"You said it's not easy for us to take a bite of meat. Just getting pig food is enough." After Li Ji finished speaking, he and Er Gouzi began to tidy up the things in the yard that were afraid of rain.

When everything was cleaned up, the wind was blowing outside, and the rain would not be far away when the wind came.

"You go back first. I don't know when the rain will come. If you come to work tomorrow on a sunny day, you will work for a day. I will give you one day's wages. I will not give you the money. If the five taels of silver are retrieved, I will settle it for you." Li Ji sent them to the door.

"You didn't help our family less, how can you ask for your money?" Shuisheng's wife sighed, "My family is in this situation, you can help us like this, and we can see your intentions. Don't talk about anything, don't mention that money is not money. From now on, we will be treated as one family, and there is no family who talks about two families."

Recently, Li Shuisheng's family has a lot of things, and Li Ji has repeatedly reached out to help Shuisheng's wife. Had it not been for Li Ji's statement that his attitude was not interesting to Li Qiao'er, Shuisheng's wife really wanted Li Ji to be her son-in-law.

Even though they belong to the same family, it doesn't matter if they are related by blood, and they are different in generations, but there will be no big problems if they are married. Short of marriage. It's not uncommon in the village.

Although Li Ji's life style is not good, the whole village is very popular. However, Shuisheng's wife looked at Li Ji as kind, and she shouldn't have given him such a bad life.

Such a person should be rich and noble, have a long life, and be full of children and grandchildren.

"Then don't argue with me if you say it's a family. I know Er Gouzi and I understand. Seeing that it rains, we are not polite. You go back first. If Brother Shuisheng comes back, somehow give it to me. Letter."

After sending away their mother and daughter, Li Ji closed the doors and windows and listened to the wind outside. Just by listening to the sound, you can tell that the rain outside will not be light.

"Let's put the dinner on for a while, or it would be inconvenient to cook until the rain is heavy."

Rain water will fall into the stove along the chimney, although it will not have much impact, but there will be more smoke, which will easily cause smoke in the house in turn.

I ate enough oil and water last night and this morning. Li Ji wanted something lighter, so he sauteed a garlic spinach. Er Gouzi was meatless, so he let him stew the meat and make some dipping. Pickles, supper is just so good.

When the meal is done, let it be hot first. It's still dark, and it's easy to wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Li Ji grabbed some peanuts and sat on the kang and peeled them to eat. When the peanut shells were piled up in a small pile, he heard the sound of rain falling outside.

When Li Ji thought about it, there was nothing to be out there, and he felt relieved, so he followed Er Gouzi to eat peanuts.

When he had enough peanuts, Li Ji went down to open the window, and the wind would be gone when it rained, so opening the window was not afraid of the rain coming in. Li Ji looked at the waterfall-like water flowing down the eaves, and couldn't tell what it felt like, smelling the scent in the air, he felt clean both physically and mentally.

When I was young, Li Ji's favorite thing was to sit on the windowsill barefoot and wash his feet with the dripping rainwater. I really enjoyed the feeling of rain running down my feet. Every time I was told by my father, he would say a few words. It is easy to catch a cold.

When he was a child, Li Ji didn't listen to this when he was naughty. He always sat on the windowsill and played when his father was not paying attention.

This may be Li Ji's only waywardness and only fun when he was a child.

Li Ji just looked at the water curtain, feeling the heat beside him, and turned around Er Gouzi stood beside him. In fact, when the village is really hot, there are very few men who dress uprightly. When the sun is shining in the middle of the day, just watch, the guys who go out are basically shirtless.

The village is not as particular as the city, and the little girl may be ashamed when they see it, and the daughter-in-law is not so particular. Some women who can let go can even make a few jokes.

When he was a child, Li Ji was the same, even before he was seven he always ran all over the street with his ass naked. He refused to wear clothes if he was forced to give it to him. After a fight, I knew I was ashamed. When I was greedy in the summer, I would wear fur trousers and tie a cloth.

At this age, Li Ji has become more and more careful about appearance. Not only does the clothes he wears have no patches at all, but the clothes he wears on hot days are all righteous. It's just that you don't wear a shirt when it's too hot, and it's not too hot to wear a jacket.

Moreover, the two of them were diligent, so they really enjoyed it when they were hot, so they just kept paying attention to it. After a long time, they got used to it. If they were sloppy, they would not be able to stand it anymore.

Li Ji turned his head and stretched out his hand to take a handful of water: "This year there will be more rain than in previous years. Maybe it is the rain of previous years that we put down this year."

"Very good." Er Gouzi said.

In fact, Er Gouzi doesn't like rain. People at the foot of the mountain like rain because rain can bring harvest, and for Er Gouzi, rain can bring humidity. He was in a cave when he lived on the mountain. When the weather is humid, snakes, insects, rats and ants all come out, and mosquitoes and flies are also burrowing into the cave, which is impossible to prevent.

