Li Ji remembered something that he didn't want to remember before, which was the news that Zhao Ruyue brought back when he returned to the village last time.

At that time, Li Ji already had a hunch, then Zhao Ruyue suddenly asked those words, it must have something to do with Er Gouzi's father, that's why he asked.

Zhao Ruyue was the maidservant of the county prime minister, and she suddenly came back to ask something, 80% of which was instructed by the county prime minister. Since then, Zhao Ruyue has never returned, and Li Ji has never heard any news about Er Gouzie, and once took a fluke that the matter is over like this.

But today, the butler of the county Cheng suddenly came and gave such a great gift. Perhaps such a thing is nothing for Xian Cheng, but for Li Ji, he may not be able to afford such one for a lifetime.

What does this mean? Xian Cheng is Er Gouzi's father? No, if you are really Er Gouzi's father, you don't need to just send a generous gift, you can come and take the person away in person.

Then there is only one answer. Xian Cheng is trying to curry favor with Er Gouzi, because Er Gouzi's life experience is higher than that of Xian Cheng, or that Er Gouzi's father needs Xian Cheng to curry favor.

Xian Cheng is the second in command in this county, and of course he is the grandfather of the county.

Li Ji trembled and suddenly remembered the abnormality of today's county magistrate. He once said that he finally found it, and repeatedly asked whether they sold the white fox skin. I think of the enthusiasm of the butler who bought them that day.

All this before and after all connected together, and got an almost cruel answer.

Er Gouzi's biological father is the county magistrate who is known as the Qingtian Master in this county.

At this moment, Li Ji all figured it out.

Er Gouzi watched Li Ji open the box and then close it, then his face was pale, looking at the cripple.

"Xiao Ji?" Er Gouzi called out.

Li Ji looked back at Er Gouzi stiffly, and tried to put on an ugly smile: "Er Gouzi, this time, you really found your father."

Er Gouzi was stunned. Seeing Li Ji's clumsy performance to hide his breakdown, Er Gouzi also felt uncomfortable.

Stand up and walk in front of Li Ji. Er Gouzi squatted down, put his chin on Li Ji's lap, and looked up at Li Ji, his voice soft as if feathers had scraped Li Ji's heart.

"You don't want me anymore?"

His face was hot, Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and touched it, Li Ji's tears fell on his face without warning.

"It's not that I don't want you, but that person is the grandfather of the county, the heaven of our county. It's even your relatives. If he finds him, I can't stop him." Li Ji reached out and grabbed Er Gouzi's hair. He tugged into his arms, Er Gouzi propped up and let Li Ji hold him into his arms.

"He finds me, and we will go back to the mountain together." Er Gouzi said, "As long as we are together, everywhere is the same. We can also raise animals on the mountain, with small tails, and Taotao and Songsong. With us, we are not afraid of no one."

Er Gouzi's voice was gentle, and Li Ji wanted to cry happily.

Er Gouzi's idea is beautiful, but unrealistic.

If you can, Li Ji doesn't want to be with Er Gouzi forever. But that person is Er Gouzi's father, is Li Ji really qualified to prevent the two from seeing each other?

From a young age, the rumors that Li Ji heard about Li Yan were that Li Yan was ruthlessly abandoned after being pregnant with other children for life, and only when desperately desperate would he return to the village with his stomach.

The reason is simple, as long as there is a way to survive in the city, Li Yan can't go back to the village to take his own shame. The city can be better. In this village, Sponge Xingzi can drown people. How desperate did Li Yan come back? What kind of determination are you holding your stomach to dig a hole in the mountain to support yourself?

But Li Ji had contacted the county magistrate three times, and felt that he was a good official who is the master of the people. Such a person is really not like a cold-blooded generation who abandons his family and children.

What happened more than 20 years ago is probably due to another reason.

