Er Gouzi ate two snacks, which were indeed delicious, but when he turned around, he saw that Li Ji didn't eat any more, and didn't eat it anymore.

Er Gouzi is innocent, but not stupid. From Li Ji's performance, Er Gouzi could feel that something terrible might have happened, which made Li Ji very uneasy.

Er Gouzi remembered Li Ji saying that he had found Daddy. Although Er Gouzi had no idea about the word Daddy, since it was related to a mother, he would do whatever Li Ji asked him to do.

The carriage drove all the way, except that the road when it left the village was bumpy, and the back was smooth and stable. The benches in the carriage were fluffy and soft, and it was very comfortable to sit on. Li Ji glanced up at the decorations in the carriage. They were all fine silks with various ornaments. They were not vulgar, but with that kind of extravagance.

The county magistrate, the person standing at the top of the county, is the county's parent official and has the highest authority here.

Such a person is the father of Er Gouzi.

If it was two years earlier, or if Li Ji met Er Gouzi, it would be great to find him. With such a dad, Er Gouzi would have nothing to worry about all his life. The grandfather of the county will give him all the best things, whether it is food or clothing, shelter, and transportation, as well as an impeccable perfect wife.

What is good fortune, it was Li Ji who met Er Gouzi first.

When the carriage stopped, Li Ji trembled and looked at the housekeeper and nodded slightly. The butler took the lead to get out of the car, waiting to wait for the two to get out of the car.

Er Gouzi was waiting for Li Ji, Li Ji whispered: "You go first."

Here, Er Gouzi is the master of 800.

Er Gouzi got out of the car, but the butler wanted to reach out and hold on, but Er Gouzi avoided him. Er Gouzi didn't like anyone other than Li Ji to touch. He jumped out of the carriage and turned his head, Li Ji pointed his toes down, and there should be a small stool underneath. It is no problem to step on the small stool.

Er Gouzi was afraid that he could step on him unsteadily, so he reached out to help Li Ji down. Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi with a smile, then turned to look at the county magistrate's house.

Two rows of maids stood at the door, dressed in uniform, neat and tidy. Seeing that they are coming over there, they all bowed and saluted: "I have seen two princes."

Li Ji took a half step back subconsciously. He was an ordinary person after all, and he didn't adapt to such a scene.

The steward led the way and said: "Two young masters, please follow me down."

"It's hard work." Li Ji and Er Gouzi followed the housekeeper and entered the county magistrate's house through the side door.

There are three entrances to the house. One is the main entrance, which will only be opened when something big happens. For example, visits by distinguished guests, such as weddings and funerals, will not open easily. The second is the side door, where guests are petitioning, so they can come and go from home. The third is the back door, which is generally used by people to enter and exit. Of course, there are also some shameful things. You can only use the inconspicuous back door to enter and exit the mansion.

Er Gouzi's matter has not been revealed to the world, and the front door cannot be opened at this time.

Even at the side door, Li Ji felt very magnificent when he looked at it. Two doors opened, lacquered red with finely crafted patterns.

Li Ji glanced when he walked in, and then looked ahead.

People have already arrived here, it is not strange to see what else can be seen from here.

Three years to clear the prefect, one hundred thousand snowflake silver. Even for an incorruptible official, there will be specific channels for getting money. When ordinary people heard this, they smashed it and said they were all corrupt officials, but is that really the case?

Entered the gate, passed through the second door, and walked through a long corridor to the back garden. In the garden, the rockery and Bitan are blooming, and the green willows by the lake are swaying with the breeze. Li Ji hadn't seen any magnificent place. Looking around, he only felt that there was nothing more in Wonderland than this.

The butler led the two and stepped onto a water corridor. When stepping on it, you could feel the hollow echo below. When Li Ji walked halfway, he saw a table in the small pavilion in the lake, and there were eight or nine maids around him. The servant stood aside and waited. There was only one person sitting in the seat, and Li Ji could see clearly that this person was the grandfather of the county.