This is a nuisance to be cultivated by playing a small child. But watching Li Ji look at the rain so much, Er Gouzi didn't mind being more tolerant of this kind of weather.

"You said it's good to calculate without so many people, working at sunrise and resting at sunset. But some people can't hold back their hearts, and they want more for everything."

The neighbors can still make a lot of blood for the three melons, let alone stand in a high position.

Raised by the same parents, they must be distinguished from the high and low, and those who are powerful use power to suppress others, and those who are powerful rely on strength to run rampantly. Too many people dream of wanting to step on the top of other people's heads and look at the world. Who has thought that no matter how high they stand, they can't be too high to the heavens. Standing high is nothing more than a handful of loess after death.

Li Ji didn't think he was right to have such an idea, he was a saint. It's just that Li Ji keeps this heart to live, letting himself be carefree for the rest of his life, not fighting for fame and profit, until he is old.

"Let's live our lives quietly." Er Gouzi thought for a long time before saying this.

Li Ji couldn't look back at this sentence, it was just his head that was unclear for a while, but Er Gouzi remembered it clearly.

"Then you'll be quiet first." Li Ji smiled and shook his head, "Let's eat."

It rained all night, and it cleared the next morning, but the ground was very muddy. Li Ji wanted to go to the city to pay back the money, but it is a bit troublesome to go now.

In the end, I got Xiner at night, and Li Shuisheng came back.

The reporter used a lot of energy. Fortunately, the county official was willing to do the facts, and he really started to help with the investigation.

Although I don't know what the result will be, as long as the county magistrate is willing to investigate, there is hope for this matter.

These two days have broken Li Shuisheng, not only the busy problem, but the pressure in his heart is the main reason. For five taels of silver, the family lacked income, and relying on the rations alone could not accumulate any silver. There were a few children, but Li Shuisheng was really reluctant to reach out and ask them for silver. In the past few years, Li Shuisheng has been frugal to help them. How can he turn them around?

But if Li Shui is forced to pay it back, how long will he pay it back?

Although the IOU says that you will be paid two cents for one month of work at Li Ji's house, and two years of work will be paid, but is there such a good thing in fact?

Li Shuisheng returned home and lost weight when he looked at the whole person. The Shuisheng daughter-in-law felt sorry for the man and made something delicious. Li Shuisheng also didn't know the taste, and she couldn't say anything at the dinner table.

For the rest of my life, Li Shuisheng has said everything inside and outside the house. Li Shuisheng is a good calculation. He has offended many people in the village, but he has never been bullied by others.

Therefore, if things go on like this, the family is accustomed to centering on Li Shuisheng, and Li Shuisheng is also accustomed to the days of being alone in the house.

So when you get old, you will become more and more invincible. He always feels that he is right. Others' rebuttals are only because of other people's shallow eyelids, which is the fault of others. It is only at this time that he can deeply understand that it is himself who is really stupid.

There were so many people who persuaded him at that time, but if he stopped and listened to a few more sentences, it would not be the result now.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought about it, the more I felt sorry for Li Qiaoer and the whole family. As soon as this incident comes out, I'm afraid the whole family will not be able to look up for a long time.

Because in the village, there are very few people who are deceived that really pity you, and more are to teach you why you are so unsuspecting, and even give others a chance to take advantage of it.

It's like the girl is frivolous, and the apprentice is scolded at most, and the longer time is to blame the girl for wearing less so that the apprentice has an idea.

But no matter how much Li Shuisheng regretted, this happened.

When Li Shuisheng went home, the sons who had gone out of the house took the lead in bringing his wife and children to visit, and the girls who got married the next day also came back to take a look. I'm afraid that something will happen to Li Shuisheng's anger. Li Shuisheng's age is considered to be quite old in the village. If it is really because of a momentary anxiety that the anger has passed, it would be possible.

Therefore, the children will always carry something, and then say two more words of comfort, so that the left and right family stay together, and all kinds of difficulties can be overcome.

Li Shuisheng shied away and said no, and the five sons and daughters could also collect a couple of dollars.

Li Shuisheng watched the two taels of silver for one night, but Li Qiaoer persuaded him to return the silver to Li Ji first, and then think about it later. The left and right sides are good with Li Ji, and people don't need to be in a hurry, so let's take it easy.

Li Qiaoer passed Li Ji ahead of time, and Li Ji wouldn't really cheat Li Shuisheng's five taels of silver. Li Ji can use five taels of silver to buy Li Qiao'er's future because Li Qiao'er is Er Gouzi's god-sister, and he is optimistic. It doesn't hurt to spend money, but a poor family like Li Shuisheng certainly can't afford five taels. The loss of silver.