If it really happened back then, then Li Ji didn't even have an excuse to prevent their father and son from meeting. Even if the grandfather of Daxian had never raised Er Gouzi in a day since he was young, but if he was not responsible because he had not found it, it is right for them to recognize each other.

Li Ji is also an orphan, and he knows exactly what the existence of "father" means. I don't know what a girl thinks. As a man, Li Ji thinks that the role of father may be a signpost that affects his life. Li Ji had no father at the age of fourteen, so he suffered a lot of orphans and suffered the loss of not having a father. If Er Gouzi's father really wants to recognize each other and make up for the lack of it in the past, then Li Ji can't selfishly stop it because of his unwillingness.

But how should Li Ji and Er Gouzi's relationship explain? Which dad can tolerate his son and uncle rolling in a bed? Even if there is no blood relationship, the seniority is still there, and they are all men.

The other party is the magistrate of a county's parents.

Li Ji hugged tighter and tighter, did not answer Er Gouzi's proposal, just hugged so tightly.

Li Ji is a child, and he was forced to grow up without his parents before he grew up. Li Ji is smart and knows how to calculate. But even if he grows this Qiqiao and exquisite heart, his age is also placed there, and his vision, cognition, and experience are placed there.

Faced with this kind of thing, Li Ji really has nothing to do.

If according to his wishes, Li Ji really wants to follow Er Gouzi and fly far away, no matter what kind of father, what kind of county magistrate, they will be far away. But people can't be so selfish, too greedy, they will be condemned by God.

The more I thought about it, the more sadness became. Later, I didn't have time to think about it. I just hugged Er Gouzi to vent my emotions.

At this time, the county magistrate was in a state of uneasiness for a long time. He couldn't wait for full wings to fly to Er Gouzi's house immediately. What do you want to say when you see the face? How to explain all this?

The county magistrate remembered the side he met with Er Gouzi when the fire was dim that day. Er Gouzi directly expressed his dislike.

Xu is the county magistrate thinking too much, he always felt that it was not just because the county magistrate called Li Ji in the middle of the night.

Things were filled with too much helplessness at the beginning. When the county magistrate was taken away, he couldn't even say hello.

What would Li Yan think? How did she teach Er Gouzi during her lifetime?

The father and the son are connected. When the county magistrate saw Er Gouzi, he was a little strange, and Er Gouzi might have a similar feeling.

What if the county magistrate took the liberty of going to confess his relatives, but Er Gouzi refused to recognize him?

Er Gouzi was raised by Li Yan in the mountains for five years, and after being lost in the mountains to support herself for another 13 years. The grandfather of Shenshan County in the middle of the county knows that the lesson handed down from generation to generation is that it is a place where there is no return. Er Gouzi lived there for thirteen years, and how much hardship he suffered!

The more you think about it, the more the county magistrate has no bottom in his heart.

Finally thinking about it, the county magistrate called the housekeeper in the house to come and think about it.

The housekeeper has been with the county magistrate for more than ten years, and he knows the county magistrate too well. It is precisely because the housekeeper is considerate that he can be trusted by the county magistrate for so long.

"Master, you have thought so much, but do nothing. Then there will be no results at any time. You have been looking for the son for years. Now that you know, why don't you meet up? The son has not been too young in these years. To endure hardship, the most important thing at the moment is to prepare a meal for the son to have a good meal, and then let the maidservant take care of him. Even if the son has a grievance against the adult, he will only wait for a long time to see your benevolent father. Heart, things will be solved easily."

After all, it was the confidant of the county magistrate, and what he said was just poking in the county magistrate's heart.

Indeed, no matter how much you think, it is better to do it. Er Gouzi has been wronged for so many years. If he hesitates for a moment, Er Gouzi will suffer an extra moment in the mountain village.

"Why am I confused? You are right. Go prepare the car and I will pick him up." The county magistrate stood up to go out, but was stopped by the housekeeper.

