Li Shuisheng has to resolve this matter without any delay. The next day, watching the sky clear, I put on an ox cart and went straight to the county.

The road was muddy, and the bullock cart walked over. It was okay. I didn't rush to drive the car and just swayed into the city like this. If the cattle on the road look at where the grass is delicious and eat two bites, Li Ji doesn't care.

The cattle raised at home are well fed, and the fat and strong cows, Li Ji also reluctant to kill. It's a pity that there is no time to breed it. It would be great to breed such a cow with a regenerated calf. There are two cows in the family, but there is a bull. Unfortunately, this little bull is a cow's cub and cannot be bred for her.

This cow does not work much at home, and it would be very reluctant to kill and eat meat.

Just thinking about it like this, after a while, I got to the county. Because it was raining today, there were not many pedestrians on the road in the county. Several children were chasing each other, and some children followed an adult reprimanded not to stain their clothes.

Li Ji took the money, first slowly went to the street where the leather goods store was, and went to the leather goods store.

The guy is too familiar with Li Ji, so he called the Lord from all the way to help stop the bullock cart and let Li Ji get out of the cart and enter the house. He led the bullock cart to the barn to feed some fodder.

"The shopkeeper was still talking about the shopkeeper yesterday, and you are here today." The man didn't ask why he didn't bring any leather, and he came directly, and he must have gone to the shopkeeper. Head shop last year or two can be said Li Ji, pointing to eat rice. Because more leather goods are purchased and the top earning is more, the low-level guys like him will also get some silver rewards. Although this is a small place, as long as the fur goods go up, the treatment is not worse than that in the provincial cities.

"Okay, you still know you miss me. Where's the shopkeeper? I owed money a few days ago, and I kept thinking about it, I'll send it back when I'm free." Li Ji sat on the chair familiarly.

The man called out for the shopkeeper to come out. The shopkeeper opened the curtain and saw that it was Li Ji, and he suddenly smiled.

"Yeah, which fragrant wind blew you here." The shopkeeper sat opposite Li Ji and instructed the buddy to serve tea.

If you are not familiar with it, the shopkeeper's words will give the two a chance. But in the past two years, the two of them have not rarely seen each other, and they are more or less familiar with each other. After hearing these words, I feel that the shopkeeper is joking.

"Don't make trouble, isn't this paying you back your silver?" Li Ji took out a small cloth bag from his arms, and inside it was a number of silver naked men. Li Ji opened the cloth bag and put it on the table, "You point it."

The shopkeeper picked up the cloth bag and put it in his sleeve: "If you want me to say you are so polite, I will be busy paying back the money in just a few days. We have so much business, and I am afraid of you. Can't make a mistake?"

The shopkeeper is really not afraid of Li Ji's repayment, and to be honest, the money in the hands of the shopkeeper is basically earned from Li Ji. The price he gives to Li Ji is high, but he can supply the price above. higher. Except for the rent and the guys, the rest of the profits in the middle went into the pocket of the shopkeeper.

If one or two years ago, it would have been very difficult to ask the shopkeeper to take out fifty taels of silver, but now it is different, even if Li Ji borrowed ten taels of silver, the shopkeeper would also be willing.

"It's your business if you don't worry about it. I have paid the debt and feel comfortable." The man brought the tea, and Li Ji picked up the tea bowl and skimmed the tea powder for a sip: "The good tea I drink is basically what you drink here. But I can't bear to buy tea by myself."

"It's good to drink tea and pass the time when it's okay. Cheap has the advantage of cheap, and expensive has the advantage of expensive. Buying some good tea and drinking two bowls when you are in a good mood will make you feel better." The shopkeeper followed and drank. Take a bite, with a little smile.

"It makes sense." Li Ji nodded.

After drinking tea in the leather goods store and rested well, I went out and drove the ox cart straight to the county office.

There was an official guard at the gate of the county government office, and when he saw Li Ji coming, he looked up and down at Li Ji. There were quite a few government officials in the government office. Li Ji had only been here at night, so he didn't know much about it.

"What are you here for?" asked a government officer.

Li Ji got out of the bullock cart and said with a smile: "Trouble the official to inform him, and he said that Cao Min Li Ji came to see the county magistrate. The county magistrate knew that I was coming over a few days ago."

Few people dare to joke about this kind of thing. The Ya Ya told the other Ya Ya to look at with his eyes, and he went inside to report.

The floor in front of the yamen was covered with blue bricks, which was almost dry at this time, and it was very comfortable to step on. After waiting for a while, the yakuza came out again.

"Master let you in."

Li Ji hurriedly tidied up his clothes and went in with the Ya Ya.

Go straight to the back hall, where the county magistrate's office is located. After entering the study, the county magistrate was still immersed in a book.

Li Ji bowed and said, "Caomin Li Ji kowtow to the lord."