So Li Shuisheng paid it back slowly, and Li Ji always had a way to get these silver back into Li Shuisheng's pocket.

Li Shuisheng was in a state of confusion. What he was entangled with was whether to keep the silver or pay it back first. Because a lot of savings were spent in this lawsuit, and the rest of the day will be passed on. Even if the family doesn't spend a single copper plate in the first year, there is always something left to prepare, so that there is no illness or disaster.

Li Qiao'er is already so big again, and his reputation is almost tossed. If you want to marry in the future and want to not be wronged, then you have to dowry enough.

There is money to be made here, both inside and outside. With this amount of money, he finally got some money in his hands, and it's no wonder Li Shuisheng thought too much.

When Li Ji heard the letter, he took time to look at it. At this time, Li Shuisheng just sent a group away to comfort him.

If the people who come to comfort me are sincere, they will either bring something or simply send some copper plates to help, and those who come over to say comforting words are purely lively, in order to exchange comfort words for Li The words of aquatic remorse, so as to obtain a certain satisfaction.

Does Li Shuisheng recognize people to read jokes? He said that Li Shuisheng couldn't control it, so he didn't hear it. If he came in person, Li Shuisheng could get rid of him in a few words.

Li Shuisheng sent people out and saw Li Ji walking over. He felt a little bit complicated. Finally, he sighed and shouted Xiao Ji first when he walked over.

"I heard that you were called into the county office two days ago? Neither the village chief nor I saw you. I was confused for a while, and I had to hurt you." Li Shuisheng looked a lot older. The speech is less sharp, and the person has no energy.

"Just go over to say a few words in the evening, the county magistrate was very busy, and asked me a few words and let me come back. We are blessed by the Bodhisattva, with such a reliable county magistrate, don't be too bad. If the county magistrate is here, he will definitely be able to get the silver back." Li Ji comforted a few words, looking at Li Shuisheng like this, it will be hard to think of any crooked thoughts in the future.

Li Shuisheng just thought it was Li Ji picking up nicely, without much hope in his heart.

With a reluctant smile, Li Ji greeted him in.

Li Shuisheng didn't have tea in his house, and he made some leaf tea last year, so he made some for Li Ji.

As I said earlier, poor people can't afford tea, so they just wait until spring when the leaves are just showing their teeth. Pick them off and dry them on a low fire. Whenever you want to change the taste of the water, you can pinch some of them in the water and put them in the water. The taste is completely different, but it also has a different flavor.

Many people in the village are like this.

The water is warm, there are a lot of people in the house, and the hot water is heated one after another. This hot water is leftover today, and there is no time to reheat it.

If there is a lot of hot water, the inside of the house will be hot, that is, soon after it rains outside, the ground is wet and cool, otherwise there is really no way to treat people in this house.

"I'm just here to take a look. You're fine if you're okay." Li Ji sat on the kang, feeling that the kang was too hot, so he just stood up and found a stool to sit down, "You are the brother who grew up with me. It's my own family again, don't be too polite about anything. You don't have to get angry about silver matters. When you're okay, go to my place to help. I'll count the days, and you don't have to pay back the silver after time. All I care about is the niece Qiao'er. Er Gouzi is just such a younger sister, and I am very concerned."

Li Shuisheng gets angry when he mentions Li Qiao'er's marriage. It is not a problem for Li Qiao'er to get married a few months back, and even the relatives are almost breaking the threshold. It was just that because of the large number of people at the time, Li Shuisheng's vision was raised, and no one looked down on him and refused one by one.

After rejecting it, it is impossible for people to ask for it again, because they are all faceless. This time I told Li Qiaoer that he had met a liar and made a big joke about her marriage. It was really hard to find her husband's house in the future.

"I have been worrying about this for the past few days. I can still make more money if I don't have 50 taels of silver. But Qiaoer said that it is difficult to pick one from the husband's family, but I really can't bear to marry someone who is not decent."

At the beginning, Li Shuisheng insisted on marrying Li Qiao'er to a widower as a filling house, because Li Qiao'er had a bad reputation at the time, and it was easy to hurt his brothers and sisters. From a perspective, Li Qiaoer owes her family. Therefore, Li Shuisheng violated Li Qiao'er's wishes and forced her to marry such a man, without any guilt in his heart.

It is different now. Li Qiaoer was implicated by Li Shuisheng, so Li Shuisheng felt ashamed, and let him decide to let Li Qiaoer out at will.

The difference in cause and effect creates a difference in mood, and this is often the case with changes in the human mind.

"Then listen to Qiao'er's own words. The girl can't participate in marriage events is to say to outsiders. Close the door and tell her family to listen? Who is the one who is laughing? I want me to say Qiao'er stay at home. It doesn't matter if you are in pain at home, it's just that you can't make it through your mind. It's not good to say that it's not good for a girl's family not to get married and have children.

