Zhao Ruyue's mood at this time is a bit complicated.

Surprised and happy, puzzled and nervous.

She was accepted by the county prime minister, but she was not given a decent name. The county Cheng asked her to go back to the village to inquire about the news. She thought that the good day would be like this, so she thought that when she went back to the village and then went back to talk about the matter before and after, the county Cheng seemed to have forgotten her as a person, never again. I found her.

She was originally the maid next to Xian Cheng's daughter, but she hooked up with Xian Cheng. This caused the eldest lady to be said two gossips, and she didn't wait to see Zhao Ruyue.

Understandably, who can tolerate a woman who seduce her own father by her side?

The eldest lady didn't wait to see her, not only did the county prime minister not give her an identity, he didn't even see her. There are a lot of beautiful maids in the mansion, not bad for her, Zhao Ruyue, and the servants will step up and worship low. These days, Zhao Ruyue is not as good as the day. The servants who used to think that she was going to become the master and pleased people began to intensify. Bullying her, she thought she would never have a bright future in this life.

As expected, there is great news right now.

If the county magistrate wanted to see her, he still asked the county prime minister to take her personally. What does it mean? Zhao Ruyue, who had been ups and downs in the house for a long time, knew too well.

The big family looked at each other's maids and they all said it and gave it away. It's no different from giving gifts. For example, the relationship between the county magistrate and the county magistrate is between the subordinates and the subordinates. The county magistrate looked at Zhao Ruyue, and the county maid's. I was very happy to send her there.

If you can call her by name, you will definitely not treat her badly, maybe good days will come from now on.

The county Cheng thinks so too. Although the county magistrate has never seen Zhao Ruyue, it is not impossible to be attracted to Zhao Ruyue by listening to others. So when I was at home, I dressed up for Zhao Ruyue.

Xian Cheng also has a headache about how to please the county magistrate. Gifts and silver are not required except for seasonal supplies. I also thought about sending beauties before, and the county magistrate almost became angry with him. The county prime minister can't directly establish a bridge of interests to contain each other, so he can only cater to what he likes cautiously.

Now, if the grandfather of the county has really opened up and accepted Zhao Ruyue, then the relationship can go further in the future, and the county prime minister will not need to be as treacherous as it is now.

"Please remember it well. Don't say a word of what you shouldn't say when you get there. If you really have a good face, it's your blessing that you have cultivated for eight lifetimes. If you fail, don't say bad things to me and go out to beckon me. Remember?" Outside the county government office, the county prime minister first taught Zhao Ruyue in the carriage.

Zhao Ruyue nodded again and again: "The slave is awake."

The county prime minister nodded, then turned his gaze and said: "If you really get a face from the county magistrate in the future, don't forget the official's kindness to you. You are in the house and I treat you very well."

Zhao Ruyue is somewhat resentful towards Xian Cheng, but she can't care about any resentment at the moment. As long as she climbs to the county magistrate's Gao Zhi'er as soon as possible, Xian Cheng will be polite to see her in the future.

"I keep it in my heart."

The county Cheng was relieved, and then took Zhao Ruyue out of the carriage and into the backyard of the government office.

The county magistrate finally calmed down at this time, squinting his eyes slightly, not knowing what he was thinking, and when someone came in to announce that someone was coming, he opened his eyes and said in a spirited voice, "Come in."

After retreating everyone, Xian Cheng came in with Zhao Ruyue.

"I've seen an adult." Xian Cheng first bowed to do the compilation, and then Zhao Ruyue knelt down and kowtowed.

"The slave servant Zhao Ruyue knocked on Lord Shen."

The county magistrate looked at Zhao Ruyue with a torch.

"You and that… that Er Gouzi belong to the same village?" After thinking about the county magistrate, he could completely determine the name.

To be honest, from the perspective of the county magistrate, this name is simply intolerable, but he glanced at Er Gouzi in the dim red light that day, and his memory is still fresh. The shortcomings in the name are already trivial.

Zhao Ruyue was stunned, why didn't she mention anything about her? However, since the county magistrate asked, Zhao Ruyue did not dare not answer.