Li Ji paused and sighed silently. Whatever should come will come, and if it comes, let it go.

Approaching to the front, Li Ji took Er Gouzi to his knees and bowed down: "Caomin Li Ji kowtowed to the lord."

Er Gouzi doesn't know how to say this set of words, he will follow Li Ji how to do it.

One head knocked on the ground, and after waiting for a while, he heard the trembling voice of the county magistrate: "Get up all the time."

Li Ji stood up, did not look up, just watched his nose and his heart, he knew that the majesty of the county must not look at him at this time.

The county magistrate was staring at Er Gouzi. He first noticed the old jade pendant hanging on Er Gouzi's neck. Xu has been with Er Gouzi for many years on the mountain, and unavoidably bumps and bumps. I can see the scratches on it, but the pattern can still be seen. It is really the county magistrate who brought Li Yan himself.

"Sit down." The county magistrate said after looking at Er Gouzi up and down.

Li Ji led Er Gouzi to take a seat. The table was very large, and the seats could stand at least two people away. After seated, Er Gouzi watched Li Ji sitting a little far away, frowned slightly, and stared at Li Ji.

Li Ji felt Er Gouzi's gaze and whispered in a low voice.

The county magistrate also noticed that Er Gouzi was dependent on Li Ji, and he simply followed his words.

This is also true, it can be seen that Li Ji is really good to Er Gouzi, otherwise Er Gouzi would not listen to Li Ji like this.

The grandfather of the county ordered the food to be passed. The dim sum fruits and melons originally placed on the table were removed one by one. Scattered.

Just by smelling the scent, you can feel what kind of delicious it will be. Li Ji lowered his head and did not speak. The county magistrate wanted to talk to Er Gouzi but couldn't find any topic.

Just talk to Li Ji first, and open the conversation: "Suddenly calling you over, it's really presumptuous. This official is also because of his own selfishness. You don't have to think about it. This is just a simple meal."

Li Ji didn't want to talk, but the county magistrate spoke, and he couldn't hang on to the county magistrate.

"It is an honor for us to have dinner with you."

The county magistrate nodded, and just remembered that something should be said after dinner, he smiled: "Don't be polite, there are no outsiders left and right, let's prepare dishes."

Speaking of cloth dishes, the three maids stood up to the left of the three on the table, holding a pair of chopsticks, and waiting.

Where did Li Ji and Er Gouzi have seen these? Li Ji didn't even dare to move easily. Er Gouzi watched Li Ji not move, so he didn't move.

The county magistrate was not thinking about eating, but wanted to watch them eat. He watched their performance with some confusion, and then realized that they grew up in a mountain village, and how did they understand the rules of the big family.

"If you want to eat anything, don't hesitate to talk about it. I have a maid to help me pick it up. This saves the table size. It is not convenient for us to pick it up."

In fact, the rules of the county magistrate are already considered to be few, because the county magistrate himself is also an ordinary person. This makes the maidservant serve mostly because the table is big and it is inconvenient to eat and pick vegetables. Those are really from big families. Before eating, you should wash your hands with petal water and gargle with mint tea.

The county magistrate sometimes does something to add yaxing, and usually comes according to his own habits.

Where does Li Ji know the rules of the big family? It can even be said that the door of the big family doesn't know where to open.

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji and then at the food on the table. Glancing his gaze, the various dishes are delicate and fragrant. Er Gouzi is a person with a strong appetite, and when he sees the closer meat, his eyes light up subconsciously.

Er Gouzi didn't even pick up the chopsticks. The maid standing next to Er Gouzi had already picked up the chopsticks and picked up the dish that Er Gouzi had just seen, and carefully put it into Er Gouzi's bowl.

Er Gouzi was taken aback, and looked at the maid curiously. The maid felt Er Gouzi's gaze, she didn't dare to make any trouble at all, but bowed her knees slightly, very polite.

Er Gouzi tried to see another plate of meat dishes, and the maid immediately picked the plate of dishes into Er Gouzi's bowl.