After Li Ji said this, he saw that Li Shuisheng was about to speak, and said hurriedly: "I mean, I know you don't agree. If you are looking for it, then find a reliable one. Don't be afraid to pick it slowly. When you are so old, you are not afraid of delaying for another year or two. If you are older, you can stay for two more years."

Li Ji said this to the point, and it is useful to listen to it in his heart.

"What you said makes sense." Li Shuisheng nodded.

Li Ji took a sip of leaf tea, the fragrance of the leaves was a bit bitter, and it was completely different from tea. It was not annoying, but it was not too fond of it.

"I have nothing to do when I came here. The first is to ask you to find out what's going on. The second is to tell you. Don't worry about paying it back. I'm not in a hurry to use it. The most important thing is to catch the liar from the government. Secondly, you can't disperse at home. You should also buy some delicious food to raise. Originally, brother, you are older. You are the pillar of the family. Think about yourself. Just put aside Qiaoer's things. When she is fine, let her work at my place, and the gossip in the village can't find her."

Li Ji's words are undoubtedly a help in the snow. The money owed was a lump in Li Shuisheng's heart. Li Ji gave a reassurance, and instantly let the big rock in Li Shuisheng's heart fall halfway. The remaining half is the fifty taels of silver that was cheated away.

Nowadays, Li Shuisheng doesn't care about his reputation, but nowadays, as long as he doesn't talk about famine (indebtedness), living in peace will burn a lot of fragrant.

"I have lived all my life, so I gave my brother you who knows the cold and the hot. Don't look at your age, but you are the one who hurts the most. My family is like this. You can think about it all at once. Say, I feel pretty good in my heart, thanks to your memory." Li Shuisheng's eyes are hot, the more this time, the more emotional the person.

"You give me two more puppies (tears)? Just say a few words. In fact, isn't it good for you to calculate it? It's better than I don't have a father or a mother, and I have survived two years by myself. There is no one in the house, so nothing is a problem." Li Ji knew that this was calculated by him, and now that Li Shuisheng's temperament has improved a lot, as long as he keeps it, in fact, Li Ji doesn't want to do this. Calculate relatives.

People's hearts are grown in flesh, and while Li Ji taught him a lesson, he was not happy about it.

Li Ji talked to their family about heart-wrenching things, and Li Shuisheng and his wife were touched, that is, their seniority was placed there, or else they really wanted to treat Li Ji as his own son.

Li Ji took up all the favors here, said goodbye and went home, watching the sky is still densely cloudy, but the dark clouds are not thick, and it doesn't look like it will rain.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow, Li Ji will go to the city to pay the money. There are five taels of silver from the owner of the leather goods store, and fifty taels of silver from the county magistrate. This is the ten taels of silver. But there is no loss in this matter. The grandfather of the county will return it.

Going home, Er Gouzi is killing rabbits. This year, he deliberately breeds more. Now it takes only two or three months to have more than ten rabbits. There are also seven or eight female rabbits with cubs. They will be raised until the autumn at least. There can be more than three or four hundred. This time I go to the city and I really want to find a restaurant.

Squatting next to Er Gouzi, watching Er Gouzi skinning the rabbit. Over the past year, Er Gouzi has not peeled the skin less. The technique can be said to be perfect. The peeled skin has not been damaged at all, and it is intact.

"Er Gouzi." Li Ji said softly, propping his chin.

"Huh?" Er Gouzi continued without lifting his head.

"I have to go to the city tomorrow. If it rains, maybe I won't be back at night. Can you stay at home for one day?" Li Ji discussed.

Er Gouzi paused for a while, and then reluctantly nodded his head after waiting for a while.

The reluctance is too obvious.

Thinking about the previous two performances, Li Ji couldn't believe Er Gouzi's reluctant consent.

Reaching out and touching Er Gouzi's head, Li Jirou said, "I used to pay back the money and will be back soon. This is our home. As long as there is one person, this is our home. No matter how far we go, my heart It's all here. When you're at home, I want to go home anytime and anywhere. Just like you go hunting in the mountains, and you always think of me at home."

Er Gouzi nodded, did not speak, and continued to work in his hands.

Saying these words to enlighten him, it still looks useless, and Li Ji doesn't know what to say.

Er Gouzi is very dependent on Li Ji. The two have been together for so long, and they have not changed. In fact, Li Ji enjoys this, and Li Ji also relies on Er Gouzi.

The two depend on each other and stick to each other, just like a newly married couple. It's just that the days are going to pass, and the family's wealth is getting richer, so you can't leave people. People's hearts are always inaccurate. If there are liars, there can be thieves. No matter what you lose, it's distressing enough.

So it is unavoidable that one person goes out to do errands and one person is at home to watch the house.

Both of them have to adapt to this matter. 

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