"Return to your lord, there is indeed an older brother named Er Gouzi in the slave village."

"Same generation as you? What is the origin?" the county magistrate asked.

Zhao Ruyue didn't doubt that he had him, and said: "Elder Gou lost his way to the forest when he was five years old. Only two years ago, he fell into a trap set by hunters in the village and was discovered by the village. The jade pendant he was recognizing was a child who had been lost for thirteen years."

Lost in the mountains and forests for thirteen years. What a frivolity sentence. Even an okay stranger couldn't help but sigh when he heard it, and the county magistrate thought that this person might be his child, and he felt even more heartbroken.

"Then, what about the F***?"

Zhao Ruyue was even more confused, not knowing what medicine the county magistrate sold in the gourd, and secretly raised her eyes to look at the county magistrate, then went to see the county Cheng, and was glared at by the county magistrate.

The county prince cleared his throat: "If your lord asks you anything, you can answer it."

With Xian Cheng's words, Zhao Ruyue calmed down and said: "Return to the lord, Ergou's mother is a girl from the village Li family. More than 20 years ago, she privately decided to return to the village with her child from the city for life. of."

"Continue." The county magistrate narrowed his eyes, unable to see any emotions.

Zhao Ruyue's heart was completely confused at this time, and the calculations that had been saved in the house before could not be found at this time. The county magistrate suddenly asked this, Zhao Ruyue couldn't find the reason, she thought to think about the possibility, that is, because the county magistrate heard that the girls in this jealous village are not obedient to women, so he has concerns about accepting her. ?

Zhao Ruyue's mind is definitely not that simple if it's changed to something else. It's just because it's too simple now, and preconceived that the county magistrate intends to admit her into the house. At this time, she will not mention her affairs, but Repeatedly mentioning something else is definitely a concern.

When I was nervous, I was eager to get rid of this tension, and then grasped a possibility as the cause, and started desperately trying to solve it.

If this is the case, we must first clear up the relationship with Li Yan, not because Li Yan does not obey the women's way, and affect her future career. What's more, Zhao Ruyue doesn't like the village at all. She hated her parents, even the people in the village.

"If you say it deeply, the slave and maid don't know very well. Although the slave and maid wanted to call her aunt in terms of generation, in truth, I have never seen it before. It's just that I was taught by my father and mother to pick her ears from a young age. Keep your wife's way, keep yourself safe, don't stay private for life like her, not to mention that there are evil things, it is really…"

"Enough!" The county magistrate slapped the table, with irrepressible anger on his face, his eyes pierced Zhao Ruyue's body like a knife.

Zhao Ruyue secretly looked up again, her scared soul was almost gone, and she knocked her head again and again:

"The adult atonement! The adult atonement! The slave and maid knew what was wrong, and the slave knew what was wrong."

At that moment, her back was soaked. From childhood to adulthood, Zhao Ruyue was so terribly scared for the first time, as if the grandfather of the county could order her life in the next moment.

The county magistrate wanted to question, but he opened his mouth but did not stand to question. Indeed, what Zhao Ruyue said was correct according to Chang Lun. Just because of him, Li Yan bears too much infamy.

"Stop talking nonsense, I only let you talk about Er Gouzi and his mother. If you dare to talk more, the official cut your tongue." The county magistrate suppressed his anger as much as possible and ordered Zhao Ruyue to continue.

At this time, Zhao Ruyue's mind was empty, and she didn't dare to play any tricks anymore, she said all she knew.

"The slave and maid also heard that Aunt Yan went back to the village with a big belly, and her parents wanted her to kill the child. Aunt Yan insisted on refusing, and forced her to hide in a nearby mountain with her stomach upright, and dig in the mountain. I went to live in a cave. I gave birth to Brother Ergou by himself, and to support himself and Brother Ergou. It's just that Brother Ergou was lost when he was five years old. You know the rest, adults."

"Then, then she is now." The county magistrate already had a guess in his heart, but with a little luck.