"Master, please calm down first. You are suddenly a little bit too abrupt now. In a humble opinion of the villain, it is better to let the villain go first, invite people over first, and let's set a table for a banquet and have a meal first. You and the prince ate and drank wine, and then talked about it, it was a matter of course."

The county magistrate is concerned and messed up. There is no need for the butler to remind you of such things.

"Then do what you said. You go and bring him, and Li Ji with him. Li Ji said that the child is very dependent on him, so I am afraid he is even more offensive to call him over. Besides, Li Ji is now in his name. The parents who went up here even took him in under that situation, and I owed him."

The county magistrate didn't care about the others, so he arranged the affairs of the mansion and went back to the mansion directly.

The mansion that the county magistrate now lives in was the residence of the previous county magistrate, and it has now become his new residence, which can be said to be the best residence in the county. The county magistrate works for the people, living here consciously has a clear conscience.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi held each other for a long time, but when Li Jiping calmed down, they were already a little collapsed. Release Er Gouzi, let Er Gouzi raise his head, Li Ji's forehead is against Er Gouzi's.

Li Ji dumbly said: "I don't know what else we can do in the future, at least now we are together. Before your dad finds it, we will live our lives. If he finds it… if you don't know what you say, It can be seen that you must see it. Mommy is always aggrieved to death. She has suffered too much notoriety because of your father. You have to help your mother understand everything that happened 20 years ago, and then go to your mother's grave. I told your mother before, it's not in vain that she has endured so much to nurture you. Do you understand?"

Er Gouzi only cares about two people in this world, one is Li Ji and the other is Li Yan. One is his wife and husband, and the other is his mother.

If Li Ji simply asked Er Gouzi to see "Father", Er Gouzi would definitely not want to, but when Li Ji mentioned Li Yan, Er Gouzi wanted to go.

Even if Li Yan has gradually blurred in his memory, every time he hears the word "niang", Er Gouzi can feel warm in his heart. This is the memory that Li Yan has planted in his soul, and it contains the motherly love of Li Yan's short life.

Er Gouzi paused for a long time, then nodded.

"I'll listen to you."

Looking at Er Gouzi, Li Ji couldn't help but wonder what would be the situation if the county magistrate knew the relationship between the two of them? The county magistrate will be furious and want to kill him.

If the grandfather of the county really has something unspeakable, Li Yan, who was forced to leave twenty years ago, had a sincere father-son relationship with Er Gouzi, then where did Li Ji stand at that time?

The father and the person next to the pillow seem to be a very simple question. Whether it is from the principles of nature or the relationship between people, they should be on the side of the father.

For thousands of years, I don't know how many people who love each other finally missed their lives because of their parents' opposition. Let alone unmarried, even if they are married, they are loving couples. Because in-laws don't like them, there are many people on each side.

Not to mention two men.

The more I thought about it, the more colic felt in Li Ji's heart, but he was incapable and could not do anything.

The more you think about it, the more you will collapse, so it's better to just think about nothing, as long as the county magistrate doesn't find it for a while, the two can live a peaceful life for a while.

"Come on, let's clean up. It's time to topdress the ground. The two new rabbits should be separated into cages. We need to make new rabbits if we don't have enough cages. We have a lot of work. Let's work. Let's make some delicious food in the evening. Have a good meal." Li Ji took Er Gouzi to his feet, first went to wash his face, and then made a rabbit cage in the yard with Er Gouzi.

In the beginning, rabbits were bought in rabbit cages, but then the rabbits were too fertile and couldn't afford it. Later, Li Ji and Er Gouzi studied it carefully, and they were surprised to learn how to make rabbit cages. When they came out, and when the rabbit cage was missing, the two of them went to chop the wicker and dry it to make it. Now it is very smooth, and a decent cage can be made in more than half an hour.

Although I don't want to admit it, the rabbit cage made by Er Gouzi is stronger than that made by Li Ji.