Li Ji also noticed the situation here, and swallowed secretly, a smart girl with a good heart, before she could say anything, she knew she wanted to eat just by looking at it.

Li Ji looked at the county magistrate, who nodded to him.

Li Ji nodded to Er Gouzi again. After all, it was the first time that the two of them had a meal together, and he couldn't get mixed up because of his emotions.

The dishes are all a bit far away. It is difficult for Li Ji to pick up by himself, so he tries to see whichever he wants to eat. The maid walks around consciously and shows him the dishes that Li Ji has seen one by one.

Li Ji has never heard of this, and has never seen it. First, it was rare, and then the maid waiting on her distressedly. After these emotions turned around, Li Ji found it funny again. He could have the opportunity to serve the official. I don't know how many people can't do it with a lifetime of hard work.

The maids are indeed working hard, but the monthly remuneration is a considerable figure. The maids with high ranks even earn much more in a month than those outside who work hard and work hard for a month.

It's no wonder that so many people want to make money and then buy maids to buy servants, so being served by others is really enjoyable in their hearts.

It's just that Li Ji is not a person who can enjoy by nature. If he can, he still wants to sit on a kang with Er Gouzi at home and eat with each other, chatting and eating.

After eating a few bites of food, I saw that the maids served freshly warmed wine. Li Ji remembered that Xue Langzhong, the head of the village, once said that drinking on an empty stomach hurts the stomach, so the wine was delivered after a few mouthfuls of food.

Pour the wine separately for the three people, as if mixed with the fragrance of flowers, it was intoxicating.

Li Ji has only seen wild flowers blooming in the mountains, and he doesn't know a few of the 800 serious flowers, so he can't smell any flowers.

"This is self-brewed wine. Last year, the plum blossoms bloomed well in the courtyard. Unfortunately, I asked someone to collect the fallen flowers and make this wine with snow water on the spot. It has been a few months of fermentation and drinking. It's not very intoxicating, it's good to use to delight." The county grandpa tasted a cup of Chinese wine and nodded, "I remembered a few days ago, but was not willing to drink it. It is also an elegant thing to invite you to drink together today."

Li Ji didn't understand such literal words, he didn't know one big word, how could he understand these literal words.

I picked up the glass and tasted it, the taste was soft, the taste was sour and sweet, and the floral fragrance that I swallowed was full of wine.

If you drink wine in ordinary times, and what you drink is the feeling that wine brings, then drinking this wine is pure enjoyment.

"Good wine." These words were not a compliment, they came directly from the heart along the lips and tongue.

Er Gouzi also took a sip, and found it delicious. When he raised his head, he took a cup of it. Different from Li Ji. Li Ji is reluctant to eat when he meets a good one, and wants to taste it bit by bit. This is true for drinking and tea. Er Gouzi fills in his stomach as soon as possible when he encounters a good thing, because if something goes wrong, he will miss the good thing.

The maid immediately refilled a cup, and Er Gouzi drank it boldly, and then immersed himself in eating.

Then the maid got busy, and kept helping Er Gouzi pick up vegetables, which was not enough for Er Gouzi to eat alone.

The meat dish that had just been picked up was stuffed into his mouth by Er Gouzi in the blink of an eye and swallowed into his stomach.

Before the county magistrate had eaten two bites of rice, he was startled by Er Gouzi's eating.

After a bowl of rice was eaten, the maid brought up another bowl and removed the clean bowl.

Soon, the bowl bottomed out again, and Er Gouzi obviously didn't mean to be full.

What comforted Li Ji the most was Er Gouzi's appetite, and he was very good at eating. Seeing Er Gouzi eating, Li Ji felt that he could throw away any troubles. Even if he only watched Er Gouzi eating, Li Ji could watch it all day long, as long as Er Gouzi could eat.

The county magistrate was a little surprised. After watching it for a while, he was full of exclamation and said: "I have such a good appetite, no wonder he is so strong."