Zhao Ruyue did not dare to conceal it, and said truthfully: "Are you asking Aunt Yan? At that time, Aunt Yan's parents saw that the child was gone, and they were also distressed for the girl. They wanted to take Aunt Yan back, and treated her as the widow of her dead husband. Find a husband's family to remarry. But Aunt Yan was stubborn and reluctant, and she was thinking and eager, so she went there soon."

"Go? What's going on? That's how people are gone?" The county magistrate stood up, his face full of disbelief.

"The slave and maid did not dare to conceal, the person is indeed gone. Because I don't know who the father is, there is no way to send her to her husband's ancestral grave, and the daughter's family can't enter the family's ancestral grave, so I found a place in the mountains and built it. Lonely grave, now if you ask someone you know, you can still find it."

The county magistrate was stunned for a moment, fell back on the chair, his eyes dull, and then the sadness slowly flowed out.

The corners of his lips twitched twice, smiling but crying, his eyes red, and tears fell without warning.

"I killed her."

Zhao Ruyue and Xian Cheng were both taken aback. Xian Cheng was the first to react, and said in a daze: "You mean, ah, then Li Yan is the wife you are looking for? That child is your long-lost son?"

Xian Cheng finally figured out why he hadn't even seen each other, but the county magistrate suddenly wanted to see Zhao Ruyue.

From the very beginning, I felt bad. It wasn't that the county magistrate wanted to close the house. It was purely because the county magistrate found clues, which must be confirmed by Zhao Ruyue!

Now looking at the performance of the county magistrate, it is confirmed.

The county Cheng couldn't help but remember that Zhao Ruyue had been sent back to the village to inquire about the situation. When Zhao Ruyue came back, he only mentioned Er Gouzi's life experience without mentioning Li Yan. If she mentioned it, even if it was just the name of Li Yan, Xian Cheng could think of the cause and effect!

Obviously he found Er Gouzi and gave it to the county magistrate for his meritorious service. Obviously, he got the opportunity to make the county magistrate owe him a favor, but because of Zhao Ruyue's stupidity, he missed such a good opportunity.

Xian Cheng looked at Zhao Ruyue, who was afraid to look up and trembling on the ground, and cursed a few B*tches in her heart, and then rejoiced to the county magistrate.

"Congratulations, sir, you finally found your wife and children. Although Mrs. She…" the county prime minister pretended to wipe away tears, "Even though the lady has passed away, the son is still alive. If your wife sees an adult in the sky, you have found your child. I can catch my eyes too."

At this time, there was nothing more confused than Zhao Ruyue.

Who is Li Yan? Madam's wife? What did she say about Li Yan just now? It's no wonder that the county magistrate will suddenly get angry, but that is an insult to the county magistrate's wife.

Zhao Ruyue also thoroughly understood that she was so confused and completely offended the county magistrate. From now on, let alone accept her, even killing her is not enough.

"My lord atonement! The slave and maidservant should die. The slave and maid did not deliberately slander his wife. The slave and maid just didn't know that it was you. The slave and maid really didn't know!" I can only admit my mistake at the moment. Investigated.

The county magistrate waved his hand.

"Go down, let the officer be quiet."

This is the most feared thing. There is no punishment or even reprimand. This often means that the autumn is settled.

Right now, even if you hit dozens of boards, you will be fine once you have suffered a crime, but if you slowly settle the accounts later, then life is better than death. How could Zhao Ruyue, who had seen too much right and wrong at the gate of the house, leave like this? Kowtowing repeatedly:

"I beg an adult to punish a slave and maidservant, and the crime of a slave and maid deserves ten thousand deaths, please punish the adult!"

Where is the county prince willing to keep Zhao Ruyue here to annoy the county magistrate? Busily call for help to evacuate Zhao Ruyue.

Zhao Ruyue, a girl whose strength is no better than that of a servant, was quickly pulled out, and the house was quiet.

The county prince didn't dare to wait any longer, and he saluted: "My lord, you're overjoyed that father and son finally recognized each other. Now it's better to find the child as soon as possible. Two glasses of wine."

The county prime minister was much smarter than Zhao Ruyue. After speaking, the county prime minister didn't delay anymore, and left the county government directly after he went out.