Because it is made of wicker, it is inevitable that the rabbit will be bitten. If the loophole is big, it can only be replaced with a new one. This makes the rabbit cage a consumable, and the two often make it.

The rabbit cages are all placed in the cattle pens, and there are walls blocking them. Even if the rabbits escape from prison at night, they are not afraid of losing them.

Er Gouzi's hands and feet are more agile, a rabbit cage is finished, and Li Ji is still a half-and-half short of finishing it. Li Ji does not have the hand strength of Er Gouzi. The dried wicker is harder, and it is not curved and knitted. Easy.

As soon as I watched it, I was almost finished editing, and I heard the little tail suddenly screaming, and the sound of horseshoes and wheels crushing the ground sounded outside. The soles of horseshoes are nailed with iron palms, and the sound of stepping on the gravel is so loud that it cannot be ignored.

Li Ji didn't feel good, stood up and looked out, confused.

At this moment, he can only pray to God, don't be the county magistrate, let them get along for a while.

The carriage stopped at the gate. Through the gate, Li Ji could clearly see a man in Tsing Yi of medium build getting off the carriage. He patted the gate and said, "Dare to ask Master Li Ji and Master Ergou?"

The voice was not the county magistrate, and Li Ji faintly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who are you?" Li Jiyang asked.

"Below is the official house of the county magistrate's mansion. My master hosted a banquet for the two sons at the mansion today. I hope the two sons can follow along with their faces." The butler's voice was extremely polite.

Li Ji put down the rabbit cage, stood up, walked stiffly, and Er Gouzi followed him.

Li Ji opened the door and smiled reluctantly at him: "Does the county magistrate look for us?"

The housekeeper didn't know the two, but after listening to Li Ji's words, he knew that they were the one they were looking for. First, he bowed deeply and made a compilation, saying: "Respectfully invite the two of you to follow along. There has already been a banquet at home, and we are only waiting for the two sons."

If it were for normal times, Li Ji would definitely be flattered when someone was so polite to him, and then he would stay away. But it doesn't work now, and Li Ji can't do it either.

Li Ji grinned reluctantly, and said: "Trouble the housekeeper. It's just that there are so many things in the family, can you let me arrange it first, find someone to help me look after the house, and then go with you."

The butler looked at Li Ji's face not quite right, so he didn't understand, so he didn't stop and said, "This is natural, you can arrange it. We will wait here for a while."

Li Ji nodded to Er Gouzi and led him into the village.

The butler didn't follow either, because Li Ji didn't need to hide either. Li Ji and Er Gouzi went straight to Li Jin's house. At this time, Li Jin's family was eating. Most of the people in the village only ate two meals during the slack. One meal in the morning and one in the afternoon. One is to save trouble, but not to do it. Eating less live can save food.

"Fourth Uncle is here." Li Jin saw Li Ji busy standing up.

Xiao Tudou has gone to study in the city. Only Li Jin and Yingzi are in the house.

Li Ji grinned reluctantly and said, "I and Er Gouzi are going to the city. We can't leave the house, so I wonder if you have time to go over and take a look to help feed the animals and cook them on the kang."

Li Jin walked to the gate and opened the gate, seeing that Li Ji's expression was wrong, and he said he was going to the city. Li Jin looked around and there were no outsiders, and asked in a low voice, "Did something happen?"

Li Ji shook his head: "You don't have to think too much, it's not a bad thing. Forget it, I'm afraid you guess it. It's Er Gouzi's matter. It seems that his father found it, but I'm not sure. I'll go into the city with Er Gouzi. Take a look and have a meal. If we admit the mistake, we will be back today. If it is true, we will have to live there for a few days. I still have meat that is too late to eat. You can go and eat it. Just feed the animals. As long as we don't die from starvation, we will clean up when we come back.

When Li Ji said this, Li Jin relaxed, looked at Er Gouzi, and remembered that Li Ji's family was completely dependent on Er Gouzi. If Er Gouzi really found his father and went with him, then after Li Ji I need another person, and the God of Fortune is gone. I don't know if I can have a good life now.