"Here." The county magistrate looked up, "Get up."

Li Ji stood up, watching his nose and nose without looking up. The county magistrate said: "Come to give the silver?"

Li Ji nodded, took out the wrapped silver from his arms, opened it and held it in his hand: "The silver is well counted."

"Come here." The county magistrate said.

Li Ji held the silver to the county magistrate's side, and waited for the county magistrate to take the silver before putting it down: "Are you a little bit?"

"No, you don't need to take less, after all, you still have to return it to you."

The county magistrate put the cloth bag on the table, looked up at Li Ji, and frowned slightly when he looked at him sternly: "Why did you pick up this picture again. Didn't you still talk about it a few days ago?"

Li Ji thought for a while, and smiled bitterly: "The Cao Min just doesn't know how to get along with you, an adult. That day, the Cao Min drank two more sips of wine, but he said nonsense when he was courageous. After he soaked up, he blamed himself, but he didn't know what to do. It's the only way to get along with you."

The county magistrate smiled: "Since ancient times, there has been a cloud companion to the monarch as a companion tiger, and now the official has become the daunting tiger."

Li Ji repeatedly denied: "You are serious. You are the parent officer of our county. There is a tiger."

"It's a good thing to be in awe, but it's not good to get along too much. It's OK, don't stretch yourself, look at it weird." The county magistrate picked up the tea bowl and found that the tea was cold, and ordered the ya servant to send a new one. Come here, "Sit down."

Sitting across from the county magistrate Li Ji's distance allowed him to see the county magistrate more clearly. The last time I met, I didn't look very carefully under the lights. Although I looked carefully at the first meeting, it was just that the county magistrate was wearing casual clothes. Today I wore official uniforms. The majesty of the county was set off by the official uniforms without anger and prestige. The majesty was shocking. Whatever it was, there was only a righteous body that could be described.

"Then how did Li Shuisheng go back?" the county magistrate asked.

"I tried to persuade them, and they want to open it. If you say that the liar has been caught and the money is back, I believe they will be able to come out completely soon, even if this matter never happened in the future." Li Ji Truthfully.

"Where is that girl?" the county magistrate asked.

"Girl? Ah, you mean Qiao'er, it's okay. Li Shuisheng also figured out that he won't be embarrassed by Li Qiao'er in the future. I have also persuaded him to let his children marry and marry everything, he should do it. "This is Li Ji's ultimate goal.

As long as Li Shuisheng doesn't have any more moths in the future, then Li Ji is not in vain.

The county magistrate nodded and said: "With this realization, I finally did not disappoint your busy schedule."

Li Ji was a little embarrassed and said nothing.

The county magistrate looked at Li Ji and thought about it before he said: "I have been here for two years, and I think I have done my best. Unfortunately, the city is okay. I don't know much about things like villages and towns."

There was something in the words of the county magistrate, Li Ji did not dare to respond easily, bowed his head and waited for the post of the county magistrate.

The county magistrate knew Li Ji was a wise man when he saw Li Ji, and said: "You don't need to think about it, I don't mean it. For the village, the rules of the clan may be higher than that of the government."

"How can this happen." Li Ji shook his head. In fact, this is also true, but who would dare to admit it?

"I mean, you can trust this official." The county magistrate said, "Many times, the traditions of the clan may not be correct. If you leave it to me in accordance with the Daxia law, you may be more agreeable. Instead of closing the door. If you abuse lynching and get grieved, it is better to send it to me. The sentence and punishment are all weighing on me."

Li Jixin Dao County's grandfather must have said something else, like things in the village, if it is abuse of lynching, there is still one in the ancestral hall of the family temple, and the former high-ranking Hunter can be sent to the government. Come, but the villagers closed their doors and resolved it.

It's just because most people think that going to the government office is a big deal, what shame, what a heavy punishment. So even those who made mistakes would rather be lynched in the village than go to the government.

This has also resulted in village affairs being resolved in the village. Unless it is a major murder and arson case, the elders in the village will gather to talk about how to solve the problem and the punishment will be determined.

In the past, Li Ji thought this was normal, but he nodded inwardly after hearing the words of the county magistrate.

It's just that Li Ji's ideas are compatible with the county magistrate, will the villagers do it? What happens in the future, even if Li Ji is willing to come over to fight the lawsuit, will the villagers be willing?

The answer is yes, no.

Because there is an old saying: See you when you look up.

In a village, anyone who can't help but fights and scolds behind closed doors, they want to seize the government and squat in a big prison, and then they will all be destroyed for the rest of their lives.

This kind of thinking is passed on from generation to generation. If anyone reported to the government because of neighbourhood conflicts, he would be blamed instead, because he might have ruined one of their homes. In this case, no one notices the loss of the sue.