There was a carriage at the gate of the county government, and Zhao Ruyue was not eligible to get on the carriage at this time. The one who got into the carriage with Xian Cheng was his close servant.

When the horse-drawn carriage was driving, Zhao Ruyue followed the horse-drawn carriage. How could a person's legs compare to a horse-drawn carriage? And Zhao Ruyue is a blessing when she is a maid, and her body is a little more squeamish, and walking a few more steps is already out of breath.

Xian Cheng didn't want to see Zhao Ruyue at all at this time, thinking of the Er Gouzi who had just been confirmed to be the grandfather of the county, and instructed Xiaosi:

"Go back and prepare a generous gift as soon as possible, and send it to the son's house."

"The son?" Xiao Si didn't quite understand.

The county prince glanced at Xiaosi disgustedly, and then said: "It's Li Ji's family, who sent it to his nephew specifically to say that it was for his nephew. After all, the child was brought up by the people, and he was from a less serious official family. It's a short-sighted one. Let's set up the line first. This person is the only son of the county magistrate at the moment. What is not his in the future? I hope it is a good fool. As long as there is such a son to control, I am afraid that the county magistrate will be in the future. Pressing on us?"

Although I didn't have any credit for finding my son, I knew the news before anyone else, so now I would give gifts to establish contact without others knowing it. It's a stubborn man, he hasn't seen any good things. Sending a great gift will definitely make his eyes straight.

Once you have a good impression, you can be one step ahead of others in everything you do in the future.

Seeing Li Ji go home, Er Gouzi smiled as if the mountains were full of brilliant flowers blooming, a little dazzling: "I'm back."

Li Jixian stuffed Er Gouzi's gluttonous meat all the way into Er Gouzi's hands: "There is a new dish in the county restaurant. I am not willing to enjoy it alone. I bought it and let us eat it together."

That said, Er Gouzi really smelled the smell of meat in the air, but even though he was greedy for meat, these were nothing compared to seeing Li Ji.

Li Ji drove the bullock cart into the yard, unloaded the body, and led the bull into the stable.

Li Qiaoer was feeding the rabbits, watching the rabbits grazing and watching the rise with relish, and seeing Li Ji stand up and call forth uncle.

"Yeah." Li Ji answered, "Are you here?"

"My mother went to the livestock barn there. Brother Ergou has finished the heavy work, and the rest of the odd work is not tiring." Li Qiaoer took a bundle of grass to feed the cows, and the cows ate a lot of tender grass along the road. Although this cut grass is not hay, it is not as fresh as the roadside and has no appetite for a while.

"Then stay and eat. There are new dishes in the restaurants in the city, and I smell good, so I will bring back a few."

After the cattle were tied up, Er Gouzi also pulled the body to the backyard to block the rain.

Er Gouzi was full of joy, and if it weren't for someone's presence, Er Gouzi would definitely be able to hold Li Ji and kiss him.

Thanks to Li Ji's usual ear education, he was somewhat ashamed.

Li Ji went to cook and asked Er Gouzi what he wanted to eat, and Er Gouzi said he wanted to eat fish. There are still two fish left in the water tank at home. They were left over from last year. Last year they raised a lot and have been eating them till now. Throw in some rice grains when you're okay, and it's quite fat to grow up till now.

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi to kill the fish first, and he stuffed the rice with it.

The aquatic daughter-in-law came back and watched cooking, so she helped her. I went to the ground to pick some dipping sauces, washed them, and fried some egg sauce in a small pot to eat.

There was a lot of basil in the stewed fish, and the fragrance was overflowing at the moment the pot was turned, and Li Ji's stomach gurgled even more.

The four people gathered together during the meal, which was so lively. Li Ji first sandwiched a piece of meat bought from the city. When the fish was just stewed, it was heated on the lid of the pot, so it was not cold. It melted in the mouth after a bite. The soft and glutinous texture was eaten with meaty flavor. Don't look This dish is expensive and delicious.

"Try it quickly, this is really delicious." After speaking, Li Ji took a big mouthful of rice.