I can immediately understand why Li Ji looks bad.

Li Jin sighed and said, "It's a good thing to be able to find the roots, otherwise Er Gouzi will grow old in the future, and they don't know whose ancestral grave will be buried."

Li Ji said psychologically, if one day, Er Gouzi would be buried next to Li Yan's tomb. Li Yan could not find Er Gouzi during his lifetime, and he was buried in the same place after his death.

After explaining the family, Li Ji and Er Gouzi put on new clothes and got into the carriage with the housekeeper.

The carriage is very large, with two rows of chairs on either side, and a small table in the middle with a few plates of delicate refreshments.

Such a specification should be the county magistrate's own carriage. Specially used to pick up Er Gouzi, it can be seen that Er Gouzi's identity has been confirmed.

Li Ji smiled bitterly and looked at Er Gouzi who was sitting on the side with expressionless expression. Forget it, let's take a step and take a step.

If God really can't see him and Er Gouzi together, there is no way, even if there is no such thing as the county magistrate, there are still others in the village.

Li Ji closed his eyes and leaned back to refresh himself. He didn't know what would happen later.

The official family watched the performance of the two along the way, one calmly and calmly, the other expressionless. No one is nervous about ordinary people wanting to see the county magistrate. If Er Gouzi is calm and sentimental, after all, it is normal for the son of the county magistrate to be different. This Li Ji is an ordinary person who has lived in the village for several generations. How can there be such a good psychological condition so indifferently?

This Li Ji adopted Er Gouzi, even if he won't be permanent in the county magistrate's house in the future. He will also be a guest, and the butler can follow the county's grandfather for so long, this is the insight. Therefore, Li Ji will not be underestimated because of his background, and his attitude towards him is the same as the attitude towards Er Gouzi.

"It's boring along the way. If you feel bored, there are good refreshments here, or you can open the window of the car and look outside to pass the time." The butler smiled.

Li Ji nodded and opened his eyes to look at the refreshment. The refreshments are so exquisite. Li Ji has eaten in many restaurants and has never seen such exquisite dim sum. If I met this Li Ji before, I would definitely be eager to taste what it was like, but now Li Ji has a little appetite. Can't even mention it.

Look at Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi is looking at him, Li Ji smiled and said, "It's all good things, try it."

No matter what happens outside, Er Gouzi would not do it easily without Li Ji's consent, such as eating only what Li Ji called for dinner, and only eating with Li Ji.

Er Gouzi has been alone in the mountains for 13 years, and has passed away, but since meeting Li Ji, it has been different. He has become uncontrollable and dependent on him.

Er Gouzi glanced, picked up a flower-shaped pink snack, but didn't rush to eat it. First, it was delivered to Li Ji's lips. Li Ji opened his mouth and ate it, but it tasted like chewing wax.

It's like Li Ji bought the meat that he really wanted to eat, but wanted to share it with Er Gouzi, and kept trying not a bite. Er Gouzi's appetite was much stronger than ordinary people, and Er Gouzi first thought of fresh food. It's also Li Ji.

Seeing Li Ji ate, Er Gouzi picked up another snack and ate it by himself.

Looking at the two people getting along, the housekeeper felt strange, but he couldn't figure out any strangeness.

Moreover, when the two are counted, Li Ji is the elder of Er Gouzi, and the position of Er Gouzi's father and mother is standing on the household registration. In theory, it is normal for juniors to respect the elders first when they encounter any good things.

But the problem lies in the age difference between the two. Li Jiming is two years younger than Er Gouzi. Don't say it is two years younger, even someone younger than two years older treats the elders like this.

After thinking about it for a long time, there was only one answer in the end, that is, Li Yan taught Er Gouzi so well. The elders were obviously two years younger than him, but they were respectful.

Such a person will definitely be a filial son. 

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