Li Ji's heart turned a few times, and finally he sighed: "The Caomin remembered the story you told me before. Sometimes the law may not apply to everyone, and a fair judgment may give the victim even greater damage. s damage."

When Li Ji said so, the county magistrate understood in his heart. As the county magistrate, he can hear everything in the county, but not in the village, and even what happens will be covered to death by outsiders. For example, when the child drowned a group of children and couldn't save it, once the defendant was brought to the county magistrate, those children would be reduced to a lowly nationality for the whole family, which is a hometown even worse than a slavery.

Who can bear it? In the end, some money was paid.

If the couple who had lost the child insisted on coming over to file a complaint, then the complaint would come down, and the village would no longer be able to accommodate the couple.

"I thought it was too simple." The county magistrate nodded, and stopped mentioning this matter.

The people in the village can come and sue the officials on their own initiative. Either it is a major murder and arson case, or the prisoner is outside the village and unattended. For example, the second-rate man back then, and the liar this time. In the case of Erchanzi's family, the family's natal family belonged to the outer village, and the village was not in charge, and the government had no choice but to make the decision.

Subsequently, the county magistrate changed the subject: "Do you now make a living by buying leather goods?"

Li Ji nodded: "It can be said. Leather goods are the main income, and we also sell some meat. My nephew and I are able to work very hard. We have opened up some land by ourselves, and basically all we grow are to feed the animals."

"You don't grow crops for your own food. It can be seen that the life is good. Is there any unfairness in the fur trade?" the county magistrate asked

Li Ji shook his head: "No, after calculating it, I still used your majesty."

"Me?" The county magistrate raised his eyebrows with interest, "You didn't know me then, right."

"Yes." Li Ji was amused in retrospect, "Of course the grass miner and the adults don't know each other, but because I did a transaction with the purchasing steward of your house. Later, I brought it out when I did a transaction with the leather goods store. Only with He said that he would ask him to ask for a price, if it is fair, then sell it. If it's worse, I'm not too troublesome. Even if you send it to you, you will definitely give you a fairer price. Since then, I have done many business transactions. The price was higher than expected each time."

After hearing Li Ji's words, the county magistrate shook his head and laughed. Unexpectedly, Li Ji could come up with such a way to support himself: "You are not afraid that he will really stop trading with you?"

"No, I have a lot of furs. He always has to eat when he does business. Anyway, I told him that I only did business with your house once, but there is nothing you can see from the furs at home. I'm sorry to bring it here. If there is nowhere to sell it, there is no choice but to send it to you brazenly."

"Have done a business once? What kind of business?" the county magistrate asked casually.

This business is still fresh in Li Ji's memory. It was his family's first huge sum of money: "It's also fate. The leather was sent to the leather goods store first. It's just that the shopkeeper wanted to keep the price down. Eighteen taels of silver, I couldn't say that he wouldn't stop and let me go. At that time, I knew that the shopkeeper expected that no one in this county would pay a higher price. Just about to go back and negotiate the 18 taels. Eighteen taels, I met the buying butler in your house."

The county magistrate nodded and motioned for Li Ji to continue.

"At that time, I didn't see the market, and thought I met a liar. He asked me to make a price. I said it was 22 taels. But he agreed with all his mouth. I paid the bank note at the time. I didn't see the bank note, so I was still worried. I went to exchange the silver together. At that time, the housekeeper was so enthusiastic, and my heart became more disturbed. He wanted me to send it here when I had leather. Later, I never dared to come over again."

This is human nature. When the status of the two sides is disparity, the more enthusiastic the one at the top, the more upset the one at the bottom. What's more, when Li Jichu was fledgling and didn't understand anything.

The county magistrate was slightly stunned, as if he had caught something in a daze.

"You…what kind of leather did you sell?"

Li Ji was still immersed in the pure self at the time, and did not notice the weird tone of the county magistrate.

"It's a variegated white fox skin. It's a pity that it's not a solid color, or it's really worth a lot of money."

"Pop!" The tea bowl fell to the ground and shattered, and the tea soup was scattered all over the floor.

"White fox skin?" The county magistrate stood up and asked.

Li Ji was taken aback and didn't understand what he meant by coming to the county magistrate. Suddenly knelt down: "My lord, calm down!"

The county magistrate could manage these, stretched out his hand to hold Li Ji and raised his head and asked: "You said it was a white fox skin, is it a bit damaged?"

Li Ji thought that something had happened to the fox skin, and his face was trembling with fright, and his face turned pale: "Yes…Yes!"

The county magistrate shook his body, was there for a while, and then laughed: "Very good, very good!"

Li Ji was almost scared to pee by the county magistrate. Okay, what is this madness? Why is it all right?

Li Ji was so scared that he heard a voice coming in and asked what was going on.