I tasted them all. The taste is different from the ones made in the village. It seems that there are some other spices and special methods, which are really delicious.

Li Ji's stomach was bulging after eating all this meal.

Shui Sheng's wife followed Li Qiao'er and said, "What do you think we are doing? Come over and help with some work. She also had a good meal, and the work we did was not worth eating in the stomach."

Li Qiaoer had eaten here and knew that Li Ji's usual food was like this, so she was not as surprised as the Shuisheng wife. The two of them have the ability to eat delicious food, but others are envious of them.

As soon as the crowd had finished eating, they heard the little tail calling in the yard. Li Ji and Er Gouzi looked at each other. Li Qiaoer on the ground went out first: "I'll take a look."

They couldn't hear what they said outside. After a while, Li Qiaoer came in with a well-dressed man.

This person looks different from ordinary people. He wears a headscarf and a headband made of jadeite material. He is dressed in satin and green robes. He looks like he is not a rich man, but also a housekeeper. Li Ji got off the kang and said with questions: "You are…"

The man smiled politely, even with some kindness: "Who dare to be, ah, which one is Young Master Er Gouzi."

This question is a bit ridiculous, saying that the son is polite, but it would be funny if it was accompanied by a name.

Li Ji didn't know why: "I am his fourth uncle, what you said is the same as me."

The man did not reluctantly, took out a delicate brocade box from his sleeve, held it in front of Li Ji with his hands: "Excuse me, please transfer it to the son. Below is the housekeeper of the county's Chengfu. This is our housekeeper. The life is given to Young Master Er Gouzi."

Li Ji didn't even know why, and smiled embarrassingly: "Is it possible that the housekeeper made a mistake? My Er Gouzi rarely goes out, let alone see the county princes. Where can I bother adults to bring things here?"

The man chuckled and said, "You will know this from now on. It's just a small gift. It's a friendship, and you will still have to move around from now on."

Li Ji's eyebrows were frowning, and his thoughts turned sharply. He couldn't think of it for a while, so he accepted the things first.

The things that the county Cheng sent, even if it was poison, he could only drink it, and he couldn't throw it out even if it was hot.

"Then I will accept it for my nephew, but we are only holding it temporarily. If you think it's a misunderstanding, you should come over and ask for it back at any time, so as not to delay the adult's business."

After sending away the housekeeper in the county's house, Li Qiao'er and Shuisheng's wife looked at each other, only to think that this was Li Ji's matter and it was not easy to participate.

"Then we will go back first. We don't understand anything. Staying here is afraid of delaying your business." Shuisheng daughter-in-law said goodbye, and Li Ji sent them out again.

When everyone was gone, Li Jicai locked the door, closed the door and windows back to the room, and looked at Er Gouzi face to face.

The two have been together for the past two years and have never been separated. It is impossible that there will be someone Er Gouzi knows and Li Ji doesn't know, but the person who came here was named for Er Gouzi. It cannot be said that Li Ji thought about it. I'm afraid it really has something to do with Er Gouzi.

Li Ji wanted to ask Er Gouzi if he knew each other, but Li Ji knew it was for nothing. Even if he had seen it, Er Gouzi would not remember it. Because up to now, Er Gouzi didn't even recognize the people in the village.

Li Ji turned and sat on the kang, Er Gouzi didn't speak, and sat quietly opposite Li Ji, looking straight at Li Ji.

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi, then at the brocade box in his hand, and sighed.

"Bata" opened the button on the brocade box, and was dazzled when he opened it. Li Ji squinted his eyes to see clearly, and everyone was stunned.

This gift is too expensive. Although he hadn't seen any good things, Li Ji could be regarded as having seen it in the past two days. Lying in the box is a gold-inlaid jade headband. The gold is wandering in the jade, and the golden light is contained by the jade color of the water and green. Just looking at it is very expensive.

Li Ji has a small amount of money, but such things cannot be bought. Just take a look at the fineness of the jade, although I don't know how to do it, but it's very valuable to look at it.

"Pop!" Li Ji closed the lid forcefully, and Li Ji seemed to have thought of something just after being shaken by Jin Guang. 

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