Li Ji nodded and said: "To be honest, the vegetables on the table can be eaten by himself. However, I control the order on weekdays, and let him stop when he is full. He eats nonsense. Hesai's habit was left in the mountains, and it's not good for the body to always eat like this."

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Ji remembered that the county magistrate was Er Gouzi's father, and couldn't help feeling a little down.

Hearing Li Ji's words, Er Gouzi chopsticks stopped and looked at Li Ji and said, "I will not eat one more bowl." This is already the third bowl.

Li Ji smiled and said, "I won't restrict you today. The first time I have encountered such a good meal, it is a sin not to eat it to the fullest. Eat it."

Er Gouzi opened his eyes and smiled, and once again bowed his head and plunged into the ocean of gourmet food.

The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi eating, feeling gratified for no reason. If you can eat it this way, it means you are in good health, and Er Gouzi has grown up so well. It seems that these years have not been too bad.

The county magistrate said to Li Ji: "He is very clingy to you."

Li Ji had a meal, sipped his wine and brewed, and said: "When he first came down the mountain, he didn't even speak much. He stayed and ate and stayed with me. I want him to talk like a normal person, so on weekdays Li kept talking next to him when he was free. Afterwards, he spoke sharply, but he only recognized me. In the past two years, he has been in contact with people in the village, but rarely talks to others. It makes me not even too much. It is clear that he was originally this temperament, but I didn't teach it well as a child."

If someone listened to Li Ji's remarks, they would definitely think Er Gouzi was a half fool, and no one would only recognize one person. But in the eyes of Dad, there is no half of the two people's words?

"So it can be seen that you are really good to Er Gouzi. It is also good not to like to befriend someone you are not familiar with." The county magistrate looked at Er Gouzi's eating, "Maybe he suffered some grievances from his childhood, so he avoided. Most of the people."

A wild species brought back from the outside by an unchaste woman, in a small village where saliva can drown people, can be imagined just by imagination.

If it's because you were bullied when you were young, and you refuse to contact others when you grow up, it's very possible.

Hearing what the county magistrate said, Li Ji also felt that it was possible. But in that case, why did Er Gouzi only kiss Li Ji?

And this pro is not cultivated for a long time. Li Ji remembered very clearly that when he first went to Gao Liehu's house, Gao Lie's wife said that the Er Gouzi at that time were so powerful that no one would be allowed to approach him, and as soon as they approached, they hurt people like a little wolf cub.

When Li Ji went there, even though Er Gouzi was very wary at first, he was fine after a few words. Of course, there was something to do with Li Ji mentioned Li Yan, but there were many people who met Er Gouzi at that time. Li Ji didn't believe that he was the only one who mentioned Li Yan.

Later, Li Ji took Er Gouzi home, and he didn't see Er Gouzi any precautions against him. Within a few days, he began to obey Li Ji's words.

But the Gao Liehu who treated others and even saved himself was very cold. When Gao Liehu lied, Er Gouzi didn't leave any affection, so he started ruthlessly.

Why are the Er Gouzi special to Li Ji alone?

The people in the village are strange, and Li Ji himself is even more strange. From the beginning to the present, the feelings along the way have been so smooth.

Li Ji thought about it, but couldn't understand it. He looked at Er Gouzi, thinking that he had time to ask Er Gouzi carefully.

Er Gouzi noticed Li Ji's gaze, smiled at Li Ji, and continued to eat. Li Ji picked up the wine glass, and poured himself a glass of wine like a second dog.

After drinking two or three pots of wine, although it was not a strong wine, it was still intoxicating enough. Li Ji was slightly drunk, and Er Gouzi's face was red, and the speed of eating slowed down, which seemed to be full.

Several dishes were added to the dinner table, and the dishes were different each time, and the tastes were slightly different.

Li Ji had almost eaten, just drinking. He was waiting, waiting for the county magistrate could not help but say it.

