn't matter. Speaking of which, I haven't cooked pig food for many years. When the head condition was better, I raised pigs, and later married my son a daughter-in-law, and sold them for food. The cooking of pig food was done by hand."

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