The county magistrate waved his hand to make them retreat, and forgot to help Li Ji get up. He walked back and forth two times excitedly, and then said: "After looking for so long, I finally found it. Not at all…"

The voice suddenly stopped. Li Ji didn't know the reason even more, so he had to bury his head to reduce his sense of existence.

It was so silent for a long time before hearing the grandfather of the county speak again.

"You, I was impolite, don't be afraid, I just remembered the old past, it has nothing to do with you." The county magistrate's voice was a little hoarse.

Li Ji secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he said this, it didn't matter to him.

Old things? What old things can there be?

The county magistrate said again: "You go back first. If you have any difficulties in the future, just come and find me. You and I can talk together. It's a good story to be a year-end relationship."

Li Ji hurriedly got up, and walked out of the house.

As soon as Li Ji left, the county magistrate fell into a chair and took two deep breaths.

He must calm down. It's just a guess. The original word of the purchasing butler that day was that he saw a man with a similar jade pendant, which was sold by two people together.

Although I found the two people who sold leather at the time, namely Li Ji and Er Gouzi, it was still impossible to prove that Er Gouzi was the child he had been looking for for many years.

And Er Gouzi is an orphan, and he was adopted by Li Ji after he had lived in the mountains for more than ten years. How could she let their children fall into the mountains?

If Er Gouzi is his child, that child is his mother…

The county magistrate did not dare to think about it.

Just a piece of jade, the texture of that jade is not good, and the pattern is not unique, that is, you can't see it here, it is very common in the home of the county magistrate. So it would not be impossible if someone else brought it here and brought it to Er Gouzi's neck by fate.

This matter is not completely certain, so the less people know, the better.

This matter can't make the city full of storms, whether it's public or private.

Therefore, it must wait until it is completely determined.

Still have to check, where can I check? By the way, isn't there a housekeeper in the county who lives in the same village? I should know some news.

Thinking about this, the county magistrate reluctantly stabilized his mood, and asked the Ya Ya to find the county prince, and at the same time brought the maidservant from the general house.

Li Ji left the county office, driving the ox cart and whispering inwardly. I was frightened just now, but my sanity returned after I left. There must be a sentence that stimulated the county magistrate, otherwise how could normal people react like that? But if there is a problem with that leather, he should immediately confess his guilt instead of letting him go like this.

And he was excited for a while, and then let him go like a okay person. Could it be that the grandfather of the county suddenly lost his mind and suddenly healed?

No matter how clever Li Ji was, he couldn't think of what the county magistrate was thinking. He hurried back and smelled the smell of meat from a distance. Li Ji followed the smell and drove over. It was the largest restaurant in the county where he had eaten before.

Li Ji swallowed, and was shocked at the county magistrate. He was really hungry now.

The guy who entered the house remembered Li Ji with a very enthusiastic attitude: "Yeah, my lord has come to take care of the business again. Are you one? Please come here, and just say what you want."

"What are you so fragrant?" Li Ji asked directly.

The guy's smile deepened: "In fact, it's pork. We recently hired a new chef to have an ancestral secret recipe. The pork we make is called a fragrant. Recently, many people smell the scent. If you smell it, you like it. How's it?"

Li Ji was greedy with the smell, Er Gouzi would definitely like it.

"Come and take three packs." Li Ji went out and picked up some money, and the money was ready over there, Li Ji drove the ox cart and went back.

The meat was wrapped in lotus leaves. The hot meat heated the lotus leaves. Li Ji didn't dare to use force for fear of breaking it.

Sniffing the smell of meat spilling from the lotus leaf, Li Ji couldn't help beating his stomach, but when he thought of the poor worm-like Er Gouzi at home, he still waited to go home and eat together.

The mood of going back is always so eager. Li Ji's whip touches the cow lightly, and the cow will know the master's mood, and the pace will follow quickly.

Er Gouzi finished all the work he was about to do, and the rest of Li Qiao'er and the others came over to help. Er Gouzi didn't think about it, and stood in the yard watching the movement in the yard at any time.

People who haven't waited can't understand the feeling and just stand there, as if the person will return in the next second, but it is very difficult for this one-second distance.

Er Gouzi was a little irritable and wanted to go out to wait, but was afraid that Li Ji would be angry. Er Gouzi waited for Li Ji in the rain last time, but Li Ji came back and lost his temper.

It was so preached that Er Gouzi felt that it was wrong to go out and wait for others, so he stood in the yard and did not dare to go out.

When Er Gouzi was restless, Little Tail suddenly stood up and ran towards the door, his tail wagging cheerfully. Er Gouzi knew Little Tail. Only Li Ji could make it so excited.

Er Gouzi could no longer help standing up and opening the door to look outside. At the corner of the road, an ox cart came slowly.

When Er Gouzi saw the person, he suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, not so brilliant. 

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