The county magistrate wanted to say several times, but he didn't open his mouth, so he could only drink one mouthful after another.

I couldn't look away from Er Gouzi's body. The more I drank, the more confused I was. Looking at the jade pendant on Er Gouzi's neck, I was in a daze as if I saw Li Yan smiling at him in the flowers.

The county magistrate sighed with grief in his heart.

Li Ji waited for a long time without hearing a sound, he couldn't help it.

He asked, "This meal is almost finished, my lord, what's on your mind, you can talk about it."

There is a death on the left and right, it is better to give a knife.

The county magistrate was stunned, and smiled: "It's your sensitive mind. I really have something to say. I thought it was strong and courageous, but I forgot that it was even more melancholy."

Li Ji seemed to understand these words, but he could understand the feelings of the county magistrate. His own son was right in front of him, but he didn't know what to say. In the past twenty years, the county magistrate had never appeared. This suddenly appeared. Er Gouzi has such a temperament. If he doesn't recognize what he should be, what if Er Gouzi hates him.

Li Ji looked down at the wine in the glass, holding his hands tightly, and finally summoned the courage, raised his head to toast the wine, and said: "If you really have a guilty heart, don't tell me how to make up for it."

One sentence surprised the county magistrate, because it happened to poke the county magistrate's heart.

"Do you… know what's on my mind?"

At this moment, Li Ji only felt that the wine in his mouth was extremely bitter: "Shortly before the adult picked us up, the officials of the county prime minister used to give a great gift. It was a good thing that I had never been qualified to see in my entire life. ."

The county magistrate is a wise man, so he naturally understood what Li Ji meant.

The county magistrate was a little weak, and said: "Just for a gift, everything you know?"

"There is a tongfang girl in the county, who is a junior in Caomin Village. When she went back to the village last time, she specifically asked me to ask about Ergou Ziniang. I only said that sister Yan was cheated by a bad-hearted man in the city. When I came back to the village, there was no news. The county prince's Tongfang girl returned to the village, how could she ask a person who has been dead for many years for no reason? At that time, I imagined that Er Gouzi's father was a remarkable person."

The county magistrate did not expect that the county prime minister would have noticed it before, so why didn't he tell him earlier?

"You mean the county prime minister knew about it a long time ago?"

Li Ji shook his head: "He should just be skeptical, and how could he want to know that the saddler in my mouth turned out to be you, Master Qingtian of our county."

The corners of Li Ji's lips contained some irony, including the despair that he might leave Er Gouzi.

During the time he met the county magistrate, Li Ji could see that the county magistrate would not be a man who cruelly abandoned his wife. If the father really repented to get his son back, Li Ji could not stop him.

Because of this, Li Ji hated the county magistrate for no reason, just because of his selfish desire to stay with Er Gouzi.

Li Ji's words pierced into the softest part of the county magistrate's heart like a knife. At that moment, the county magistrate didn't even dare to see Er Gouzi, let alone the jade pendant hanging on Er Gouzi's neck.

"I am sorry for them."

"You are really sorry for them." Li Ji opened his mouth and said something that he felt a bit cruel. "Perhaps you really have some unspeakable concealment. It was not what you wanted to leave Li Yan pregnant, but you still leave it. Now. An unmarried woman who was pregnant, returned to the village with her stomach upright, and a child died after five years. These are all facts. Twenty years, why didn't you find it earlier."

If it had been a few years earlier, perhaps Li Ji would not have met Er Gouzi.

Of course, this is also God's arrangement, and Li Ji is destined to meet Er Gouzi first.

Li Ji's words are utterly unavoidable.

The county magistrate couldn't change things back then, but it's the same. If you really know that Li Yan's mother and son are looking for it, can you still find it? How could Li Yan die? How could Er Gouzi lose?

In the final analysis, the county magistrate is completely sorry for Er Gouzi mother and son.

The county magistrate wanted to explain, but he was ashamed to speak, and there was only one sentence left in a thousand words: "I, is there any chance of recovery?" 

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